Zum US-Depot für ESKIVANA.

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3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschniki@buju

13.01.04 22:39
Hab das Buch noch nicht gelesen. Ich glaub, du hast es schon mal verlinkt? Kannst du das noch mal tun. Rede so oft davon, möchte ich den Quatsch doch auch mal lesen.


4560 Postings, 8895 Tage Sitting BullStellt doch mal Euer

13.01.04 22:48
aktuelles Depot rein.  

10373 Postings, 7781 Tage big lebowsky@Sitting Bull

14.01.04 07:21
Du bist sicherlich der Allerletzte,der "unser" Depot sieht.Ich habe Dir im Zusammehang mit Eskivana alle Unterlagen per Post gesandt,über E-Mail mit Dir korrespondiert etc.

Dass Du Dich nicht für eine Teilnahme entschlossen hast,ist in Ordnung und kein Thema!Aber eine kurze Antwort: "Ich mache nicht mit" ggfs mit Dank für die Unterlagen hätte sich gehört.

Trittbrettfahrer brauchen wir nicht. Also,frag hier nicht nach Depots,sondern investiere selbst!

Ciao B.L.  

3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiADZR - seit 46% on watch!

14.01.04 20:35
ADZR $o.65

Recent Price: (09-08-03): $0.10 Common Shares Out: 50.5 million
52-Week Range: $0.01-0.18 Market Cap. $5 million
Fiscal Year: March Investment Rating: BUY

Company Description: Launched in 2000, AdZone Research Inc. is an emerging growth company providing proprietary software that monitors the Internet for virtually all types of activity. The data is then segmented and sorted as needed. The company has developed three key focus areas: Online Advertising Data, Online Biotech Tracking and Online Terrorism Tracking. Its technology is scalable, and capable of supporting additional products and services of value to its numerous marketplaces. However, there is one area in particular that ADZR seems to be making a measurable impact: homeland security. The company’s proprietary software enables it to scan, identify and assess the Internet for information affecting national security. The company maintains its headquarters in Calverton, New York, in a secured facility that formerly housed major defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Since September 11, 2001, the company has received many inquiries concerning the application of its technology in the war against terrorism.
Beginning in January 2003 the company began running its NetGetä technology on a daily basis, and since then the company has independently been credited with discovering and helping to thwart at least two confirmed terrorist plots.
Currently, there is substantial interest in ADZR’s capabilities, and the company has formed key strategic relationships with Raytheon (NYSE-RTN), Boeing, (NYSE-BA) and the Sarnoff Corporation.
In May of this year the company announced it had been awarded its first revenue generating contract from a major defense contractor, which was followed by another award just last week focused on the major contractor’s range of products and services aimed at identifying clandestine terrorist communications using the Internet, on behalf of federal agencies.
In addition to its work in tracking down Internet terrorist threats, the company also tracks the World Wide Web for other purposes. These include Internet advertising from various sources.
The company is led by a motivated and experienced team of executives whom, in our opinion, have the capabilities of leading ADZR through a period of rapid growth and development.
Recent Financial Results

AdZone research is a company that is still in the development stage, and the company’s financial results reflect that status. It should be noted the company’s financial statements still carry a "going concern opinion." Since the company has not fully commenced operations, management is of the opinion that current financial results are not meaningful as an indication of future operations. During the first quarter of Fiscal 2004 (year ending March 31, 2004), the company obtained a $50,000 contract from a major United States defense contractor. During the quarter, the Company completed and billed approximately $39,125. For the three months ended June 30, 2003, the Company incurred a net loss of approximately $77,000, as compared to a net loss of approximately $172,000 for the three months ended June 30, 2002. Based on the weighted-average number of shares of common stock issued and outstanding at June 30, 2003 and 2002, respectively, ADZR incurred a net loss per share of approximately $(0.00) and $(0.02). The Company had approximately $51,500 in available cash at June 30, 2003 as compared with $8,100 at March 31, 2003 and approximately $2,900 at June 30, 2002. The Company attempts to maintain a cash balance sufficient to sustain corporate operations until such time as management can raise the funding necessary to advance its business plan. Readers are urged to review ADZR’s full financial statements as contained in SEC Forms 10-KSB and 10-QSB. These forms are easily accessible on the Internet.

Future Prospects: In our opinion, AdZone Research is truly functioning at the highest levels of participation in the homeland security efforts, beyond anything the company can reveal. Much of the activity that the company is involved is classified. Accordingly, it’s very difficult to project exactly what the company’s future prospects hold. However, given recent announcements about another contract from a major defense contractor we believe there is reason to believe that revenue could build quickly over the next few years, particularly if, as we expect, more defense contractors sign on. Moreover, the nature of the services provided by ADZR is high-margin, suggesting that profitability can build rapidly.

Risk Level: High

Conclusion: Since our initial report on AdZone in October of 2002, the company has made significant progress. Of particular note are the contracts that have been obtained from a major defense contractor. We anticipate that in coming months the company will make more progress in obtaining contracts and that the investment community will truly start paying attention to the ADZR stock. Indeed, we believe that ADZR has tremendous upside potential from these levels and we continue to rate the stock a BUY.

In Zusammenhang mit der Aktie ist mir grad ne interessante Seite aufgefallen. (Hier klicken)


3947 Postings, 8472 Tage Eskimatopatzi, ist die Mail da?

14.01.04 20:38
Übrigens, zwei Doofe, ein Gedanke. Zu ADZR wollt ich auch was schreiben, hatte ich bei 0,33 mit neuem ATH gescreent, musste mich aber erst um die Mail kümmern.

Gruss E.  

3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiHa, ich war mal schneller, yippie

14.01.04 20:44
Mail ist nicht angekommen! Hab eben grad nachgeschaut. Patznjeschniki@gmx.de  

3947 Postings, 8472 Tage Eskimatopatzi, Mail sollte jetzt da sein.

14.01.04 20:56
Wenn Du Sie auch hast, darf ich annnehmen, dass alle ESKIVANER sie bekommen haben und kann beruhigt aus dem Haus gehen.

Gruss E.  

3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiHab sie nicht! o. T.

14.01.04 21:05

3516 Postings, 8766 Tage baanbruchTja, wir müssen mal langsam in die Gänge kommen.

16.01.04 00:32
DeCode heute 14% und das ohne uns.

So jetzt müssen wir rein, laut Eskimato´s
Logik und der vieler anderer.

Welcome to a 52week high!

DCGN 9.90 Schlußkurs 15.01.04


3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiFARO

16.01.04 00:47
Baanbruch, hast schon recht. Die Rally läuft - ohne uns - aber wie lange noch?

Schau mir grad mal ein paar Fonds an und - siehe da, es gibt sogar einen, der TASR im Depot hat, als zweitgrößte Position. Die größte ist FARO

Zum Fond


3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiHe Eski, - TIVO

16.01.04 01:11
He Eski, schau dir mal bitte TIVO an, hier könnte ein langfristiger Turnaround anstehen!

Schaut ruhig mal die Werte im Fond durch, es lohnt sich!

TIVO $9.52


3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiEski - UCOMA KGV von 2?? o. T.

16.01.04 01:55

3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiADAT - geiler Chart - Dt. Firma!!

16.01.04 02:34

Schaut euch einfach mal ein wenig auf der Webite um, krasse Firma, krasse Kunden!


4560 Postings, 8895 Tage Sitting BullBig L,

16.01.04 16:08
nanu, so aggressiv. Keine Sorge, habe kein großes Interesse an Eurem Depot.


10725 Postings, 8829 Tage Gruenspan! FIBR !

16.01.04 21:43
Nach den JNPR Earnings und Aussichten sind Networker gefragt.

FIBR stehen noch in den 04 er Startlöchern könnte man meinen.


42940 Postings, 8404 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeSorrento Networks Closes $10 Million Financing

27.01.04 16:12
Dem Kurs tuts gut...

Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense

409 Postings, 7729 Tage der Tollewo/wie kann man denn euer depot verfolgen?

27.01.04 20:04
gibt es ein eigenes ESKIVANA-forum?  

10212 Postings, 7615 Tage r4lleja gibt es

27.01.04 20:08
und von daher wirst du es nicht verfolgen können. Sorry, nur für ESKIVANER zugängig.




3006 Postings, 8550 Tage patznjeschnikiVerkauf FCFC o. T.

27.01.04 21:56

155 Postings, 7473 Tage mattbUS-Experten

27.01.04 22:00

Dachte ich wende mich mal an die US-Experten. Was haltet ihr von Fidelity National Financial? Tolle Margen, seit Jahren konstant hohes Umsatzwachstum und ein sehr niedriges KGV (dieses Jahr wohl bei 7). Meinungen?  

409 Postings, 7729 Tage der Tollewie kommt man bei ESKIVANA rein? o. T.

28.01.04 01:07

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