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5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLaw#3116 Wall Street Threatens to Sue SEC

03.04.23 17:06
Several big investors have joined opposition to an ambitious stock market overhaul proposed by US regulators to improve transparency and pricing for smaller retail traders.

Pray prey!  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawcommercial real estate market next?

03.04.23 18:17
Blackstone BREIT Redemption Requests Surge To $4.5 Billion..the commercial real estate market might be the next shoe to drop  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawBlackRock Marktausblick: Stagflation

04.04.23 13:43
BlackRock Marktausblick: Stagflation bleibt ein Thema  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawJPM: Current Banking Crisis "Is Not Over Yet"

04.04.23 14:32
Current Banking Crisis "Is Not Over Yet" - Jamie Dimon Warns Of "Repurcussions For Years To Come"  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawHTM securities: G-Sibs most vulnerable

04.04.23 18:44
US banks vulnerable to losses if held-to-maturity (HTM) securities need to be sold: Overall mark-to-market value $300bn lower than amortised cost across 30 banks. Global systemically important banks, or G-Sibs, were the most vulnerable, bearing $236 billion of the total and recording a devaluation of 13%.  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawThe Big Short

04.04.23 23:02
Turns out, the biggest short in the banking industry anywhere in the world isn’t in Switzerland or Silicon Valley, but rather, in the relatively tame financial centre of Canada. short sellers have upped their bearish bets against Toronto-Dominion Bank, and now have roughly US$3.7 billion on the line vis-à-vis Canada’s second-largest lender, according to an analysis by S3 Partners.
Investors are turning cautious  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawPayment during a crisis

04.04.23 23:13
Kinberg Batra submitted the 900-page Payment Investigation final report to Sweden's Ministry of Finance, recommending that the state take responsibility for ensuring that payments can be made securely - both digitally and physically - in daily life and during a crisis  

894693 Postings, 3381 Tage youmake222NFT-Trader vernichtet aus Versehen Cryptopunk

05.04.23 00:09
Ein NFT-Besitzer hat aus Versehen seinen neuen Cryptopunk 685 vernichtet und damit 130.000 US-Dollar - ein Drittel seines Vermögens - verloren. Der Mann bat YugaLabs, ihm als Ersatz günstig einen anderen Cryptopunk zu verkaufen. 04.04.2023

894693 Postings, 3381 Tage youmake222Richard Bransons Virgin Orbit stellt Insolvenzantr

05.04.23 00:12
Die auf Satellitenstarts spezialisierte Raumfahrtfirma Virgin Orbit des britischen Milliardärs Richard Branson ist pleite und soll verkauft werden. 04.04.2023

894693 Postings, 3381 Tage youmake222Enttäuschende US-Konjunkturdaten beflügeln den Gol

05.04.23 00:13

609 Postings, 2521 Tage bertelJa...

05.04.23 09:57
Gold ist wohl mal wieder der sichere Hafen in diesen unruhigen Zeiten. Es wird immer wieder Nachrichten geben die den Anleger verunsichern. Dann wird abverkauft was das Zeug hergibt, und wer da nicht aufgepasst hat, so wie ich, der schaut in die Röhre. Banken stehen irgendwie immer im Focus, wo soviel Geld bewegt wird wird auch viel manipuliert, gelogen und betrogen. Ich hatte es schon mal geschrieben, Banken und ihre Skandale, und wartet mal ab, der nächste kommt bestimmt. Mal schauen ob unserer Coba noch die Zeit bleibt sich zu erholen, dann würde der nächste Abkack nicht so gravierend ausfallen...    

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawRetail Investoren Slow Stock Purchases

05.04.23 13:03
Individual Investors Slow Stock Purchases, Leaving Markets Vulnerable  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawMoody's Fear of Smaller Banks

05.04.23 13:07

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawWarum der aktuelle Auftrieb täuscht

05.04.23 13:11
Aktien haben die Bankenturbulenzen abgeschüttelt. Haben sie nicht?  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawToronto-Dominion Becomes Biggest Bank Short

05.04.23 14:28
Commercial real estate prices could crash 40% from their peak in a worse disaster than the financial crisis, Morgan Stanley strategist warns
Investors are betting $3.7 billion against Toronto-Dominion, making it the world's most-shorted bank. Here's why, and how their wagers could spell trouble for the financial system.
TD Bank biggest sector short anywhere in the world with $3.7 billion on the line
Worries about TD’s exposure to Canada's housing slowdown and ties to U.S. market  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawThe largest short bets in financial stocks

05.04.23 14:37

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawAnother One Bites the Dust

05.04.23 15:50
Another One Bites the Dust: Banking Saga Continues
Charles Schwab stock just notched its worst month since 1987: Charles Schwab’s stock just had its worst month in nearly 35 years.
Short sellers have also targeted Toronto-Dominion Bank because of its exposure to Canada’s slumping housing market, as well as its sizable stake in Charles Schwab (SCHW).  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawPimco: Recession risks have soared

05.04.23 16:04
Recession risks have soared because the banking fiasco could trigger a credit crunch, Pimco says  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawLoan Demand Craters In Aftermath Of Bank Crisis

05.04.23 17:49
US Economy Grinds To A Halt As Loan Demand, Sales Crater In Aftermath Of Bank Crisis
"Loan volumes fell, driven largely by a sharp contraction in consumer loans.... Credit standards and terms continued to tighten sharply, and marked rises in loan pricing were also noted over the reporting period"  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawLiebe Kapitalisten...nehmen wir uns was uns gehört

05.04.23 18:26
The Power of Capitalism

Stakeholder capitalism is not about politics. It is not a social or ideological agenda. It is not “woke.” It is capitalism, driven by mutually beneficial relationships between you and the employees, customers, suppliers, and communities your company relies on to prosper. This is the power of capitalism.  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawHousing Bubbles in Canada Bursts

05.04.23 18:27
Year-over-year, home prices plunged by the most on record  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawRisk-off: US Bonds Value at Risk Game Changer

05.04.23 18:50
Historic 2-year U.S. bond shock is a VaR game-changer: When U.S. government bonds become the epicenter of global market volatility, investors’ room for taking on additional risk shrinks, sucking the oxygen out of their risk budget.
Today, the Fed risks aggravating the banking crisis and a recession because they may have already raised rates too far. It is quite possible that even if the Fed hikes rates more, notes and bonds may fall in yield. Bond investors are looking ahead and realizing the higher the Fed goes, the more crippling the effects on the economy and inflation.  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawShort Sellers Target Toronto-Dominion Bank

05.04.23 20:08
TSX Declines - The Big Short Story: Toronto-Dominion Bank (TSX:TD) is now the biggest bank short globally, with roughly US$3.7 billion on the line as per an analysis by S3 Partners.  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawUS-Bank legt keine Daten über Kundeneinlagen vor

05.04.23 22:59
Bankenkrise: Kurssturz bei Western Alliance Bancorp  

5068 Postings, 404 Tage JohnLawThis Is The Recession Playbook

06.04.23 09:07
"This Is The Recession Playbook": Goldman, JPM Says We've Entered The "Bad News Is Bad News" Regime
Blackrock's new playbook  

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