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10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayZur Zeit gibt es wohl

25.02.12 11:48

eine kleine Zwischenkonsolidierung.



209 Postings, 4893 Tage dieselfreak71$

28.02.12 21:37

zu neuen Höhen USA weis mehr.


9 Postings, 4496 Tage lumbalumba1Es ging etwas runter,

01.03.12 02:59

aber die Vorgaben aus den USA stimmen zuversichtlich.


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayKursexplosion erwartet, Vorgaben USA pos.

09.03.12 08:57

Sangamo Presents New Clinical Data at CROI 2012 Demonstrating Persistent Positive Effects of ZFN Therapeutic® for "Functiona...


Sangamo Biosciences (NASDAQ:SGMO)
Intraday Stock Chart

Today : Friday  9 March 2012


Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGMO) announced that new data from  its program to develop a 'functional cure' for  HIV/AIDS were described  in two presentations at the 19th Conference on Retroviruses and  Opportunistic Infections (CROI), held in Seattle from March 5 to March 8, 2012. 


"These data differentiate SB-728-T from other novel therapies as a feasible approach to controlling HIV/AIDS," said Ronald Mitsuyasu, M.D., Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA  and a principal investigator in Sangamo's SB-728-T studies.  "The  results suggest that SB-728-T has a positive effect on immune health of  HIV-infected patients and this effect is persistent for over a year in  some subjects.  Most importantly, SB-728-T treatment provides  HIV-resistant T-cells that are capable of mounting an immune response to  an inflammatory event in lymphoid tissues and has yielded encouraging  effects on HIV viral load when antiretroviral drugs are withdrawn during  a treatment interruption."


"These data add to our understanding of the positive viral load  changes in SB-728-T-treated subjects, and suggest that an early cytokine  burst may initiate the dramatic and prolonged increase in CD4 counts  observed following SB-728-T treatment," said Dale Ando,  M.D., Sangamo's vice president of therapeutic development and chief  medical officer. "They also confirm that SB-728-T meets key requirements  for our strategy for a 'functional cure' for HIV, by demonstrating  durable engraftment and prolonged trafficking and dynamic immunological  responsiveness in the gut mucosa.  Together, these data further validate  our strategy for the continued development of this ZFP Therapeutic as a  'functional cure' for HIV in two ongoing Phase 2 clinical trials  designed to extend the observation of a statistically significant  correlation between levels of bi-allelic modification of CD4 T cells and  viral load reductions during treatment interruptions in HIV infection.  The first study builds on the approximate doubling of bi-allelic  engraftment that can be achieved in CCR5 delta-32 heterozygotes and  seeks to confirm the occurrence of aviremia during treatment  interruption as observed in one such patient in our Phase 1 program.   The other clinical trial will examine the ability of a lymphopenic  preconditioning regimen to enhance bi-allelic engraftment, and reduce  viral load during treatment interruption, in non-CCR5-mutated HIV  subjects."

Mehr unter:


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayBid 4.55 Ask 9.4

09.03.12 09:05
Sangamo Biosciences ( SGMO)  Stock Price    
Sangamo Biosciences, Inc. (MM)
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Common Stock
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209 Postings, 4893 Tage dieselfreak71sangamoleute gesehen by pfizer ???

23.03.12 09:07

10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfaraway@dieselfreak

23.03.12 11:41

Ist das ein Geruecht? Bislang nichts davon vernommen. Keine Info darueber gefunden!


11 Postings, 6195 Tage rnietlispach@dieselfreak

25.03.12 09:46
Wie kommst du auf solche aussagen? Hast du was gehört?  

10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayGeruechte

26.03.12 05:56

offensichtlich nur eine Frage von Dieselfreak.

Bei ner Uebernahme wuerde ich schon erwarten, dass der Kurs ein Verdoppler macht.


83 Postings, 4787 Tage Andie099Sangamo und Pfizer??

26.03.12 18:29
Von einem Bekannten der bei Pfizer arbeitet habe ich sowas jetzt aber auch schon gehört dieselfreak! Hab Ihn angeschrieben aber er ist z.zt. im Osterurlaub. Bin mal gespannt ob er was weiss.  

10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawaySangamo und Shire

27.03.12 06:56

Shire plc (NASDAQ:SHPGY)  recently entered into an agreement to acquire FerroKin BioSciences,  Inc. As per the terms of the agreement, Shire will make an upfront  payment of $100 million and up to $225 million as regulatory,  development and commercial milestones upon the achievement of certain  pre-specified conditions.

FBS0701, the lead pipeline candidate at  FerroKin, is a once-daily oral treatment currently in phase II studies  for patients with transfusional iron overload. The presence of surplus  iron in the liver, heart and other vital organs leads to dysfunction and  failure of the organs.

Transfusion-dependent patients often die  due to iron overload. The company intends to seek approval for  indications like myelodysplastic syndrome and hemoglobinopathies with  potential launch in 2016.

This acquisition will strengthen Shire’s  hematology portfolio and is in line with the company’s strategy of  targeting specialist markets with strong patent protection and global  rights.

Shire has formed a number of alliances to expand its  pipeline. In January, the company acquired the US rights of Resolor from  Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., a Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) company.

Soon  after this, in February, the company entered into a collaboration and  license agreement for the development of products for hemophilia and  other monogenic diseases with Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:SGMO).  These products will be developed using Sangamo’s zinc finger  DNA-binding protein (ZFP) technology. More recently, in March, Shire  entered into an agreement with arGEN-X to create novel treatments for  rare genetic diseases.


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayDer Jahreschart sieht bisher

28.03.12 12:48

aussergewoehnlich symmetrisch aus. Laeuft er so weiter, sind die 6 Euro bald erreicht. Ca im Juli!


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawaySangamos Ankuendigung

29.03.12 16:31

RICHMOND, Calif., March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGMO) announced today that Edward Lanphier,  Sangamo's president and CEO, will provide an update on the progress of  Sangamo's ZFP Therapeutic® development programs and an overview of the  company's business strategy at 8:40 am ET on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at the 11th Annual Needham Healthcare Conference which will be held in New York City.


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayDie beiden

03.04.12 12:31

Hinweise von Dieselfreak bringen hoffentlich etwas an Dynamik nach oben!


209 Postings, 4893 Tage dieselfreak71DYNAMIK

05.04.12 09:27

momentan nach unten !!!


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayLeider

05.04.12 09:31

Schoene Ostern!


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawayHold, Sell or Buy?

25.04.12 06:20

Americanbulls Empfehlungen taugen nicht viel, wie es ausschaut. Die Verkaufsempfehlung vom 16.4. haette dem Verkaueufer Verluste eingefahren. Verkauf bei 4.31$, jetztist der Kurs bei 4.48. Ich halte jedenfalls.

Daily Commentary

Our system posted a WAIT today. The previous SELL recommendation was issued on 04.16.2012 (8) days ago, when the stock price was 4.3100. Since then SGMO has gained 3.94% .

Our WAIT tag says all that is to say. Stay at cash or check the other stocks while waiting the next signal. Though the prices are up since our previous SELL signal, it is yet too early for any definite long or short action in this stock .


10388 Postings, 4906 Tage farfarawaySangamo: Call for Conference

27.04.12 04:33

Sangamo BioSciences Announces First Quarter 2012 Conference Call and Webcast


Sangamo Biosciences (NASDAQ:SGMO)
Intraday Stock Chart

Today : Friday 27 April 2012

   Sangamo BioSciences Announces First Quarter 2012 Conference Call and Webcast

PR Newswire

RICHMOND, Calif., April 25, 2012


RICHMOND, Calif., April 25, 2012  /PRNewswire/ -- Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGMO) today  announced that the company will release its first quarter 2012 financial  results on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, after the market closes. The press release will be followed by a conference call at 5:00 p.m. ET,  which will be open to the public via telephone and webcast. During the  conference call, the company will review the financial results and  discuss other business matters.


The conference call dial-in numbers are 877-377-7553 for domestic  callers and 678-894-3968 for international callers. The passcode for the  call is 73837943. Participants may access the live webcast via a link  on the Sangamo BioSciences website in the Investors section under  "Events and Presentations,"  For those unable to listen in at the designated time, a conference call  replay will be available for one week following the conference call,  from approximately 8:00 p.m. ET on May 2, 2012 to 11:59 p.m. ET on May 9, 2012.  The conference call replay numbers for domestic and international  callers are 855-859-2056 and 404-537-3406, respectively. The conference  ID number for the replay is 73837943.


209 Postings, 4893 Tage dieselfreak71schön

07.05.12 09:33

340 Postings, 5824 Tage csmic@148

09.05.12 00:39

ich respektiere dass Du in der Hoffnung dass die HIV-Geschichte der Durchbruch wird Geld auf Sangamo setzt, Dieselfrak. Ich verstehe auch dass Du jetzt versuchst die Aktien zu bewerben; aber beschäftige Dich mal mit  dem Bindungsmechanismus der Viren...

Kleiner Hinweis: Die kommen notfalls auch anders in die Zellen rein. Die Modifikation des CCR5 Rezeptors wird vermutlich nur einem sehr kleinen Teil der Infizierten dauerhafte Hilfe bringen. Nicht mehr als andere Fusionshemmer - gut genug für einen Kursgewinn der Aktie bei Zulassung, aber ich denke nicht ausreichend für einen raketenhaften Anstieg.


209 Postings, 4893 Tage dieselfreak71schaut mal

11.05.12 09:23

Ich mache keine werbung

kann hier auch passsssieren ?!

schönes woe  L.G. df71


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