Grippewelle in den USA: Viragen ein Zock ...

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9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-ZockGrippewelle in den USA: Viragen ein Zock ...

08.12.03 22:47

US Ticker: VRA











US Ticker: VRA















32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfan@ZiZo

09.12.03 08:51
haste Dir ne Position aufgebaut ?  

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zock@Boersenfan

09.12.03 09:10
Hab von dem Grippehype bei den Amis erst gestern ueber CNBC erfahren...

MEDI hat die letzten Tage auch sehr gut performed und die haben "einige" Gegenmittel "noch in stock", also verfuegbar... Mehr als ein kleiner Zock in den Hype hinein, sollte es nicht werden.... werde deshalb keine Poisition in VRA ueber Nacht halten, heute aber gerne mal aufspringen!


32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfan@ZiZo

09.12.03 09:12
Was schätzt Du, wars das gestern mit dem Hoch bei 0,32 $, oder könnte die bis 0,40 $ laufen? Das Volumen von gestern könnte es m.E. ermöglichen.  

32198 Postings, 7549 Tage BörsenfanMeldung vom 04.Dezember auf

09.12.03 09:23
Viragen Strengthens Board and Achieves Majority of Independent Directors PLANTATION, FLORIDA – December 4, 2003 – Viragen, Inc. (AMEX: “VRA”) today announced changes to the Company’s Board of Directors that result in it being comprised of a majority of independent members.Randolph A. Pohlman, PhD., has been elected as a new independent Director for Viragen.  He currently serves as the Dean of the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University, the largest independent institution of higher education in the State of Florida and among the top 20 largest independent institutions nationally.  “It has been my experience that truly visionary companies are the most resilient at finding ways to create value and organizational growth and I believe that Viragen possesses those kinds of qualities – with its people, products and partners,” stated Dr. Pohlman.  “I look forward to working closely with the Board to help the Company accomplish its objectives.”Prior to his arrival at Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Pohlman was a senior executive at Koch Industries, the second largest privately held company in the United States.  He was recruited to Koch via Kansas State University (KSU), where for more than ten years, he served KSU in a variety of administrative and faculty positions, including holding the L.L. McAninch Chair of Entrepreneurship and Dean of the College of Business.  Dr. Pohlman also served as a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, and was a member of the Executive Education Advisory Board of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.Viragen also reported the voluntary resignation of Viragen executive, Mr. Dennis W. Healey, from the Company’s Board of Directors, which assures that the Board is now comprised of an independent majority.  Mr. Healey will continue to serve in his roles as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Viragen’s Chairman, Mr. Carl Singer, commented on the changes, “We have taken the appropriate measures to adhere to expected corporate governance standards related to Board independence, committee structure and transparency, and we have proactively done so before the American Stock Exchange has declared these as being mandatory regulations.  We will continue to strive to implement strategies that better serve the interests of our stockholders and seek to add valuable expertise like that of Dr. Pohlman.”About Viragen, Inc.Viragen is a biotechnology company specializing in the research, development and commercialization of natural and recombinant protein-based drugs designed to treat a broad range of viral and malignant diseases.  These protein-based drugs include natural human alpha interferon, monoclonal antibodies, peptide drugs and therapeutic vaccines.  Viragen’s strategy also includes the development of Avian Transgenic Technology for the large-scale, cost-effective manufacturing of its portfolio of protein-based drugs, as well as offering Contract Manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical industry. Viragen is publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange (VRA).  Viragen’s majority owned subsidiary, Viragen International, Inc., is publicly traded on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (VGNI).  Viragen’s key partners and licensors include: Roslin Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cancer Research UK, University of Nottingham (U.K.), University of Miami, America’s Blood Centers and the German Red Cross.  

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-ZockFakt ist, es ging

09.12.03 09:30
Monate runter... waere mal wieder Zeit fuer einen kleinen Upmove!

Aber: Wer unsicher ist, sollte es lieber bleiben lassen.

(PS: Nur in den USA ordner!)

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zock...

09.12.03 09:33
mein versuch heute:

wenn die 25-26 cent halten und im tagesverlauf anstaendig momentum reinkommt, werde ich mich einklinken... sollte das eben nicht passieren, egal.  

32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfanmomentan beommst Du welche für 0,24 o. T.

09.12.03 09:57

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zocknicht ueber deutschland handeln

09.12.03 10:09
ich warte auf die amis.... 15:30 MEZ

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zockwe are talking about KZ 0.52 cent

09.12.03 10:12

sagen ein paar pusher.... ich glaub es nicht.



32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfanbei dem Volumen durchaus realistisch, nur

09.12.03 10:28
war der Kurs bis jetzt immer in einer geringen Bandbreite, warten wir auf USA...  

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zockim bild

09.12.03 10:34




















































32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfanhat jemand RT´s ? o. T.

09.12.03 15:46

210 Postings, 8362 Tage Rockraider0,26 $ in USA o. T.

09.12.03 15:49

32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfanso´n shitt, lief gestern so gut o. T.

09.12.03 15:56

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zockkein wunder

09.12.03 16:13
Last: 0.26 -0.01 5

Ask: 0.27 3300
Bid: 0.26 1

3300 x 100 shares im ask zu 27 cent.... die muessen erstmal weg......

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zockzaghafter versuch

09.12.03 16:17
bid steigt langsam....


Last: 0.26 -0.01 5

Ask: 0.27 3300
Bid: 0.26 50  

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zockda will jemand raus

09.12.03 16:20

Last: 0.26 -0.015 302
Ask: 0.26 5
Bid: 0.25 6852

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zock...

09.12.03 16:21

Last: 0.26 -0.015 70
Ask: 0.26 205
Bid: 0.25 6912  

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zock25 cent

09.12.03 16:22
sieht wie ein guter boden aus.... von da aus kann's von mir aus los gehen.


Last: 0.26 -0.015 70
Ask: 0.26 205
Bid: 0.25 10412

9439 Postings, 8091 Tage Zick-Zockruhe

09.12.03 16:25

Last: 0.27 20
Ask: 0.27 3245
Bid: 0.25 6912

210 Postings, 8362 Tage Rockraiderzzt. 0,28 $ o. T.

17.12.03 14:26

32198 Postings, 7549 Tage Börsenfanwo siehst Du das ???? o. T.

17.12.03 14:49

210 Postings, 8362 Tage RockraiderAMERITRADE-Streamer

17.12.03 14:52
jetzt aber wieder 27 cent  

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