LinkedIn Börsengang heute - Internet-Hype 2.0?

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1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyDer Aktionär

21.05.11 12:13

100 Postings, 4772 Tage cevapcicischätze mal

21.05.11 19:21

das  die ersten derivate ab juni am markt sind


1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyLinkedIn shares could fall 50%

23.05.11 10:21
18:48 22May11 RTRS-LinkedIn shares could fall 50 pct-Barron's

   NEW YORK, May 22 (Reuters) - Shares of professional social networking company LinkedIn Corp  could fall by half if the company hits a rough patch, Barron's said in its May 23 issue.
  LinkedIn, whose shares more than doubled after the company went public last week, will find it hard to justify its high valuation and investors "should stay away," the financial weekly newspaper wrote.
  LinkedIn shares are trading at 35 times its 2010 revenue and 550 times 2010 profit, levels Barron's called "steep." [ID:nN1939946]
  The relatively small amount of shares issued in the IPO is one major reason for the shares' sharp increase, the paper said.
  Challenges for LinkedIn could include little room for further growth in the United States and the rising cost of retaining talent in Silicon Valley, Barron's wrote.
  Shares of LinkedIn closed Friday down 1.2 percent at $93.09, after more than doubling from their $45 IPO price in their Thursday debut. (Reporting by Phil Wahba; Editing by Tim Dobbyn) ((; +1 646 223 6128; Reuters Messaging: Keywords: LINKEDIN/


1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyInternet-Firmen könnten Wall Street stürmen

23.05.11 21:49

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopafly@cevapcici

25.05.11 09:16
es gibt die ersten Scheinchen, habe allerdings nur Longs gefunden, zB:  

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyLINKEDIN China

26.05.11 10:32
06:54 26May11 RTRS-UPDATE 1-LinkedIn eyes business opportunities in China
   * Sees political, technical challenges in China
  * Exploring the market, but far from making any decision
(Adds comments from company executive)  
  BEIJING, May 26 (Reuters) - LinkedIn Corp  will seek out opportunities in China to capitalise on its massive user base even though it sees the market as complicated, a company executive said on Thursday.  
  LinkedIn, a professional social-networking-site, has a small presence in the country and is one of the few foreign social-networking-sites to still have access to Chinese Internet users. Twitter and Facebook are blocked in China.  
  "It (China) is a very competitive market," Arvind Rajan,  Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan at Linkedin told reporters on the sidelines of a conference.  
  "There are political challenges, technical challenges. There are a whole lot of things for us to go through. We are far away from making any decision. At this point, we are just here to explore the market, to talk to people.."  
  LinkedIn was also briefly blocked by China in February this year. [ID:nTOE71N01F]  
  Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn allows users to create profile pages with a photo and details about themselves. But it is largely used for professional rather than social personas, and is basically an online database of electronic resumes.  
  LinkedIn shares more than doubled in their public trading debut last Thursday, evoking memories of the investor love affair with Internet stocks during the dot-com boom of the late 1990s.  
(Reporting by Xu Wan and Melanie Lee; Editing by Jacqueline Wong)  (( 21 61041778
Quelle: REUTERS  

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29.05.11 11:06

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100 Postings, 4772 Tage cevapcicies

29.05.11 12:07

gibt nur long knockouts

die banken wissen ja was abgeht die werdn sich nicht selbst schädigen...


9 Postings, 4588 Tage HolzbeinSamOS short

31.05.11 22:12

jetzt gibt es short OS, welche wuerdet ihr empfehlen?


1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyOS auf LinkedIN

03.06.11 09:00
Deutsche Bank db-X markets - Klassische Optionsscheine auf LinkedIn emittiert

10:03 31.05.11

Frankfurt ( AG) - Das weltgrößte berufliche Online Netzwerk LinkedIn (Profil) ist am 19. Mai furios an der Börse gestartet, so die Analysten von Deutsche Bank db-X markets.

Die Aktie habe am ersten Handelstag bei 94,25 USD geschlossen. Dies sei ein Plus von mehr als 100% zum Ausgabepreis von 45,00 USD gewesen. Damit erreiche der Unternehmenswert rund 9 Milliarden USD und wecke bei einigen Anlegern Erinnerungen an den Beginn der Internetblase Anfang des Jahrhunderts, als ebenfalls die Aktienkurse am IPO-Tag rasant nach oben geschnellt seien.

Erstmals in Deutschland habe das X-markets-Team der Deutschen Bank neben Knock-Out Produkten nun auch klassische Optionsscheine (Calls und Puts) für spekulative Anleger emittiert. (31.05.2011/oc/n/a)


1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyFacebook drängt an die Börse

13.06.11 19:37
Jetzt ist es raus: Das Soziale Netzwerk plant für 2012 den Börsengang. Das Netzwerk spekuliert auf Milliardenerlöse.

New York. Dabei könne das Unternehmen mit mehr als 100 Milliarden Dollar bewertet werden, berichtete der Sender am Montagabend. Die US-Großbank Goldman Sachs sei möglicherweise federführend bei dem Börsengang. Über einen möglichen Börsengang des Unternehmens wird seit Monaten spekuliert.


112 Postings, 5216 Tage hedgeyourstoxxabsolut

14.06.11 16:06

... überpreist. ich sehe den wert der firma einfach nicht...

aber dafür bin ich auch nicht zuständig!


1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyJP Morgan starts LinkedIn with overweight

28.06.11 13:58
June 28 (Reuters) - LinkedIn Corp : * JP Morgan starts LinkedIn Corp  with overweight rating and $85 price

Quelle: Reuters  

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyBofA Merrill sets 'buy' rating, $92 PT on stock

28.06.11 14:29
JP Morgan, BofA start LinkedIn with top rating | Reuters
* JP Morgan sets 'overweight' rating, $85 PT on stock * BofA Merrill sets 'buy' rating, $92 PT on stock * LinkedIn is a play in positive Internet growth trends-BofA * JP Morgan says stock

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyFacts about LinkedIn, its executives and more

28.06.11 14:30
(Reuters) - LinkedIn Corp debuted as a publicly traded company on Thursday, rocketing beyond the $45 opening price to close at $94.25. At one point, it hit $121.97.

Below are some interesting facts about the company.

HEADQUARTERS: Mountain View, California, roughly a 15-minute walk or five-minute drive from Google.

MARKET VALUE: It has fluctuated around $10 billion, more than many well established companies such as Southwest Airlines Co and the stock exchange LinkedIn is listed on, NYSE Euronext.

EMPLOYEES: As of March 31, LinkedIn had 1,288 employees. At $97 per share, the company's market value is roughly $7 million per employee. Seven is also how many New York City subway cars could fit the entire LinkedIn staff.

USERS: A month after the company launched in May 2003, LinkedIn had 4,500 members. As of March 31, LinkedIn had 102 million members. Based on LinkedIn's market value at $97 per share, those users are valued at about $90 each.

CO-FOUNDER REID HOFFMAN: Now a billionaire. In the IPO, Hoffman sold less than 1 percent of his stake and made $5.2 million. Now he has some 19 million shares left, or almost 22 percent of voting power, and they are worth nearly $2 billion.

Hoffman is an entrepreneur and investor who stands out in the crowd in Silicon Valley, being slightly older, pudgier and friendlier than most CEOs. Hoffman was executive vice president at PayPal Inc before Ebay Inc bought it in 2002 and is on the boards of a handful of technology companies and startups including Mozilla Corp and Zynga.

Hoffman has a master's degree in philosophy from Oxford University and a bachelor's in symbolic systems from Stanford.

His LinkedIn profile: . On Twitter, he is @quixotic .

CEO JEFF WEINER: Now a multi-millionaire. In the IPO, Weiner sold about 5 percent of his stake and made $5.2 million. His remaining stake, about 2.5 percent of voting power, has a value of about $230 million, depending on the share price.

Weiner became chief executive in June 2009 after stints at venture capital firms Greylock Partners and Accel Partners and Yahoo! Inc. Before becoming CEO, he filled in as LinkedIn's interim president for about half a year.

Last year, at a conference in San Francisco, he explained why LinkedIn is not threatened by Facebook. (Click here to find out more: One hint: keg stands.

Weiner has a bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

His LinkedIn profile: . On Twitter, he is @JeffWeiner .

PECULIAR BUSINESS MODEL: LinkedIn makes more money through its offline sales force which directly solicits customers, agencies and resellers (56 percent in 2010) than online.

REVENUE: LinkedIn's net revenue grew more than 100 percent from 2009 to 2010, while the company ramped up its sales and marketing spending by 120 percent in the same period. The company posted losses in 2006, 2008 and 2009 and profits in 2007 and 2010. It broke even in the first quarter of 2011 and warned it does not expect to be profitable this year.

Sources: LinkedIn filings, Kawasaki Rail Car Inc

(Reporting by Alina Selyukh. Editing by Robert MacMillan)


805 Postings, 5919 Tage KostolanyFANich

29.06.11 16:48
denke bald schon wird die blase größer werden,
die ganzen börsengänge stehen an....

10616 Postings, 5330 Tage rüganerFast ein Verdoppler im Zeitraum von 1 Monat

18.07.11 11:09
erstaunlich ruhig hier.
Mir ist die Sache aber auch suspekt....

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyLinkedIn Chance/Risiko-Profil ist ausgeglichen

21.07.11 21:38
J.P. Morgan Securities - LinkedIn Chance/Risiko-Profil ist ausgeglichen

12:42 20.07.11

New York ( AG) - Douglas Anmuth, Analyst von J.P Morgan Securities, stuft die Aktie von LinkedIn (Profil) von "overweight" auf "neutral" zurück, bestätigt aber das Kursziel von 85,00 USD.

Nach den Kurssteigerungen in den letzten drei Wochen sehe das Chance/Risiko-Profil nun ausgeglichener aus. LinkedIn könne im traditionellen wie auch im Online Rekrutierungsmarkt eine zerstörerische Kraft entfalten. Eine stärkere Verbreitung im Firmenmarkt dürfte in den kommenden Jahren zu starken Ergebnissen führen.

Unter Bewertungsgesichtspunkten sollten Investoren LinkedIn mit Netflix (Profil) vergleichen. Während LinkedIn auf eine Marktkapitalisierung von 12 Mrd. USD komme, habe Netflix einen Wert von 15 Mrd. USD. Dabei erwirtschafte Netflix auf Basis der Erwartungen für 2012 das 7-fache des Umsatzes und des EBITDAs von LinkedIn.

Vor diesem Hintergrund bewerten die Analysten von J.P Morgan Securities die Aktie von LinkedIn nunmehr mit dem Votum "neutral". (Analyse vom 18.07.11) (20.07.2011/ac/a/a)

Offenlegung von möglichen Interessenskonflikten: Mögliche Interessenskonflikte können Sie auf der Site des Erstellers/ der Quelle der Analyse einsehen.  

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopafly"Das Silicon Valley löst die Wall Street ab"

01.08.11 07:21
Facebook-Investor Thiel:
Facebook-Anteilseigner Peter Thiel glaubt nicht an eine neue Finanzblase bei Internetunternehmen. Statt jetzt einzuknicken, müsse man noch viel stärker in Zukunftstechnologien investieren. Dem SPIEGEL sagte der Milliardär, die Hightech-Industrie verspreche weiter Wachstum und Fortschritt.

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyZahlen zum zweiten Quartal 2011

05.08.11 07:26

44542 Postings, 8415 Tage Slaterlinked in eröffnet Filiale in Deutschland

26.08.11 10:07

1025 Postings, 5005 Tage soopaflyFacebook verschiebt Börsengang auf Ende 2012

15.09.11 10:44
Pressebericht: Facebook verschiebt Börsengang auf Ende 2012 - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
Hat Mark Zuckerberg Angst vor den wackelnden Aktienmärkten? Den Börsengang von Facebook will der Firmengründer laut einem Pressebericht jedenfalls verschieben. Der Grund seien allerdings nicht die Verwerfungen der Finanzwelt, sondern Sorgen um die Konzentration der Mitarbeiter.

3219 Postings, 4619 Tage cloudxxLNKD

26.07.13 13:22
spekulativ kaufen für earning call am 1.august

see you cloudxx  

3219 Postings, 4619 Tage cloudxxpre market 209,50 us dollar

29.07.13 14:39
the trend is you friend     cloudxx  

465 Postings, 4400 Tage plus.pureLinkedin

09.07.14 00:19
LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) last announced its earnings results on Thursday, May 1st. The company reported $0.38 EPS for the quarter, beating the Thomson Reuters consensus estimate of $0.34 by $0.04. The company had revenue of $473.20 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $466.70 million. During the same quarter in the prior year, the company posted $0.45 earnings per share. The company’s quarterly revenue was up 45.7% on a year-over-year basis. On average, analysts predict that LinkedIn Corp will post $1.65 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.  

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