DANAKALI Ltd., Eritrea - Colluli Potash Project

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577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI Ltd., Eritrea - Colluli Potash Project

02.06.15 09:13
Die Firma South Boulder Mines (Australien)
- STB - AU000000STB3 - SO3 - WKN 914764 -
hat ihren Namen ab sofort auf DANAKALI Ltd. geändert.
Neuer ASX-Code : DNK (ab ca. 03./04.06.2015)

Einzelheiten folgen.

Für die Historie verweise ich auf das STB - Forum


alle wichtigen Informationen sind auf der neuen Web-Page veröffentlicht :
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577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Interview with William Sandover

16.09.19 09:05
Interview with William Sandover, Danakali Ltd discussing Africa Down Under


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - One2One Investor Forum in London today

18.09.19 09:47
Proactive One2One Investor Forum presentation Danakali Limited
(ASX: DNK, LSE: DNK, Danakali or the Company),
is pleased to share the investor presentation that Chief Executive Officer, Niels Wage, will
present at Proactive One2One Investor Forum in London today, 18 September 2019.


930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg Chatoohab ich für interessierte gefunden

19.09.19 05:42

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Primed to begin construction

29.10.19 22:00
Danakali’s Colluli project: Primed to begin construction    

ASX-listed potash developer Danakali is moving its world-class Colluli potash project closer towards development.    
Comfortably proven to be able to produce sulphate of potash (SOP) – a premium grade of fertiliser – over an almost 200 year mine life, the company has optionality to expand Colluli’s product suite with a host of potentially viable future products being explored.    
Recently appointed CEO NIELS WAGE spoke to CHANTELLE KOTZE about his vision.  

full text :

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - US$50M strategic investment from AFC

03.12.19 09:01

Danakali Limited Level 11,  Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace,  Perth, WA 6000
Tel:+61 8 61898635/ ABN 56 097 904 302
Announcement Tuesday,  3 December2019

US$50M strategic investment fromAFC
•AFC has agreed to make a US$50M(A$74M) strategic equity investment in Danakali
•Subscription price of A$0.60per Share represents a 5%discount to Danakali’s 30-day VWAP
•Facilitates commencement of project execution activities
•On track for production during 2022

full text:  https://stocknessmonster.com/announcements/dnk.asx-6A958168/  

930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg ChatooBahn frei zur Erholung

03.12.19 10:28

930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg ChatooHannes Huster

04.12.19 06:59

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - US$50mln investment by AFC

12.12.19 15:53

Danakali CEO discusses US$50mln investment by Africa Finance Corporation


930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg ChatooLadehemmung der Kurs

16.12.19 10:06
geht mir tierisch auf die Nüsse, ich werde den Mist wohl abstoßen  

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - EMW confirmed as Mining Contractor

19.12.19 09:50
19/12/2019 8:16 AM     Price sensitive announcement

EMW confirmed as preferred Mining Contractor


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Notice to Proceed issued to DRA Global

20.12.19 09:19
20/12/2019 8:19 AM Price sensitive announcement

Notice to Proceed issued to DRA Global


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - US$200M debt documentation executed

23.12.19 06:56
23/12/2019 8:24 AM    Price sensitive announcement

US$200M senior debt documentation executed


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerNumis Broker report 09/01/2020 - target 70 pence

10.01.20 10:37
DANAKALI - Numis Broker report 09/01/2020 - target 70 pence

Potash space hots up

In our view, Anglo American's potential offer for Sirius Minerals, which owns the Woodsmith project in North Yorkshire, highlights the potential for consolidation in the potash space and the demand for world-class projects, of which Colluli is one. In contrast to Woodsmith, Colluli is near surface, with lower capital intensity and produces a product for which there is an established global market and pricing mechanism. We retain a Buy recommendation for Danakali and a target price of 70p based on 0.6x NAV, with the main upcoming catalysts being finalizing the project funding package and commencing development. DNK achieved a number of key milestones in 2019, securing both project debt and a strategic investor to underpin
Danakali | 0,413 $  

930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg Chatoodie Aktie befindet sich in einem

10.01.20 14:27
einwandfreiem Abwärtstrend!
Mehr ist zu dieser Aktie nicht zu sagen!  

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI-Bewertung von BELL POTTER

24.01.20 07:48
Neue DANAKALI-Bewertung von BELL POTTER  (23.01.2020) :

Recommendation Buy (unchanged)
Price $0.58
Valuation $0.99 (previously $1.19)
Risk Speculative


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Colluli Project update

28.01.20 09:32
28/01/2020 8:49 AM
Colluli Sulphate of Potash Project update


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Quarterly Activities Report and App. 5B

31.01.20 09:43
30/01/2020  9:49 AM Price sensitive announcement

Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Danakali investment case

03.02.20 07:47
03/02/2020 8:18 AM

Danakali investment case


577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI The key to ensuring future food security

07.02.20 07:10
The key to ensuring future food security

Danakali CEO Niels Wage speaks to Mining Review Africa Senior Deputy Editor Chantelle Kotze about how its Colluli potash project, which will soon enter the construction phase, will become a strategic future supplier of premium, high-value sulphate of pot ash.



930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg ChatooAbwärtstrend beschleunigt sich!

25.02.20 11:19
Die Aktie befindet sich klar im Abwärtstrend. Dieser Trend hat sich gar beschleunigt.
Eine Trendwende ist derzeit nicht in Sicht.
Möglicherweise könnte diese erst um die Marke von 0,25 Euro stattfinden.  

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDanakali - Colluli SOP Project update

03.03.20 09:01
03/03/2020  8:24 AM

Danakali - Colluli SOP Project update


930 Postings, 728 Tage Sagg ChatooPosting #300

10.03.20 10:24
erstes Kursziel erreicht!  

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI

13.03.20 11:42
Offenbar haben auch einige Danakali-Aktionäre eine gewisse Panik.

Wegen der gegenwärtigen Corona-Krise würde ich keine einzige Danakali-Aktie verkaufen.
Wer das Geld nicht unbedingt braucht, sollte lieber auf bessere Zeiten warten.
Zur Zeit macht der Verkauf der Aktie - meiner Meinung nach - keinen Sinn.
Der derzeitige Aktienkurs entspricht dem von 2016.
Zwischen 2016 und dem heutigen Tag hat sich allerdings viel getan und Danakali ist jetzt kurz vor dem Baubeginn der Mine.

Danakali produziert gegenwärtig keine Waren oder Dienstleistungen (abgesehen vom Bau der Mine). Mit einem Gewinneinbruch – wie bei vielen anderen Firmen – muss hier also nicht gerechnet werden.
Vom Danakali-Management erwarte ich eine Bestätigung, dass der Bau der Mine dem Plan entspricht. Regelmäßige Arbeitsberichte wären zur Information der Anleger sinnvoll.

In jedem Fall ist hier viel Geduld notwendig !  

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDANAKALI - Antwort auf meine Situations-Anfrage

19.03.20 09:52
Thank you for your email. We hope you are keeping well and safe in these unprecedented times.

The global COVID-19 outbreak has contributed to significant financial market volatility. While we are closely monitoring the developments concerning the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to assure you that we continue to operate effectively and have strong project economics and a robust strategy with an ultimate goal to maximize shareholder profits.

By way of update, we have recently made significant progress to bring Colluli closer to construction and production. Some of the recent highlights are given below:

   We have secured significant funding of US$250m for development of Colluli out of the US$322m needed to fund the project, and we are well underway to start development. This support comes from major African development financial institutions AFC and Afreximbank;
   We have made significant progress on EPCM, on time and budget, and Phase 2 has now commenced according to the plan;
   Proactive work is being undertaken on engaging with a range of in-country development activities, including geotechnical investigation, human resources and on the ground operations;
   All health and safety and other precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure our staff is safe and sound amidst the ever-changing environment with the pandemia.

Attached is the latest monthly project update and you are also welcome to see our announcements on Danakali’s website here. ( https://www.danakali.com.au/investor-relations/asx-announcements )

Please let us know if there are any more specific questions you have and we would be happy to try to answer them. We will make sure you are provided with the latest updates on our developments in due course and thank you for your support and understanding.


Todd Romaine
Chief Sustainability Officer
Danakali Limited  

577 Postings, 5118 Tage StockExplorerDanakali provides update on COVID-19 and financing

31.03.20 04:28
31/03/2020 9:59 AM

Danakali provides update on COVID-19 and financing


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