Alteryx - einer der erfolgreichsten IPOs aus 2017

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102 Postings, 502 Tage Abflussrohr@alle

16.03.20 21:57
Heute nachgekauft zu 74 €. Nächstes Mal werde ich bei 60 nachkaufen.  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyAlteryx: Turbo boost for the spreadsheet jockey

17.03.20 17:39
"Alteryx builds a set of powerful tools enabling corporate data analysts to get more done. A large part of its customer base is what CEO Dean Stoeker calls the 47 million "disenfranchised analysts who hate their jobs." These specialists waste up to 26 hours a week completing non-value added work to prep data in spreadsheets even before beginning analysis. Alteryx tools eliminate and reduce much of that work and make the analysis process simpler and more robust.

The company had incredible growth numbers for 2019. Over the previous year, customers grew 30%, revenue 65%, and the dollar-based net expansion hit an impressive 130%. Alteryx expects 2020 revenues in the range of $555 million to $565 million, a 33% to 35% gain over this year's $417.9 million.

In addition to the estimated $24 billion market for the turbo boosting productivity tools for spreadsheet users, its competitive edge gives it reach into the $49 billion big data and analytics market. Based on 2019 revenues, it's only captured less than 1% of its total potential, giving it plenty of room to grow.  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyAYX Report 1.Quartal am 6.Mai

09.04.20 17:53
first quarter 2020 financial results after the U.S. financial markets close on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyMotley Fool immer wieder

14.04.20 18:47
"....The company's focus on usability is paying off. Its platform won the 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice award for data science and machine learning platforms. Over 6,000 customers now use Alteryx's platform, including 719 of the 2,000 biggest companies in the world.

But Alteryx still has a tremendous growth opportunity ahead of it. Market researcher IDC projects that the big data and analytics software market will total $49 billion globally in 2021. Alteryx should capture an increasing share of that market as more customers standardize their data analysis using its platform.

Its shares might look ridiculously expensive with a forward earnings multiple of 123. But keep in mind that Alteryx's valuation is based on expectations of tremendous growth over the next few years. I think that it will deliver on those expectations. "  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage Kickykönnte Alteryx einen zum Millionär machen ?

29.04.20 21:45

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyJPMorgan Chase analyst Mark Murphy warnte

29.04.20 21:48
"....A large percentage of cloud stocks continue to trade at lofty valuations, and four of the six stocks Murphy downgraded have price-to-sales ratios above 15, meaning the sector is vulnerable to some short-term pain. Business spending on things like software tends to slide later in the economic downturn cycle...."  

599 Postings, 1608 Tage ahoffmann19@Kicky

30.04.20 07:46
Wir betrachten doch ALTX hier als Long-Invest :-) von daher keine Panik ! Ich bleibe hier voll investiert !  

68 Postings, 449 Tage H.I.Datenanalyse

03.05.20 22:29
ist die Zukunft und in der Gegenwart schon beinahe systemrelevant. Bin auf die Zahlen am Mittwoch gespannt :)  


5043 Postings, 1358 Tage Körnigahoffmann19

04.05.20 08:22
So ist es! Habe zwar nur noch Gewinne drin, aber die bleiben bis zur Rente;)))  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage Kickyich warte ja nur auf niedrige Preise

04.05.20 09:06
des enen Uhl is des andren sin Nachtigall  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyZacks :was ist zu erwarten vom Report?

04.05.20 21:05

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyBullish Two Hundred Day Moving Average Cross - AYX

06.05.20 21:09
In trading on Tuesday, shares of Alteryx Inc (Symbol: AYX) crossed above their 200 day moving average of $115.58, changing hands as high as $118.28 per share
jeder der öfter mal Charts bemüht, weiss von der Bedeutung der 200-Tageslinie
allerdings sehr lebhaftes Rauf und Runter  

599 Postings, 1608 Tage ahoffmann19@Zahlen

07.05.20 07:48
Guten Morgen,
die Zahlen waren wohl nicht so gut ? oder aber der Ausblick ? Aktie nachbörsliche über 10 % im Minus !!! Wisst ihr schon mehr ??? Danke Euch & Grüße  

31 Postings, 549 Tage Plastique Bertrand@Zahlen

07.05.20 09:39
Die Zahlen waren gut, aber gegen Ende des Quartals brach die Nachfrage ein. Also Ausblick mit Fragezeichen. Aber eigentlich sollte Alteryx von mehr Digitalisierung in der Krise profitieren.  

4 Postings, 444 Tage PointstomeQ2 Earning

07.05.20 09:41
Here we go: Auf ist eine Transkription des Calls von gestern abend.

Höherer Umsatz, höherer Verlust per share und schlechtere Aussichten... Longterm alles grün  

9174 Postings, 7938 Tage bauwiAktie bleibt weiter interessant!

07.05.20 12:00
Solange der Umsatz ungebrochen bleibt und die Geschäftskunden davon profitieren können.
Die Digitalisierung wird nicht abnehmen -  womit klar weiteres WACHSTUM zu erwarten ist.
Auf lange Sicht kann man optimistisch bleiben. Außerdem wächst das Interesse an der Aktie.
Die nächsten Monate wird sich das Eichhörnchen zwar etwas bescheidener ernähren müssen, was heißt "geduldig investiert bleiben", doch die zu erwartenden Kurszuwächse will man nicht verpassen.

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyReport Original

07.05.20 12:56

68 Postings, 449 Tage H.I.Der Ausblick

07.05.20 17:21
von Alteryx war auch in der Vergangenheit immer konservativ. Die Zahlen konnten dann meistens positiv überraschen. Ich bin mal auf die Zahlen zum Q2 überrascht.  


68 Postings, 449 Tage H.I.Gespannt*

07.05.20 20:59
Sollte das heißen. :)  


68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyEarnings lack Estimates

07.05.20 21:13
Revenues surged 43.2% year over year to $108.8 million and also surpassed the consensus mark by 2.9%.

Alteryx witnessed an abrupt and a significant change in customers’ buying behavior in March due to the coronavirus-triggered rapidly-changing macroeconomic conditions and implementation of shelter-in-place guidelines.

Expansion rates declined in the worst-hit sectors like travel and hospitality, and manufacturing and retail. Alteryx also witnessed a moderately increased churn-rate in Europe.
Alteryx withdrew its previously-provided 2020 guidance due to the macroeconomic uncertainty related to the coronavirus.
Alteryx ended the first quarter with 6,443 customers, up 29.6% year over year. The company added 356 net customers including 12 of the Global 2000 in the reported quarter.

Notably, top 10 telecommunications companies in the United States are Alteryx’s customers.
Moreover, the dollar-based net expansion rate (annual contract value based) was 128%, down from 134% achieved in the year-ago quarter.
Alteryx booked approximately $107 million in total contract value, up 53% year over year.

At the end of the quarter, Alteryx’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) was more than $400 million. The company generates one-third of ARR from 731 Global 2000 customers.
Moreover, a roughly 25% of ARR is generated from the hard-hit sectors like travel and hospitality, and manufacturing and retail. Further, 6% of ARR is from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) within these highly impacted verticals.......
Non-GAAP operating loss was $3.2 million against the year-ago quarter’s operating income of $1.4 million.....Guidance For second-quarter 2020, revenues are expected between $91 million and $95 million, indicating a 10-15% rise from the year-ago reported figure....|earnings_article-917460  

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage KickyA Good Time To Buy Alteryx

15.05.20 20:35

Weathering The Storms Today, Preparing For Reacceleration Tomorrow
Alteryx reported its results last week.
Revenues were a beat, EPS was not.
The company provided exceptionally prudent guidance for. Q2 and withdrew guidance for the balance of the year.
This is the leading company in one of the fastest growing software spaces.
It has material competitive advantages and it continues to grow its competitive moat.
.... By many standards, Alteryx had a very strong Q1 - but it would have been far stronger had the economy not imploded at the end of the quarter Alteryx (AYX) is sitting athwart one of the major trends in the economy, that of using analytics to enhance enterprise efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness. It is also sitting athwart an IT trend toward self-service in that its solutions can be used by the so-called citizen data scientist community as there is little code that a user must know to solve problems using the Alteryx tool. ..."  

68 Postings, 449 Tage H.I.Hab am Freitag

16.05.20 21:17
mal einen kleinen Teil meiner Alteryx Aktien verkauft. Ich finde die Tech Aktien sind zu schnell heiß gelaufen und eine Korrektur überfällig. Sieht das jemand ähnlich?



102 Postings, 502 Tage AbflussrohrSehe ich anders

17.05.20 14:35
Ja, Tech Aktien haben sich schnell erholt und nicht wenige haben neue ATHs ausgebildet.
Aber gerade bei Alteryx war der Anstieg im Vergleich zu Shopify, MongoDB und auch The Trade Desk zwar spürbar aber noch relativ moderat. Ich bleibe hier dabei und werde weiterhin Schwäche zum Nachkauf nutzen. Bei den noch stärker gestiegenen Aktien bleibe ich auch an Bord. Da bin ich langfristig orientiert und  halte die kurzfristige Volatiliät aus.

68297 Postings, 7941 Tage Kicky3 Growth Stocks I'd Buy Right Now

18.05.20 12:04
1. Alteryx
In my view, the best stocks to buy are those of companies that are growing fast, have a huge addressable market, and have a clear competitive advantage that should enable them to capture a big chunk of that market. Alteryx (NYSE:AYX) checks off all of these boxes.

Alteryx provides a cloud-based software platform that enables quick and easy analysis of large amounts of data. Analysts don't have to write programs or manually enter data into spreadsheets. Alteryx's software takes care of pretty much everything.

The company's sales skyrocketed 65% in 2019 and jumped 43% year over year in the first quarter of 2020 even with a negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic in March. But even with this impressive growth, Alteryx still claims less than 1% of its $49 billion addressable market.

Customers choose Alteryx because its platform simplifies and speeds up data analysis. And increasingly more large customers are jumping on board:....

und Tradedesk, auch auf meiner Watchlist  

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