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6333 Postings, 3308 Tage bozkurt7freie Diskussion über Hive Blockchain Techs

28.05.20 21:50
Blockchain technology is a combination of an algorithm that performs calculations and a distributed database that stores those calculations in what is known as blockchain. This database continuously updates its digital records (for instance, of Bitcoin transactions) and does so on multiple computers simultaneously.  
The database is fully decentralized, meaning there is no single entity that controls it. Anyone from anywhere can view the entire history of the database at any time.
Each set of records in the database is referred to as a “block,” and anything that is recorded in the database is preserved there forever. Because of the immutability of the database, once a record has been entered, it’s impossible to manipulate or alter that record.
To put this in perspective, we’ll explain blockchain by comparing Google Docs with Microsoft Word:
Let’s say you and a co-worker are collaborating on a document. A decade ago, your only option would be to send your co-worker a Microsoft Word document and ask him to make his revisions. He would make his revisions, save the document, and send it back to you. It was a tedious and inefficient method.
Google Docs fixes this problem by allowing multiple people to view and edit documents at the same time. Most databases still operate like Microsoft Word, where only one person can make changes at a time and everyone else is locked out. Blockchain provides a solution in the same way that Google Docs does by allowing anyone to see updates in real time.
Bitcoin, a digital currency, uses blockchain technology. But blockchain also powers other digital currencies and has many other practical use cases outside of financial services.
The main thing to remember is that while Bitcoin is a currency, blockchain is the underlying infrastructure on which the currency exists. If Bitcoin is a Lamborghini, the blockchain is the Autobahn it rides on. It’s also important to note that Bitcoin is just one use for blockchain technology, just as email is one use of Internet technology.
Just as the Internet allows users to make video calls, visit websites, and play video games, blockchain has numerous uses other than Bitcoin, including supply chain management, healthcare tracking, and government documentation.
There’s no denying that blockchain is well past the hype phase. Industries such as healthcare, education, government, and real estate are discovering the potential and countless possibilities of blockchain technology.  

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6333 Postings, 3308 Tage bozkurt7unbelegte Aussage ?

25.12.22 14:06
Quelle: !!!

1 Woche 1,74 € -13,22%
1 Monat 2,06 € -26,70%
6 Monate 3,054 € -50,56%
1 Jahr 13,52 € -88,83%
5 Jahre 10,79 € -86,01%

1339 Postings, 1209 Tage CTO ExBankerEinen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr .....

26.12.22 13:22
....... wünsche ich allen Mitlesenden.
Möge es ein erfolgreicheres werden als 2022!  

2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderDecember 2022 Production Update

09.01.23 16:48
Hiev hat m.E. auch gute Chancen den Kryptowinter zu überstehen.
Es wird weiterhin investiert.

Summary Overview:

· HIVE produced 213.8 Bitcoin in the month of December, from ASIC and GPU mining operations, representing an average of 113.2 Bitcoin Per Exahash.

· HIVE earned USD $3.15 million in income from our energy price hedging and grid balancing strategy, in addition to Bitcoin produced in December. Based on the daily Bitcoin prices during the month of December, the income from grid balancing could equate to a mined value of approximately 184 Bitcoin.

Der Bitcoinbestand wurde etwas erhöht. Positiv sind m.E. die Zukäufe bei der Hardware.

Bitcoin HODL Update

As of today’s date, HIVE maintains in its treasury 2,348 Bitcoin, with a market value of over USD $38 million.

Last quarter HIVE strategically sold Bitcoin to increase cash reserves to fund opportunistic expansions in the technology bear market. Mr. Holmes stated “We have seen a great opportunity to expand in this depressed market, where ASIC prices are down almost 90%, whereas Bitcoin price is down approximately 70%. Acquiring ASICs at steeply discounted prices positions us for ideal return on invested capital, and further decreases our cost of production for Bitcoin, and improves our gross mining margin in the interim bear market.”

HIVE notes that in the crypto mining sector, different companies have different strategies for HODLing or selling Bitcoin. Some companies may employ a 100% HODL strategy, and not sell any Bitcoin, instead opting to sell shares to cover operating costs and/or capital expenditures. Other companies may elect to sell all of their mined Bitcoin to fund operating costs and/or capital expenditures. HIVE has a unique hybrid strategy and may elect to sell digital assets where the Company believes there are attractive opportunities to scale the business. Our flexible HODL strategy has always allowed us to have a core investment in digital assets on HIVE’s balance sheet.

· HIVE’s strategy to improve its global efficiency was achieved by the agile acquisition of 3,570 Bitmain S19j Pro at prices steeply discounted from the previous year. In addition, HIVE is pleased to deploy its own ASIC Bitcoin miner system for Proof of Work, the ‘HIVE BuzzMiner’, in partnership with Intel.

· As a tactical update, in the last two weeks HIVE has received and installed over 3,400 new generation Bitcoin ASIC miners in the 100 TH/s to 110 TH/s range, which is a massive efficiency upgrade which will lower the Company’s average cost of producing Bitcoin and improve gross mining margins.  

85 Postings, 2632 Tage dr.tradeEinsammeln jetzt

11.01.23 07:26
Die Akkumulationsphase dauert jetzt noch ca 6 Monate  

2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderMassive Efficiency Upgrade

12.01.23 23:50
Könnte ein Grund für die relative Stärke bei den Minern sein

Hive’s ‘Massive Efficiency Upgrade’ Led by Intel-powered Miner Rollout

The publicly traded company is set to receive the last of its new, Intel-driven mining rigs by the end of January
by Ben Strack /
January 12, 2023


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17.01.23 23:46
Rückkauf später  
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85 Postings, 2632 Tage dr.tradeDie Miner

23.01.23 19:59
Explodieren gerade  

2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderChart

23.01.23 21:48
Man sollte sich nicht nur auf Mara verlassen ;-)

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1339 Postings, 1209 Tage CTO ExBankerFrankie-Boy ist Geschichte.................

02.02.23 21:20

............ und Aydin Kilic wird von ihm über den grünen Klee gelobt...............  

6861 Postings, 4896 Tage philiposorry falscher thread

03.02.23 17:15

2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderJanuar Update

07.02.23 10:30
Die Strategie in neue Hardware zu investieren, sollte sich in den nächsten Monaten auch im Ergebnis bemerkbar machen.


"Summary Overview:

· HIVE produced 260 Bitcoin in the month of January, from ASIC and GPU mining operations, representing an average of 110 Bitcoin Per Exahash. A 21% month over month increase, compared to December 2022 (214 Bitcoin produced).

· HIVE’s year over year monthly Bitcoin production was consistent (260 Bitcoin in January 2023 and 264 Bitcoin in January 2022), during a period where the Bitcoin network difficulty increased approximately 60%.

· HIVE earned USD $180,000 in income from balancing the grid, in addition to Bitcoin produced in January. Based on the daily Bitcoin prices during the month of January, the income from grid balancing would equate to a mined value of 10 Bitcoin.

· HIVE deployed over 6,700 new generation ASIC miners in its data centers, representing one of the largest upgrades in the Company’s history, to improve our gross mining margin and fleet efficiency.

· HIVE has deployed over 3,200 BuzzMiners in its facilities in Sweden and Canada. These miners are from the 5,655 BuzzMiners manufactured, tested, and received to date.

· HIVE has fully deployed all the 3,570 S19j Pro miners acquired in December 2022 into our New Brunswick and Lachute facilities. As a result of in-house software improvements by HIVE’s technical team, we further increased our efficiency at our New Brunswick site by approximately 20% in average J/TH efficiency.

· HIVE expects to receive an additional 645 BuzzMiners in the next 2 months, representing a total production quantity of 6,300 BuzzMiners powered by the Intel Blockscale ASIC for the initial production run. HIVE is the first company in the world to commercially deploy thousands of its own Bitcoin ASIC miners powered by the Intel Blockscale ASIC.

· HIVE sells all of the Bitcoin earned from our GPU mining hashrate, with a focus to HODL the green Bitcoin mined from ASICs.


2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderControlling Risk with Hive Blockchain

16.02.23 11:13
14.02.2023  The Mining Pod
Today we are joined by Frank Holmes and Aydin Kilic of Hive Blockchain. We talk about Hive’s 2022 including Ethereum mining and the Intel-based Buzzminer. Mainly we focus on Hive’s corporate culture, including its dedication to efficiency, maintaining margins and controllable risks.

Will Foxley:

00:00 Start
00:55 Leadership change at Hive
04:50 Hive operations & new CEO
07:44 ETH mining change & new chips
13:07 4722 BTC equivalent mined
14:52 Texas is a crowded market now
16:22 Scaling past 10k+ ASICs
25:31 Intel chips & building a new miner
32:37 Not making miners
34:51 2023 & beyond  

6333 Postings, 3308 Tage bozkurt7neue Quartalszahlen , aber nichts passiert ...

22.02.23 12:35
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2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderChart

22.02.23 13:06
Wenn die Volatilität steigt, sind Zahlen sekundär.
Zurzeit habe ich keine Position.
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2460 Postings, 810 Tage nicco_traderChart

27.02.23 16:53
sieht heute besser aus.

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6333 Postings, 3308 Tage bozkurt7arbeitet man eigentlich noch ?

20.10.23 20:37
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6333 Postings, 3308 Tage bozkurt7gute Zahlen aus 2023 aber wo bleibt der Kurs ?

09.01.24 09:29
Im Jahr 2023 wurde etwa ein Prozent der neu in das Netzwerk eingebrachten Bitcoin von HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd. (TSX-V und NASDAQ: HIVE, FSE: YO0) geschürft. Insgesamt waren dies 3.260 Bitcoin oder im Durchschnitt neun Bitcoin pro Tag. Erreicht hat das Unternehmen diesen Leistungssprung durch eine Verdopplung seiner Hashrate. Sie stieg im Kalenderjahr 2023 von zunächst zwei Exahash pro Sekunde auf vier Exahash pro Sekunde an.
Auch im Jahr 2024 wird HIVE Digital Technologies seine Rechenkapazität weiter erhöhen.
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1784 Postings, 2680 Tage Dölauer@bozkurt7

29.01.24 11:34
Nur Geduld, bitte Termin  08.02.2024 vormerken.  

4813 Postings, 6969 Tage martin30smSieht wieder spannend aus für Nachkauf...

01.02.24 10:26

4813 Postings, 6969 Tage martin30smGibt es heute Zahlen?

08.02.24 09:04

1784 Postings, 2680 Tage Dölauer@martin30sm

08.02.24 13:06
Ich habe im Finanzkalender den Termin 08.02.24 gefunden.    

772 Postings, 2256 Tage MänkZahlen

14.02.24 10:54
waren ebenfalls top!
Umsatz mehr als verdoppelt auf ca. 30 Mio und Verlust bei nur noch 0,08 Cent pro Aktie.

Bin heute von Cleanspark auf Hive umgestiegen! Hat bisher den Bullenrun nicht mitgemacht...

Weiß jmd die aktuelle Hash-Rate von Hive?  

772 Postings, 2256 Tage MänkHash-rate

14.02.24 15:48

The firm's management has set hash rate targets that have varied over time. According to a January 8 press release, HIVE aimed to reach a hash rate of 4.8 exahashes per second (EH/s) by the end of January and 5.6 EH/s by June 2024, after the installation of 7,000 S21 miners. By the end of 2024, the company expects to achieve a hash rate of 8 EH/s, as noted in a release dated December 21, 2023.  

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