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1106 Postings, 2395 Tage BiotecfanDie Lage

11.08.20 21:28
Verbessert sich wieder  

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiVaxart Positioned to Further Advance Oral COVID-19

14.08.20 22:14
Vaxart Positioned to Further Advance Oral COVID-19 Vaccine; Analyst Says ‘Buy’

... Who is emerging as a likely winner? If you ask 5-star analyst Vernon Bernardino, of H.C. Wainwright, of the 165-plus vaccine candidates (38 in clinical-stage testing) in development, Vaxart’s (VXRT) chances are looking pretty good...


2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiInstitutional Ownership

15.08.20 19:42

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiVaccine Stock Power Rankings

23.08.20 10:10

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiVaccine Stock POWER RANKINGS

23.08.20 10:27

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiWas läuft denn hier für ein

02.09.20 18:45

2072 Postings, 2733 Tage Unicorn71Das frage ich mich...

02.09.20 18:54
auch gerade. Zumindest noch keine News entdeckt  

102 Postings, 3069 Tage CortizoneWie gewonnen.....

03.09.20 08:34
Von -15% auf +25%.... und wieder runter , aufgrund :

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiImmerhin $5

03.09.20 09:57
und die muss halten!  

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiIch denke der Seeking Alpha Bericht

03.09.20 20:00
von Edmund Ingham am 02.09.20 war der Initiator für den kurzfristigen heftigen Anstieg.

Vaxart: Too Early To Dismiss This COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunity



2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiSeptember Events:

05.09.20 21:41
-H.C. Wainwright: 22nd Annual Global Investment Conference - September 14th – 16th

- Sachs Associates: 20th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum - September 21st – 24th

- SVB Leerink: CybeRx Series: Vaccine Forum - September 23rd & – 24th



2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiNEWS

08.09.20 14:19
Vaxart’s Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Induces Potent Systemic and Mucosal Immune Responses in Preclinical Studies

Key Findings:

Immunization with the vaccine candidate induced IgA response in the lungs of animals, which is indicative of a mucosal immune response. Of particular note, neutralizing antibodies in the lungs were observed at a very high percentage of the total antibody response.

Immunization with our vaccine candidate expressing full length S and N proteins induced IgG responses in a dose-dependent manner.

Antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells were induced at both low and high doses.

Vaccine administration induced only low levels of IL-4 production, suggesting little risk of vaccine- dependent disease enhancement.


102 Postings, 3069 Tage CortizoneLOL

08.09.20 19:50
Ideale Trader- Aktie . Zwischen 13.00 Uhr und 15.00 Uhr gibt es , wenn überhaupt , einen Anstieg .
Danach nur noch eine Richtung . Heute im Hoch : 14.15 Uhr = 5,400/5,700€ .
Jetzt : 19.45 Uhr = 4,240/4,360€ ( Differenz : 21,50% ).... nur zum Traden das Teil .
Das Tief dann morgen früh .. denn es fällt weiter , keine Käufer !
Genau so denken und handeln die Amis und nur so gehts .  

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiNews: Vaxart Announces FDA Clearance of

14.09.20 14:27
Vaxart Announces FDA Clearance of IND Application for Oral COVID-19 Vaccine and Provides Update on COVID-19 Program

-Recruitment for Phase 1 clinical study expected to start this month

-Data from ongoing hamster challenge study expected in October


2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiTipRanks:

17.09.20 15:59
Vaxart Can Still Be a Major Force in the COVID-19 Vaccine Landscape, Says Analyst


102 Postings, 3069 Tage CortizoneAlles gut !?

17.09.20 18:08
Wenn es keinen Haken geben würde , gäbe es nicht diese Schwankungen .
Das ist FAKT ! ( Die Amerikaner sind noch nicht gänzlich überzeugt )
Was ist wenn es keine staatlichen Mittel gibt ? Was dann ... ?
Ich bin überzeugt von Vaxart und seinen Produkten , aber ich setzte nichts voraus .

1939 Postings, 3854 Tage DinobutcherRecruitment for Phase 1 clinical study expected to

04.10.20 15:54
start end of september.
und das dauert natürlich erstmal, wenn man sieht, was die potentiellen Kanditaten nicht alles haben dürfen, bzw haben müssen.
Inclusion Criteria:
1. Male or female between the ages of 18 to 54 years, inclusive.
2. Negative for SARS-CoV-2 infection at the time of screening
3. In generally good health, without significant medical illness
4. Demonstrates comprehension of the protocol procedures and is able to provide written informed
5. Available for all planned visits and willing to complete all protocol defined procedures and
6. Body mass index between 17 and 30 kg/m2 at screening.
7. Female subjects must have a negative pregnancy test at screening and before each vaccination
and fulfill an acceptable method of birth control (per protocol)

Exclusion Criteria:
1. Known previous exposure to SARS-CoV-2 or receipt of an investigational product for the
prevention or treatment of COVID-19, middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS), or severe acute
respiratory syndrome (SARS).
2. Is in a current occupation with high risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2
3. Individuals with the following underlying medical conditions who are at higher risk (or might be at
higher risk) of severe illness from COVID-19 per the CDC's guidance
4. Donation or use of blood or blood products within 4 weeks prior to vaccination or planned
donation during the study period.
5. Diagnosed bleeding disorder or significant bruising or bleeding difficulties that could make blood
draws problematic.
6. Any condition that resulted in the absence or removal of the spleen.
7. Positive HIV, HBsAg or HCV tests at the screening visit.
24.9.2020 Safety and Immunogenicity Trial of an Oral SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (VXA-CoV2-1) for Prevention of COVID-19 in Healthy Adults - Full Text View - Clin…
https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/...m=vaxart&draw=2&rank=1 6/8
8. Stool sample with occult blood at screening.
9. Use of antiviral medications, including anti-retrovirals, or any prescriptive medications for the
prevention of COVID-19 within 7 days before vaccination
10. Use of antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors, H2 blockers or antacids or medications known to affect
the immune function within 7 to 14 days before vaccination
11. Regular use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, sulfonylureas, and angiotensin II blockers
within 7 days before vaccination
12. Acute disease within 72 hours prior to vaccination defined as the presence of a moderate or
severe illness
13. History of drug, alcohol or chemical abuse within 1 year of screening or positive urine drug
screen for drugs of abuse at screening
14. History of hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to any component of the investigational vaccine
15. Administration of any investigational vaccine, drug or device within 8 weeks preceding
16. Any other condition that in the clinical judgment of the investigator would jeopardize the safety or
rights of a subject participating in the trial, would render the subject unable to comply with the
protocol or would interfere with the evaluation of the study endpoints.
Contacts and Locations
Information from the National Library of Medicine
United States, California
24.9.2020 Safety and Immunogenicity Trial of an Oral SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (VXA-CoV2-1) for Prevention of COVID-19 in Healthy Adults


1939 Postings, 3854 Tage Dinobutcherfirst dose pillen schlucken mitte october erwartet

05.10.20 23:17
sparc7 hours ago

For Moderna, phase1 first posting date was Feb25 and first dosing was March16. Vaxart phase1 first posting was Sep24, so expect first dose by Oct14.


2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiNews:

07.10.20 16:12
Centaur Biopharmaceutical Services Announces Expansion of Manufacturing Agreement with Vaxart for COVID-19 and Other Vaccine Candidates


1939 Postings, 3854 Tage Dinobutcherkommende Woche und darüber......

11.10.20 11:54
Upcoming Key Milestones
1. Week of Oct 12...FPFV Weds Oct 14
Based on what is posted on the website of WCCT Global (the company running the Phase 1 trial) screening of patients has been ongoing since mid September and the FPFV (first dosing of the first patient) should be this on Weds Oct 14! Two (2) pill vaccine doses are being evaluated in the Study. There are 48 subjects being recruited into 2 Groups with +/- 24 subjects per group. Group 1 has 3 cohorts of +/- 8 subjects each and Group 2 has 2 cohorts of +/- 12 subjects each. It appears to me that All subjects are dosed on Day 1 and get a repeat dose on Day 29. Patients return weekly back to the clinic as outpatients for various clinical assessments.
2. Week of Oct 19
Results of hamster challenge study. In the sept 14 company press release the CSO stated mid Oct for results
3. Week of Oct 26
Results from NHP (monkey) study I seem to recall a comment in one of the presentations from either the CEO or CSO about results by the end of Oct.
it will be a very exciting few weeks ahead. It would be even better if these animal results are favorable leading to Govt Funding.

Based on a review of the last quarterly report, the company has significant cash on hand (tens of millions of dollars) to complete Phase 2 and 3 Trials on their own but having a partner like US Govt could significantly speed up development and, more importantly reduce the financial “risk”.

Richard13 hours ago
$VXRT conversation


1939 Postings, 3854 Tage DinobutcherMeldung heute: first dosis startet

13.10.20 15:07

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiNews:

14.10.20 14:45
Vaxart Announces Positive Hamster Challenge Study Data for its Oral COVID-19 Vaccine


1939 Postings, 3854 Tage DinobutcherMist, die Hamster study

14.10.20 21:49
hat den amis heute nicht gereicht , 10% Abverkauf.
Übernächste Woche kommen Ergebnisse der Primaten study, hoffentlich  werden sie dann mehr beeindruckt.
Das Beste wäre natürlich, wenn sie die Pillen von dem großen Orange Hamster in Washington testen lassen.  

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiGestern gab es bei fast allen

15.10.20 09:45
Covid plays einen Rutsch nach unten. After Hours $7.05 - Vol 271Mio.  

2309 Postings, 1856 Tage BananiSorry meinte

15.10.20 09:47
natürlich ein Volumen von 271.000  

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