Bitcoin - mehr als eine Spekulationsblase?

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5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawBitcoin tiefster Stand seit Ende März

11.05.23 23:04
Bitcoin Kurs fällt plötzlich unter 27.000 Dollar - tiefster Stand seit Ende März. Mit zwischenzeitlich rund 26.800 Dollar kostete eine Bitcoin-Einheit am späten Mittwochabend so wenig wie seit Ende März nicht mehr. Regulierungssorgen beschäftigen US-Unternehmen – geringe Handelsvolumen als Nährboden für Kursverluste.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawOrdinals good or bad for Bitcoin?

11.05.23 23:09

Soon after the introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals in January 2023, the technology’s opponents began to raise concerns over its perceived flaws, citing issues like rising transaction costs and slower speeds.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawDas "Geld" der Kriminellen

11.05.23 23:15
DOJ: Crypto Assets 'Touch Every Aspect of Criminal Activity We Investigate'

From ransomware payments demanded in cryptocurrencies to state actors using digital assets to circumvent sanctions and other restrictions, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is raising the alert that crypto is expanding into every area the agency is exploring.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawAuswirkungen von Ordinals auf BTC Netzwerk (cont.)

12.05.23 13:11
Die BRC-20 Token sind berühmt geworden, aber ihre Berühmtheit hat das Bitcoin-Netzwerk in völlige Anspannung und Stress versetzt. Der Bitcoin-Preis ist ins Minus gerutscht und die Anleger werden unruhig. Das Netzwerk ist jetzt fast unbrauchbar. Es gibt nichts, was den Bitcoin-Preis über 10.000 $ hält, aber der Wert weigert sich, zu fallen. Die Anleger fürchten den Tag, an dem diejenigen, die den Preis stützen, ihn fallen lassen.
Bitcoin-Skalierbarkeit infrage gestellt: Wie die BRC-20-Token den Kryptomarkt beeinflussen
BRC-20 Boom: Was du über den neuen Bitcoin Token Standard wissen musst
Bitcoin Ordinals boomen und verstopfen die größte Blockchain des Krypto-Space. Was du über Ordinals, BRC-20 Token und BTC NFTs wissen musst.


5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

12.05.23 15:11
Bitcoin: Das Ende ist nah – SEC Gensler und Demokraten schmieden Anti-Krypto-Bündnis  

2673 Postings, 1201 Tage sg-1@JohnLaw

12.05.23 15:27
wieso Ende? Wenn die SEC tatsächlich einige Kryptowährungen als Wertpapiere deklarieren würde, dann wäre das ein Ritterschlag für alle cryptos, oder nicht?  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawBitcoin Liquidity on Binance Has More Than Halved

12.05.23 17:26
Bitcoin Liquidity on Binance Has More Than Halved Since February: Kaiko
Low liquidity and volumes on Binance have led to a serious uptick in volatility in the price action for Bitcoin.

Da muss ich mir wohl bald neue "Pokertische" suchen.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawOffload Some of Majority Stake in Binance US

12.05.23 17:28
CZ Looking to Offload Some of Majority Stake in Binance US: Report
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is reportedly looking to hand over some of his majority stake in Binance.US to appease American regulators.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawThe sea of red (cont.)

12.05.23 21:29
U.S. Lawmaker Calls on SEC To Look Into Grayscale’s GBTC
   U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman has called on the SEC to look into investor concerns related to Grayscale’s GBTC.
   Sherman has highlighted investors’ concerns regarding the massive discount that GBTC is currently trading at.
   The lawmaker also questioned the role of Grayscale’s parent firm Digital Currency Group in GBTC’s decline.
According to Sherman, as many as 850,000 retail investors, including some who used individual retirement account funds, are currently trapped in their GBTC investments due to the actions of GBTC and its parent company, Digital Currency Group (DCG). Sherman estimates that these investors' retirement security and in some cases, their life savings, may be at risk and that if the situation is not remedied, they could lose tens of billions of dollars of their savings.

Mr. Ponzi?
Grayscale Launches Funds Trust and Files for Three New Crypto ETFs  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawKryptoregulierung

13.05.23 09:18
Public companies obey strict disclosure rules—it’s time for crypto projects to do the same  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawESMA zu beschäftigt mit MiCA und DORA

13.05.23 09:20
The primary external factors affecting ESMA this year are (i) the high concentration of time-critical deliverables under Digital operational resilience act (DORA) and Markets in crypto-assets (MiCA) Regulation; (ii) ongoing crisis management linked to the measures taken following the energy crisis and recent market volatility; and (iii) overall resource constraints.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawGBTC Investors Fume Over SEC Redemption Inquiries

13.05.23 15:30

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawGrayscale's Ether ETF Plan a Template for Rivals

13.05.23 15:33
Grayscale’s Ether ETF Plan a Template for Rivals: The moves come as Grayscale, issuer of the $16.8 billion Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, is in the midst of suing the SEC for permission to launch the first spot bitcoin ETF. Bitcoin ETFs currently invest in bitcoin futures or companies involved in bitcoin technologies like mining. The SEC has said it’s not satisfied that potential bitcoin spot ETFs would be able to prevent fraud and other varieties of market manipulation.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

13.05.23 19:14
Nach Gesetzesverschärfung Darum verlassen 400 Krypto-Firmen Estland: Estland mistet aus: Nach der Verschärfung der AML-Gesetze verlassen hunderte Krypto-Unternehmen wegen “Nichteinhaltung der Auflagen” den baltischen Staat.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawWal, da bläst er!

14.05.23 10:57
Was ist denn los? Woher diese Unruhe? Sind etwa Walfänger unterwegs?
Ancient Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Are Massively Waking Up: What's Happening?
So far this year, over 3,000 BTC from Ancient Supply has returned to life.
Ancient Bitcoin Whale Moves Over 400 BTC and Takes 180% Profit
Ancient Bitcoin Whale just sent 412 Bitcoin worth more than $9.5 million making 181,204% profit.
Satoshi Nakamoto, who was last seen online in December 2010 on the Bitcoin Talk forum, is thought to be the owner of hundreds of thousands of BTC.
Ancient Bitcoin Whale Sells All His Coins, Amounting to $10.6m Profit
An ancient BTC address of the Satoshi era has returned and sold all his BTC. The whale sold all 514 BTC, which he had held since 2017, amassing a $10.6 million profit.
‘Ancient’ bitcoin replaces wallet after 12 years of inactivity: Slept for ages, more satsangs woke up from sleep of years. Bitcoin bought in 2011 came back to life on Thursday when 139 bitcoin belonging to the 1H1Ab6 address were moved to a newly created SegWit address.
Nearly 1,000 Ancient Bitcoins from 2010 and 2011 Moved in 2023, Valued at Over $27 Million  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawTales From the Crypto Winter

14.05.23 13:03
Tales From the Crypto Winter: An essay exploring what happens when the prophecy of blockchain fails. ... Some became even stronger believers and proselytized more.
The Crypto Winter Cost True Believers More Than Their Money  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawIn gold we trust

14.05.23 16:36
Despite IMF Rebuke, Zimbabwe Sells $14 Million Gold-Backed Digital Tokens In First Issue

"Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money" (Buffett)  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawEurope's rules for crypto wallets nears final

14.05.23 21:41
Europe’s rules for crypto wallets nears final showdown
   As the EU’s bill on anti-money laundering enters the next phase of negotiations, the crypto industry has a last shot to ease restrictions on self-hosted wallets.
   Decentralised finance and NFT platforms are included in the scope of the regulation, but may pose enforcement hurdles.
European Union: New AML Package Is Now Close To The Final Stage  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

15.05.23 20:47
Binance und CZ weiter im Visier der Behörden: Zieht sich die Schlinge nun zu? Die nordamerikanischen Finanzbehörden haben die größte Krypto-Börse der Welt Binance und deren CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) weiter im Visier.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

17.05.23 16:20
UK Treasury Committee Urges Government to Regulate Crypto as Gambling: The UK Treasury Committee proposed handing oversight to the Gambling Commission, with possible taxes to support addiction and debt advice.
Chinese prosecutors to crack down on ‘pseudo-innovation’ in NFT market: According to prosecutors, marketing models such as rewards and dynamic rights and interests can quickly evolve into illegal pyramid schemes.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

17.05.23 18:35
House of Commons Treasury Committee: Regulating Crypto

Consumer speculation in unbacked cryptoassets such as Bitcoin and Ether is one area where we have particular concerns, and think the Government needs to take a different approach in order to better protect consumers from harm. Unbacked cryptoassets have no intrinsic value, and their price volatility exposes consumers to the potential for substantial gains or losses, while serving no useful social purpose. These characteristics more closely resemble gambling than a financial service, an impression reinforced by the evidence we have received of consumer behaviour. We are concerned that regulating retail trading and investment activity in unbacked cryptoassets as a financial service will create a ‘halo’ effect that leads consumers to believe that this activity is safer than it is, or protected when it is not. We therefore strongly recommend that the Government regulates retail trading and investment activity in unbacked cryptoassets as gambling rather than as a financial service, consistent with its stated principle of ‘same risk, same regulatory outcome’.  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawTether to Purchase Bitcoin

17.05.23 19:14
Tether to Purchase Bitcoin as Part of Reserves Strategy Shift  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawshe gets it really wrong

18.05.23 12:33
How Cathie Wood squares the fact that so many retail investors follow her investments—even when she gets it really wrong  

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawBankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital

18.05.23 12:33
Bankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital predicts 35% customer payout

5068 Postings, 547 Tage JohnLawThe Crypto Market Is a Gamble

18.05.23 15:40
The Crypto Market Is a Gamble. Regulating It Shouldn’t Be. UK lawmakers want to lump Bitcoin in with casinos  

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