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9942 Postings, 5333 Tage lars_3Banken & Finanzen in unserer Weltzone

16.02.15 09:58
In diesem Thread möchte ich viele Informationen zu unseren Finanz- und Banksystem liefern und diskutieren.  Meinungen möchte ich von allen Seiten beleuchten.

Dauerpost (Spam) sind in diesem Forum unerwünscht und werden auch von mir geahndet.
Persönliche Angriffe ebenfalls.

Bitte diskutiert anhand von Fakten.

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4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawZinserhöhungen treffen die Wirtschaft

23.05.23 15:43
"Wir werden Zwangsversteigerungen von Häusern sehen"
Die Zinserhöhungen treffen die Wirtschaft mit Verzögerung, warnt der New Yorker Hedgefondsmanager Alexander Roepers.  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawBlackrock Investment Playbook 2023 (cont.)

23.05.23 16:48

Pricing in the damage: Recession is foretold as central banks try to bring inflation back down to policy targets. It’s the opposite of past recessions: Rate cuts are not on the way to help support risk assets, in our view. That’s why the old playbook of simply “buying the dip” doesn’t apply in this regime of sharper trade-offs and greater macro volatility. The new playbook calls for a continuous reassessment of how much of the economic damage being generated by central banks is in the price. The ultimate economic damage depends on how far central banks go to get inflation down. The Federal Reserve signaled a pause after hiking rates in May. But it also reiterated that persistent inflation means no rate cuts this year. We see the European Central Bank going full steam ahead with rate hikes to get inflation to target – regardless of
the damage that entails.  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawUSA Zahlungsunfähigkeit

23.05.23 19:19
Weißes Haus warnt, dass die Aktienkurse um 45 Prozent einbrechen werden, sollten die USA zahlungsunfähig werden

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawDebacle on the Inflation Front

23.05.23 20:35

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawHear no EVE, see no EVE

23.05.23 21:39
The Fed chastised SVB for poor rate-risk monitoring, but most US banks’ disclosures remain focused on earnings alone
Western Alliance’s rate-risk gauge breaches internal guidance EVE depletion for 100bp and 200bp hike scenarios highest disclosed by any US regional bank  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawSEC Filing Form PF

23.05.23 22:34
US SEC Announces Significant Amendments to Form PF

The new reporting requirements are important because the SEC and the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) use data from Form PF to facilitate assessments of US systemic risk presented by the private fund industry. The new information required to be reported on Form PF is intended to enhance the SEC's and FSOC's ability to monitor systemic risk and could potentially impact FSOC's process for designation of systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs).  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawJPMorgan-CEO Jamie Dimon warnt

24.05.23 14:02
JPMorgan-CEO Jamie Dimon warnt vor dramatischem Zinsanstieg: Auf der JPMorgan-Aktionärsversammlung warnte CEO Jamie Dimon, dass jeder auf höhere Zinssätze vorbereitet sein müsse. Die Kreditvergabe einiger US-Banken verknappe sich bereits.
JPMorgan says stocks will fall: JPMorgan is telling its clients to add to cash and gold positions at the expense of equities and bonds.  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawThe Cost of Free Money

24.05.23 17:47
Delinquencies in Subprime Auto-Loan-Backed Securities Have Second-Worst April Ever, Behind only Lockdown April  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawClient margin for swaps hit all-time high

24.05.23 17:54
Client margin for swaps hit all-time high: Required client margin held by US futures commission merchants (FCMs) for swaps trades hit $158 billion, the most since records began in 2002.  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLaw#3391 Margin Call

24.05.23 17:56
"Be first, be smarter or cheat"
Am Wochende ist es dann soweit: Der große Crash - Margin Call,sendung80244.html

„Kriegsraum“ im Büro eingerichtet: JPMorgan-CEO warnt vor einer Katastrophe an den Finanzmärkten

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawWir schreiben Rekorde

24.05.23 18:07
Peak Margin Breaches: For each clearinghouse in this visualization, the amount shown represents the peak exposure in each clearing service over the previous 12 months


4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawSchweden-Immobilienkrise verschärft sich

24.05.23 22:40
Schweden-Immobilienkrise verschärft sich: Schweden ist von der Krise am europäischen Immobilienmarkt am Härtesten getroffen, vor allem wegen den dort vorherrschenden flexiblen Zinssätzen für langfristige Finanzierungen.
The Face of Sweden’s Property Bust Fights for $13 Billion Empire

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawWorld's Largest Real Estate Market Collapse

25.05.23 16:08
World's Largest Real Estate Market On The Brink Of Collapse: Experts

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawRecession: Economic Output Composite Index vs. LEI

25.05.23 19:05
The Economic Output Composite Index and LEI signaling a US recession  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLaw#3393 Wir schreiben Rekorde

25.05.23 21:15

=> BCBS-CPMI-IOSCO Review of margining practices

On 24 May 2023, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the Bank for International Settlements’ Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) published a joint  report on margin dynamics in centrally cleared commodities markets

P.S.: Grüße an Uniper  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawNo Commercial Real Estate Bailouts

25.05.23 21:56

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawBank Bailout Facility Usage Hits New Record High

26.05.23 15:09
Bank Bailout Facility Usage Hits New Record High As Money-Market Fund Inflows Soared Again Last Week  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawVerzockt: Vom Betongold zum Schuldenberg

26.05.23 17:16
Verzockt: Vom Betongold zum Schuldenberg – Immobiliencrash wird wahrscheinlicher  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawUS Credit Rating Cut by Fitch Possible

26.05.23 18:36
US Credit Rating Cut by Fitch Possible Even With a Debt Deal, TD Says  

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawUS credit rating downgraded

26.05.23 20:46
US debt-ceiling: Chinese agency first to downgrade US credit rating, after Fitch warning
Chinese Rating Agency Downgrades US To AA+ Citing High Inflation, Debt Ceiling: “Deterioration in fiscal strength and frequent breaches of the debt ceiling continue to erode the credit base of the US dollar,” it added


4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawCore PCE Price Index Re-Accelerates

26.05.23 21:55
Fed’s Favored Core PCE Price Index Re-Accelerates, Driven by Services, Motor Vehicles: Inflation Stuck on High, Shifts from Item to Item: The inflation index favored by the Fed, the core PCE price index – which, by excluding the food and energy products, is a measure of underlying inflation – re-accelerated

4646 Postings, 277 Tage JohnLawFitch Places US on Rating Watch Negative

26.05.23 22:12
The cash balance of the Treasury reached USD76.5 billion as of May 23 and sizeable payments are due June 1-2, meaning that the x-date could arrive  

859547 Postings, 3254 Tage youmake222Deal bei Verhandlungen in US-Schuldenstreit

30.05.23 00:55
US-Präsident Joe Biden und der republikanische Vorsitzende des Repräsentantenhauses, Kevin McCarthy, haben ihren Kompromiss für einen Gesetzesentwurf zur Abwendung der Zahlungsunfähigkeit der Vereinigten Staaten besiegelt. 29.05.2023

859547 Postings, 3254 Tage youmake222Darum geben die Ölpreise nun nach

30.05.23 00:59

859547 Postings, 3254 Tage youmake222US-Justizministerium geht gegen illegale Geschäfte

30.05.23 00:59
US-Justizministerium geht gegen illegale Geschäfte von Krypto-Börsen vor

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