Vtech Holdings...eine Perle mit grosser Rendite

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7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876Vtech Holdings...eine Perle mit grosser Rendite

25.02.08 11:37
Was soll man nur sagen, Vtech (www.vtech.com) ist eine Perle die im Augenblick vernachlässigt wird (Allzeithoch 82 HKD, heute nur noch 36 HKG), und das bei hervorragenden Zahlen und sehr wenige Schulden. Mit einem P/E von 5,45 une einer Rendite von 11,47% (?!) sollte man einsteigen. Man bekommt jedes Jahr viel Geld ausbezahlt (viel mehr als auf einem Sparkonto) und die Prognosen sind wieder gut, wenn auch nicht mehr so spektakulär wie bisher. Die Hong Kong Firma wird sehr gut geführt und ist in einem aussichtsreichen Segment tätig (Learning Computer games...) tätig. Schauen sie sich die Zahlen und das Katalog mit Neuigkeiten mal an, bei Vtech.com oder Irasia.com (HK code:303). Zielkurs, ohne Problem mittelfristig 50 HKD. Die Firma ist klar unterbewärtet.
Vtech ist weltweit verbreitet und hat fast keine seriöse Konkurrenz bei "electronic games" für Kinder bis 9 Jahre.  

7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876Vtech Holdings Product line 2008

25.02.08 16:08
New electronic learning toys enrich child development through interactive play
CHICAGO – (February 14, 2008) VTech®, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products category,today revealed its 2008 product line – a mix of high-tech learning toys that go head-to-head with today’s hottest technologies, providing young children with age-appropriate versions of must-have gadgets and gaming systems. The most talked about toys this year include the motion-activated V-Motion™ gaming system, the KidiCreative™ line of high-tech creative fun, and the all-new V.Smile™ Cyber Pocket for onthe- go educational gaming. These products, along with the rest of VTech’s new product lineup – including its Web-connected Grade School line and new social site planetvtech.com – will be seen for
the first time at the American International Toy Fair 2008 (Feb. 18-19) in New York City.
“VTech continues to lead the toy industry with new, innovative products that encourage active minds through educational play,” said Julia Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing, VTech. “This year, VTech has created a variety of products and online resources that combine the best features of big-kid technologies, allowing kids to personalize, create and share through high-tech, interactive play.”
V-Motion: Wireless Motion-Activated Play Keeps Active Minds in Motion
A big breakthrough for junior gamers, V-Motion takes educational video gaming
to a whole new level with a motion-activated gaming system that engages both
active minds and bodies. V-Motion plugs directly into the TV to provide kids with
a high-tech gaming experience using thrilling, age-appropriate learning games
and a motion-activated, intuitive wireless controller. Each Smartridge™ game
encourages active gaming while giving kids’ minds a workout, too, as they learn
basic math, reading, science, spelling and more.
In addition to the action-packed Smartridge game play, the V-Motion includes the
V.Link™ (USB drive) that connects kids to VTech’s secure online site to unlock bonus games and track their scores against other gamers. V-Motion will launch with eight Smartridges and is compatible with the entire existing V.Smile Smartridge library. New titles will include Kung Fu Panda, WALL*E, and classic friends such as Thomas & Friends, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora the Explorer. V-Motion will be available fall 2008 for an estimated retail price of US$69.99. V-Motion Smartridges will be available for an estimated retail price of US$24.99 each. Ages: 4-7.
VTech Toy Fair 2008/Page 2 KidiCreative: High-Tech Meets Creative Fun
VTech’s new KidiCreative line introduces high-tech creative fun for kids through hands-on electronic play. It’s a cool new way to learn music or explore art and photography. This new line of products builds on the fun that kids and parents found in 2007’s award-winning Kidizoom Camera™. Included in the line are the all-new KidiArt Studio™, KidiJamz Studio™, KidiDoodle™ and the upgraded Kidizoom Camera.
The KidiArt Studio interactive art console is a perfect “junior Photoshop,” that
allows kids to create, edit and display their work on the TV. Its built-in digital
camera, gives them the freedom to capture images of family, friends, their own
art work, and even create stop motion animations. The studio also includes an
endless variety of activities, from basic drawing and art lessons, to photo stamps,
frames and wacky effects that kids can use to personalize their images. To send,
save, share or print, the KidiArt Studio connects to a PC, where custom e-cards
can also be created and sent directly to friends! KidiArt Studio will be available
fall 2008 for an estimated retail price of US$79.99. Ages: 4 and up.
With the KidiJamz Studio, kiddy rock stars will mix up their own tunes with the interactive music station. Children can record their own voice and play it back on a detachable music player, and then add music elements choosing from ten different musical instruments, five music stylings and more. KidiJamz Studio will be available fall 2008 for an estimated retail price of US$59.99. Ages: 4 and up. An interactive drawing pad, KidiDoodle is sold in packs of two so kids can team up or play head- tohead
games. The touch-sensitive drawing pad and stylus pen make drawing high-tech, along with an LCD display screen and IR communication ability. Creations can be sent to a friend for a new level of interactive play. KidiDoodle will be available fall 2008 for an estimated retail price of US$29.99. Ages: 4 and up. Kidizoom Camera now features a large, high-resolution 1.8” color screen for photo and movie viewing, and snaps 1.3 interpolated megapixel photos at a resolution of 640 x 480. Kidizoom Camera stores 200
photos or five minutes of digital video with its 16MB built-in memory. Available in blue and pink, Kidizoom Camera will be available fall 2008 for an estimated retail price of US$59.99. Ages: 3 and up. V.Smile Cyber Pocket: A New Level of Fun for On-The-Go Gaming
The V.Smile Cyber Pocket is a great way for young kids to get their game on and tap into online gameplay. The V.Smile Cyber Pocket features anew compact, flip-up, high-resolution screen and touchable writing pad for fun, wireless video gaming on the go or at home. Kids can connect the handheld to the TV to play on the big screen, and then disconnect without disrupting their game. Kids can extend their play with the VTech V.Link
(USB drive) online connection to unlock bonus play and track their scores.
V.Smile Cyber Pocket is compatible with the current V.Smile Smartridge
library and new licensed titles, including Kung Fu Panda and WALL*E.
V.Smile Cyber Pocket will be available fall 2008 for an estimated retail
price of US$69.99 – an affordable option parents will love. Ages: 5 and up.
Planetvtech.com: A Safe Online World VTech’s new line of Web-connected Grade School Learning products takes educational toys to a new level of fun. The Grade School laptops and handhelds connect to the Internet via USB to access a new, safe web site – planetvtech.com. Planetvtech.com is an online virtual world designed for kids ages 5 and up, where they can play, learn and hang out! This exciting online community allows kids to play games where they earn points that can be redeemed for great rewards, and the content is constantly refreshed for never-ending fun. Kids will also enjoy interacting with fellow planetvtech.com members and parents will appreciate the safe,
contained content. VTech Toy Fair 2008/Page 3 Additionally, planetvtech.com features three special areas where kids can take a test run of the newest products from VTech. Each Grade School Learning product comes with a free one-year membership to
this “Mom Approved” site.
# # #
VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) Category and the award-winning V.Smile TV Learning System, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning toys. Since 1976, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children’s development, from birth to preteen, through fun and smart play.
VTech Electronics North America, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Ill. VTech Electronics Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong with distribution throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information on VTech’s additional product lines, visit www.vtechkids.com.  

7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876Vtech Holdings weiterhin mit "buy" eingestuft

18.03.08 13:21
(HK Invest - March 18th,2008) Die Vtech Aktie ist mit einem KGV von 4,69 und einer Rendite von stolze 13,32% sehr attraktiv bewertet. Wir stufen die Aktie von Vtech unverändert mit "buy" ein, und bestätigen ein Zielkurs von 50 HKD. Der CEO Allan Wong Chi Yun hat die mittelfristige Gewinnplanung bekräftigt. Zu den positiven Aspekten gehöre auch eine ausgewogene internationale Ausrichtung. Mit einer Bruttoumsatzrendite von 50 Prozent sei VTech der profitabelste Softwareplay im Branchenvergleich.

Rating: kaufen
Code: 303 (HK)
Internet: www.vtech.com
KGV (18/3/08): 4,69
Kursziel: 50 HKD  

7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876Vtech Holdings + 22 % seit unserem 'Buy' Rating

02.05.08 10:38
(HK Invest - May 2nd, 2008) Die Aktie von Vtech Holdings (HK code 303) ist von 36 HKD auf 44 HKD seit dem 25. Februar gestiegen (+ 22%). Trotzdem ist die Aktie der Hong-Kong Firma keinesfalls teuer (P/E 6,81, Rendite 9,17 %). Zielkurs weiterhin unverändert 50 HKD.

Rating: kaufen
Code: 303 (HK)
Internet: www.vtech.com oder vtech.de
KGV (2/5/08): 6,81
Kursziel: 50 HKD
HK Stocks marketwatch: www.finet.hk/mainsite/index.htm

7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876Zielkurs 50 HKD wurde erreicht

18.06.08 11:03
Am 25ten Februar haben wir die VTECH HOLDINGS Aktie zum Kauf empfohlen (damaliger Kurs 36 HKD). Am 18ten Juni wurde die 50 HKD Marke im Trading erreicht (± 40% seit unserem Kaufangebot). Wir empfehlen die Aktie bei Kurskorrekturen (± 40 bis 45 HKD) zu kaufen. Mit einem KGV von 7,48 und einer Rendite von 8,36% ist die Aktie nicht zu teuer.  

7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876VTech FY2008 Annual Results

10.07.08 14:08
VTech Announces FY2008 Annual Results
Record revenue and profit despite difficult economic conditions
• Record revenue and profit
• Group revenue increased by 6.0% to US$1,552.0 million
• Profit attributable to shareholders rose by 17.9% to US$215.7 million
• Net profit margin expanded 1.4% points to 13.9%
• Net cash topped US$285.4 million
• Final dividend of US51.0 cents per share, total dividend per share for the year (exclude a special dividend of US30.0 cents per share in the financial year 2007) up 26.0%
Mehr auf www.vtech.com  

7 Postings, 6085 Tage bull876Vtech Aktien und Spiele als Weihnachtsgeschenk

21.10.08 12:33
Mit einem KGV von 3,71 und einer Rendite von 18.97% ist Vtech sehr günstig. Mittelfristig kann man mit Kurse um die 40 HKD rechnen (Heute nur 25,90 HKD). Die Hong-Kong Firma hat die Aktionäre nie im Stich gelassen und man kann mit einer sehr hohen Rendite rechnen. Wir stufen die Aktie ganz klar mit "buy" ein.  

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