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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaRakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

15.11.14 10:58
- und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Rakuten?
Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisition, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company’s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully, become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitions to date along these lines, this is Rakuten’s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisition, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten’s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-present Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Ebates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprisingly, Rakuten says it is undaunted. For starters, it has assembled a very interesting mix of acquisitions. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service Wuaki.tv, Viki, a digital content platform and Buy.com.
Now it has picked up Ebates.



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50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaRakuten TV startet AVOD-Service in Europa

15.10.19 23:33

Als erste paneuropäische VOD-Plattform bietet Rakuten TV auf werbegestützten Kanälen Hollywoodproduktionen sowie lokale und exklusive Inhalte kostenlos an

October 15, 2019 04:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CANNES, Frankreich--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rakuten TV, eine der führenden Video-On-Demand-Plattformen in Europa, bietet seinen Nutzern künftig auch kostenlose Inhalte an. Mit Start des neuen Geschäftsmodells AVOD (Advertising-Video-On-Demand) können Zuschauer jetzt eine große Auswahl an Inhalten kostenfrei auf der Plattform genießen.

Zum Start wird das kostenlose Angebot von Rakuten TV mit Hollywoodproduktionen sowie lokalen Inhalten bestückt sein. In einem nächsten Schritt geht es mit einem kombinierten linearen und On-Demand-Angebot um exklusive Rakuten-Inhalte, TV Serien, Dokumentarfilme, Nachrichten und Sportkanäle in die Erweiterung.

Zu den exklusiven Inhalten, die Rakuten TV auf seinem neuen AVOD-Kanal zeigen wird, gehört mit Matchday – Inside FC Barcelona die neue Dokumentarserie über den FC Barcelona. Diese zeigt exklusive und bisher unbekannte Szenen aus dem Privatleben der Spieler und wird von John Malkovich erzählt. Die Serie ist eine Kreation der Barça Studios, dem hauseigenen Produktionsstudio des FC Barcelona, in Zusammenarbeit mit Kosmos Studios, Rakuten Inc. in Verbindung mit Rakuten H Collective Studio und Producciones del Barrio.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaMore about Rakuten Fashion

16.10.19 08:22

Rakuten Fashion will provide one-stop digital solutions to fashion businesses by employing Rakuten Group assets that cover the entire process from production to sales, including demand forecasting, order management, payment systems, fulfillment services, overseas sales support and product planning. Through this vision, Rakuten plans to further empower the fashion industry by building a more open platform.

Rakuten will seek to run a robust, well-rounded platform that includes UI/UX design improvements and service development. In addition to leveraging Rakuten's IT and business expertise through Rakuten Fashion, brands and users will be able to take full advantage of industry experience that can only be acquired from fashion professionals and apparel companies. Rakuten aims to transform Rakuten Fashion into a digital platform that features helpful support functions, products and services.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaKein Nonevent, das irgendwann wieder verschwindet

17.10.19 15:28
"Lyft was founded in 2012, and has over 30 million riders and 2 million drivers. We are singularly focused on improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation and committed to building reliable, affordable and sustainable transportation."



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaDelivery service Glovo launches in Kherson

17.10.19 18:18
Delivery service Glovo launches in Kherson
02 October, 2019, 18:10

Dmytro Demchenko
Delivery service Glovo has started its operations in Kherson, as informed by the press service of the company.

         •§Kherson is the eleventh Ukrainian city to welcome Glovo. The service also operates in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, Poltava, Mykolaiv, and Chernihiv.

         •§The company’s couriers can deliver anything that does not violate the rules of the service and does not exceed the size of the original backpack 40x40x30 cm and weight of 9 kg.

         •§Order processing time is less than an hour.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaUber of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world

17.10.19 18:20

Cabify is essentially the Uber of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world. It has a strong presence in Spain, Mexico and Brazil, and a growing presence in countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. It’s also available in Portugal, although initially just in Lisbon and Porto.

It seems like Cabify are differentiating themselves by being the upmarket taxi service. The cars are always nice, and often brand new, and they often give out Cabify-branded water and sweets as well.

This does mean that Cabify is often more expensive than other services like Uber or Taxify.
         •§Fare Estimate (Praça do Comércio to Lisbon Airport): €12.15.
         •§Free Credit: €6 with code jamesc130
         •§App available for iOS and Android.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaProminent help for Rakuten by Altiostar

17.10.19 18:30



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaIch halte das schlicht und einfach für eine

17.10.19 20:35
Provokation, obwohl ich Ride-Hailing auch nicht völlig unkritisch gegenüberstehe


Denn Lyft und Uber werden schon aus Eigennutz alles unternehmen, um in ihren Beförderungsmittel für Sicherheit zu sorgen. Und die Amis sind meines Erachtens nicht so blöd, diese Wichtigtuerei von Politikern in diesem Fall als billige Schaumschlägerei zu entlarven.  


50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaUnd die in 4139 angeführten 30 million riders

17.10.19 20:38
and 2 million drivers gehören eher zu den Wählern der Demokraten, deren Vertreter hier einen auf scheinheilig machen, was meines Erachtens nicht ankommen wird.  


50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaCarousell believes the car market will keep

17.10.19 21:16
feeding the company's growth

02 October 2019

Carousell, an online classifieds marketplace company, is focusing on the auto portion of their market to help increase the company's growth throughout this year.

The company's General Manager for the Philippines, Raffy Montemayor, recently stated that the auto market is one of the key areas that is helping drive growth for the entire platform.

“I am confident that our automobiles business unit will lead in the online classified space,” he said.

He also stated that both overall listings for cars and views of those listings have continued to grow ever since OLX Philippines consumers have transitioned onto the Carousell marketplace.

Karl Magsuci, the Head of Cars for Carousell Philippines, also recently stated that overall car listing views have increased from 106,000 to around 312,000 and listings themselves went from 6,000 to 13,000 after the transition from OLX.

Auto parts and accessories saw views go from 71,000 to 121,000 and listings went from 1,600 to 5,300 since the transition.

Views for listings of motorcycles moved from 44,000 to 102,000 and actual listings grew from 1,200 to 4,000.

Magsuci said that the company believes that both views and listings will keep increasing as the year moves on. He also said that growth is expected to actually increase by next year as the platform continues to upgrade itself to make it easier for consumers to use.

Earlier this summer Carousell and OLX began conducting operations together as Carousell.ph with a focus on becoming the Philippines' top digital retail site.

The two companies merged after Carousell received an investment from OLX Group's owner Naspers which led to the platform acquiring OLX Philippines.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaViber wants to expand its services in Myanmar

17.10.19 21:26
Rakuten Viber wants to expand its services in Myanmar beyond calling and instant messaging to incorporate payments, transfers and e-commerce, its chief executive, Djamel Agaoua, told the Myanmar Times.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaLöschung

18.10.19 08:17

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50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaFür einen Laien schwer zu beurteilen

18.10.19 08:39
Nokia not part of second phase Rakuten rollout
By Keith Dyer 16 October 2019
Nokia's role in Rakuten's Open RAN won't move to second phase antenna unit.

As Rakuten moves to a wider deployment beyond its launch phase, CTO Tareq Amin wants a sleeker product – one that is easier to deploy and costs less. So he is specifying an integrated radio-antenna unit, within one enclosure. That won’t be from Nokia, he told TMN. Instead he is working directly with hardware provider Flex and also with KMW – with both companies going ahead with a design.

Rakuten announced the Phase Two antenna units in September, and TMN asked Nokia then if it was involved. It never managed to produce an answer, and this is probably why.

For 5G, the operator has chosen a 3.5GHz antenna-radio unit from NEC and will deploy mmWave small cells from Airspan that are based on the Qualcomm’s FSM 100xx SoC design. In fact here may be rather a lot of those going down, with Amin telling a conference today in Barcelona that street poles are easy to get onto in Japan, and that the country might well have the largest mmWave deployment in the world in 2020.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaBis auf Kulmbacher Bier bin ich zwar bei Produkten

18.10.19 23:13
aus Kulmbach vorsichtig, aber das klingt m.E. ganz vielversprechend:

Wirecard: Spannende Pläne mit der Viber-App - Aktienanalyse

04.10.19 12:30
Der Aktionär

Kulmbach (www.aktiencheck.de) - Wirecard-Aktienanalyse von "Der Aktionär":

Nikolas Kessler vom Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär" nimmt in einer aktuellen Aktienanalyse die Aktie des Zahlungsdienstleisters Wirecard AG (ISIN: DE0007472060, WKN: 747206, Ticker-Symbol: WDI, Nasdaq OTC-Symbol: WRCDF) unter die Lupe.

Wirecard habe am Freitag ein neues Projekt vorgestellt: Der Zahlungsabwickler unterstütze den "Moneytou"-Service von Mastercard, der Transaktionen über den Instant-Messaging-App Viber von Rakuten ermögliche. Die Reichweite des Dienstes sei enorm.

Wirecard starte gemeinsam mit Rakuten Viber und dessen Partner NeoPay einen neuen Geldüberweisungsservice für Nutzer der Viber Instant Messaging App. Mit "Moneytou - powered by Mastercard" könnten Nutzer schnell und sicher Geld über die Messaging App senden. Wirecard wickle dabei alle Peer-to-Peer-Transaktionen über digitale Payment-Karten ab.

Der Dienst solle laut einer Pressemitteilung zunächst in Ungarn starten und anschließend in weiteren osteuropäischen Ländern angeboten werden. In der ersten Phase würden die Partner bis Jahresende bereits 25 Millionen Nutzer gewinnen wollen. Weltweit würden aber bereits über eine Milliarde Menschen den Messaging-Dienst Viber von Rakuten nutzen - das Potenzial sei daher enorm.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaMore Content for Rakuten Viki

19.10.19 07:01


50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaRakuten TV moves to expand service

19.10.19 20:17
with free ad-supported service across Europe - coming soon to a smart TV near you...

The free section of Rakuten TV will launch with an initial offer including Hollywood and local content to be expanded to additionally include exclusive Rakuten content, TV series, documentary series, news and sport channels in the coming months - with a combined linear and on-demand offer.

Exclusive content will include Matchday - Inside FC Barcelona, the new documentary series about FC Barcelona from the inside, offering previously unseen and exclusive scenes from the players’ private lives.

This news comes alongside a renewed platform design for Rakuten TV, with what it calls "a more attractive look & feel, a more intuitive user interface and a simpler user journey". Within the new interface, viewers will discover the new channel offering featuring ad-supported content inside the ‘free’ section implemented within the header menu.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaAn important agreement

20.10.19 12:51

South Korea’s SK Telecom Co. will provide its fifth-generation network solutions to Japanese e-commerce conglomerate Rakuten, becoming the first Korean mobile carrier to sell its 5G technology overseas.

Under the agreement, SK Telecom will share with Rakuten its 5G network designs, optimized communication quality solutions and 5G antenna and radio frequency transmission technologies, according to industry sources on Thursday.

Rakuten is Japan’s largest e-commerce operator with annual revenue of more than 1 trillion yen ($9.29 billion). It obtained the license to become Japan’s fourth mobile carrier last year. Through the launch of a new subsidiary, Rakuten Mobile, it plans to release long-term evolution mobile network offerings and roll out 5G services in June 2020.

As a novice in the market, Rakuten Mobile appears to have reached out to Korea’s top mobile carrier for assistance in the entire 5G rollout from network design to installation.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Rakuten Mobile reportedly plans to spend 194.6 billion yen in 5G infrastructure.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage Libudazu 4152: der Deal in deutscher Sprache

20.10.19 13:25


50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaCommerzbank hat Lyft zugekauft

20.10.19 15:53
"Lyft stock fell even more than shares of its rival in the third quarter, diving 37.8%, despite the fact that its second-quarter report in August beat expectations. Like Uber, Lyft would also be subject to California’s legislation, if signed into law. We’ve noted that the slides in Uber and Lyft stock could be hurting stock-index investors. Commerzbank bought 23,425 additional Lyft shares in the third quarter to end the period with 80,887 shares. So far in October, Lyft stock has edged down 0.01%."



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaConsensus price target of $71.15

20.10.19 21:31
LYFT has an average rating of Buy and a consensus price target of $71.15.

KeyCorp reaffirmed their hold rating on shares of LYFT (NASDAQ:LYFT) in a report issued on Tuesday morning, TipRanks reports. A number of other brokerages have also commented on LYFT. Daiwa Capital Markets set a $70.00 target price on LYFT and gave the company a buy rating in a research note on Monday, August 12th. Deutsche Bank began coverage on LYFT in a research note on Thursday, September 5th. They issued a buy rating and a $70.00 target price for the company. Citigroup upped their target price on LYFT from $70.00 to $75.00 and gave the company a buy rating in a research note on Thursday, September 5th. HSBC upgraded LYFT from a hold rating to a buy rating and cut their target price for the company from $67.00 to $62.00 in a research note on Monday, September 16th. Finally, Wedbush upgraded LYFT from a neutral rating to an outperform rating and upped their target price for the company from $67.00 to $75.00 in a research note on Thursday, August 8th. Two equities research analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, nine have given a hold rating and twenty-eight have given a buy rating to the company’s stock. LYFT has an average rating of Buy and a consensus price target of $71.15.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaOverdrive erobert Deutschland

21.10.19 07:54
BERLIN – 8.10.2019 – Public libraries in Bavaria, Cologne and Leipzig recently joined libraries throughout Germany in upgrading to modern technology through Rakuten OverDrive, the leading global digital reading platform. OverDrive’s technology is renowned for its ease-of-use and award-winning app, Libby. In addition, OverDrive offers the industry’s largest catalog of millions of titles in over a hundred languages, including hundreds of thousands of German-language ebooks and audiobooks from major native publishers such as Hanser Publications, Holtzbrink, S. Fischer and Rowohlt. These include titles from German and SPIEGEL bestselling authors such as Nele Neuhaus, Charlotte Link, Arno Strobel and Cornelia Funke.

OverDrive partner libraries in Germany and around the world show regular circulation growth, especially Berlin Public Library which set record checkouts for 21 straight months. OverDrive has partner libraries in all German cities with a population of one million and above.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaRakuten Slice

21.10.19 08:25

A shopper's best friend for keeping track of everything you buy online



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaRakuten TV launcht kostenloses Streaming-Angebot

21.10.19 16:33
DAUN, 15.10.2019 - 12:32 Uhr
Rakuten TV launcht kostenloses Streaming-Angebot in Europa

Die Video-On-Demand-Plattform „Rakuten TV“ bietet seinen Nutzern künftig auch kostenlose Inhalte an. Das gab die VoD-Plattform im Rahmen der „AVOD on the Rise“-Konferenz auf der MIPCOM 2019, der weltgrößten Fernsehmesse, bekannt. Jacinto Roca, Gründer und CEO von Rakuten TV, hat dort mit anderen Experten der Unterhaltungsbranche über die AVOD-Industrie und deren Entwicklung diskutiert. Mit Start des neuen Geschäftsmodells AVOD (Advertising-Video-On-Demand) können Zuschauer jetzt eine große Auswahl an Inhalten kostenfrei auf der Plattform genießen.



50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaExcellent Balance Sheet of Lyft: Viel Cash und

21.10.19 18:36
fast keine Schulden:

Total Cash (mrq) 3.31B
Total Cash Per Share (mrq) 11.31
Total Debt (mrq) 387.62M
Total Debt/Equity (mrq) 11.83
Current Ratio (mrq) 1.73
Book Value Per Share (mrq) 11.19



2320 Postings, 798 Tage CoshaWeiterhin: Milliarden Verluste

21.10.19 19:17
die Lyft da einfährt.
Ob die je profitabel arbeiten werden kann keiner sagen, insofern ist die aktuelle Bewertung ein schlechter Witz und einmal mehr Beleg dafür das Privatanleger bei solchen IPOs die Hände von lassen sollten. Institutionelle Geldgeber verbrennen massig Gelder und werden noch eine Weile im gegenseitigen Hin- und Her brauchen bis man hier mal abschätzen kann,wohin die hochspekulative Reise geht.  

50147 Postings, 5411 Tage LibudaI believe, we see will a compromise

21.10.19 22:03

California Governor Gavin Newsom has indicated he is open to negotiating with large companies like Uber and Lyft before the law goes into effect on January 1. Uber had suggested establishing a minimum wage for its drivers of $21 an hour as an alternative to the bill's more radical changes, or challenging the law via 2020 ballot initiative. Uber claims that the law does not apply to its drivers and has made clear its intention to defend the position in court.



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