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61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaAuch wichtiger Grund für die Kapitalerhöhung m.E.

15.05.23 20:13
An important reason for the share offer of Rakuten was after my estimates the need of trust in the continuance of Rakuten Symphony for long-term clients.  


61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaDie Kapitalerhöhung ist da

16.05.23 16:21
Announcement Regarding the Issuance of New Shares through Public Offering and Third-Party Allotment
Rakuten Group, Inc. (head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman, President and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani; the “Company”) resolved to issue new shares through public offering and third-party allotment at its board of directors meeting held today, as described below.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaPatience are needed - but success will come

16.05.23 21:34

Rakuten Mobile still has less than 3% market share

Mia Gordon May 15, 2023

Metrics are improving, but is the progress in acquiring new customers fast enough?

Rakuten Mobile’s operating loss for the first quarter was ¥102.7 billion (€697 million). That rather took the shine off revenue, which rose 25.7% year-on-year to reach 96.3 billion yen ($700 million), with APRU per customer doubling from the year-ago period.

However, it included a roughly $76 million contribution from Rakuten Symphony, which sells Open RAN technology and know-how to other vendors.

The operator’s Q1 results show that as of May 10, Rakuten Mobile had connected 4.65 million customers directly to its groundbreaking network, up from 4.49 million at the start of the year. However, NTT Docomo has 87.5 million mobile subscribers (20.6 million with 5G); KDDI has over 63 million and SoftBank over 39 million.

True, operating losses have fallen quarter-on-quarter since peaking at 135 billion yen in the first quarter of 2022, and are expected to continue to fall — as more customers sign up.




61058 Postings, 6851 Tage Libuda$2.4B for Mobile Operations, Debt Repayment

16.05.23 21:59
Rakuten Group Plans to Raise $2.4B for Mobile Operations, Debt Repayment

Published: May 16, 2023 at 3:32 a.m. ET

By Kosaku Narioka

Rakuten Group said it planned to raise 332.18 billion yen ($2.44 billion) by selling new shares to fund its mobile business and repay debt.

The Japanese company said it would issue up to 546.9 million shares, or 34% of its total 1.59 billion outstanding shares.

Rakuten said it would spend Y188.30 billion of the proceeds on capital expenditure and operations for its mobile business, including Y40.00 billion to build 4G and 5G base stations.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaMamenta Partners with Rakuten Ichiba

17.05.23 16:25
Mamenta Partners with Rakuten to Support Rakuten Ichiba E-Commerce Merchants

DENVER, May 17, 2023 Mamenta, Inc., today announced the company is partnering with Rakuten Group, Inc., a global leader in internet services, to support e-commerce merchants on Rakuten Ichiba, the Japan-based internet shopping mall operated by Rakuten. Mamenta has integrated its technology suite – that makes it easy for brands like Harman International, Netflix, McAfee and others to seamlessly connect data and inventory positions – into Rakuten Ichiba.

This new partnership with Rakuten expands Mamenta’s preeminent network of strategic partners and provides broad support for established and emerging marketplaces around the world. Brands and retailers can unleash their selling potential and reach millions of online shoppers in one of the world's largest economies by listing their products on Rakuten Ichiba.

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/...uten-135700235.html?.tsrc=fin-srchn to Support Rakuten Ichiba E-Commerce Merchants



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaCheap Valuation and Mobile Turnaround on Horiuon

17.05.23 17:08
Rakuten: ¥333bn Offering Confirmed, Cheap Valuation and Mobile Turnaround on the Horizon

16 May 2023 13:57

Rakuten's move to leverage KDDI's network is a catalyst for the mobile business turnaround and it outweighs the impact of dilution from the ¥333bn share offering



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaBoosting Rakuten's profit to Yen 150-200bn

17.05.23 21:29
Mobile breakeven could drive Rakuten’s operating profit to ¥150-200bn, potentially boosting the share price to around ¥2,000

Rakuten: ¥333bn Offering Confirmed, Cheap Valuation and Mobile Turnaround on the Horizon

By Oshadhi Kumarasiri

Rakuten (4755 JP) announced a public offering of 468.1m new shares and third-party allotment of 78.8m shares to secure ¥333bn.

Enhanced network coverage via KDDI network sharing to attract new users and overcome previous barriers for Rakuten Mobile.

Mobile breakeven could drive Rakuten’s operating profit to ¥150-200bn, potentially boosting the share price to around ¥2,000.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaSupport in the near-term

17.05.23 22:47
Rakuten (4755 JP) Offering: Could Drop Some More Before Passive Buying Kicks In

By Brian Freitas

Rakuten (4755 JP) is looking to raise around US$2.4bn by selling shares via a Japanese Public Offering and an International Offering as well as through a third-party allotment.

The stock has already dropped 13.7% in the last couple of days on large volumes as the rumours of the offering started to swirl.

The offering prices late next week and passive trackers will be buying stock once the stock settles and this will provide support in the near-term.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaA Big Deal With Very Interesting Characteristics

18.05.23 10:00
Rakuten (4755 JP) – A Big Deal With Very Interesting Characteristics – Index Matters

By Travis Lundy

Yesterday (15 May 2023) just before EOD, an article ran suggesting a ¥300bn capital raise by Rakuten (4755 JP). The stock fell 10% in 10mins. Rakuten hemmed/hawed but didn’t deny.

One day later, we have a deal. It is up to 546mm shares including greenshoe, which at the close was ¥333bn. 468mm shares to the public, 79mm to 3rd parties.

This increases Real World Float by 95%. In that respect this is vaguely IPO-ish. Investors have to re-underwrite. Then Passive re-shrinks the float. Details matter.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaHow real is Open RAN?

18.05.23 13:37

May 11, 2023 By Paul Lipscombe

ABI Research estimates that total spending on Open RAN radio units for the public outdoor macrocell network will reach $69.5 billion in 2030.

The reason why Open RAN is so important is that the spectrum in 5G is huge. You have the lower end of the spectrum, such as 4G, then the mid-band, plus the millimeter wave, and all of the higher frequencies for IoT applications and so on. The opening up of the RAN space with an open and flexible infrastructure is very, very important in 5G as it can tap into new applications at the Edge and for specific use cases.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaThe Train Schedule is now available on Viber

18.05.23 22:04
Bulgarian Railways: The Train Schedule is now available on Viber

May 18, 2023

"Bulgarian Railways" (BDZ) expands the possibilities of accessing information about train schedules, and for additional convenience, Viber users can use the newly created chatbot "BDZ-Information". In a few steps with indications of date, starting station of departure and final station of arrival, the assistant in Viber shows the trains that are about to depart according to the criteria set by the travelers.

The BDZ bot allows any user to quickly and easily check the train schedule for all cities in Bulgaria for a few days ahead, as well as monitor up-to-date information on train delays.

A pleasant addition for the users of the application are the specially made thematic stickers expressing emotions and pleasant moments of the train journey. "In the wagon for the seaside", "Reserved place" and "I protect nature" are just some of the messages that will already diversify the chats of BDZ customers.

The presence of BDZ in Viber is another step of the national railway carrier towards providing new and more opportunities for its customers in relation to consumer needs. Travelers in Bulgaria will now receive train schedules easily and conveniently on their mobile phone through the most used communication application in Bulgaria - Viber.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaValue of Rakuten Viber between $ 2-3 billion

18.05.23 22:29
Value of Rakuten Viber is after my estimates between $ 2 billion and $ 3 billion

Viber Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)

Key Viber user stats. Includes data on the valuation, revenue, number of users number of employees, and more.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaSMS Service, Symworld CPaaS SMS API

19.05.23 11:36
Rakuten Mobile Starts Full-scale Sales in Japan for SMS Service, Symworld CPaaS SMS API
- Service offers carrier-grade SMS for 8 yen per message. - 24/7 free operational support desk available.

May 18, 2023, Tokyo, Japan – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. today announced the start of full-scale sales in Japan for Symworld  CPaaS SMS API, its enterprise mobile short messaging service developed by Rakuten Symphony Singapore Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Rakuten Symphony, Inc.

Symworld CPaaS SMS API allows companies to send SMS (short messages) to customers' mobile phones and smartphones with individual, consolidated and scheduled SMS delivery available. Developed and operated in-house by the Rakuten Group, this service offers carrier-grade SMS delivery at one of the lowest price points in the industry at 8 yen per message (excluding tax).

The service utilizes direct carrier connection as its transmission method to realize swift and stable communications between companies and customers. By connecting directly to four Japanese mobile carriers, including Rakuten Mobile, SMS can be sent safely with high delivery rates and low delays. In addition, free operational support by telephone and email is provided in Japanese 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The mobile messaging service is available in two options. The first is via SMS API connection transmission, which works by connecting this service with the customer's system via API. Establishing an API connection makes it possible to link with SMS authentication systems used for member registration and other processes requiring identity verification, as well as with in-house business tools currently in use.

The second mobile messaging service is via dashboard transmission which allows the customer to send messages from a simple dashboard interface featuring visualized information displayed in charts and graphs. In addition to SMS editing and admin functionality, the dashboard includes various functions including delivery settings, send list management and delivery status analysis.

On January 30, 2023, Rakuten Mobile rolled out the full-scale launch of the Rakuten Mobile Business Plan, a mobile carrier service for business customers. With Symworld CPaaS SMS API and more, the company will continue to further strengthen its service offerings for business customers.

Rakuten Symphony is globally deploying open-interface communication platforms based on its track record of building state-of-the-art infrastructure. SMS is characterized by high delivery and opening rates, and in addition to its convenience for business, Rakuten is developing this service because demand is increasing for SMS as an emergency contact measure. Symworld CPaaS SMS API was launched by Rakuten Symphony in July 2022 and has already been deployed by global companies in Europe and the United States.

Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony will continue to support efforts to improve corporate productivity and operational efficiency through the development and provision of high-quality services that meet the diverse business needs of customers.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaRakuten is the biggest owner of Cabify

19.05.23 21:06
Singer María Becerra Drops the Mic in Animated Spot for Cabify

'Let Yourself Go' is the new Cabify campaign with the special collaboration of number one Spotify artist, Maria Becerra, created jointly by The Juju and Agite agencies.

With the new campaign, Cabify chooses to reflect the power that music has to transport us to different places, create climates, make us remember a moment and associate that moment with a trip.

In the spot starring María Becerra, we can see the artist letting herself go and reliving the journey of her career as a singer. The campaign also includes a playlist that the singer curated for Cabify users to listen to when they make their trip.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaEBITDA of Rakuten increased 42.9 billion Yen

20.05.23 09:24
EBITDA of Rakuten increased 42.9 billion Yen ($ 311 million) YOY

Rakuten Group’s consolidated earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) was ¥7.4 billion, an increase of 42.9 billion Yen, having been dragged into the red by its mobile subsidiary whose network has cost around $10 billion to build. It remains to be seen if Rakuten Mobile will break even this year as per the guidance.

Rakuten Mobile is also banking on the CapEx and operational advantages (efficiency and cost savings) of its trailblazing Open RAN approach in the long run, and its steep roaming costs will fall as its reliance on KDDI lessens and its own coverage and density expand.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaValue Rakuten provides for others in the Open RAN

20.05.23 21:38
The value Rakuten provides for others in the Open RAN space

Rakuten might be best described as the poster child for Open RAN, so it was no surprise that the company provided an update at the Big 5G Event. Rakuten lays claim to the largest Open RAN deployment in the world, and it has aggregated its learnings with its Symphony Symworld 4G and 5G Open RAN offerings.

I was initially skeptical about Symworld, given the competitive nature of operators, and I wondered whether others would adopt Rakuten’s solution. However, that quickly changed for me a year ago. Symworld was launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona in 2022, and I was impressed by the collaboration out of the gate between Rakuten and AT&T. Not only does AT&T plan to leverage Rakuten’s intellectual property for its own Open RAN deployments, but it will also collaborate to enhance Symworld over time. Support from Nokia and Cisco also points to the value Rakuten provides for others in the Open RAN space, where it hopes to capitalize on its deployment agility and savings in capital and operational expenses.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaRakuten Mobile's recommended models

21.05.23 16:37
Rakuten Mobile’s recommended models[May 2023]: 1-yen smartphones are popular, and you can buy iPhones at a great price



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaLöschung

22.05.23 08:53

Zeitpunkt: 24.05.23 13:13
Aktion: Löschung des Beitrages
Kommentar: Unzureichende Quellenangabe




61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaBecome the market incumbent in the Open RAN space

22.05.23 10:40
Rakuten Symphony UK, outlines how the Japanese telco disruptor is well-positioned to become the market incumbent in the Open RAN space
May 2023

Rakuten Symphony UK

Nastasi Karaiskos, Managing Director of Rakuten Symphony UK, outlines how the Japanese telco disruptor is well-positioned to become the market incumbent in the Open RAN space.

(start at page 11)  


61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaRakuten Synphony is strong in Edge Computing

22.05.23 20:44

Edge Computing and Distributed Infrastructure: Edge computing continues to gain prominence as more devices become interconnected and generate vast amounts of data. In the future, edge infrastructure will play a crucial role in processing and analyzing data closer to the source, reducing latency and enabling real-time insights and actions. Edge data centers and micro data centers located at the network edge will proliferate, supporting applications such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and augmented reality. The distributed nature of edge computing will necessitate a robust and scalable infrastructure that can handle the increased demand for computing, storage, and networking resources.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaStart a Global Phase 3 Trial of Alluminox

23.05.23 21:38
Rakuten Medical to Start a Global Phase 3 Trial of Alluminox Treatment Using ASP-1929 for Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer in India


Rakuten Medical, Inc. (Rakuten Medical), a global biotechnology company developing and commercializing precision, cell-targeting therapies based on its proprietary Alluminox platform, today announced that the Company has been granted permission from the Indian Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) to conduct its global, pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial (ASP-1929-301/ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03769506) evaluating Alluminox treatment (photoimmunotherapy) using ASP-1929 in patients with locoregional, recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) in India, and the registration of clinical trial information with the Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRI) has been completed (CTRI Identifier: CTRI/2023/05/052728). The study sites will include several leading medical institutions in India such as the Tata Memorial Centre and Narayana Health, and the treatment will be administered to enrolled patients once ready. This ASP-1929-301 study is currently underway in several countries such as the U.S. and Taiwan, and will enroll 275 patients globally including Indian patients.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaThe predominant technology in future of telecoms

24.05.23 08:53
“We see Open RAN as being the predominant technology in future of telecoms industry” – Rakuten Symphony


Rakuten Symphony are positioning themselves to be the ‘go-to’ player for Open RAN – and the recent launch of their Open RAN Customer Experience Centre in the United Kingdom has been labelled as a ‘major step forward’ by industry analysts.

In a candid and in-depth discussion with CNME, Karaiskos acknowledged that historically, the radio access network space has been dominated by a very small number of vendors, but he believes Rakuten Symphony are disrupting the status quo, especially when it comes to Open RAN.

“Our UK and European customer base is growing as the adoption of Open RAN and need for operational automation increases. My technology experience has been around building networks, cloud, and building the infrastructure around data centres and putting fibre in the ground.”

Karaiskos explained the process behind Rakuten opening their experience centre in the UK, and expressed his belief that it will serve as a great hub for talent and innovation.

“Both the UK and Japanese governments really see Open RAN as being the predominant technology for the future development of the telecoms industry. They were very impressed by its security and scalability – and that’s very important for industry players to both see and hear, and will only serve to accelerate adoption of Open RAN,” said Karaiskos.

Karaiskos emphasised the importance of dispelling some of the myths about Open RAN, and said that Rakuten Symphony are in a good place to do just that.

Karaiskos also highlighted the transformative impact automation can have for telecommunication operators, drawing upon the success of Rakuten Mobile, Japan’s fourth mobile network operator. Rakuten Mobile owns the largest Open RAN virtualised cloud deployment in the world, with just under 400,000 sites currently in operation and almost 100% coverage.

“Operators are very open in terms of looking at what we are doing here because they see the benefits that automation can bring for them. We know that in a typical telecoms’ estate automation hasn’t featured particularly heavily. The example we often use is the network size of Rakuten Mobile. The national network coverage of Japan is just under 100%, a network of that size from my experience of working with European operators you’re going to need a huge team of anywhere between 6,000-9,000 people in terms of field services, operational staff, SOC and NOC to manage that the network. However, at Rakuten Mobile that network is being operated by 250 people because of the automation. Operators need to look at how they can optimise and automate their operations to improve scale, commercial and energy efficiency Karaiskos said.



1744 Postings, 2170 Tage irgendwieEndlich geschafft

24.05.23 09:13
Schlusskurs unter 600 YEN auf Tagestief bei 584  

61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaRakuten Set to Raise $2.18 Billion Through Share

24.05.23 11:19
Japan's Rakuten Set to Raise $2.18 Billion Through Share Issue

May 24, 2023, at 3:44

Rakuten will issue 407,045,400 new shares with a green shoe option of up to 61,056,700 shares, along with 74,204,700 shares through allocations to founder and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani, his asset management firm, CyberAgent Inc and Tokyu Corp.

Rakuten set the price at 566 yen per share with the offer to launch May 31. The group's shares closed down 2% at 584 yen on Wednesday ahead of the announcement.



61058 Postings, 6851 Tage LibudaAdditional to my last posting

24.05.23 11:48

A dilution happened - but this operation must be and is the base for the reach of the break even and the jump of the share-price.  


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