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79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyChinesische Autoaktien sind interessant

13.10.03 21:15
Der Ansturm auf chinesische Autoaktien halt unvermindert an. Ganz vor stehen dabei die Shares von Brilliance China Auto (1114 / US10949Q1058). Die Querelen um Yang Rong sowie die Aktienplatzierungen scheinen vorbei und das BMW – JV steht im Vordergrund. Wie BCA mitteilt, werden die vom Band laufenden BMWs ca. 40 % unter dem Preis der importierten Fahrzeuge liegen. Ausgegangen war man von einem Preisabschlag zwischen 15 und 30 %.
Die Anleger Honorieren es mit weiteren Aktieneinkäufen und heben den Wert bei + 7,1 % auf 3,375 HK-$ hoch. Mit 3,425 HK-$ wurde zuvor ein neues 52 Wochen Hoch erreicht.

Auch Denway Motors profitiert von dem Interesse an Autoaktien und steigt um 2,6 % auf 5,95 HK-$. Im Vormittagshandel wurde mit 6,00 HK-$ ein neues 52 Wochen Hoch geschafft. Damit performte sie seit Anfang Mai um 140 %.
Qingling Motors kann mit 3,8 % auf 1,40 HK-$ ebenfalls kräftig zulegen.

und direkt aus Hongkong heute:
[Dow Jones] China auto shares going from strength to strength; Denway Motors (0203) +6.0% at HK$6.15, Brilliance China Auto (1114) +7.1% at HK$3.375, both record highs; truck producer Qingling Motors (1122) up 7.5% at HK$1.43; all 3 among top 20 most heavily traded stocks. Short-term profit-taking may set in soon given stocks grossly overbought; Denway +31% month-to-date, BCA +30%, Qingling +19%. BCA rising today despite reports company to price BMW cars cheaper than previously suggested.(RLI)

und dann noch ne IPO von einer chinesischen Helicopterfirma
(HONG KONG)--China's largest minicar maker, AviChina Industry & Technology Co., is expected to raise up to HK$1.93 billion from a share offer priced between 95 HK cents and HK$1.21 per share, a person familiar with the deal said Monday.

The indicative price range represents 9.5 times to 12.1 times expected 2003 earnings per share on a fully-diluted basis.

The listing would rank the company, also China's sole helicopter maker, as the fifth largest initial public offering in Hong Kong so far this year, behind Weiqiao Textile Co. (Q.WQT) which raised HK$2.44 billion last month.

leider funktionieren viele der Infoquellen nicht mehr so früher ohne Bezahlung oder sind  zeitweilig völlig überlastet  
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79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyAvichina -interessante IPO ,EADS erwirbt 5%

20.10.03 20:31
Hersteller von Hubschraubern und Minicars,alle News von heute                          

Infocast News) AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited (2357) (AviChina) is preparing for its listing on the Main Board. The company announced the details of its IPO today:

Shares for offer: 1.5998 billion H shares (91% new shares and 9% existing shares), of which 90% will be placed and 10% offered to the public

Offer price: $0.95-1.21 per share

Proceeds: $1.383-1.762 billion

Use of proceeds: $568 million for expansion of production capacities of vehicles and engines; $284 million for improvement and upgrading helicopters; $194 million for developing advanced trainers, modification and upgrading of trainers and general-purpose aircraft; $194 million for establishment of new research development centre for vehicles and aviation products; $194 million for regional jets development; $60 million for use as general working capital.

Prospective Earnings: Net profit (excluding one-time items) for 2003 no less than RMB450 million

Prospective P/E ratio: 10.2-13.0x

Infocast News) AviChina (2357) Deputy Chief Executive Officer Li Yao says that the company is expected to increase the weighting of aeronautics businees from the current 12% to 30%. Presently mini-sized vehicles business accounts for 82% of the company's turnover, with a gross profit margin of 20%. Li stresses that with the consistent development of mini-sized vehicles the gross profit margin is projected to surge past the 20% level.

Li adds that upon reorganisation of the company a provision of RMB614 million has to be made for the pension of employees. At the same time, the company has reached an agreement with its parent company China Aviation Industry Corporation II pursuant to which in case of an inadequacy in pension the standing amount will be borne by the parent company and the company will have no more responsibility.

On the other hand, Li reiterates that the proposed 30-40 dividend payout ratio after listing is considerably high and should make the company attractive to a certain extent.

The company plans to issue about 1.6 billion H shares at $0.95-1.21 per share to raise as much as $1.93 billion.

Infocast News) European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) has acquired shares in AviChina Industry & Technology (2357) that will represent 5% of the enlarged issued share capital of AviChina after its listing. Pierre Barroux, the chief representative of EADS to China and Hong Kong, said that EADS has no intention to increase its equity interest in AviChina.

Barroux said that EADS' acquisition of shares in AviChina, with which EADS has been cooperating for years, will be mutually advantageous.

Infocast News) European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) announces that it will subscribe for 5% of the issued shares of AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited (AviChina) (2357). The investment will amount to as much as EUR30 million ($271 million), depending on the final pricing of the shares.

EADS says that the two parties will cooperate in the development, manufacturing and upgrade of aviation products.

Avichina muss man dann hier suchen  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage Kickywas man wissen sollte zu Brilliance +Qingling

21.10.03 12:31
Brilliance China WKN1114 in HK :die 5 Direktoren haben fast völlig ihre shares verkauft,scheint der Markt aber gut verdaut zu haben
06 Oct 2003 09:46 Market News

(Infocast News) Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited (1114) announced the disposal of 113.64 million shares at a price of $2.65 last Thursday through Citigroup Smith Barney by certain directors of the company including Chairman Wu Xiaoan.

The sale shares represent 3.1% of the issued share capital of the company and $301 million was realised in the placing. The sale price represents a 1.49% discount to the closing price before trading was suspended.

The company resumes trading in the shares today.

The announcement noted that the five directors involved in the placing will use part of the funds from the sale of their sale shares to acquire shares pursuant to one or more exercises of the call options. They have each undertaken to
Citigroup that, during the period beginning on October 2 and ending 6 months after such date, each of them will not sell or otherwise dispose of any shares which are held October 2 or any shares that may be acquired upon the exercise of the call options which are held by him or for his benefit, without Citigroup's prior written consent.

The company stated that it does not have any present intention of placing shares in the near future nor does it expect any change in the composition of its board of directors to result from the disposal of the sale shares by the selling directors. There is also no person who will become a substantial shareholder of the company solely as a result of the completion of the disposal of the sale shares.

The five directors involved in the sale are Wu Xiaoan, He Tao, Hong Xing, Su Qiang, and Yang Maozeng, who altogether hold 129 million shares or 3.518% of the company's issued share capital. Upon completion of the sale their shareholding will fall to 15.345 million shares or 0.419% of the issued share capital. The shares to be acquired through the exercise of call options will be 358.452 million shares among which 346.3 million have a exercising price of $0.95 and that for the remaining 12.152 million shares being $1.896.

Qingling WKN 1122 in HK:S&P warnte im Juli
(Infocast News) Standard & Poor's Equity Research (S&P) is initiating coverage of Qingling Motor (1122) with an Avoid recommendation and a target price of $1. The stock once hit at $1.24, but now it reversed down to $1.22, down by 0.8%.

Despite a dividend yield of 3.9% and substantial cash per share of $0.52, S&P believes there is insufficient incentive to own Qingling given the risk of earnings disappointment as its strategy to turnaround its sliding market share remains unconvincing.

In S&P's view, the market appears to be pricing in a recovery in the company's operations. Despite the market consensus calling for a turnaround, the sales momentum of the company has slowed significantly since the initial first-quarter spurt. Increased marketing and promotions will continue to erode profit margins. More importantly, Qingling's reluctance to match price cuts by competitors and its dependence on imported components will curtail its ability to boost the sales volumes and regain the market share.

S&P opined that Qingling needs to focus on reducing costs and developing new models.

und der letzte Report war auch nicht berauschend,keine Dividende mehr
22 Aug 2003 14:10 Main Board Listing News
Qingling Motors Co. Limited announced on 22/08/2003:                            
(stock code: 01122 )                                                            
Year end date: 31/12/2003                                                      
Currency: RMB                                                                  
Auditors' Report: N/A                                                          
Review of Interim Report by: Auditors                                          
                                                       (Unaudited )            
                                    (Unaudited )       Last                    
                                    Current            Corresponding          
                                    Period             Period                  
                                    from 01/01/2003    from 01/01/2002        
                                    to 30/06/2003      to 30/06/2002          
                              Note  ('000      )       ('000      )            
Turnover                           : 1,717,112          1,475,696              
Profit/(Loss) from Operations      : 102,755            124,511                
Finance cost                       : (21,984)           (54,986)                
Share of Profit/(Loss) of                                                      
 Associates                       : N/A                N/A                    
Share of Profit/(Loss) of                                                      
 Jointly Controlled Entities      : N/A                N/A                    
Profit/(Loss) after Tax & MI       : 68,334             59,417                  
% Change over Last Period          : +15       %                                
EPS/(LPS)-Basic (in dollars)       : 0.0275             0.0245                  
        -Diluted (in dollars)     : N/A                0.0244                  
Extraordinary (ETD) Gain/(Loss)    : N/A                N/A                    
Profit/(Loss) after ETD Items      : 68,334             59,417                  
Interim Dividend                   : NIL                NIL                    
 per Share                                                                    
(Specify if with other             : N/A                N/A                    
B/C Dates for                                                                  
 Interim Dividend                 : N/A                                        
Payable Date                       : N/A                                        
B/C Dates for (-)                                                              
 General Meeting                  : N/A                                        
Other Distribution for             : N/A                                        
 Current Period                                                                
B/C Dates for Other                                                            
 Distribution                     : N/A                                        
EARNINGS PER SHARE                                                              
The calculation of the basic and diluted earnings per share for the period      
ended 30th June, 2003 is based on the following data:                          
                                       1.1.2003        1.1.2002                
                                       to              to                      
                                       30.6.2003       30.6.2002              
                                       RMB'000         RMB'000                
Net profit for the period and earnings for the purpose of                      
 basic earnings per share              68,334          59,417                  
Effect of dilutive potential shares:                                            
 3.5% convertible bonds due in 2002    N/A             1,175                  
Earnings for the purpose of diluted earnings per share                          
                                       N/A             60,592                  
                                       Number of shares                        
                                       30.6.2003       30.6.2002              
                                       '000            '000                    
Weighted average number of shares for the purpose                              
  of basic earnings per share          2,482,268       2,429,455              
Effect of dilutive potential shares:                                            
  3.5% convertible bonds due in 2002   N/A             26,869                  
  Option granted to Qingling Group,                                            
    the Company's ultimate holding company                                    
                                       N/A             25,944                  
Weighted average number of shares for the purpose                              
 of diluted earnings per share         N/A             2,482,268              

Denway WKN 0203 in HK zischt los heute 10% in Hongkong!  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyChongqing Changan Automobile,Baoshan Iron & Steel

22.10.03 16:31
Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. and Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. rose on optimism increasing investment by overseas automakers in China will help bolster sales. All other benchmarks in the region fell.
Chongqing Changan, the local partner of Ford Motor Co. and Suzuki Motor Corp., rose 3.4 percent to HK$8.44. FAW Car Co. climbed 5.2 percent to 8.64 yuan. Mazda Motor Corp.'s local partner said yesterday third-quarter profit tripled to 183 million yuan ($22 million) as it sold more Mazdas.
Automakers such as General Motors Corp. say China may eclipse Japan in vehicle sales by as early as 2008. Ford said it plans to spend as much as $1.5 billion to expand its venture's annual production capacity sevenfold, Chief Executive Officer William Clay Ford Jr. said last week.
Baoshan, China's largest steelmaker by output, added 3.4 percent to 5.87 yuan.
``Investors are favoring automakers and steel shares as they expect their earnings to rise as foreign carmakers are increasing their investments in China,'' said Zhang Qi, an analyst at Haitong Securities Co. in Shanghai.


79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyChina H-Shares Indexzertifikat 695964 o. T.

22.10.03 16:33

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyCRASH ALERT China Aktien verlieren mehr als 5 %

23.10.03 12:25
CRASH ALERT China Aktien verlieren mehr als 5 %
Hong Kong 23.10.03 ( Wären da nicht die hervorragenden Gewinne der letzten Monate könnte man heute in Asien fast schon von Crashähnlichen Zuständen sprechen.

Nahezu alle H-Aktien liegen heute deutlich im Minus, wenngleich man noch nicht von signifikant günstigen Kursen sprechen sollte. Es besteht also durchaus die Möglichkeit, unsere chinesischen Lieblinge wesentlich billiger aufstocken bzw. wieder erneut ins Depot aufnehmen zu können.

Hier einmal die größten Verlierer im Überblick:


Sinopec -7 %
Petrochina -4 %
Beijing Datang -4 %
Huaneng Power - 3 %

Red Chips:

TCL - 4,2 %
Legend -4,7 % -2,9 % 23.10.03 (al)
Die Aktienkurse sind Blutrot und Gewinner nicht auszumachen. Dazu kommt noch, dass Morgen Stanley den Hongkonger Markt abgestuft hat.

Am kräftigsten nach unten geht es u.a. mit:

PCCW – 5,9 %
TCL INT'L HOLD – 5,2 %
Brillance China auch

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyDenway gesucht wegen Hoffnung auf HSI

28.10.03 21:04
1008 [Dow Jones] Denway Motors (0203) and China Merchants (0144) continue to outperform Shanghai Industrial (0363); Denway +2.3% at HK$6.70, China Merchants +2.0% at HK$10.45, Shanghai Industrial +0.3% at HK$14.80. Although HSI Services yet to announce changes to index members (usually during 2nd week of November), investors seem determined Denway and China Merchants will become blue chips while Shanghai Industrial on way out. Given shares grossly overbought, Denway and China Merchants may face profit-taking in near term.(RLI)  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyBrillance China mit Wandelanleihe

30.10.03 12:40
29 Oct 2003 09:29 Market News

(Infocast News) Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited (1114) announced the issuance of US$170 million worth of five-year (maturity at 2008) guaranteed convertible bonds, with a possible increase of the capital raised to US$200 million.

The conversion price of the bonds is $4.6 per share, representing a 37% premium over yesterday's closing price. A full conversion of the bonds will result in the issuance of 286.41 million new shares of the company, representing 7.24% of the enlarged issued share capital. In such case the shareholding of Huachen Automotive Group Holdings Company Limited, the substantial shareholder of the company, will be diluted from 39.42% to 36.57%.  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyIPO AviChina Industry & Technology +21%

30.10.03 12:42
30 Oct 2003 16:17 Market News

(Infocast News) AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited (2357)
closed today at $1.47, up $0.26 or 21.49% over the offer price of $1.21 per share.

A total of 940.04 million shares were traded between $1.33 and $1.48 on a turnover of $1.32 billion.

2927 Postings, 7523 Tage Verdampfer@ Kicky

08.11.03 16:22
Hallo Kicky,grüß Di.  :-)

Ich hab Denway Motors 886271 in meinem Depot.
Zur Zeit noch mit + 1,49%.
Kannst Du mir bitte sagen wie Du die nahe Zukunft
dieser Aktie siehst?
Wie sieht´s mit HSI Index aus?
Ich komme da an keine Infos ran.

Blöde,hätte ich doch China Yuchai Intl 893697
genommen. +66 % Seit deinem Posting am 13.10.03.

Wünsche steigende Kurse

        Gruß vom Dampfer  :-)


79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyHonda-auto bauer

09.11.03 16:40
tja mir ist nur aufgefallen,dass die etwas stagniert oder konsolidiert während Quingling letztens besser lief.Ich guck täglich bei  rein auf englisch,musst dich registrieren kostenlos mit Passwort,dann kannnste den Kurs ,den Chart,die Umsätze und News sehen.
China Yuchai ist ein unglaublicher Knüller,sind aber meines Wissens in Singapore,Eskimato hatte sie schon vor mir entdeckt  

2927 Postings, 7523 Tage VerdampferDanke

09.11.03 16:48
Danke Kicky

English is no problem.
Link wird direkt mal ausprobiert.

Eine erfolgreiche Woche wünsch ich Dir.

Gruß Dampfer  :-)  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage KickyAutobedarf geringer als angenommen ?

16.11.03 11:22
SHANGHAI, Nov 16 (AFP) - Foreign carmakers are ignoring signs that China's
vehicle market may be slowing with manufacturers failing to gain market share on
sliding sales, experts say.
   "Manufacturers have misjudged market demand," said Jia Xinguang, chief
analyst at the China National Automotive Industry Consulting and Development.
   "It is likely that growth in the next few years will slow down, given the
fact that oversupply is serious."
   John Bonnell, a partner at auto consultancy Automotive Resources Asia
echoed that sentiment.
   "Many China watchers believe the market will continue humming along until
2008, then slow down, but my gut feeling is that the market will slow down next
   Analysts are particularly worried that the size of China's middle-class is
considerably smaller than marketers' estimates, with current sales really driven
by a much smaller, wealthy urban elite.
   "Auto companies have an over-optimistic perception about China's middle
class," Jia said.
   Car sales soared 69 pct year-on-year in the first nine months to 1.454
mln units, after 55 pct growth last year. The sales, said Jia, were
"driven by a relatively lightweight group of wealthy citizens."
   Unbridled production has led to fast rising inventories, which in turn has
set off price wars, a strategy that will catch up with automakers sooner rather
than later, analysts said.
   Further, they are under the illusion that China is an indefatigable market,
and are setting unreachable sales targets, they said.
   The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers calculates that unsold
car inventories were running at 80,000 units by the end of September and the
figures are likely underestimated by 25 pct.
   "The actual number can only be higher," Jia said, possibly more than
   Despite overproduction fears, the competition remains fierce and casualties
are expected.
   Fiat may not be ready to pack its bags just yet but Italy's flagship
carmaker may become China's first foreign casualty, since Peugeot pulled out of
the market in 1997 amid flagging sales. It announced its re-entry plan in late
   "Fiat has so few models here, and unfortunately they all fall in the most
heavily over-supplied sector," Jia said.
   The embattled group, which is already struggling to return to profitability
as it overhauls operations, saw its China sales slump as its four China
subcompact brands fell to 2,579 units in September from 3,297 a year earlier.
   Fiat has said it will battle on in China, likely because without a sizeable
piece of a market predicted to be bigger than the United States in 20 years,
the company will cease to exist.
   The market's potential is keeping another looser going, France's Renault.
   Its joint venture in central Hubei province, Sanjiang Renault Automobile
Company, has the capacity to make 40,000 buses a year, but has turned out just
5,000 units since the plant opened in 1994.
   Yet in an interview on radio Europe 1, Renault's chief executive Louis
Schweitzer said the firm would be building cars in China by 2010, and would
announce its China expansion strategy in spring 2004.
   Renault, like others, is betting that China's market is only going to
continue to boom, and with China market leaders such as Germany's Volkswagen
continuing to post phenomenal growth rates, the frenzied pace of investment is
unlikely to stop.
   "Oversupply is a long-term trend, but the fact is the Chinese auto market
looks good in the future," said Huang Anle, an analyst at Beijing Tianxiang
Investment Consulting
   "International giants will continue to compete to win a piece of the pie in
this market because of its (potential) for high profitability, while business
remains depressed in other major countries' markets."
   US giants General Motors Corp and the Ford Motor Co announced last
week they had signed agreements with their joint venture partners in China to
export vehicles between now and 2006 in deals worth a combined value of 1.3
bln usd.
   Earlier, General Motors Corp also said it would expand its joint ventures
here to boost production capacity by at least 50 pct to 766,000 units a
year by the end of 2006.

2927 Postings, 7523 Tage VerdampferMal wieder was zu Denway,an richtiger Stelle

16.11.03 11:33
14 Nov 2003 15:13  Market News

(Infocast News)    Guangzhou Honda Automobile, a unit of Denway Motors (0203), sold 9,767 vehicles in October, representing an increase of 96% over the same month of the previous year, but a decrease of 21.75% compared to September this year. From January to October this year, Guangzhou Honda sold a total of 90,948 vehicles.

Guangzhou Honda made 10,571 vehicles in October (an increase of 10.23x over the same month of the previous year) and 92,230 vehicles in the first ten months of this year.

Nur mal so :-)  

314 Postings, 8352 Tage der pateKicky damit Du dir Arbeit ersparst und Dich

16.11.03 13:41
nich immer wichtig machen musst, mit Aktien die Du nur vom ansehen kennst.  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage Kickydie haben das nur von!

16.11.03 18:51

20520 Postings, 8543 Tage Stox Dudenee echt

11.12.03 21:44
komisch, als ich China Brilliance bei $22 und Denway bei HK 1,80-2,50
vor mehreren Monaten ans Herz legte, war keiner interessiert.

Tja, so isses halt ;-)

Im uebrigen sollte man CNOOC so langsam verkaufen!
Nur so am Rande

Stox Dude


2927 Postings, 7523 Tage VerdampferDer DENWAY Chart gefällt mir :-) Seht selbst.

09.02.04 15:49
Hallo Stox Dude

Keiner interessiert sich für unsere chinesischen
Autobastler :-(
Weiß Du wiso die Denways in den letzten Tagen
solche Schwierigkeiten hatten ? (Charttechnisch gesehen)
Heute geht´s aber wieder wie gewohnt aufwärts. ???
War das "Hühner-BSE" schuld ? Nee,oder ?

Keinen interessiert´s !?!

Na dann werden wir eben alleine reich,was solls.

Gruß an alle China Fans. :-)  

1485 Postings, 7392 Tage BleckBin auch schon lange bei Brilliance dabei

09.02.04 20:47
Auch der Kurs von China Brilliance Autom. hatte die letzten Wochen eher den Rückwärtsgang drin, aber ich bin da für die Zukunft optimistisch. Die Experten von Taipan geben ein Kursziel von 95 US$ an (von 52 US$ aktuell also mehr als 80% Kurspotenzial). Allerdings ist der Kurs in den letzten Wochen unter deren Stoppkurs gefallen und sie warten ab bevor sie wieder neu einsteigen. Trotzdem: Ich freu mich auf die nächsten Wochen, Monate und Jahre mit der Aktie.
Wirkliche Gründe für den Kursrückgang der vergangenen Wochen kann ich auch nicht geben, aber ich denke, dass es nur eine kurze Konsolidierungsphase war.  

79561 Postings, 8935 Tage Kickydie letzten Denway und Brillance News

10.02.04 01:28
After meeting with the management of Brilliance China, CLSA has raised its target price for the stock by 35% from $3.7 to $5 and its forecast on the sales of BMW vehicles by the company for 2004 by 40% to 10,000-14,000 units. The brokerage firm rates Brilliance China Outperform. 8.1.2004   KZ auf $5 angehoben !
4.2.2004 Brilliance China Automotive's (1114) core production unit Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile Co., Ltd. (Shenyang Automotive) saw its sales breaking the 100,000-vehicle mark for the first time last year. Including the BMWs produced by the joint venture BMW Brilliance, total sales totaled to 104,218 vehicles for 2003.

74,618 JinBei minibuses were sold last year, up 14.55%. Sales of Zhong Hua sedans amounted to 25,600 vehicles in 2003, and the total sales since its launching less than 1 1/2 years ago amounted to 34,000 vehicles.

Kapitalerhöhung geplant?Denway Motors: A market source says that Denway Motors (0203) is going to place shares at $7.9 per share through Morgan Stanley. Denway now stands at $8.6, down 1.149%, on a turnover of $170.8 million.
doppelte Produktion angestrebt:Denway Motors' (0203) Guangzhou Honda Automobile announced that in order to enhance its annual production capacity to 240,000 vehicles, it has embarked a 18-day reform to speed up production procedures starting from January 21. Guangzhou Honda expects that after the reform, its daily output will be doubled to over 20,000 vehicles in July, and the time needed to make a vehicle will be shortened from 103 seconds to 50 seconds.

20520 Postings, 8543 Tage Stox DudeHallo ihr Autonarren ;-)

10.02.04 07:15
Es wird Zeit die China Aktien zu verkaufen !
Als ich die beiden Firmen China Brilliance und Denway Motor vor langer Zeit
hier empfahl, hat es keinen interessiert. Wie immer, wird erst nach Erfolg
einer Aktie daruber geschrieben. Man muss das Potential aber vorher erkennen!

Warum verkaufen ?
Ganz einfach, China wird dieses Jahr offiziell 3% Inflation melden, inoffiziell
aber 5%. Wenn China zum Exporteur von Inflation anstatt Deflation wird,
verabschiede ich mich. Eine steigende Inflation ist GIFT fuer Aktien!

Nicht nur gibt es eine Forenhype ueber China Aktien, was zusaetzlich ein
Warnsignal ist, sondern die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung Chinas wo Wachstum von
9-12% NORMAL war. Vor 2 Jahren konnte man "billig" einsteigen und es ist Zeit
sich zu verabschieden.

Stox Dude


9095 Postings, 8497 Tage BoersiatorStox,

10.02.04 08:00
einige hier können froh sein, dann es dich gibt.

Greetings, B.

2927 Postings, 7523 Tage VerdampferHmmm ... denke drüber nach :-)

10.02.04 09:10
Hallo Stox Dude und die anderen Chinesen.

Vielen dank für die Infos :-)
Ma gucken ob ich mich von meinen Autobauern trenne.

Was ist den mit Indien?

Gruß vom Dampfer :-)  

1485 Postings, 7392 Tage BleckLasst euch nicht so schnell entmutigen ...

10.02.04 17:34
Nur weil Stox Dude (nichts gegen dich Stox Dude!) das schreibt, müsst ihr nicht verkaufen. Es gibt zwar schon wieder einige Warnstimmen, aber es gibt auch genug Gründe für eine Fortsetzung des Aufwärtstrends in China. Dass es dort auch mal schwächere Wachstumsraten geben wird und dann auch fallende Kurse ist ja ganz normal. Aber für das nächste halbe Jahr wird es wohl noch überdurchschnittlich nach oben gehen, von einer Blase (wie einige Börsenexperten schon wieder schreiben) ist dort noch lange nichts zu spüren. Bei einer langfristigen Ausrichtung (in Bezug auf Aktienanlagen) kommt man an China sicher nicht vorbei, und dann auch nicht an den Autoaktien, schließlich ist China der potenziell größte Automarkt der Welt.

14542 Postings, 6482 Tage gogollangsam aber sicher ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen

01.04.11 13:53

216 Postings, 6265 Tage mxzptlkaNiemand bei China Merchants Port dabei?

31.08.21 11:14
ausser mir?

Gerhard Heinrich hat den Wert doch vor einiger Zeit besprochen.

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