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61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaAdditional to my last posting:

23.11.23 21:18
Buffett emphasizes that genuinely great investment opportunities don't come around very often. These are when the market offers significantly undervalued assets or potential for substantial returns.  


61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaSymcloud SDS and Google Distributed Cloud Edge

23.11.23 21:27
New Integration Between Rakuten Symphony's Symcloud SDS and Google Distributed Cloud Edge

Rakuten Symphony has announced the integration of Rakuten Symphony Symcloud Storage - its enterprise-grade, highest-performing storage for Kubernetes - as a foundational software-defined storage (SDS) in Google’s Distributed Cloud Edge. This development further enhances the process of running Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters on the dedicated edge hardware provided and maintained by Google Cloud. It also represents a significant advancement in delivering sophisticated and integrated cloud services to businesses globally.

This partnership brings together the extensive cloud computing expertise of Google Cloud and Rakuten Symphony’s app-aware storage with advanced, persistent data management capabilities. The resulting robust and scalable storage solution is built to accommodate the ever-growing demands of modern enterprises.

Businesses can now deploy Symcloud Storage along with GKE Enterprise to support their new and emerging edge requirements, such as massive IoT, smart facilities, smart retail enterprise private 5G, and distributed edge.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaVirtuelles VoIP-Geschäftstelefonsystem

24.11.23 21:35
Virtuelles VoIP-Geschäftstelefonsystem Globaler Marktbericht | Rakuten Viber, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel

Berlin, Nov 2023 — Ein bahnbrechender Marktforschungsbericht zum Thema Virtuelles VoIP-Geschäftstelefonsystem Markt wurde veröffentlicht von STATS N DATA, soll Investoren und Organisationen einen umfassenden Überblick über den globalen Virtuelles VoIP-Geschäftstelefonsystem-Markt bieten.

Zu den prominenten Unternehmen, die die Marktlandschaft von Virtuelles VoIP-Geschäftstelefonsystem beeinflussen, gehören:

• Zoom
• Rakuten Viber
• Cisco
• Microsoft
• Mitel
• RingCentral
• Avaya
• Twilio
• Meta
• 8×8
• Verizon
• Enreach
• GoTo
• Vonage
• Ooma
• TextNow
• Aircall
• Dialpad
• Sangoma Technologies
• Dstny
• Nextiva
• Grasshopper
• 3CX
• Google
• Ziff Davis
• OpenPhone
• CounterPath (Alianza)



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaViber launches new suite of business tools

24.11.23 22:31
Rakuten Viber launches a new suite of business tools for small and medium-sized businesses

Rakuten Viber, the global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication launches a new suite of business tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Aimed to expand its overall strategy to empower businesses of every size to build their digital presence and boost customer engagement, and drive sales, Rakuten Viber has introduced diversified business solutions as a communications hub for businesses to supporting marketing goals and enabling local users to discover services. The first solution to launch on the platform is a free, self-serve communications hub for small and micro businesses to conveniently engage with local customers, manage incoming queries, enhance a business’s discoverability, and drive sales. Additional value-added services for medium-to-large business accounts will also be available soon.

Currently, the new features include public business profile where businesses can create a public, searchable business page featuring all essential information that can be shared with customers inside the app or even with people who are not Rakuten Viber users yet.

The new feature also includes dedicated chat folders and product catalogs where businesses can conveniently store customer messages separately from personal messages with family and friends. Users will also have easy access to a separate Business Inbox folder for storing their conversations with businesses. Likewise, business owners can effortlessly add new products or services to their business page’s catalog. Customers can explore and inquire about the items by sharing the link to the product directly in the chat.

Rakuten Viber’s new self-serve business accounts are currently available in Greece and the Philippines and will launch in additional countries soon. The company also plans to introduce features like broadcast messages, voice calls, and quick and automatic replies that will take communications for small business owners to the next level. Tailored pricing plans will be offered soon based on market feedback to expand the initial set of free self-serve business solutions.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage Libudareward site of Rakuten in U.K., Germany and Spain

25.11.23 10:49
Membership-based online reward sites of Rakuten in the U.K., Germany and Spain

Earn cashback at over 600 stores
Every time you shop through Rakuten, the brands give us a commission that we share with you. This is the cashback you receive!

Hast du schon Cashback oder zahlst du noch Vollpreis?
Nie Cashback verpassen!
Füge unsere Browser-Erweiterung zu Chrome, Firefox oder Opera hinzu und erkenne immer, wenn ein Online-Shop Cashback oder Deals freigeschaltet hat.

Recibe cashback comprando en más de 600 tiendas
Cada vez que compras a través de Rakuten, las marcas nos dan una comisión que compartimos contigo. ¡Esto es el cashback que recibes!



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaRakuten Bank with excellent numbers

25.11.23 13:38

61915 Postings, 6998 Tage Libuda1&1 startet eigenes 5G-Mobilfunknetz

25.11.23 21:31
1&1 startet eigenes 5G-Mobilfunknetz: Das müssen Kunden jetzt wissen

23.11.2023, 06:00 Uhr
Christian Just

1&1-Kunden stehen dramatische Umwälzungen bevor – prinzipiell der gesamten deutschen Mobilfunklandschaft: Schon am 8. Dezember 2023 startet 1&1 das hauseigene Mobilfunknetz. Was bedeutet das für Kundinnen und Kunden?



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaRakuten presents new payments terminal

25.11.23 21:50
Rakuten presents new payments terminal, and makes Rakuten Cash & Rakuten Edi interchangeable

Norbert Gehrke Jul 30

Rakuten Payment launched the “Rakuten Pay Terminal”, an all-in-one payment terminal for brick-and-mortar stores, rounding out Rakuten’s offering for merchants alongside the existing card readers “Piu” and “Elan”. To commemorate the launch, the Rakuten Pay Terminal will be available to new merchants only until Tuesday, October 31, 2023, free of installation costs.

Rakuten Pay Terminal is an all-in-one payment terminal equipped with credit card, e-money, QR code payment, receipt printer, mobile communication (4G LTE) and Wi-Fi communication functions. The all-in-one terminal eliminates the need for multiple terminals to be placed in a limited space at the checkout counter, making the area around the checkout counter more compact.

In addition, the size and weight of the terminal, which is designed to be portable and equipped with communication functions, makes it possible to handle all kinds of payment situations with a single unit, such as table service at restaurants and outdoor use at events, as well as door-to-door sales. Merchants requiring mobile data communication can use plans for the terminal provided by Rakuten Mobile.




61915 Postings, 6998 Tage Libudastrong increase of free cash flow 2024 and 2025

26.11.23 11:35
We will see a strong increase of the free cash flow in 2024 and 2025 by Rakuten.  


61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaOpen RAN in Deutschland

26.11.23 12:54
Open Ran: Revolution im Mobilfunk – zuerst in Deutschland

Mit Open Ran sollen Mobilfunknetze schneller und günstiger werden. Ein Erfolg würde die Machtverhältnisse in der Branche neu sortieren. Ihr größter Fan: ein japanischer Tech-Milliardär.
Philipp Alvares de Souza Soares 25.11.2023 - 18:10 Uhr

Hamburg, Montabaur. Hiroshi Mikitani ist ein Unternehmer mit ungewöhnlicher Mission. Der Milliardär und Gründer des japanischen Technologiekonzerns Rakuten will eine oft übersehene, aber wesentliche Infrastruktur der digitalen Moderne revolutionieren: die Mobilfunknetze.

Mithilfe der sogenannten Open-Ran-Technologie will Mikitani sie einfacher, schneller und günstiger machen. Er glaubt an eine einträgliche Wette: Für den neuen, offenen Standard rechnet Mikitani mit einem Marktvolumen von weltweit bis zu 150 Milliarden US-Dollar.

Und in Deutschland soll es beginnen. Am 8. Dezember will der Mobilfunkanbieter 1&1 sein neues 5G-Netz für Smartphones freischalten. Es wird die erste reine Open-Ran-Infrastruktur Europas sein, aufgebaut von Rakuten. 1&1 sieht in dem technologischen Experiment viel Potenzial: Open Ran sei „die spannendste Technologie“, die ihm in seiner Laufbahn begegnet sei, sagt Michael Martin, der als Mobilfunkchef im 1&1-Vorstand für den Netzaufbau zuständig ist.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaAdditional to strong increase of free cash flow

26.11.23 16:18
standalone holdco cash stood at JPY 199.49 billion as of Sept. 30 - which does not include the JPY 87 billion raised in November 2023 from a sale of a part of Rakuten Securities.  


61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaRakuten Life Well Smile

26.11.23 17:13
Rakuten Life Insurance Launches "Rakuten Life Well Smile," a New Medical Insurance Plan That Encourages Customers to Enjoy Good Health

- Policyholders can earn Rakuten Points every month by linking a record of their physical activity with the health management app Rakuten Health Care.

Tokyo, November 24, 2023 – Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd. announced today that they will launch "Rakuten Life Well Smile" (official name: Medical Insurance Based on Health Conditions (no surrender value)), a new medical insurance product that encourages healthy living, on November 25, 2023. This product is a medical insurance plan that allows the insured to receive refunds of premiums in the form of Rakuten Points or cash, with a maximum refund rate of up to 20% when they maintain good health, in addition to coverage for surgery, hospitalization and home medical care after being discharged due to illness or injury. This is the first medical insurance product in the industry to offer a refund in the form of Rakuten Points based on the insured’s health conditions. This product can be applied for both in-person via insurance agents and online starting November 25, 2023.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaRakuten help brands and publishers outperform 2024

26.11.23 21:48
What developments are happening at Rakuten to help brands and publishers outperform in 2024?

There are a couple of big focus areas for us as a business at the moment, and one of them is our Audience Engine. Now this really brings targeting into the affiliate space and I don’t think it's really existed before in the industry.

I remember distinctly having a conversation with a sort of disgruntled CMO about five or six years ago, and he was always talking frustratedly about affiliate and saying that the concern for him, was that if he looked at his other channels, such as the paid search and programmatic display etc., he can do some quite granular audience targeting through these channels. Although he loved the performance model of affiliate marketing, he really hated the fact that he couldn’t do any sort of granular targeting. Our industry-first Audience Engine brings that into the affiliate channel.

It allows publishers to monetise their own audiences and we know that third-party data is effectively disappearing or has disappeared due to browser changes. So, increasingly, advertisers are going to be looking at their publisher network, the publishers out there who have their own data, and how they can take advantage of that to find the right customer. Sometimes, particularly for luxury brands that we work with, it's finding a needle in a haystack and having targeting that allows you to take advantage of that audience data that our publishers have can really turbo charge and boost your affiliate programme.

The second thing, I don't want to sound like a cliche, but AI. We are going to see a big shift towards the use of AI in performance marketing over the next 12 to 18 months. The Rakuten business at a group level signed a strategic partnership with OpenAI, so we're looking at how we're bringing AI into our business. I think it's going to help brands and publishers. The first iterations are going to be very much about discovery, helping brands and publishers find each other better and more quickly to simplify things, and build those connections, which is ultimately what affiliate marketing is all about.
I know there are several sessions at PI LIVE next week talking about AI and where that can go, so I'm really excited to be going and to listen to some of that content, but also to talk to people about what we're doing at Rakuten Advertising there.




61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaDas ist Rakuten Symphony "drin"

27.11.23 11:13
1&1 startet Smartphone-Tarife im eigenen Mobilfunknetz am 8. Dezember

Montabaur, 22. November 2023. Nachdem 1&1 vor einem Jahr das europaweit erste Mobilfunknetz auf Basis der innovativen Open-RAN-Technologie mit „5G zu Hause“ in Betrieb genommen hat, erfolgt nun die Freischaltung mobiler Dienste. Ab dem 8. Dezember 2023 kann das 1&1 5G-Netz auch mit Smartphones genutzt werden. Dann ist das Netz voll funktionsfähig.

Überall dort, wo das im Aufbau befindliche 5G-Netz noch über keine eigene Abdeckung verfügt, steht 1&1 Kunden im Rahmen eines um 5G erweiterten Nationalen Roaming automatisch das 2G/4G/5G-Netz von Telefónica Deutschland zur Verfügung. Ab Sommer 2024 wird 1&1 Nationales Roaming planmäßig von Vodafone nutzen und Vorleistungen von Telefónica Deutschland schrittweise verringern.
Um einen Unterschied im deutschen Mobilfunkmarkt zu machen, errichtet 1&1 das modernste Mobilfunknetz Europas. Dazu setzt 1&1 vollständig auf die innovative Open-RAN-Technologie. Herzstück des 1&1-Netzes bildet eine private Cloud in dezentralen Edge-Rechenzentren, die via Glasfaser mit Gigabit-Antennen verbunden sind. Sämtliche Netzfunktionen werden per Software gesteuert, die auf herkömmlichen Servern läuft, wie man sie in jedem Rechenzentrum findet.
Anders als in herkömmlichen Netzarchitekturen, die häufig nur von einem Hersteller bereitgestellt werden, verfügt das 1&1 Open RAN über standardisierte Schnittstellen, über die 1&1 flexibel mit den sichersten und besten Ausrüstern am Markt zusammenarbeitet. So verzichtet 1&1 von Beginn an auf Komponenten chinesischer Hersteller.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaStrong Liquidity

27.11.23 17:13
Free cash flow, the holdco cash and the cash from the sale of a part of Rakuten Securities last month are enough “to redeem a JPY 68 billion subordinated bond on its Dec. 13 first call date, and faces an additional JPY 321 billion of bond maturities in 2024”.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaCloud Innovation

28.11.23 10:13
Voices from Rakuten Product Conference 2023: Cloud Innovation

November 24, 2023

What Cloud applications or innovations are industry leaders most excited about? We asked the experts at Rakuten Product Conference 2023, Rakuten India’s flagship tech event. How is cloud technology changing the way you work, live and communicate?



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaIn Deutschland 1&1 führend

28.11.23 10:39
Der Aufbau des OpenRAN-Netzwerkes ist ein einzigartiges Großprojekt

Durch den Aufbau eines eigenen Netzes kann man langfristig nicht nur von anderen Netzen unabhängig werden, sondern auch neue Geschäftsbereiche und Kundengruppen gewinnen. 2019 hat das Unternehmen für mehr als 1 Mrd. Euro 5G-Lizenzen bei der Bundesnetzagentur erworben. Insgesamt sollen über die kommenden sieben Jahre bis zu 5 Mrd. Euro in die digitale Infrastruktur gesteckt werden. Die Verwendung des softwarebasierten OpenRAN-Netzes ist dabei einzigartig. Die hierfür notwendigen Rechenzentren lassen sich mit Standardhardware betreiben und die dazugehörigen Netzfunktionen mittels Software in der Cloud steuern. In der Theorie ist der Aufbau solch eines Netzes um bis zu 40 % und der Betrieb bis zu 30 % günstiger. Wettbewerber wie die Telekom, Telefónica und Vodafone haben bisher auf teure Ausrüstung von Huawei, Nokia oder Ericsson zurückgegriffen. Für die Installation des Netzequipments entschied sich United Internet für die Rakuten-Tochter Rakuten Symphony. Sie hat im Jahr 2020 als weltweit erstes Unternehmen bereits ein OpenRAN-Netz in Betrieb genommen.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaOver $30 Billion in Open RAN Networks by 2030

28.11.23 16:19
Mobile Operators to Invest Over $30 Billion in Open RAN Networks by 2030

Nov 1, 2023

Accelerated growth is expected from 2025 onwards after stagnation in 2023 and 2024.

Open RAN network investments to grow at a CAGR of 24% during the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific and North America will remain the largest Open RAN markets in the forecast period.

Europe is expected to record the fastest growth with a CAGR of 108% during 2023-2030.

Open RAN network investments have increased steadily in recent years, driven primarily by greenfield network operators in the Asia-Pacific and North American regions. However, following this period of rapid network build-outs, greenfield operators are looking to lower capex in 2023 and 2024 and focus on network monetization. Some Tier-1 operators, notably Vodafone, have announced major plans recently to deploy open RAN, but most brownfield network operators remain very cautious about additional investments in 5G infrastructure, particularly Open RAN, due to the uncertain macroeconomic climate.

As a result, Counterpoint Research expects that the Open RAN market will stagnate during this and the next year. Investments will start to increase YoY after 2025 with network operators investing a cumulative total of more than $30 billion between 2022 and 2030. This represents a CAGR of 24% for the forecast period of 2023-2030.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage Libuda2024 global ad spend will surpass $1 trillion

28.11.23 17:14

Global ad spending is predicted to exceed $1 trillion in 2024, according to a report from marketing research firm WARC.

Spend is expected to increase 8.2% next year, the report estimates, while this year it’s set to jump 4.4% to $963 billion.

Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Alibaba, and TikTok parent ByteDance will pull in 51.9% of all ad spend next year, per WARC’s analysis. Nitin Sinha, head of paid media at ad agency Laundry Service, told Marketing Brew he isn’t surprised that advertising spend could hit $1 trillion next year, especially considering the many advertising options these tech companies offer.

Though some advertisers have pulled back on marketing spend over the past few years due to concerns over a potential recession, recent signs have shown that the industry could be bouncing back: Meta and Google reported better-than-expected Q2 earnings, while companies like Kraft Heinz and Nestle have increased marketing spend this year.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaMeet our Senior Vice President, Technology

28.11.23 21:00
Rakuten Symphony Employee Spotlight: Meet Sandeep

ideas come together to unlock the future of connectivity? The answer is people; Some of the most talented and ambitious in telecom, connected by a shared goal to do things differently and bring vital disruption to the industry. We caught up with some of our heart-led high performers from Rakuten Symphony India to learn about their passions, highlights and inspirations, as well as hear what advice they had for potential future colleagues. Watch this video to meet our Senior Vice President, Technology, Sandeep.




61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaStandalone Enterprise 5G - The New Era

28.11.23 21:46
Standalone Enterprise 5G- The New Era of Enterprise Solutions | Fierce Wireless Enterprise 5G Summit

The enterprise customer will be the largest revenue source for 5G, but some of the E5G use cases will require 5G Standalone (SA) core to function effectively. What transformation potential does SA E5G hold and despite such importance, what is holding operators back from deploying it? Rakuten Symphony’s Oni Chakravartti and industry leaders discuss these ground realities at the 2023 Fierce Wireless Enterprise 5G Summit.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaRakuten is well placed to achieve its 2024 goals

29.11.23 22:06
Rakuten said in a statement to Reuters it was well placed to achieve its 2024 goals and that the mobile unit has a clear path to profitability, citing recent accelerated subscriber growth.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage Libudazu 11047

29.11.23 22:12
In the not corrected report Reuters had manipulated the facts.  


61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaPart of the correction of Reuters false facts

29.11.23 22:29
Rakuten's published break-even scenario for the unit calls for subscribers to climb to 8-10 million from 5.2 million at the end of September. In the most recent quarter, subscribers grew by around 400,000. At that rate, it would take well into 2025 - after much of its upcoming bond redemptions are due - for Rakuten to reach the lower end of its target.

In its statement to Reuters, Rakuten noted it had net subscriber growth of 192,000 in October, a monthly level that if maintained would mean it could reach 8 million subscribers by December 2024.
Rakuten's break-even scenario also calls for ARPU to rise to between 2,500 and 3,000 yen from 2,046 yen currently.



61915 Postings, 6998 Tage LibudaRakuten would take well into 2025

29.11.23 22:33
Rakuten's published break-even scenario for the unit calls for subscribers to climb to 8-10 million from 5.2 million at the end of September. In the most recent quarter, subscribers grew by around 400,000. At that rate, it would take well into 2025 - after much of its upcoming bond redemptions are due - for Rakuten to reach the lower end of its target.

In its statement to Reuters, Rakuten noted it had net subscriber growth of 192,000 in October, a monthly level that if maintained would mean it could reach 8 million subscribers by December 2024.
Rakuten's break-even scenario also calls for ARPU to rise to between 2,500 and 3,000 yen from 2,046 yen currently.



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