Celldex Therapeutics garantierte 100 % bis 06/10

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1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoHeute wurden die garantierten 100% erreicht

03.05.10 17:02
seit Performancebeginn im Februar...
wollte das nur mal für die Ewigkeit festhalten.

Hoffe ihr wart dabei und könnt euch freuen.

Werde erst bei 16 USD verkaufen, denn das sollte Celldex hinlaufen.  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoZahlen sind da

04.05.10 14:17
ich bin damit sehr zufrieden

0.21 USD vs 0.26 USD (Loss) Einnahmen 3.7 Millionen und 75 Millionen Cash


könnte heute trotzdem rot werden...  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoGestern

05.05.10 11:41
war ein gut Tag, hört sich komisch an ist aber so.

Von 7.75 USd zurückgekommen, um bei 8.12 USD zu enden :)

um die 8 USD wurden 2 mal 2 Blöcke (a 50.000 Aktien= 400.000 USD) gekauft - Fonds.

Ein sehr gutes Zeichen, Celldex wird schön weiter laufen...auch der RSI sieht jetzt wieder besser aus.  
Angehängte Grafik:
sc.png (verkleinert auf 72%) vergrößern

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage Andreanoso wirds Celldex nicht ergehen

05.05.10 13:42

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage Andreano50% Pluss

06.05.10 18:05
Who Would like a 50% plus gain in the next few Months?


May 05, 2010 – Comments (4)

Celldex Therapeutics (CLDX) offers a very attractive entry at todays close of 7.67, in my opinion.  I have a hard time recommending the stock because of a ZZ down thumb, but I am going to man up and go for it.

My thesis is that your portfolio can gain some real alpha by holding CLDX.  When I bought it at 4.50 and again at 5.20, it was a no brainer due to an artificially low share price caused by Medarex/BMY forced share sales.  Key points to the bull case include solid balance sheet, upcoming results at ASCO on various programs (especially Pfizer partnered CDX110 for brain cancer), insider buys, possible additional partnerships, and the overall favorable light that Immunotherapy ¨Vaccines¨ find themselves in after Provenge´s approval.

Additionally, unlike a lot of biotech companies, I like the fact that management isn´t consistently pumping it.  Also, you all know I like using IBD on the side, and when I first owned the stock it had a rating of 8 or so.  Now it is up to high 60s, and has 2 consecutive quarters of increasing institutional sponsorship, meaning the big boys are buying.

Disclaimer- This is my single largest holding, so if I do get clobbered on this call please enjoy the show by all means D.  


" 2 consecutive quarters of increasing institutional sponsorship, meaning the big boys are buying. "

meine These  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoStark

06.05.10 22:07
einfach nur stark, Börsencrash aber Celldex im Plus!

Das ist ein anderes Celldex dieses Jahr, hier steckt viel viel Stärke drin.  

2168 Postings, 4534 Tage MagnetfeldfredyCelldex die neue Dendreon?

07.05.10 06:26
Freut mich für Dich, na ja,
alle suchen eine neue Dendreon!  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoWarum freust du dich

07.05.10 09:35
denn nur für dich?

Bist doch schließlich auch dabei :)  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoZulassung ohne Phase 3 ?

07.05.10 10:03

das wär der absolute Knaller...  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoCDX 110 könnte auch bei anderen Krebsarten

07.05.10 10:27
einschlagen...(wie Epiphysen-Tumor)

EGFRvIII detected in pineal tumor       7-May-10 02:11 am    
This is a case report, larger studies will need to be done to determine what percentage of pineal tumors have the EGFRvIII mutation. The discovery was made by Dr. Albert Wong of Stanford, who did the initial development on CDX110:

Pineal parenchymal tumor of intermediate differentiation: clinicopathological report and analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor variant III expression.

Li G, Mitra S, Karamchandani J, Edwards MS, Wong AJ.

Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

OBJECTIVE: Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF) receptor gene amplification is commonly seen in cancer and is the target of many therapies. EGF receptor variant III (EGFRvIII) is the most common variant of the EGF receptor and has been detected in a large percentage of patients with glioblastoma multiforme but not in normal brain. Therapies targeting EGFRvIII are currently being investigated in clinical and preclinical trials. METHODS: A 14-year-old girl who presented with headaches was found to have a pineal parenchymal tumor of intermediate differentiation. We review the histopathological properties that led to the diagnosis of this tumor. EGF receptor gene amplification and EGFRvIII expression have not been analyzed in pineal tumors. We investigated EGF receptor gene status and EGFRvIII expression in this patient's tumor. RESULTS: Tumor tissue was obtained and analyzed with flow cytometry, reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, and Western blot analysis. EGFRvIII was detected by all 3 methods. The tumor was further analyzed by fluorescence in situ hybridization, which did not reveal EGF receptor gene amplification. CONCLUSION: This is the first report of EGFRvIII expression in a pineal tumor. It is interesting that this variant is detected in the absence of EGF receptor gene amplification. A larger study evaluating the presence of EGFRvIII in pineal tumors is needed.  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoChart

07.05.10 11:04
denke heute geht es durch die 8 USD

wenn der Gesamtmarkt mitspielt  
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profichart_07052010_1101.png (verkleinert auf 69%) vergrößern

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoRießige Kauforders heute

12.05.10 20:05
wow...3 mal 50k Shares abgefischt  

2168 Postings, 4534 Tage MagnetfeldfredyCelldex die neue Dendreon?

13.05.10 07:22
Schaud guad aus!  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoSchaut sehr guad aus

13.05.10 15:40
nächste Hürde dürfte die 10.50 USD sein  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoSorry

18.05.10 22:05
dass ich die Tage nicht mehr viel Zeit zu posten habe...

aber es läuft ja auch ohne mich :)

kamen die Tage wieder zahlreiche positive Inputs

Deutsche Bank in Celldex eingestiegen u.a.

Phase 2 für den Antibody gegen Blutkrebs und und und  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoBlasenkrebs

18.05.10 22:56
da ist mir ein Fehler unterlaufen

Blasenkrebs nicht Blutkrebs...


18 Postings, 4118 Tage Armesauwo sind denn jetzt die Komentare

20.05.10 19:58
zum Einbruch der celldex ? Warum so heftig ? Andreano,auch schon verkauft ?  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoNein natürlich nicht

21.05.10 08:34

keine Ahnung was die verdammten Amis das machen!? Nachbörslich gings z.T. bis auf 6 USD runter.
Das war reine Manipulation, meines Erachtens. Zumal vorböslich mit wenigen 100 Aktien der Kurs schonmal um mehr als einen Dollar viel. Nachbörslich sah das genauso aus. 8.07 USD um 18.05 Uhr und dann durch einen Handel mit 200 Aktien!!! kam der Einbruch auf 6.50 USD. Kann mir das beim betsen Willen nicht erklären.
Zumal Reuters, Bloomberg und CO von den Ergebnisse positiv überracht sind.


1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoKann mir aber gut vorstellen

21.05.10 08:36
dass der Kurs heute wieder durch die 8 USD geht...

Wir werden sehen  

2168 Postings, 4534 Tage MagnetfeldfredyCelldex

21.05.10 08:40
CORRECTED - (OFFICIAL)UPDATE 1-Celldex:brain cancer vaccine results on track
Thu May 20, 2010 9:56pm EDT

Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.
12:00am GMT+0200

Pfizer Inc.
12:00am GMT+0200

* 70 pct of patients progression-free at 5.5 months

* Shares fall 20 pct after hours (Removes erroneous references to previous studies in lead and third paragraph, after analyst corrects statement)

By Deena Beasley

LOS ANGELES, May 20 (Reuters) - Celldex Therapeutics Inc's (CLDX.O) experimental brain cancer vaccine helped some patients in a mid-stage trial, and shares fell 20 percent after hours.

The interim results from 40 glioblastoma patients showed that 28, or 70 percent, were alive with no signs of their cancer worsening 5.5 months after treatment, according to research submitted to the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

"It is a little difficult to read into this," said Joseph Pantginis, an analyst at Roth Capital Partners. "If 70 percent holds true, it is still pretty promising for this patient population in newly diagnosed glioblastoma."

Thomas Davis, chief medical officer at Celldex, said the 70 percent rate is about 40 percent better than would be seen with patients receiving standard care.

He noted that patients in the trial had to have completed chemotherapy treatment without their tumor growing back -- a period about two or three months beyond the time patients would typically be enrolled in a clinical trial.

Patients in the trial were injected with the vaccine after initial treatment with Temodar, known generically as temozolomide.

Davis said the results were "very much the same" as those reported last year from the two smaller trials.

"You can extrapolate to a median progression-free survival of around 14 months," he said.

Results from the trial's total of 81 patients will be available later this year, according to Celldex.

The company has partnered with Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) to develop CDX-110, and the pharmaceutical company is planning a randomized international Phase 3 study, Davis said.

Shares of Celldex, up 64 percent so far this year as of Thursday's close at $7.68, fell 20 percent after hours to $6.17. The stock finished regular trading down $1.25, or 14 percent on Thursday, as the broad market sold off sharply. (Reporting by Deena Beasley, editing by Matthew Lewis and Carol Bishopric)  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoAnscheindend gabs ne Fehlmeldung

21.05.10 08:44
Removes erroneous references to previous studies in lead and third paragraph, after analyst corrects statement)

der den kleinen Crash erklären könnte...

So kann man auch an günstige Aktien kommen...

@Magnet die Ergebnisse bestätigen die Ergebnisse der kleineren Trails und das ist meines Wissen sehr sehr überzeugend  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoBloomberg

21.05.10 08:49
Pfizer, Celldex Cancer Vaccine Shows Signs of Benefit (Update1)
May 20, 2010, 6:55 PM EDT
More From Businessweek

   * Exelixis Drug Slows Progress of a Deadly Brain Cancer (Update1)
   * Ziopharm Drug Helps Stymie Lethal Tumors 77% Longer, Study Says
   * Amgen?s Crop of Experimental Cancer Drugs Shows Initial Results
   * Abraxis Chemotherapy Drug Prolongs Life in Pancreatic Cancer
   * Teva Beats Pfizer, Actavis to Win Ratiopharm for EU3.6 Billion

Story Tools

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(Updates with share price in fifth paragraph. To see more cancer treatment stories, go to {EXT4 })

By Shannon Pettypiece

May 20 (Bloomberg) -- Pfizer Inc. and Celldex Therapeutics Inc.’s brain-tumor vaccine kept 70 percent of patients alive without their cancer worsening for about eight months after diagnosis, a study found.

Cancer typically progresses in about 50 percent of patients during that time period, said Tom Davis, Celldex’s chief medical officer. The finding, involving 40 patients, is from an interim analysis of a study reported today by the American Society for Clinical Oncology. The full results will be presented June 5 at the group’s annual meeting in Chicago.

New York-based Pfizer, the world’s biggest drugmaker, licensed rights to the drug last year from Needham, Massachusetts-based Celldex for as much as $440 million, plus royalties. If approved for brain cancer, the vaccine could have $450 million in peak annual sales and come on the market in 2013, said Joseph Pantginis, an analyst with Roth Capital Partners LLC, in an interview.

“This therapy is the belle-of-the-ball as far as we are concerned,” said Stephen Brozak, an analyst with WBB Securities LLC in a May 19 telephone interview.

Celldex fell 18 percent to $6.30 at 6:32 p.m. New York time in extended trading after the close of the Nasdaq Stock Market. Pfizer fell 13 cents to $15.10 in extended New York trading.

Breast Cancer Potential

The treatment is designed to ramp up the body’s immune response to fight off the tumor. The vaccine targets the molecule called epidermal growth factor receptor variant III, which plays a role in cell growth. The strategy could be applied to breast, ovarian and prostate cancer as well, though none of those indications are in human testing, Celldex said.

The drug is in the second of three stages of testing required to get U.S. regulatory approval. Pfizer hasn’t announced plans to start final-stage testing. The next step likely will be a placebo-controlled study looking at about 200 patients worldwide, Davis said.

In the research, newly diagnosed patients received injections of CDX-110 along with radiation therapy and Merck & Co.’s Temodar until their tumor progressed. All patients received the experimental treatment, rather than giving the medicine to half of the participants while the other half received placebos.

Final results from 65 patients enrolled in the trial should be available by year’s end, Davis said.  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoElexis hat übrigens auch Daten

21.05.10 08:52
bekannt gegeben und die waren Welten schlechter als die von Celldex, die für mich überragend sind.  

1657 Postings, 5257 Tage AndreanoSummary (English)

21.05.10 08:55
The results are very consistent with previous ACTIVATE and ACTII CDX110 trials:

1. Median time-to-progression and median overall survival were not reached at 5.5 months. If somebody is confused over this issue: this is an interim study, and the 5.5 months is when the data were tabulated. It is NOT the median TTP!

2. The 5.5 month period is calculated from the first VACCINATION, which is 2-3 months after surgery. The previous ACTII data that the analyst used in the Reuters quote were after SURGERY, so he was comparing apples (ACTII post-surgery) to oranges (ACTIII post-vaccination).

3. The progression-free rate (PFR) post-vaccination in ACTIII is 70%. The PFR in ACTII is given in Table II of the '09 ASCO and is shown separately for ACTIIa and b. I did the calculation for the total ACTII, and after weighing for the different number of patients in a and b, the PFR was 78%. Given the error bars, the 2 numbers are not different. So ACTII PFR and ACTIII PFR are similar at the 5.5-6 months time point. (The 95% PFR from ACTII that the analyst used, as well as several posters on this MB, is an INCORRECT comparison!)

4. Extrapolating the 70% PFR in ACTIII gives a median TTP of about 14 months. This is similar to the TTP in ACTIVATE and ACTII, and is more than a DOUBLING of the current SOC of ~6 months.

5. Extrapolating the median TTP to overall survival gives ~22 months, a more than 50% increase over the SOC median survival of 15 months.

The interim trial results from ACTIII are in line with previous data from the smaller ACTII and ACTIVATE. A projected doubling of TTP and a 50% increase in survival benefit are remarkable in a cancer which has a very poor prognosis. To put in perspective, the only approved cancer immunotherapeutic at this point, DNDN's Provenge, has no TTP benefit, and prolongs survival by only a couple of months.

It is very unfortunate that Reuters quoted an analyst who obviously didn't know what he was talking about. This is the second time that Reuters makes a big blunder on one of my biotechs- it's good to see that at least in this case they issued a correction.

Longer term, one thing to keep in mind is that in an aggressive cancer indication like glioblastoma, as little as a 2 months survival benefit implies regulatory approval. Based on the 2 completed clinical trials and the current interim trial, the prospects of CDX110 look very encouraging.  

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