SUPER NEWS Moly Mines 200% ?

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1459 Postings, 5503 Tage ReiseFalls...

26.09.11 11:48
es noch jemanden interessiert...auf meine Bitte um Stellungnahme zum Ausscheiden von Xiao und Zhang und meine Kritik zum Umgang mit den Aktionären (kein Newsflow) hat man seitens Moly Mines nicht reagiert. Warum auch? Ist ja nur ein kleiner Pisser aus stupid old Germoney.
Ich habe fertig mit diesem Sauladen rund um Dr. Fisher.  

942 Postings, 5944 Tage surdoeingestiegen

29.09.11 13:14
bin eingestiegen, für mich ist der Boden erreicht, werde auch andere Aktien kaufen, Altona, arafura, lynas, Xstrata alles werte die wieder kommen .

850 Postings, 5541 Tage vcxy@surdo

30.09.11 22:06



11 Postings, 4754 Tage wolle6001what's going on with MM

26.10.11 08:35

why MM is now on "sell", everything is in Red, any news which I don't know?


11 Postings, 4754 Tage wolle6001MM geht runter

26.10.11 09:10

weiss jemand warum MM auf "verkaufen" gestuft wurde?


850 Postings, 5541 Tage vcxyQ Highlits

27.10.11 17:34

11 Postings, 4754 Tage wolle6001keine Interesse mehr

15.11.11 11:52

Hi, hat niemand mehr Interesse an MM? Was ist los?


850 Postings, 5541 Tage vcxyabwarten

15.11.11 17:39

...z.Z. kann man wohl nur abwarten und ggf. die Position ausbauen. Ist momentan sehr schwierig zu ahnen wo die Reise hingeht und wie lange siche eine evt. Finanzierung der Moly Mine noch hinzieht.... Da der Molypreis sich auch immer noch auf einem niedrigen Level bewegt ist alles offen.....


865 Postings, 5699 Tage G.FederWie

16.11.11 10:54
es rund um MM aussieht,könnt Ihr bei einigen Kommentaren auf

nachlesen. Könnte auch auf kopieren und einfügen clicken...ein paar user geben genau das wieder,was ich auch denke.

Habe meine letzten shares bei 0,380 verdonnert....wünsche euch allen, die noch dabei sind Viel Erfolg!


11 Postings, 4754 Tage wolle6001ich glaube an MM,

19.12.11 06:14

1238 Postings, 5306 Tage Papago65Umsatz von einem Insider?!

21.12.11 12:06
Wäre schön... endlich gute News zu sehen...  

703 Postings, 5085 Tage jaso1News

28.12.11 14:36
DJN: PRESS RELEASE: Moly Mines Enters Strategic Alliance With CDB-Update on Molybdenum / Copper Project
(Dow Jones 12.28 14:30:04)

 TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 28, 2011) - Moly Mines Limited
(TSX:MOL)(ASX:MOL) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) with China Development Bank Corporation (CDB) that
establishes a Strategic Alliance between the companies for the financing of
new mining projects identified and introduced by Moly Mines.

 Under the Strategic Alliance, CDB will consider providing financial support
(including loans) for projects on terms with a similar commercial effect to
CDB as those set out in the existing US$454 million Syndicated Facility
Agreement (SFA) for the Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum / Copper Project.

 CDB's financial support is subject to the usual requirements of such
facilities including due diligence, internal credit approval of CDB and
government approvals.

 At the same time the Board of Moly Mines has formed the view that the
continued weakness of global molybdenum prices and the strength of the
Australian dollar has rendered the Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum / Copper
Project sub-economic and that these factors will not correct themselves
before the expiry of the SFA in May 2012. Consequently a final investment
decision is unlikely to be made within that timeframe.

 Dr Derek Fisher, CEO / Managing Director of Moly Mines commented that
"whilst it is disappointing that the economics do not allow us to proceed
with the Spinifex Ridge molybdenum/copper mine at this stage, the strategic
alliance further cements the excellent rapport we have built with CDB and
supports a platform for future growth of the Company".

 Reduction in size of SFA

 In order to preserve the availability of capital in 2012 for drawdowns under
the favourable terms of the SFA or for applications of funds for new
projects under the MOU, CDB has asked Moly Mines to make an initial drawdown
of US$210 million under the SFA, which the Company intends to repay within
one week.

 The effect of the drawdown will be to reduce the funding available under the
SFA to US$244 million. CDB will consider an application by Moly Mines to
drawdown these funds for new projects or, if amending the SFA is not
appropriate, to enter into further debt facilities as may be required to
give effect to loans for future projects.

 Variation of Hanlong Subscription Agreement

 The Subscription Agreement signed by Hanlong and Moly Mines in October 2009,
as previously amended, required Hanlong to procure US$500 million financing
for the Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum / Copper Project and to meet or have
waived conditions precedent to drawdown under those facilities by 31
December 2011. If Hanlong were unable to achieve this, approximately US$45
million of the US$60 million Shareholder Loan (Shareholder Loan) provided to
Moly Mines under the terms described in the Subscription Agreement would be
forgiven (Loan Forgiveness).

 Hanlong has agreed that the US$210 million drawdown will not result in
Hanlong meeting their funding commitments to Moly Mines.

 The non-Hanlong directors of Moly Mines have agreed, subject to shareholder
approval, to restructure the terms and extend the period in which Hanlong
has to provide Moly Mines with the benefits originally contemplated under
the Subscription Agreement. Hanlong's ability to reduce the Loan Forgiveness
has been extended until the expiry of the Shareholder Loan, namely April

 On each occasion in the future that Moly Mines makes a final investment
decision for a new project that is financed with debt facilities supported
by Hanlong guarantees and security, the amount of the Loan Forgiveness will
be reduced on a pro rata basis by comparing the debt made available to the
US$500 million of financing required under the Subscription Agreement.
Interest will not be payable by Moly Mines on the Loan Forgiveness.

 The extension will incentivise Hanlong to continue to provide credit support
to minimize the total funding costs of future Moly Mines mining project debt
financings. Under the SFA, Hanlong provided substantial guarantees and
security to CDB.

 Hanlong's 35.5 million project finance options will expire on 31 December

 This news release includes "forward-looking statements" as that term within
the meaning of securities laws of applicable jurisdictions. Forward-looking
statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors
that are in some cases beyond Moly Mines' control. These forward- looking
statements include, but are not limited to, all statements other than
statements of historical facts contained in this news release, including,
without limitation, those regarding Moly Mines' future expectations. Readers
can identify forward-looking statements by terminology such as "aim,"
"anticipate," "assume," "believe," "continue," "could," "estimate,"
"expect," "forecast," "intend," "may," "plan," "potential," "predict,"
"project," "risk," "should," "will" or "would" and other similar
expressions. Risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause Moly Mines'
actual results, performance, production or achievements to differ materially
from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements (and from
past results, performance or achievements). These factors include the
failure to complete and commission the mine facilities, processing plant and
related infrastructure in the time frame and within estimated costs
currently planned; variations in global demand and price for molybdenum and
copper; fluctuations in exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and the
Australian dollar; failure to recover the resource and reserve estimates of
the Project; the failure of Moly Mines' suppliers and service providers to
fulfill their obligations under construction, supply and tolling agreements;
unforeseen geological, physical or meteorological conditions, natural
disasters or cyclones; changes in the regulatory environment, industrial
disputes, labor shortages, political and other factors; the inability to
obtain additional financing, if required, on commercially suitable terms;
and global and regional economic conditions. Readers are cautioned not to
place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. We assume no obligation
to update such information.


        Moly Mines Limited
        Natalie Frame
        Investor Relations
        +1 416 777 1801 or +1 416 371 7541
        Moly Mines Limited
        Derek Fisher
        Managing Director
        +61 8 94293300

 (END) Dow Jones Newswires
 December 28, 2011 08:30 ET (13:30 GMT)

87 Postings, 5511 Tage blacknovaGibt es hier endlich die Wende?

02.02.12 15:25
Habe jetzt ein bißchen was investiert, mal sehen was kommt.

102 Postings, 5637 Tage paffrath888...

02.02.12 19:41
wäre an der Zeit für die Wende. Oder hat das Unternehmen irgendwelche Probleme? Ist da was bekannt?  

87 Postings, 5511 Tage blacknovaich habe nichts von problemen gehört.

03.02.12 12:12
wenn der gesammtmarkt hochgeht dann sollten hier auch bessere zeiten kommen.

1 Posting, 5318 Tage ParagySparvertrag

03.02.12 18:04
ich nehme mm ab sofort als einen sparvertrag an .kaufe jede woche zu .mal sehen ende april wie hoch meine rendite ist.vielleicht habe ich wieder recht wie jedes jahr.  

925 Postings, 6096 Tage estel2005Was ist mit MOLY LOS???

23.03.12 16:09

87 Postings, 5511 Tage blacknovaDas frage ich mich auch

23.03.12 16:27

925 Postings, 6096 Tage estel2005Ist der Laden plaite

12.04.12 13:07
oder warum fällt der Kurs die ganze Zeit? Scheiße  

1238 Postings, 5306 Tage Papago65moly gehts gut

12.04.12 14:35
die chinesen sind dabei...
wird schon...
nur warten ist angesagt
12 monaten minimum  

1238 Postings, 5306 Tage Papago65yep!

27.04.12 15:04

925 Postings, 6096 Tage estel2005Nun ist der Kurs so tief

01.06.12 16:18
wie in 2008/ 2009.


925 Postings, 6096 Tage estel2005Könnte das die Wende sein?

07.06.12 08:30
Oder gehts noch weiter runter, Wer weiss was?  

2074 Postings, 6238 Tage Joschi307Moly Mines 0,098 €

26.06.12 10:43

925 Postings, 6096 Tage estel2005Seit 3 Tagen wird fleissig gekauft

19.07.12 15:26
die Chinesen wollen eine Boerse auf die Beine stellen nur für seltene Erden???
Angeblich sin die im Plan, so heißt es bei EMFIS.
Im August soll es so weit sein.  

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