Palo Alto Networks Inc.

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420 Postings, 2753 Tage Max1984Palo Alto Networks Inc.

02.04.15 20:35
Ich starte hier mal einen Thread für alle Investierten und Interessierten ;-)  
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1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketWhy Palo Alto Networks Is A Buy

05.12.16 14:29


PANW’s shift to the subscription and renewals model is driving growth and helping it add more customers, while also leading to an improvement in the margin.

PANW will benefit from an improvement in its total addressable market, which will grow to $22 billion in 2019 from $18.2 billion in 2016.

It is expected that PANW will triple its market share by 2024 from the current share of 7% in the security market, driven by its wide suite of products.  

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketCitron Research issues bullish note

05.01.17 19:52

Amid a U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearing involving cybersecurity implications, Citron Research notes confidence in Palo Alto Networks for 2017 and considers cybersecurity "one of the best secular stories in technology."

Spotlights Palo Alto Networks' "Single-Pass Architecture," market growth, network effect (more value per customer added), competitive edge, 75%+ gross margins and growing, appeal on a cash flow basis, entry into a fresh upgrade/replace/refresh cycle and increasingly shareholder-friendly management.


263 Postings, 1886 Tage Laplace1Interessantes Unternehmen

03.02.17 20:21
Habe mir Anfang des Jahres auch mal eine kleine Position aufgebaut. Cybersecurity wird in unserer heutigen Welt immer wichtiger werden. Hoffe, dass die gute Rally in den kommenden Monaten so weiter geht.  

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketEmerging Leader In Cyber Security

09.02.17 11:29


Our recommendation is a long with a price target of $147.83 for a 16.7% upside over a 1-2 year time horizon.

Our thesis focuses on PANW’s ability to leverage its product and geographic differentiation.

PANW is uniquely placed to become a leader in this growing industry.  

263 Postings, 1886 Tage Laplace1Price target

09.02.17 21:04
Wie kommt das Preisziel von $147,83 zu Stande? Momentan steht doch der Kurs weitaus höher? Passt irgendwie nicht zu dem positiven Rest des Artikels zusammen.  

750 Postings, 1628 Tage gevogevoPalo Alto Networks

01.06.17 07:50
The next big innovation to expect from Palo Alto Networks  

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketPalo Alto Blows The Market Away

02.06.17 14:53


Palo Alto Networks reported third quarter results well above market expectations.

The company beat on revenue and EPS and issued strong guidance for Q4.

The growth fears have been put to rest for now.  

4245 Postings, 1497 Tage CoshaKicking the Rebound

22.11.17 10:18

4Traders sieht das mittlere Kursziel der Analysten bei 168 $

Dougherty hat seines von 170 auf 180 $ erhöht (Realtime News)  

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsket3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks

03.01.18 14:15

Palo Alto Networks

Hackers are getting better. Cybersecurity didn't used to involve much complexity as enterprises and corporations could simply put all their critical data in secure data centers protected by firewalls. But the concept of cybersecurity has evolved as hackers have found ways to steal data across a wide range of industries.

For instance, numerous corporations and enterprises were prey to ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and Petya this year, which locked users' screens and encrypted files and demanded a ransom to unlock them. Palo Alto sees a lot of opportunity in this evolving cybersecurity scenario, so it has equipped its offerings with artificial intelligence.

For instance, its Traps endpoint protection platform has been updated with machine learning capabilities. This allows the different endpoints on a network, such as computers and mobile devices, to "quickly learn, make instant decisions, and enable rapid response to prevent threats rather than dealing with them during execution or after the fact."

Additionally, Palo Alto is bolstering its presence in the lucrative cloud security market, which presents another multibillion-dollar opportunity for the company. The bottom line is that Palo Alto's focus on intelligent threat detection and prevention is helping it take business away from the likes of Cisco, allowing the company to achieve rapid growth in recent quarters.  

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketaktien: Könnte 2018 durchstarten

14.01.18 14:19

Für das aktuelle Quartal erwartet man nun Gesamtumsätze zwischen 518 und 528 Millionen USD, was einer Verbesserung über 23 Prozent, respektive 25 Prozent entspräche. Doch dieses Wachstum hat auch seinen Preis: Die operativen Ausgaben stiegen im ersten Quartal 2018 auf mehr als 418 Millionen USD an – ein Sprung um mehr als 21 Prozent, verglichen mit 2017. Da der größte Teil auch hierbei auf die Wachstumsstrategie im Abonnement-Sektor entfiel, könnten sich die hohen Ausgaben jedoch schon bald bezahlt machen, und langfristig zum Erreichen der Profitabilität führen. Wenn CEO Mark McLaughlin mit den beiden Gründern zusammen die Ausgaben in diesem Jahr nicht übermäßig ausweitet dürften Investoren in den nächsten Jahren viel Freude mit Palo Alto Networks haben.

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketImpressive Revenue Growth

16.01.18 13:55


Revenue growth is impressive.

Profits have been elusive.

The technical picture is bullish.

FY 2018 may be its first profitable year.  

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketIBD: Breakout

20.01.18 12:22

A fundamental leader with a highest-possible 99 EPS Rating, Palo Alto Networks (PANW) is breaking out above a cup-shaped base's 156.95 buy point with a more than 2% advance. Sparking the move higher was an analyst upgrade early Thursday as volume tracked about 20% above average. Ideally, turnover should rise at least 40% above average, signifying a strong institutional desire to own more shares.

Evercore ISI raised its rating from in line to outperform, while increasing its price target from 150 to 180 — a 20% boost and a near 17% premium to Wednesday's closing price. The analyst commented that the "risk-reward has become more compelling" given the company's potential for growth in its total billings.


1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketGoldman Sachs: Neutral Target $168

22.01.18 15:19

1144 Postings, 5632 Tage TradingAsketDeutsche Bank: Buy Target $180

23.01.18 20:25

Field checks are positive and overall firewall demand looks to be stabilizing, says analyst Karl Keirstead.

That means further material deceleration is likely out and there should be stable growth or better ahead, he writes. He's boosted the firm's price target to $180 from $160, implying 13% upside from current pricing.  

1330 Postings, 2321 Tage phre22PaloAlto

14.12.19 13:54

ist im aktuellen Aktienpodcast Thema Cybersecurity. Klasse wie die Unterschiede der einzelnen Unternehmen erklärt werden. Es wird auf das Thema gesamtheitlicher Eingang von PaloAlto eingangen.


3383 Postings, 1273 Tage neymarPalo Alto Networks

22.01.20 15:17
Davos interview with Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora  

445 Postings, 651 Tage LNEXPIch frag mich nur

13.06.20 02:12
ob Palo Alto die richtige Investition war, wenn man FireEye betrachtet.
Ich hatte Checkpoint ausgesondert und Palo gewählt, aber FEYE wäre wohl die bessere Wahl gewesen...

1885 Postings, 3751 Tage PurdieNext Generation Firewall mit Machine Learning

22.06.20 19:17
Palo Alto hat in den letzten Monaten sehr viele gute neue Produkte auf den Markt gebracht, insbesondere auch beim Thema cloud gute Fortschritte gemacht. Neben fortinet mit Sicherheit das Basisinvestment im Bereich Security.  

1885 Postings, 3751 Tage PurdieSicherheitsherausforderungen um 5G

23.06.20 09:30

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25.08.21 16:28

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26.08.21 21:10
zu spät von dieser Aktie erfahren. Geiler Anstieg. Glückwunsch allen investierten!  

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