Hanwha SolarOne - neuer Name, bessere Zukunkft?

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69046 Postings, 7995 Tage KickySolar Revolution Part 3

08.11.13 18:01
...Anti-reflective coating

Recently, Natcore Technology announced that its black silicon process could reduce the reflectivity of solar cells from today's ~6% to under 1.5%. This will enable the transformation of today's texture etching to black silicon etching and improve the light absorption of solar cells. Natcore claims this process can reduce production costs by 23.5%

Crystal Solar

Crystal Solar is a start-up that recently announced that it plans to bring its epi thin-silicon technology to market by 2014. Crystal Solar claims that their process can reduce costs to well below 50 cents per watt. The epi thin-silicon process suggests possibilities for re-inventing the way manufacturers make solar cells by transforming the manufacturing process itself. As the solar industry isn't ready to handle wafers that are 50 micron thick, Crystal Solar claims it has developed equipment for handling and packaging the ultra-thin cells as well.


As the cost of labor in China is constantly on the rise, more automated factories can bring labor costs down.

Electricity Storage

Electricity storage is one of the big problems the solar industry faces. First, let's take a look at current methods of storing energy.

Compressed Air: A method of using renewable energy to compress air whenever there is excess energy generation. When there is a demand for that energy, the compressed air is heated and flows into a turbine, where electricity is generated.
Liquid Air: A method of compressing and cooling air to liquefy it (air at extremely low temperatures). When energy is needed, the liquid air is expanded to spin a turbine, thus producing electricity.
Batteries: A method of storing energy in the form of electrochemical cells, which generate energy from chemical reactions, used as batteries.
Flywheel: A method of storing energy as kinetic energy through a device that holds a disc in a very low-friction environment. The disc spins faster when energy is pumped into the device. When energy flows out of the device, the disc spins slower. This suits applications that need very brief bursts of energy.
Hydrogen: A method of using electricity to electrolyze water, which this process turns into hydrogen and oxygen. The gas is stored in separate tanks, and then the hydrogen is used to produce electricity by various methods (fuel cells, turbine, combustion, others).
Electric Vehicle: A method of using the fleet of electric cars, as they already have built-in batteries, as grid-level storage. When energy is needed, the car battery pumps electricity back to the grid; when energy is no longer needed, the battery is charged. This is called "Vehicle-to-Grid" storage.
Pumped Water: A method of using the excess electricity to pump water uphill and then, when demand is present, using gravity to get the water downhill and use it for hydroelectric generation. This is the most common and low cost way of storing energy today.

The combined Market for integrated Solar and Storage will reach 2,8 Billions in 2018
Lux Research predicts that solar energy systems with an integrated storage will rise to $2.8B by 2018, up from less than $200M this year. What future technologies can drive that growth?

Liquid metal battery (LMB) technology such as that developed by Ambri. This LMB has the potential of delivering a cost of $100/KWh.
Hydrogen technology combined with revolutionary fuel cells such as the Energy Server offered by Bloom Energy.
Because the need for new energy storage devices, utility scale and residential scale alike, is rising, I expect that costs will go down gradually until you will be able to purchase an energy storage device for your home just like any other appliance. It is unclear yet what technology will dominate this area.

By 2030, I predict that the attractiveness of stand-alone solar systems will be very high. Those are systems that can store enough energy to enable consumers to be almost 100% dependent on renewable energy. The value proposition for such a product will be substantial and consumers' demand will increase rapidly. Somewhere around the beginning of the third decade of the twenty-first century, the world will cross the 1TW cumulative installed capacity mark.

...the future looks very bright. When you know the big picture, you understand what factors affect the industry and, thus, the companies working in it. I believe that the solar industry is still very young, and just now the financial side of the industry is starting to make sense. Going forward, given the facts that we know today, and carefully predicting the way this market develops, I think that if you do your due diligence and pick this industry's winners, you're in for a hell of a ride.

69046 Postings, 7995 Tage Kicky+10.39% 11:53AM EST - Nasdaq Real Time

08.11.13 18:03

23 Postings, 2980 Tage worldbikerThe dark horse is running wild

08.11.13 18:12

370 Postings, 3238 Tage lars666lol

10.11.13 15:25

Naja Wenn Solarone Das Dunkle Pferd ist ,Gefällt es mir ganz gut .Davon könnte ich Ganze Herde von Gebrauchen .


69046 Postings, 7995 Tage Kickypremarket +2,34%

11.11.13 14:41

69046 Postings, 7995 Tage KickyCan Hanwha SolarOne Ride on SolarCity's Coattails?

11.11.13 19:15
Hanwha SolarOne took a step forward a couple weeks ago that could be the key to its future growth. The company said it would release a solar module that's compatible with installation systems provided by Zep Solar, which has become a leader in the residential-installation industry. SolarCity had announced a deal to acquire Zep Solar earlier in October, making it clear that Hanwha wants to get its foot in the door to try to capture SolarCity's demand for solar modules. Years ago, SolarCity entered a module-supply contract with First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR  ) to meet its needs, but if Hanwha can gain similar access, it could mean a huge ramp-up in sales if residential solar continues to thrive. SunPower, on the other hand, makes its own modules, making a partnership extremely unlikely.

In the Hanwha SolarOne earnings report, watch to see what the company has to say about the SolarCity-Zep acquisition. The solar industry remains fiercely competitive, but any edge Hanwha can get could give it a leg up on its peers and allow it to survive the shakeout in solar in the years to come.

370 Postings, 3238 Tage lars666Zahlen ??

12.11.13 10:54

Meinte Gestern Gelesen zu Haben das Solarone um 800 Uhr Unserer Zeit die Zahlen Raus bringen wird..Weiss es Jemand besser?? wenn sie sie Veröffentlichen ????? WIll keine Katastrophe erleben .


835 Postings, 3054 Tage Spreeblick8:00 am Eastern time

12.11.13 11:40
entspricht also 14 Uhr bei uns  

750 Postings, 3440 Tage trenncostZahlen sind raus

12.11.13 12:17

4162 Postings, 4272 Tage JulietteDie Zahlen

12.11.13 12:27
sind auf dem ersten Blick nicht so dolle:
Weniger Auslieferungen, geringere Bruttomarge und höherer Verlust unterm Strich als das Quartal davor  

370 Postings, 3238 Tage lars666???

12.11.13 12:32

Kurs Bricht nicht ein ??? HOffe mal das Bleibt auch so


4178 Postings, 6400 Tage MannemerDurchwachsen

12.11.13 12:40
Die Hoffnung scheint auf dem IV.Quartal zu ruhen das anscheinend besser läuft. Interessant auch Einmaleffekt (EU-Schutzzölle für Solarworld). Mal abwarten was da bei der heutigen Telefonkonferenz so rüber kommt. Ein leichter Rückgang scheint mir möglich. An einen dramatischen Einbruch glaube ich nicht. Kann aber trotzdem Turbullenzen geben die sich nach einigen Tagen beruhigen.  

370 Postings, 3238 Tage lars666Sehen

12.11.13 12:57

Die Anleger anderster ,Fällt erst mal ins Bodenlose ,Konnte mann sich eigentlich Denken ,Die letzten Zahlen von Solarfirmen ,gingen nach den Zahlen alle volles Brott Bergab .Meine Stopp LImits Wurden ausgelöst .


69046 Postings, 7995 Tage KickyReport

12.11.13 13:25
....This figure changed significantly between 2Q13 and 3Q13 due to the Company recording total non-cash charges of RMB283.4 million (US$46.3 million) from valuation allowance against deferred tax assets this quarter.

Mr. Ki-Joon HONG, Chairman and CEO of Hanwha SolarOne, commented, "Our third quarter results came in largely as expected, with shipment volumes falling at the high end of our forecasted range, average selling prices continuing to improve and gross margins remaining stable before a one-time provision for EU tariffs. Our presence in three of the world's most important markets improved with China, Japan and North America all accounting for larger percentages of our shipment volumes".

Chairman HONG continued, "Our outlook for the final quarter of 2013 is good, with some highlights being:

shipment volumes should increase in a range of 13-19% quarter-to-quarter
average selling prices are stable to up and gross margins are improving
we have made significant recent  progress in improving our internal ingot and wafer utilization and manufacturing efficiencies
we are seeing momentum in our penetration of the China market and are approaching the roll out of our downstream business (including the evaluation of a number of strategic partnerships)
North America is showing positive signs including a 40 MW project in Canada
our next-generation E Star II cell will begin commercial production".

Total net revenues were RMB1,135.1 million (US$185.5 million), a decrease of 4.0% from RMB1,182.8 million in 2Q13, and an increase of 17.5% from RMB966.1 million in 3Q12. The decrease in total net revenues in 3Q13 compared with 2Q13 was primarily due to slightly lower shipments.
PV module shipments, including module processing services, were 317.8 MW (near the high end of our 300-325 MW forecasted range), a slight decrease from 321.2 MW in 2Q13, and an increase from 239.5 MW in 3Q12.

Module shipments to Japan, a market that values quality and brand, increased to 46% in 3Q13 and remained the largest destination for our modules. Shipments to the globally significant markets of China and North America continued to increase; China represented 11% of total shipments, while the US and Canada contributed 12% and 5% respectively to our geographical mix. The greater business in these markets replaced shipments to South Africa (10%) as we completed our 155MW contract. The Korea market remained solid for the Company and made up 4% of total module shipments in 3Q13, with the German market representing very similar volumes. .....

4178 Postings, 6400 Tage MannemerJetzt fängt es richtig an zu krachen

12.11.13 14:22
Die Reaktion scheint mir übertrieben wird sich aber sicher heute in USA fortsetzen. Ich glaube dennoch, es wird sich in einigen Tagen wieder beruhigen. Ein überstürzter Verkauf scheint mir falsch zu sein.  

789 Postings, 2941 Tage Homer_SimpsonMannemer

12.11.13 15:02
Die Zahlen von Hanwha sind eine einzige Katastrophe, da ist die Reaktion durchaus verständlich. Allein dieser Satz ist Grund genug für den Kurssturz:

"Gross margin was positive 5.1%, compared with positive 5.5% in 2Q13. The slightly lower gross margin was primarily due to higher costs. Gross margin in 3Q12 was negative 5.8%. "


69046 Postings, 7995 Tage Kickywhy Hanwhas Shares dropped

12.11.13 22:34
Shares of solar manufacturer Hanwha SolarOne Co Ltd (NASDAQ: HSOL  ) dropped as much as 18% in early trading after the company reported earnings.

Third quarter revenue was down 4% sequentially to $185.5 million on the back of a 1.1% drop in shipments. Gross margin actually fell slightly to 5.1%, which resulted in a net loss of $75.2 million, or $0.89 per share.  

Now what: At a time when most solar companies are improving both the top and bottom line, Hanwha SolarOne is going backwards. This is despite 46% of shipments going to Japan, a very high margin market for the solar industry. I'd stay away from this stock right now and look at profitable solar companies right now. Even Canadian Solar or Trina Solar in China provide a better option for investors.


69046 Postings, 7995 Tage KickyHanwha darf seinen Besitzanteil über 50% erhöhen

14.11.13 10:12
und einige Direktoren auswählen na das war aj wohl dringend geboten!

69046 Postings, 7995 Tage KickyKapitalerhöhung ?ADR shares für $70 Millionen

16.11.13 11:58

ja ich frage mich gerade ob diese ADRs nur dazu dienen ,die chinesischen Firmen mit westlichem Kapital zu versorgen und man gar kein Interesse an shareholder value  hat

453 Postings, 4704 Tage Francis Bacon 200.Angst vor dem Absturz . . .

18.11.13 09:31
Der Chart macht mir Angst. Wo könnte die Aktie denn drehen, falls sie abstürzt? Ich bin erstmal ausgestiegen. Falls es wirklich nach unten geht werde ich bei 3,10 2,60 und 2,10 US-$ langsam wieder einsteigen. Lg Francis  

4197 Postings, 4367 Tage Master Mint@Francis Baco

18.11.13 12:10
Bin auch gerade raus, geht momentan nur noch ein schritt vor und zwei zurück, das nervt.
29 % minus sind bei mir auch ausreichend, eigentlich habe ich schon zu lange gewartet aber was solls, ist doch bloß Geld :)  

4184 Postings, 4336 Tage silverfishIch frag mich ja immer,

18.11.13 16:50
ob die Bilanzen bei den ganzen China-Butzen überhaupt stimmen. Wenn man z.B. sieht wie unterschiedlich die Zahlen bei den verschiedenen Solaris sind, da kommen einem dann schon diverse Zweifel. Wieso sollte denn z.B. Jinko so viel besser da stehen als alle anderen? Ich bin da inzwischen sehr vorsichtig geworden. Aber wer mal A-Power im Depot hatte, der weiß das vielleicht. ;)  

118 Postings, 3216 Tage masterchief finance@silverfish: A-Power

18.11.13 17:23

hör mir bloß auf mit dem shit !!! ich träume heute noch schlecht von den pennern!


naja.. was hat es jez mit der KE auf sich?! läuft die über alle Aktionäre ab? Wann findet die statt?


370 Postings, 3238 Tage lars666Hatte

20.11.13 12:11

Auch mal wieder genau aufs falsche (Schwarze Pferd ) Gesetzt .Trina ,Jinko läuft weiter.Dort gehts 15% HOch,Nächsten tag 0,54% ZUrück .Solarone sind meiner Meinung nur noch Daydrater Aktiv zur Zeit .Oder Was sagt ihr dazu das an einem Tag dieser Wert sich um 4% PLus am Ende des Tages 4% MInus ist ....Das sind die Big Player Steigen ein und nach 5% Raus .Nur mir Klein Anleger haben die Karre im Dreck Stecken ...


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