Bitcoin - mehr als eine Spekulationsblase?

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5968 Postings, 2355 Tage romanov17Dabei schreiben die pusher immer

06.06.23 08:33
Regulierungen puschen den kurs in die Höhe  

2431 Postings, 1117 Tage sg-1@romanov

06.06.23 09:20
Angebot und Nachfrage ;)

Einfach abwarten , wenn man schon BTC oder ETH oder LTC oder Doge hat.
Die fortschreitende Adaption von crypto lässt den Markt wachsen.
Und durch die fortschreitende Adaption sieht es für obige coins auch sehr gut aus.
Meiner Meinung nach ist es aber wichtig, dass es auch level2 Projekte gibt , die die Last von den Host-Netzwerken nehmen.
Den Streit der sec darum, ob cryptos securities oder commodities sind, wird noch interessant werden für die USA.  

5968 Postings, 2355 Tage romanov17Löschung

06.06.23 09:44

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5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

06.06.23 16:52
SEC sues Coinbase as pressure on crypto world rises: The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global (COIN) as the regulator turns up its pressure on the crypto world.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

06.06.23 17:05
SEC now claims a total of 19 crypto tokens are securities. That sum accounts for roughly 11% of crypto's total market capitalization. Those classifications may pressure other exchanges in US markets to de-list these assets or risk facing the SEC's ire.

P.S.: Und natürlich wie immer "Glückwunsch Cathie!"
Coinbase Shares Slump After SEC Files Suit Against Company.  Major shareholders Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest
ARKK: Hard Lessons Have Not Been Learned  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawOn the run

06.06.23 17:07

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawAustralien macht die Kryptocasinos dicht

08.06.23 13:16
Australian bank limits payments to crypto exchanges in light of scams

   The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is making it harder for its customers to send money to crypto exchanges.
   These measures are being taken in response to the growing number of crypto-related scams.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

08.06.23 13:19
"We've identified a number of risks [with crypto]. I'm supportive of those agencies to use the tools they have," says @SecYellen:  "I see some holes in the system where additional regulation would be appropriate. We'd like to work with Congress to see additional regulation pass."  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawFTX lässt grüßen

08.06.23 13:23
Parallels to accusations against FTX, SBF: Binance CEO's trading firm received $11 bln via client deposit company, SEC says
SEC says Binance and US affiliate redirected billions in customer assets to Zhao's funds
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Subject of Court Summons in SEC Action: The United States district court in Washington, D.C. issued a summons for Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao on June 7, two days after the SEC formally sued the exchange for alleged unregistered securities operations. The summons requires Zhao to respond within 21 days of service, and failure to do so will result in a default judgment.
Binance Redirected $12B to Firms Controlled by CEO Changpeng Zhao, SEC Says
SEC says billions in customer funds were directed to Zhao’s firm Merit Peak via a holding company called Key Vision Development Limited.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawUK macht die Kryptocasinos dicht

08.06.23 13:24
UK FCA to Introduce 'Cooling-Off' Period for First-Time Crypto Purchases: The UK financial regulator, the FCA, has proposed new rules to protect crypto investors, including a 24-hour waiting period for first-time crypto purchases and a ban on 'refer a friend' bonuses. FCA has asked the industry to provide feedback on its proposed rules, and reiterated that it considers crypto assets "high risk."  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawBitcoin langfristig unter 1000 US-Dollar

08.06.23 13:26
Anklagen gegen Binance und Coinbase: „Bitcoin langfristig unter 1000 US-Dollar“. Digitalexperte sieht Anfang vom Ende des Bitcoin  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

08.06.23 13:28
US tightens crackdown on crypto: the lawsuits could transform the crypto market by successfully asserting the SEC's jurisdiction over the industry which for years has argued that tokens do not constitute securities and should not be regulated by the SEC.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawBinance Bitcoin price shows significant divergence

08.06.23 13:38
Binance.US’ Bitcoin price shows significant divergence: After the SEC sued Binance on Monday, Binance users started withdrawing coins from the exchange.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawLatest sign of a broad crypto crackdown (cont.)

08.06.23 13:39
Crypto Industry Faces More Challenges in EU and Australia After US Crackdown: The US has launched full-fledged war against crypto. Meanwhile, the European Consumer Group wants stricter stance against misleading advertising. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia plans to limit transactions to crypto trading platforms.
UK Crypto Promotions to Require Warning Labels, Finance Watchdog Cements New Rules: UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has implemented regulations requiring explicit risk disclosures in crypto promotions. Crypto firms to offer a 'cooling-off' period for new investors under the FCA's new rules.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawThe hammer has come down on Binance.US

08.06.23 13:45
The hammer has come down on Binance.US as the exchange begins to pull crypto trading pairs from its listings. Binance.US to Delist 10 Trading Pairs and Pause OTC Trading . The SEC has ordered a freeze on Binance.US assets.

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawFTX lässt grüßen

08.06.23 13:55
Binance Money Trail Reveals $70 Billion Flowing Through Silvergate, Signature: Some of the funds flowed out to foreign entities, a filing shows.
Elizabeth Warren Says Binance Appears to Have Lied to Lawmakers

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawBinance.US fiat gateway issues

08.06.23 13:57
Binance.US coins trade at premium amid litigation fears, fiat gateway issues  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawAnother DOJ Investigation Into Binance

09.06.23 04:32
Elizabeth Warren Wants Another DOJ Investigation Into Binance, Binance US  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawFIA CEO Lukken testifies on Digital Assets

09.06.23 04:37
Testimony from FIA President and CEO Walter L. Lukken before the US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture on 6 June, 2023, for its hearing titled "The Future of Digital Assets: Providing Clarity for Digital Asset Spot Markets.”: Given the potential of disruptive trading and manipulation in the spot digital asset marketplace, the CFTC’s enforcement authorities and proven track record make the Commission well-positioned to protect customers in this the space, should Congress decide to provide that authority.

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawBitcoin-Spielhöllen in den USA vor dem Aus?

09.06.23 15:15
Stehen die Bitcoin-Börsen Binance.US und Coinbase vor dem Aus?

That raises questions about other exchanges that have also allowed U.S. investors to trade those tokens, such as Kraken, Gemini, and Okcoin, and whether they could be at risk of regulatory action, industry executives said. Some exchanges may look to de-list the tokens in question. “All U.S. exchanges should now be on notice that they may be subject to enforcement action if they permit, or have permitted, these tokens to be traded,” said Jason Allegrante, chief legal and compliance officer at Fireblocks, a digital asset infrastructure provider.  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawCBA targets crypto scams

09.06.23 16:33
CBA targets crypto scams: Commonwealth Bank of Australia imposes new holds, declines and limits on payments to cryptocurrency exchanges

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawUK The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR)

09.06.23 16:39
UK banks to reimburse fraud victims under new rules, regulator confirms. Requirement to refund people who have been tricked by scammers
In Global First, UK to Require Banks to Reimburse Fraud Losses
Scam reimbursement: pushing for a better solution – Report Summary  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawBIS: Crypto shocks and retail losses

09.06.23 16:47

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawBitcoin Saw Heavy Profit Taking in May: Goldman Sa

09.06.23 16:56
Bitcoin Saw Heavy Profit Taking in May: Goldman Sachs

Ja, ja, wir erinnern uns noch gut an die Waschtage von "Mani Pu Lation" im Januar - Wash Trading  

5068 Postings, 463 Tage JohnLawOn the run

11.06.23 14:02
SEC Clampdown Spurs $4B Deposit Flight From Binance, Coinbase and Binance.US
Binance's BNB Token Saw Millions in Sell Orders Right Before SEC Lawsuits  

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