SKF B starkes Geschäftsjahr und Dividendenerhöhung

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1 Posting, 1696 Tage EickheSKF B starkes Geschäftsjahr und Dividendenerhöhung

29.01.19 14:02
„2018 was an excellent year for SKF, with record results and a significantly strengthened balance sheet. In recognition of this, the Board has decided to propose an increased dividend of SEK 6.00 per share to the Annual General Meeting.“


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3 Postings, 1413 Tage Eickhe78Nine-months results 2019

08.11.19 10:22
SKF Nine-month report 2019
Gothenburg, 22 October 2019

Alrik Danielson, President and CEO:

“SKF has managed the business well in a weakening economic environment and our efforts to reduce costs are contributing to a strong and stable operating margin in the quarter with an underlying margin of 11.3%. We had higher realized cost savings than cost increases, resulting in a positive net contribution to operating profit in the quarter.

Cash flow was SEK 2,120 million (SEK 1,626) – a strong performance, highlighting our ability to generate a strong cash flow, even in periods of a weaker demand.

Restructuring costs and customer settlements had a negative impact on operating profit of SEK 272 million. A VAT credit in Brazil had a positive impact of SEK 180 million. The reported operating profit for the quarter was SEK 2,288 million and the reported operating margin was 10.9% (12.2%).

As expected, we saw a decline in organic sales of 3% compared to last year, with net sales of SEK 21 billion. Sales were relatively unchanged in Asia, slightly lower in Europe, significantly lower in North America and slightly higher in Latin America.

The industrial business had yet another strong quarter with an underlying operating margin of 14.1% with a negative organic growth of 1.4% (+9.2%). Sales in Europe and Latin America were relatively unchanged, significantly lower in North America, but increased in Asia. The reported operating margin of 14.7% (14.3%), was impacted negatively by restructuring costs and positively by a VAT credit.

The automotive business had an underlying operating margin of 4.3%. Organic growth was negative 7.0% (+1.7%) with significantly lower sales volumes in North America and Asia, lower sales volumes in Europe and significantly higher sales in Latin America. The reported operating margin of 1.1% (6.8%), was impacted negatively by costs related to customer settlements and restructuring.

We recently acquired Presenso, a developer of AI driven industrial analytics, to further strengthen our Rotating Equipment Performance offer. We continue to focus on developing our fee- and performance-based business, with customer wins in a number of markets. We also continue to increase the proportion of region-for-region manufacturing in the Group, with volumes being moved from our factory in Luton, UK to Nilai, Malaysia. Recently we successfully launched our Vehicle aftermarket eShop in Germany which will bring us closer to automotive end customers in the largest market in Europe.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, we expect to see lower volumes for the Group, slightly lower for Industrial and lower for Automotive.”  


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