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1069 Postings, 5659 Tage Hummel69Merger und damit neu zu bewerten

28.12.09 10:57
fange mit dem Alert vom Nr. 1 Board auf I-Hub an - $heff

Alert (10/27/09) on MMUH.PK (.032) in the growing e-cigarette industry. MMUH has an opportunity to become a big winner in 2010 since it is all about 1st mover advantage in any space! The article below discusses the threat that the electronic cigarette industry poses to the tobacco industry as well as the obtacles & opportunities. The rest of the post focuses on the evolution of the e-cigarette & the business filings of MMUH.PK.

“Big Tobacco Beware, the Next Big Story Stock Could Involve E-Cigarettes”

From an investment perspective, this is the kind of “disruptive technology” which has changed the face of industry and created fortunes for early investors. Just think of a product, if successful, reaches just 10% of the 500 million+ smokers around the world. That’s the kind of potential we’re looking at here.
Best of all there is one publicly traded company leading the way in the e-cigarette revolution. More on that in moment. First, there’s a big back story here with a lot of pitfalls. It’s a complicated situation with politics set to play a big role in the near future.
In the end, this is the perfect situation of how a new technology could revolutionize an entire industry.


The established firms are going to pull what strings they can to prevent competition, but they’ll only be able to hold out so long. People want to quit smoking and in countries where e-cigarettes have been outlawed (e.g. Canada) that hasn’t stopped folks from buying them. Change will likely come regardless of the regulation. The regulators just determine who the winners will be and determine when change will be “approved”.
The opportunity in e-cigarettes is astounding (although, I’m holding off a bit to see how the politics plays out a bit further) opportunity to invest in a new cost-saving technology which is sure to be in very high demand.
It’s the perfect example of how change brings great opportunity. At the Prosperity Dispatch we’ve been focusing on emerging technologies like this for a while. Everything from stem cells to human genome applications to viable alternative energy technologies and everything else which have years and years of growth ahead of them as they change the entire landscape of their industries. Now we can add e-cigarettes to the list of “disruptive technologies” to keep an eye on.
Good investing.
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712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080600 % in Berlin

19.01.11 08:57
in Frankfurt noch zu 0,001 !  

6229 Postings, 5054 Tage mo1esmuss

19.01.11 12:44

ich mal schauen wollte doch welche in Frankfurt haben . Keine bekommen.

In Berlin Null Umsatz aber Kurs auf 0,007

Blicke ich nicht durch


712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080@ Mo1es

19.01.11 12:50
Hab auch keine bekommen... Warum weiß ich nicht. Derzeit kein handel... Versuche es später nochmal  

6229 Postings, 5054 Tage mo1esHAb

19.01.11 12:52

meine Order gestrichen. Ist mir alles zu blöde.

Finde es aber auch schade. Sind mir aber die Hunnis zu schade

Stehn nicht mal im BID meine 100 000 Stück.

Und in BErlin Plus 600 % und Null Umsatz.

Aber nur meine eigene Meinun


712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080So gegen 16.00 Uhr

19.01.11 12:53
dann müsste es klappen :-)  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080mo1es

19.01.11 13:50
musst Geduld haben. Bis die aktualisiert werden kann immer etwas dauern.  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Was ist da in Berlin los

19.01.11 17:19
??? Irgendwie funzt keine Order und aktualisiert wird auch nichts ! Schlafen die ?  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Nicht ausgeführt

19.01.11 21:01
Versteh das nicht . Order den ganzen Tag drin und nichts passiert. Und in Berlin steht mer noch die 600???? Kann mich einer aufklaeren ?  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080600 %

20.01.11 07:10
Yes .... die 600 % sind im Depot bestätigt ! weiter soooo !!  

344 Postings, 5503 Tage goldbergseeNasdaq bekommst du die Aktie um 0,00007 EUROCENT

20.01.11 10:03
Aktienkurs 0,0001 USD  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Alles

20.01.11 10:15

50 Postings, 4976 Tage Geordie83Anstieg

20.01.11 10:25
zu erwarten?  

344 Postings, 5503 Tage goldbergseeNochmals

20.01.11 10:32
100.000 Stk kosten in Amerika 7Euro oder 10 Dollar  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Wenn die so günstig ist

20.01.11 10:39
Warum kauft ihr dann nicht fleisig ein ?  

344 Postings, 5503 Tage goldbergseeWer kauft teuer in Deutschland

20.01.11 10:47
0,0001 USD in Amerika bitte UMRECHNEN in EURO
Ordern in Amiland  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080geht leider nicht

20.01.11 10:53
muss ich mir nen anderes depot zulegen, bevor ich da ordern kann. weiss nur noch nicht welches  

50 Postings, 4976 Tage Geordie83FRA

20.01.11 10:53
750'000 Volumen  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080750 k

20.01.11 10:59
Naja so langsam kommt Bewegung rein was  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080

20.01.11 13:37
Hat schon jemand ne Mail geschickt, wann die News bringen wollen ?  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Wer es noch nicht gelesen hat

21.01.11 08:58
Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings, Inc
December 22nd 2010
Dear Current & Future Investors,
It gives me pleasure to be able to address you directly and to give you an update on the changes that have
occurred this year and pass on my forecast for the business during 2011. As Chief Executive Officer, I and my
management team took control of the company in June 2010 and have executed many changes since then.
Some have been popular, whilst others, less so. I would like to explain why I have always had the best interest of
the company and its shareholders at heart and how I intend to give real shareholder value over the coming
One of the key issues for any public company is to ensure that its operations are transparent to the
shareholders. As a micro&#8208;cap company, we have to temper that with the cost of reporting as much information
as possible to the markets, without overburdening the business in terms of management time and costs. To that
end, we set our eyes on reaching the ‘Current Information’ tier of the classifications. In order to
do this, first a company must release its financial statements to the markets and ensure that they are made
available each quarter. Second, the company must release its information & disclosure statement and, finally,
release an Attorney’s opinion that stating that the document meets certain criteria.
In November, we reached our first milestone, which was the release of our quarterly financial statement. This
was shortly followed by the release of the Information & Disclosure Statement. I do not want you to
underestimate the level of work that the management team went to in order to provide this information. As
always, these things take longer than estimated and we are now working with an attorney to provide the
required opinion. Our aim is to be at ‘Current Information’ status during the first half of Q1, 2011.
I would, at this point, like to clarify the current status of Tzufuma. In July 2010, my new management team was
appointed to Mobile Media. Simultaneously, the previous management team stepped down. Since the new
management team has been running MMUH, Tzufuma has not been a subsidiary of MMUH. The details of how
this came about are were dealt with wholly by the previous management team and I am pleased to say that
Tzufuma has not been a subsidiary business of Mobile Media at any point whilst the current management team
have been in place.
In July 2010, Mobile Media acquired a technology business, namely Enable Software Ltd (EnableTS). The
business is now a wholly owned subsidiary of MMUH. I was a founding member of Enable Software Ltd in 2008,
as were other members of the team and we subsequently sold the business in 2009. Enable was not receiving
the funding support it required previously and so the decision was made by Mobile Media to acquire it. The
management team has committed to fully executing the potential of EnableTS to the benefit of our shareholders
and we are seeing evidence, by growing numbers of partners and increased revenues, that this is already
EnableTS is an innovator in email technologies and had some substantial early success in 2008 with a technology
company in Asia. EnableTS has a number of technologies that it is already bringing to market and is already
generating revenues from many of those technology areas. EnableTS is continuing to produce technology that
provides massive value to the business.
Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings, Inc
In December 2010, we announced an exciting new Online Storage product to compete with the Microsoft,
Dropbox and Google storage solutions. Again, the business plans calls for the sales execution to be in
combination with our global network of partners. We have already received a staggering amount of interest,
including from a large household name telecoms company who are at an early stage of conversations about
acquiring the technology. Details of this will be released throughout 2011, but it is an element of the business
that we are very excited about and one which will bring a significant user base to the company.
The current cap structure of MMUH is
Authorized 5,000,000,000
Issued 4,047,390,046
Free Trading Float 2,347,390,046
Restricted Shares of the Officers 1,700,000,000
We are currently focusing all efforts on increasing the value of the share price, for shareholders. The price is
regrettably low currently, although we are seeing increasing Market Maker bids and the price is rising above the
0.0001 stage regularly.
It is time, we believe, to take a significant step in the Cap Structure and both reduce the Authorized Share
Capital and ask each of the officers to return their portion of the 1,700,000,000 Common Stock holding to the
treasury. We aim to show the shareholder base that we are serious about adding value and, whilst we all accept
that some considered finance needs to be raised over the coming quarter, serious dilution is not the answer. The
details of this will be announced over the coming weeks.
MMUH, through our subsidiary EnableTS has an aggressive business plan over the next 2 years, which will
ultimately turn the company in to a profitable business. Part of this business plan calls for the raising of capital
through the sale of shares. It is important to us that we do not release too many shares into the market place,
and that the issuance of shares is controlled, thus not affecting the share price.
I believe that, once we increase our status on PinkSheets to “Current Information” the shareholder base will see
the value of the business and feel comfortable in the direction that I am driving it. I believe that the share price
will reflect that change. A stronger share price, means the ability to raise the required capital to execute the
business plan, without diluting the share price significantly. The amount of capital needed over the next 12&#8208;18
months is not substantial, but will ensure the business plan is executed effectively.
I would like to touch on our decision to rename Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings Inc. to EnableTS (US) Inc. and
Enable Software Ltd to EnableTS (Ireland) Ltd. We feel this is an important step in the brand awareness of the
company. Although we have been doing business as EnableTS up until now, the corporations’ names have been
misaligned. We feel that the rename is an important step in creating a relationship between our trading brand,
and our business on the OTC markets. The change will not affect any existing shareholders, other than through
increased brand recognition of the stock.
I thank you for your time and your support during 2010, and would like to wish all of our shareholders a
pleasant holiday season, and we look forward to serving you into 2011.
Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings, Inc
This release contains "forward&#8208;looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of
1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forwardlooking
statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform
Act of 1995. You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that
could cause future circumstances, events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forwardlooking
statements as a result of various factors and other risks. You should consider these factors in evaluating
the forward&#8208;looking statements included herein, and not place under reliance on such statements. The forwardlooking
statements in this release are made as of the date hereof and Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings and
Enable Software take no obligation to update such statements.
Investor Relations: (407) 745 1604  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Schöne Umsätze heute übern Teich

21.01.11 18:33
Mal gucken wo wir dann Montag stehen !??  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080tote Hose....

03.02.11 10:56

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Ohhh

03.02.11 12:44
Miniorder in Berlin.... ha ha ich hau mich weg  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Hier kommt Bewegung rein

09.02.11 23:08
Größere Order bis jetzt  

712 Postings, 4803 Tage Monchi1080Wann kommt es hier mal wieder zum Zock ???

17.02.11 12:14

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