PACIFIC POTASH WKN: A1JMQD - 3400% Kursgewinn!?

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27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetadann lieber ...

09.09.14 15:57
Kefi Minerals Aktie

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaist günstiger....GB00B1HNYB75

09.09.14 15:57

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaOoops.. falscher Thread - sorry!

09.09.14 15:58

666 Postings, 3862 Tage SandosOh, weh...

07.10.14 17:34
Um wenigstens noch ein paar Euros zu retten bin mit über
90% Verlust aus dieser "tollen" Aktie ausgestiegen.
Für mich ist es echt nur noch eine Frage der Zeit wann diese
Firma endlich Insolvenz anmeldet...und dann wäre/ist wohl
alles weg.
War ein absoluter und sehr teurer Fehlgriff...vielen Dank PP.

Nur meine Meinung. Keine Kauf- oder Verkaufsempfehlung.


27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetahoffnung stirbt zuletzt

08.10.14 09:39

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetastarts drilling across from new discovery

21.11.14 08:25
Vancouver-based Pacific Potash (TSX:V.PP, Stock Forum) has begun drilling at its 100%-owned Amazonas Basin potash property, which runs alongside the location of a new discovery earlier in the week.

On November 11, Brazil Potash Corporation announced a potash discovery across the river from Pacific Potash’s existing claims, which has Executive Co-Chairman and Director Balbir Johal excited for the future of the play.

“Drilling to date has been extremely smooth, logistics have been on time and on budget," said Johal in a news release. "Being fully funded for several wells, we anticipate many exciting months of exploration in anticipation of a new potash discovery in this world class basin."

From the same release, “This is Pacific Potash's first well of a planned multi-well drill program on the Amazonas Potash Project aimed at making a new potash discovery. The well is expected to take approximately 60 days from the start of drilling and will be drilled to a true depth of 1400m. The target formation, Nova Olinda Cycle VII is anticipated to occur at a depth of approximately 1300m. Gamma-ray and Caliper downhole geophysics will be run in the well to identify the mineralized zone and to better correlate the stratigraphy in the area.”

The potash industry has had a rough four months, since Uralkali opted to step outside a Russian cartel, causing a price slump. Due to a trade halt, Pacific Potash’s exposure to that situation was delayed until it resumed trading in late October, presenting what some Stockhouse Bullboarders now say, at $0.07 a share, is a buying opportunity.

109 million shares are outstanding. V.PP stock rose 7.69% on Friday’s news.

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaPacific Potash Corporation

21.11.14 15:05

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaKanada und China sind Partner

21.11.14 15:09
vom November 19, 2013, nur zur Info

Canada and China Partner in Brazil’s Potash Frontier
Pacific Potash Corp partners with a Chinese State Owned Enterprise for potash exploration

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaInvestition mit Northern International Group

24.11.14 10:24
Pacific Potash Signs C$15 Mln MOU With Northern Int'l; Names Charlie Cheng COO

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaPacific Potash Corporation

24.11.14 11:19

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaNew President AND CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER

24.11.14 11:21

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaTrends & Forecasts To 2018

24.11.14 16:13

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaMonday, 24 November 2014

25.11.14 09:57

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaPacific Potash Corp

28.11.14 08:40
Vancouver-based Pacific Potash Corp. has named Dr. Charlie Cheng its new president and COO. He has explored for a wide range of metals in North and South America and Asia for over 30 years. Cheng holds a PhD in geology from the University of British Columbia and an MSc and BEng from the China University of Geosciences.

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaPacific Potash-Unternehmenssanierung

12.12.14 13:34

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaPacific Potash Corporate Update

16.12.14 09:27

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaPacific Potash's Mining Rights in Brazil May

18.12.14 16:31

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaJunior exploration roundup: Pacific Potash

18.12.14 16:31

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaFaces Brazil Project Shutdown

22.12.14 09:31
Pacific Potash (TSXV:PP) is facing the shutdown of its Amazonas potash project after money set aside for taxes failed to make its way to Brazil.

The Vancouver-based company put out a brief press release on Monday announcing that funds wired to Brazil in order to make a tax payment to the National Department of Mineral Production were not received "for an unknown reason." As a result, the company's tenements in Brazil may end up being revoked by the department.

Calls to the company seeking comment were not immediately returned.

A statement posted to the website of Brazil's mining agency rehashes much of the same, but adds that the funds in question were for the payment of the annual fee per hectare.

The company's share price was pummeled on the back of the news, falling 25 percent on Tuesday, bringing its year-to-date fall to nearly 77 percent.

Pacific Potash has seen some upheaval over the course of the past year with a new management team being installed. Most recently, the company announced that Balbir Johal, who acted as CEO, director and executive co-chairman, as well as Bryce Clark, a director and chief financial officer, have both resigned. However, it has looked to balance that with drill results from Amazonas.

If Pacific Potash were to lose its project, it wouldn't be the first time a company has lost a property to the Brazilian government. Two years ago, Vale (NYSE:VALE) lost its Bomfim property after it was late filing yearly reports to the Brazilian mining agency. DuSolo Fertilizers (TSXV:DSF) was able to snap up the property and formed a partnership with Quantum Mineração.

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaBrazil Business News

22.12.14 09:33

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaWebsite wird neu gestaltet..

26.01.15 14:44
Website noch im Aufbau......

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunneta+300,0000

03.02.15 09:34

666 Postings, 3862 Tage SandosWas soll das?

24.02.15 17:10
Die Webseite ist nun schon seit fast 4 Wochen in der Neugestaltung.
Ein "Schelm" wer dabei böses denkt...

Keine Kauf-Verkaufsempfehlung.  

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaAnstieg der Preise für Kaliumchlorid

09.04.15 09:49

27083 Postings, 6044 Tage brunnetaDAP (diammonium phosphate) in Brazil and China

16.04.15 16:21

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