Bitcoin - mehr als eine Spekulationsblase?

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5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawKryptobörse Bittrex schließt in den USA

10.04.23 09:45
US-Kunden können noch bis zum 14. April bei Bittrex handeln und haben bis zum 30. April Zeit, um ihre Gelder abzuheben. "Nach Ablauf der Frist werden Benutzerkonten deaktiviert und verbleibende Guthaben können für einen längeren Zeitraum nicht verfügbar sein"  

1527 Postings, 2837 Tage ThomasDB70scheint alles egal zu sein, siehe Kurs!

13.04.23 06:02

32217 Postings, 7834 Tage Börsenfansolange Coinbase bleibt, alles gut ;-)

13.04.23 07:57
ansonsten kann ich nur Zertifikate empfehlen, wer keine Krypto´s direkt kaufen will, so hat man das Risiko nicht wegen Insolvenz irgendwelcher Kryptobörsen. Oder halt nen ledger...  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawGlobal Digital Assets Mining

15.04.23 21:46
Global Digital Assets Mining Index
New York, (April 13, 2023) – VanEck announced today that it plans to close and liquidate it's VanEck Digital Assets Mining ETF. This Fund is expected to be de-listed after market close on Monday, April 24, 2023. As the sponsor of VanEck ETFs, VanEck continuously monitors and evaluates its ETF offerings across a number of factors, including performance, liquidity, assets under management, and investor interest, among others. The decision was made to liquidate the Fund based on an analysis of these factors.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawUS Crypto Mining Regulation

15.04.23 21:55
In US Crypto Mining Regulation, Where do the States Stand?

Crypto mining bills in Arkansas and Montana now await governor signatures, while other states are at different stages in rush to regulate the segment  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

15.04.23 22:01
SEC Reopens Comment Period for Proposed Amendments to Exchange Act Rule 3b-16 and Provides Supplemental Information
U.S. SEC Poised to Move Toward DeFi Oversight As It Reopens Proposed Regulations
SEC Revisits Exchanges Definition as It Targets DeFi:The SEC has reopened the comment period for the public to weigh in on proposed amendments to the definition of exchange  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawSEC notifies court denying another spot bitcoin

15.04.23 22:01
Grayscale responds after SEC notifies court of order denying another spot bitcoin ETP: Grayscale Investments fired back with a letter of its own to the court that will decide its case against the SEC after the agency notified the court of its recent order denying a proposal for a different spot bitcoin exchange-traded product, a court filing Friday shows.
SEC Rejects VanEck’s Bitcoin ETP

Digital Asset Regulatory Tracker  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawBIS:Retail investors lost 47.89% of invested funds

16.04.23 20:13
Bitcoin: Retail investors lost 47.89% of invested funds on average (BIS Bulletin)
Bitcoin Ratio of Retail to Institutional Addresses  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawR.I.P.: Schweden begräbt Bitcoin-Mining

17.04.23 19:00
Schweden begräbt Bitcoin-Mining mit höherer Steuer

Die Erhöhung von Steuern auf den Energie-Verbrauch im Land bedeutet vermutlich das Aus für die noch verbliebenen Bitcoin-Miner Schwedens.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown

17.04.23 21:44

169 Postings, 700 Tage tizezerlepesLöschung

17.04.23 22:11

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17.04.23 22:31

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5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawCrypto Crashes Amid Cascade Of Long Liquidations

19.04.23 14:40

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawEU MiCA-Regulierung

22.04.23 09:39
Europäisches Parlament nimmt Krypto-Regulierung an: Abstimmung über MiCA-Verordnung beendet
EU reguliert die Kryptobranche – Schwarze Liste wird öffentlich. Die einheitliche Regulierung soll Anleger schützen und den Missbrauch von Kryptowährungen verhindern.
Ukraine will neue Krypto-Regulierung der EU (MiCA) ebenfalls umsetzen  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawWal, da bläst er!

22.04.23 09:41
Ancient, untouched Bitcoin stashes have been on the move lately. Bitcoin Whale Moves Nearly $8M After 10 Years of Inactivity. Recently, other untouched Bitcoin stashes have been on the move, with whales reemerging after a long period of time to move their investments.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawSEC Standard: Broker-Dealers Investment Advisers

22.04.23 09:47
SEC Standards of Conduct for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers Care Obligations: Examples of products where heightened scrutiny may be necessary include, but are not limited to, inverse or leveraged exchange-traded products, investments traded on margin, derivatives, crypto asset securities, penny stocks, private placements, asset-backed securities, volatility-linked exchange-traded products, and reverse-convertible notes.

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawTexas Proof of Reserves Bill Passed

22.04.23 09:48
Texas ‘Proof of Reserves’ Bill Passes House of Representatives
The bill would require cryptocurrency exchanges to maintain reserves ‘in an amount sufficient to fulfill all obligations to customers.’  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawPensionsfonds steigen aus

22.04.23 09:54
$190B Ontario pension says no to crypto. Apart from OTPP, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), another prominent pension fund, lost its entire investment of $154.7 million.
Ontario Teachers fund steers clear of crypto

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawlike a slow-motion train wreck

23.04.23 09:37
Over the past year we’ve been witnessing what seems like a slow-motion train wreck involving many of the crypto industry’s fallen angels – Terra USD, Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, FTX and Genesis, to name a few. And the collateral damage from spillovers into banking is growing, with crypto-bankers Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank now added to the list.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawWal, da bläst er!

23.04.23 15:26
Satoshi-Era Bitcoin Mystery: Massive BTC Whale Address Activated: The activation of this dormant address has generated significant buzz in the cryptocurrency community as it is rather rare to witness such large, Satoshi-era Bitcoin wallets coming back to life
Dormant BTC Whale Wakes Up, Sends $60 Million For the First Time in 9 Years
Following the transfer of $60 million worth of bitcoins on April 19, after more than nine years of dormancy, another whale has made its move. The whale, who acquired 1,129 bitcoins in 2012 and 2013, has transferred 464 bitcoins worth $13 million for the first time in nine years.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLaw#2366

23.04.23 15:53
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has advised finance professionals to apply "heightened scrutiny" when recommending complex or risky products such as crypto assets.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawWake up call: Wal, da bläst er!

24.04.23 17:30
Und da bläst der nächste Wal: Bitcoin whale rouses after 12 years, moves nearly $11 million in latest awakening.  A bitcoin whale has just moved over $10 million after a 12-year hiatus. It’s the most recent whale transaction in the past week, with almost $80 million being moved by dormant whales since Thursday.

Wird langsam Zeit die Gamma Harpunen zum Harpunieren scharf zu machen


5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawGold-Backed Digital Currency

24.04.23 19:51
Zimbabwe To Introduce Gold-Backed Digital Currency
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is set to introduce a gold-backed digital currency to serve as legal tender in the country.  

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawWenn die Spekulationsblase platzt...

25.04.23 17:43
Die Krypto-Suche nach Freiheit endet in der Insolvenzbürokratie: Eine bestimmte Art von Kleinanlegern hat ihr Geld wegen ihrer Anti-Establishment-Eigenschaften in Krypto gestapelt. Die Vermeidung großer Banken oder engstirniger Aufsichtsbehörden versüßte den Geschmack unheimlicher Renditen. Kryptofirmen schürten diese Stimmung und zogen Investorengelder an, indem sie eine Welt „beispielloser wirtschaftlicher Freiheit“ versprachen, wie Celsius Network es ausdrückte, oder „Krypto für alle“ Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen, wie es Voyager Digital ausdrückte.
Aber jetzt finden sich Millionen von Krypto-Fans – und ihr Geld – in einer anderen Art von Realität gefangen. Unternehmen, denen sie ihre Kryptowährung anvertrauten, sind gescheitert, und ihre Vermögenswerte stecken vor dem Insolvenzgericht...

5068 Postings, 686 Tage JohnLawBinance.US terminates Voyager purchase agreement

25.04.23 22:49
Binance.US terminates Voyager asset purchase agreement  

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