DANAKALI Ltd., Eritrea - Colluli Potash Project

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663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI Ltd., Eritrea - Colluli Potash Project

02.06.15 09:13
Die Firma South Boulder Mines (Australien)
- STB - AU000000STB3 - SO3 - WKN 914764 -
hat ihren Namen ab sofort auf DANAKALI Ltd. geändert.
Neuer ASX-Code : DNK (ab ca. 03./04.06.2015)

Einzelheiten folgen.

Für die Historie verweise ich auf das STB - Forum


alle wichtigen Informationen sind auf der neuen Web-Page veröffentlicht :
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663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Special Report - Takeover Target ?

02.06.21 05:03
10 Bagger Club
Special Report - Danakali Takeover Target


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Colluli Project Video

02.06.21 15:28

The Project is located in Eritrea and is ~75km from the Red Sea coast, making it the most accessible known potash deposits globally.


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDanakali - Colluli set to be a global game changer

05.06.21 04:40
Danakali’s Colluli set to be a global game changer by becoming world’s first zero carbon SOP producer


85 Postings, 229 Tage Bergi04Danakali

05.06.21 15:58
Sehr interessantes Long-Invest. Ist aus meiner Sicht was für die Rente:-)
Ich bin jetzt auch rein und baue meinen Share-Bestand dieses Jahr weiter aus.  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Presentation - Interview

08.06.21 11:04
Danakali (ASX.DNK) Presentation, FNN Online Investor Event, June 2021

08/06/2021 12:43:00

Danakali Limited (ASX:DNK) Executive Chairman Seamus Cornelius talks about the company's Sulphate of Potash (SOP) project in Eritrea, Eastern Africa. The project is characterised by its quality, size, grades, low CAPEX and SOP market potential. Danakali’s proximity to key markets and economics make it unique among SOP projects worldwide.


14 Postings, 376 Tage JD9RX@Bergi04

16.06.21 08:09
Ich stehe auch bereit. Mit wieviel Stück bist du rein und wie groß soll deine Position werden?  


85 Postings, 229 Tage Bergi04Bin erst

16.06.21 09:15
mit 5k rein und will auf 25k ausbauen. Bin mir gerade aber unsicher und warte ab. Weiß nicht, wieviel der Kurs noch nachgibt. Finde gerade auch keine Information, was den kleinen Rücksetzer ausgelöst hat.  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Colluli Project Update

17.06.21 03:50
ASX Release: 17June2021
Colluli Project Update:
Detailed Test Work Confirms Production Rates and Optimisation has Delivered Lower Opex and Capex Highlights
• SOP Production rates in line with FEED and confirmed at above spec grade
• Production of high purity Sulphate of Potash (SOP)proven using only filtered Red Sea seawater drives capital and operating cost savings
• Colluli ore proven to produce world class SOP product with very low (<0.5%) Chloride
• Column flotation preferred in SOP production, reducing maintenance and capital costs




13933 Postings, 7929 Tage Lalapoein

17.06.21 07:53
Länderrisiko seht Ihr nicht ?  

85 Postings, 229 Tage Bergi04Länderrisiko

17.06.21 09:11
Natürlich ist ein Länderrisiko da, jedoch auch eine große Chance. Der Kontinent wird sich in den nächsten 20 Jahren sehr stark weiterentwickeln. Das Danakali Projekt bietet eine gute Gelegenheit, dort  den ersten Einstieg zu tätigen.  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Bericht im Minenportal

18.06.21 14:38
Danakali Ltd.:  Projektupdate
17.06.2021  |  Hannes Huster (Der Goldreport)


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - CMSC Exploration Camp

30.06.21 06:16

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerRA International agrees terms with Danakali camp

30.06.21 15:56
RA International agrees terms with Danakali for Eritrea camp


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Notice of Annual General Meeting

01.07.21 14:14
01/07/2021    10:16 am  

Notice of Annual General Meeting


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - full length Company Presentation

05.07.21 03:55

5 July 2021
Company Presentation and Video Danakali Limited (ASX: DNK,  LSE:  DNK)
(Danakali,  the  Company)  is pleased to provide the full length Company  Presentation in support of the information disclosed in its announcement dated 17 June 2021.
The presentation will be available on the Company’s  website ( https://www.danakali.com.au/investor-relations/corporate-presentations ) and is attached to this announcement.
Dr Rod McEachern discusses the results with Executive Chairman, Seamus Cornelius
see extended version Video link:  https://www.danakali.com.au/medias/project-videos .  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Artikel in Mining Weekly

07.07.21 04:59
ASX-listed Danakali has presented favourable results from six months of detailed testwork conducted with industry experts Saskatchewan Research Council, Global Potash Solutions, DRA Global and CasCan.

The testwork involves the Colluli project’s process design using filtered seawater.
Danakali also worked closely with its offtake partner EuroChem to ensure that high-quality sulphate of potash grades were produced in line with international standards.
Testwork has proven that the Colluli project, in Eritrea, can produce ore at a consistent high grade of 51% potassium oxide from 472 000 t/y of production.
The project will be a world-first using filtered seawater, column flotation and co-processing of carnalite and sylvinite ore, which significantly reduces project development, and operational, finance and market risk.
Danakali aims to start production next year.


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Eritrea Mining

20.07.21 05:57

Eritrea has been relatively successful in attracting mining companies even under the severe constraints caused by the old geopolitical circumstances. The government is pragmatic in its approach to the development of the Eritrean mining industry. Its Mineral Proclamation is based on the Western Australian mining code, and it has not changed the mining or fiscal legislation since it was enacted. A prosperous and growing mining industry will provide Eritrea with much-needed income as well as employment in the operations and service sector. Eritrea is a fascinating and wonderful country and it is an honour to be trusted with the development of this significant asset. In the development of Colluli we take responsibility to ensure that all of our values are aligned across our activities and embedded in all of our practices. We are working with key stakeholders to optimise the benefits and social impacts of Colluli.


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Our Partners

27.07.21 21:05

Danakali Limited

Our Partners
Partnerships never go out of style. At Danakali, we believe that partnerships built on clarity, proactive management, accountability, and agility are integral for achieving success and creating outsize value and productivity. Colluli remains an outstanding asset, and we have solid and productive relationships with ENAMCO, AFC, Afreximbank and EuroChem. These key partners are all working with us to bring Colluli into production as quickly and safely as possible.

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Quarterly Activities Report and App. 5B

29.07.21 04:08
29/07/2021    12:18 am  
Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDNK - Results of Meeting_Amended Constitution

30.07.21 09:44
30/07/2021     7:41 am
Amended Constitution


30/07/2021     7:39 am
Results of Meeting


663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDNK - Stockhead video with Seamus Cornelius

01.08.21 12:56
RockTalks is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of resources experts discussing a new macro topic each week. The program is sponsored by Bridge Street Capital Partners, a leading ECM and principal investment firm focused on mining, energy & tech.

In this episode, host Peter Strachan takes a look at the Sulphate of Potash (SOP) market

Populating the expert panel for this discussion is Seamus Cornelius, Executive Chairman of Danakali (ASX:DNK) and Mark Savich, CEO and Executive Director of Agrimin (ASX:AMN).

The pair discuss a range of topics, including potassium’s role in fertiliser product mix, the structure of potash market, SOP supply chain dynamics, the premium pricing of SOP, the potential impact of BHP’s Canadian MOP project and more.

Tune in above to hear the panel discuss these topics.  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDNK - Colluli is where the value begins

02.08.21 17:15

Colluli is where the value begins

Unlike the current major potash producing basins of the world, the Danakil region contains a variety of potassium bearing salts, providing the opportunity to generate a range of potash fertilisers. The Danakil basin contains the only potash resource in the world that allows such product diversity. The Colluli resource comprises three potassium bearing salts in solid form: sylvinite, carnallitite and kainitite. These salts are suitable for high yield, low energy production of SOP, which is a high-quality potash fertiliser carrying a price premium over the more common MOP. Colluli boasts the shallowest known evaporite mineralisation globally and has significant mining, logistics and, in turn, capital and operating cost benefits over other potash development projects in the Danakil Depression and elsewhere. Listen to our Executive Chairman, Seamus Cornelius discussing unique Colluli geology.  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Interview with Seamus Cornelius

09.08.21 04:30

Interview with Seamus Cornelius, Exec. Chairman of Danakali Ltd. (ASX:DNK)

Danakali is a resource company focused on Colluli SOP Project in Eritrea, East Africa. Our strategy targets development of a world class potash project that will become pivotal for Global and African agriculture. Colluli is expected to provide an outstanding economic, social and community dividend through positive impact on infrastructure, job creation and sustainability in Eritrea.  

663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Proposed Cancellation of London Listing

11.08.21 09:50
11/08/2021     8:06 am  
Proposed Cancellation of London Listing  

• LSE delisting increases administrative efficiencies in support of full funding solution
• Over 97% of DNK’s current UK institutional investors invest directly into ASX via nominees
• Key Stakeholders and Major Shareholders fully supportive of the LSE delisting event  



663 Postings, 5656 Tage StockExplorerChange to Board of Directors - Half Yearly Report

01.09.21 05:15
01/09/2021     2:06 am
Half Yearly Report and Accounts  



01/09/2021     12:13 am
Change to Board of Directors

ASX Release:
1 September 2021
Change to Board of Directors

•  Non-Executive Director Robert Gordon Connochie Retires
Danakali Limited (ASX: DNK, LSE: DNK, Danakali or the Company) announces Mr Robert Gordon
Connochie, has elected to retire from the Board as Independent Non-Executive Director effective
midnight Perth time 31 August 2021.


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