MOMO, die Story ?

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79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickyminus 8% wg chines.Facebook

26.07.18 13:23
"...MOMO stock was down about 8% Tuesday. The driver behind the pressure in shares was word from ReutersFacebook (NASDAQ: FB ) has quietly set up a Chinese subsidiary . The move could theoretically cut in on Momo's social media customer base. But it's going to be a challenge to say the least.
Bottom line, investors will have to wait and see what becomes of Facebook's effort  At the end of the day China is a country known for "liking" its share of restrictions on foreigners, including the company's own flagship social media platform in China. But in the here and now, the Momo price chart is once again offering growth at value levels and an opportunity for MOMO stock bulls to get long today...."  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyTop Analyst pulls the Trigger on MOMO

31.07.18 20:15
" Standpoint’s top analyst Ronnie Moas upgraded MOMO shares from Hold to Buy, with a price target of $54, which represents a potential upside of 31% from where the stock is currently trading.
Moas commented, “MOMO is my recommendation from August 30, 2017. It jumped 55% for me and I closed it out at $53.31 on June 18 (six weeks ago). It has dropped by 25% since my exit and is now trading at $40. I would reinstate this at this time from Hold to Buy with a $54 price target for 2020 (35% upside). The stock is now trading at just ~13 X earnings estimates for next year. Revenue growth should be 25%. There is 1 billion dollars in cash on their balance sheet with no debt against the market cap of 8 billion dollars. If you stripped out the cash, the stock is trading at 11.5 X earnings. ...”  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyMOMO oversold

31.07.18 20:18

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigKicky

02.08.18 10:49
Danke für die Beiträge die du uns immer zur Verfügung stellst.  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyMomo to Report Second Quarter August 22, 2018

14.08.18 14:07

na weisste Körnig ich habe die schon länger auf dem Kieker , bin aber etwas gebranntes Kind , hatte sie auch schon mal
derzeit JD , erstaunlich stabil im Handeslkrieg  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickyinteressante Empfehlung von IBD

14.08.18 14:14

IBD has long since encouraged readers to limit their downside risk in every trade. Cut losses in each investment at 7% to 8% or less. No questions asked. Just move on to the next trade. The golden rule of selling is as simple as that. When a stock is going the right direction, your decision making is not as easy. How long should you hold? Here's a specific rule to help boost your prospects for long-term stock investing success: Once your stock has broken out, take most of your profits when they reach 20% to 25%. If market conditions are choppy and decent gains are hard to come by, then you could exit the entire position. But if the market winds are favorable and your stock appears to be still in the early stages of its run, then go ahead and sell at least part of the position,......

meine Grenze liegt bei etwas unter 15% ,da verkaufe ich
und läuft es gut, kann man auch mal bei 100% sagen, es reicht wie damals bei den chinesischen Solar

YY ist trotz recht passabler Zahlen heute auf minus 8%  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigOk, ichbin zeitweise auch mal - 35% oder mehr.

14.08.18 15:08
Bei Chinesischen Werten eher nicht. Bleibe trotzdem investiert und sitze das aus. Die steigen auch wieder. Zeichnet sich das ab kaufe ich nach.
Bin im Moment bei 3 Werten etwas mehr im Minusvon 40% bis 75%. 11 Werte laufen ganz gut bis mittelmäßig.  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickyjetzt sind es noch 8% minus mehr

15.08.18 11:42
man bin ich froh, dass sie ich sie noch nicht habe  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyMomo At A Bargain Before The Tantan Growth Story

17.08.18 17:44
"Momo is an $8 billion popular Chinese mobile dating and social networking company with a fast and profitable growth, strong track record, and a huge addressable market.
In February 2018, it acquired China's top dating app Tantan, the "Tinder of China," already showing promising results in early monetization.
Despite a 60% earnings growth in Q1 2018, Momo still has a Trailing P/E of 21, at the low end of the P/E pendulum for such growth.
Share price has recently suffered from negative rumors spread by short sellers and is currently offered at a bargain ahead of Q2 earnings: around 30% down from its 52-week high.
Know what you're getting into: Momo is likely to be a very volatile investment for the years to come. But it offers a great margin of safety at current price.
....Momo should only be considered by those who are willing to hold for several years and cope with double digit swings on a regular basis."

lange sehr detailreiche Analyse mit Warnung  vor grösseren Swings  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigHabe gelesen, das es im Handelsstreit

18.08.18 11:33
zu einer Annäherung kommt. Unterhändler treffen sich am 22.08 und 23.08. Pünktlich zu den Quatalszahlen. Echt beruhigend. Jetzt muss Momo natürlich auch noch liefern. Das kann ich gar nicht einschätzen, wie die Zahlen ausfallen. Ich werde bis dato auf jeden Fall mein EK noch etwas verbessern, denn der liegt noch bei ca. 40,8. Selbst wenn die Zahlen gut ausfallen, würde es noch dauern bis ich wieder im Grünen wäre. Ich bin auf jeden Fall sehr gespannt wie es mit unserem Wert hier weiter geht. Die KZ sind aus meiner Sicht Klasse, siehe diverse Beiträge von der lieben Kicki.  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage Körnigups ich meinte Kicky. Sorry

18.08.18 11:34

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigLöschung

22.08.18 10:36

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79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyReport heute premarket + 7,56%

22.08.18 13:30
Expected Earnings Release: 08/22/2018, Premarket
Avg. Extended-Hours Dollar Volume: $24,522,778

MOPALS ( MOMO ) is due to issue its quarterly earnings report in the upcoming extended-hours session. Given its history, traders can expect very active trading in the issue immediately following its quarterly earnings announcement.  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigLöschung

22.08.18 15:39

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79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyMOMO heute 10% höher wegen Report

22.08.18 20:00
Motley Fool dazu

"In the second quarter, Momo's net revenues rose 58% year over year to $494 million. Adjusted earnings nearly doubled from $0.35 to $0.66 per American Depositary Share. The analyst consensus called for earnings near $0.61 per ADS on something like $480 million in top-line sales.
Looking ahead, Momo's third-quarter revenue guidance points to approximately $537 million, roughly 50% above the sales of the same period in 2017. Wall Street companies will need to update their estimates, which had been pointing to a more modest $518 million result. Momo achieved these good-looking growth rates without adding a ton of users to its core service.
Instead, the company is adding fuel to its revenue fires through 64% more paying users of its live video and value-added services: virtual gift cards, users paying for higher rankings in search results, and so on. In short, Momo is squeezing more money out of each user these days..."
dank sei Tanatn

da wundert man sich doch wer hier gemeldet hat solche User sollten wegen Unsachlichkeit gesperrt werden  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyHedgefond Steve Cohen investiert in MOMO

22.08.18 20:04
und nimmt weg von Alibaba

"..In the second quarter, Cohen’s Point72 appears to have taken a bearish turn on Chinese e-commerce king Alibaba (NYSE:BABA): Point72 cut its position here nearly in half. Yet, for Momo (NASDAQ:MOMO), it’s a far more bullish tale. The ‘Tinder of China’ (a free social search and instant messaging mobile app) has hooked Cohen’s attention, with Point72 boosting its stake a whopping 583%..."  

27 Postings, 2116 Tage Warren2018Hier die anderen Hedge Fond Manager

22.08.18 22:27

Paul Tudor Jones 31,418 sh (New)
Steven Cohen 473,600 sh (+582.42%)
Jim Simons 4,494,700 sh (+104.81%)
Ron Baron 1,701,006 sh (+87.24%)
Louis Moore Bacon 965,000 sh (+48.46%)  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigNicht nur die Analysten raten zum Kauf

23.08.18 08:11
auch die Hege Fond kaufen kräftig! Da fühle ich mich doch gleich noch mehr bestätigt mit diesem Invest hier. Ich denke, das das die Trendwende ist und der Kurs wieder in neue Höhen steigt. Die Quatalszahlen sind sehr gut angekommen, wie man unschwer erkennen kann am Kurs.  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickykommen die Chinesen zurück?

25.08.18 14:58
Gute Ergbnisse bei vielen chinesischen Tech Stocks wie Momo, Weibo, letzten Quartal
"Long China tech stocks were once one of the more crowded trades on Wall Street. But escalating trade war tensions and a strengthening dollar caused China tech stocks to lose their shine. Over the past several weeks, a handful of big China tech stocks like Weibo (NASDAQ: WB ), Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) , Baozun (NASDAQ: BZUN ) and (NASDAQ: WUBA ) have all reported strong double-beat quarters and given healthy guides.Those stocks largely failed to rally after the quarterly print in a sign that, despite strengthening fundamentals, investor appetite for China tech stocks is low.

That may be changing. MOMO stock is popping big-time on great second-quarter numbers. WB, BIDU, BZUN and WUBA are also all up in response to MOMO's report. Indeed, most of these stocks have shown impressive strength over the past several days...."

ich hatte ein Limit reingelegt bis Ende August und habe sie gestern bekommen  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickychinesische Aktien die man kaufen sollte MOMO

27.08.18 23:19
7-seitige Analyse   man muss sich nur registrieren
falls sich jemand wundert warum die heute um 7%  gestiegen sind  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigHerr Trump hat uns mal wieder geärgert.

31.08.18 10:37
Der ist wirklich nervig! Bleibe bei diesem Wert trotzdem long eingestellt und werde höchstens nachkaufen. Bei einem anderen Wert bin ich am überlegen zu verkaufen sobald ich wieder ungefähr +- 0 bin.  

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickygute Aussichten beflügeln MOMO

02.09.18 19:01
..."Current estimates call for 53% revenue growth this year and 30% in 2019. Given the latest beat-and-raise revenue results though, these could prove conservative as time goes on.

On the earnings front, analysts expect Momo to grow profits by 43% and 27% this year and next year, respectively. The estimate for $2.53 per share in earnings this year values Momo stock at a reasonable 17 times earnings. That's pretty darn cheap given the growth here.

Also worth noting is that this $7 billion market cap company has no debt and almost $1 billion in cash.
If Momo can stay above this $44-ish area, it's above all three major moving averages and uptrend support. Over $46, though, and shares can retest the highs near $54. ..."

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage Kickynoch nicht zu spät für MOMO

03.09.18 14:28
Why It’s Not Too Late to Buy MOMO Stock

"...the site had 10 million registered users by the time the company reached its first anniversary. By 2016, about 180 million people had registered with the site. The number of monthly active users (MAUs) reached 91.3 million by June 2017...Momo derives revenue from multiple sources. Videos, value-added services, gaming, and mobile marketing drive most of the company's revenues.
These sources helped the company quickly become financially successful. By 2015, MOMO had turned profitable, and its profits have increased ever since. Wall Street expects its profits to rise by 44.6% this year and by 26.2% next year. Analysts expect the company's five-year average annual growth rate to come in at 28%. MOMO stock also trades at a very cheap valuation, considering its growth. Based on the consensus 2018 earnings estimate of $2.56, Momo is trading at a forward price-earnings ratio of 17.5...."

79561 Postings, 8801 Tage KickyChina will jetzt eigene Währung abwerten

05.09.18 21:00
offenbar der Grund für den starken Einbruch der chinesischen Aktien, nicht nur der bluechips

"Im Handelsstreit mit den USA prüft China Insidern zufolge eine Abwertung seiner Währung Yuan. Führende Offizielle untersuchten diese Möglichkeit sowohl als Druckmittel gegen den Rivalen als auch zur Linderung der Folgen des Konflikts, berichtete die Nachrichtenagentur Bloomberg am Montag mit Verweis auf mit der Sache vertraute Personen.
Chinas Zentralbank wollte die Aussagen zunächst nicht kommentieren.
Der Yuan gab am  Devisenmarkt nach und fiel auf den niedrigsten Stand seit zwei Wochen...."  

5600 Postings, 2218 Tage KörnigIch finde Momo hält sich noch wirklich gut.

06.09.18 14:37
Hat bestimmt auch mit dem fantastischen Quatalszahlen zu tun.  

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