Antisoma zu alten Höhen ?

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804 Postings, 5713 Tage DonCarloAntisoma zu alten Höhen ?

31.10.06 09:14
Der Kurs kommt von 0,22 und ist jetzt bereits bei 0,45.
Das alte Hoch war bei 0,70.

Da ist mächtig Bewegung drin.
Wenn die erst starten hoffen wir wohl auf weitaus höhere Kurse.
Börse-Online hat den Wert ja mal vor 3 oder 4 Monaten empfohlen.
Zwischendurch gab es Ernüchterung, was den Kursverlauf angeht, aber momentan sieht es so aus, als ob das Vertrauen stark ist, daß man hier bald richtig Geld verdienen wird.  

342 Postings, 4550 Tage Realist45Genau...

08.10.09 19:57
da warte ich jetzt seid 2005 drauf.F.G.Realist  

500 Postings, 4507 Tage LuisdeFunesund ich erst

09.10.09 09:46
bin seit 2000 dabei, und damals hatten wir einen Kurs von 3,20  

342 Postings, 4550 Tage Realist45Heute in London

12.10.09 10:25

sehen sie das aber nicht so rosig!

Akt. Kurs35,38
Diff. abs.-1,13
Diff. %-3,08
Volumen (in GBX)1.357.200
geh. Stück37.800
52 W-Hoch38,50
52 W-Tief17,25


10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariRealist

12.10.09 17:32
Sieht nach Faehnchen mit Wimpel aus. Also sollte der Mast der halbe Weg sein.
Insider haben auch eingekauft. Abwarten.


10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariFreut Euch ! God News

13.10.09 08:39
Press releases 13 /10 /2009 Antisoma's AS1411  gains US and EU Orphan Drug Status for acute myeloid leukaemia London, UK, and Cambridge, MA : 13
October 2009  – Antisoma plc (LSE: ASM; USOTC: ATSMY) announces that its aptamer drug AS1411  has been granted orphan drug status in both the United States and the  European Union for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). The grants will provide seven  years of market exclusivity in the US and ten years of exclusivity in the EU if AS1411  is approved for  use in AML. Positive phase II data for AS1411  in AML were presented at the 2008  ASH and 2009  ASCO meetings.  Addition of AS1411  to high-dose cytarabine increased response rates without significantly increasing  side-effects in patients with relapsed or refractory AML. Phase IIb trials are now planned: the first is  expected to start in early 2010.  Should this yield positive findings, rapid progress into a registration  trial is anticipated. AS1411  already has orphan drug status in both the US and the EU for the treatment of renal cancer. A phase II trial in renal cancer is ongoing, and expected to report initial data before the end of this year. Glyn Edwards, Antisoma's CEO, said: "Gaining orphan drug status in AML further strengthens the  exclusivity position of AS1411  in a setting where we have positive phase II data. This is an exciting  time for AS1411 , with phase II data in renal cancer coming soon and our investigation of the compound in AML progressing to the next stage." Enquiries: Antisoma plc   Glyn Edwards, CEO     Daniel Elger, VP Marketing & Communications   + 44 (0) 7909 915 068       Buchanan Communications (media enquiries)   Mark Court/Lisa Baderoon/Catherine Breen + 44 (0)20 7466 5000       The Trout Group (US investor enquiries)   Seth Lewis + 1 617 583 1308 Except for the historical information presented, certain matters discussed in this announcement are  

10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kallearider Wimpel

13.10.09 20:11
Wie erwartet wurde dat Faehnken nach oben verlassen !


2093 Postings, 5347 Tage GanswindtDas ist nicht mehr normal mit der Kursdrückerei!

14.10.09 12:11
Da kann passieren, was will, der Kurs wird m.M. nach manipuliert unter 40 cent gehalten. Ich kann mich irren, aber Insiderkäufe und diese Kursdeckelung lassen mich vermuten, dass bald der Korken knallt.
Meine unbedeutende Meinung!
Alternative: Antisoma ist einfach nicht mehr wert als 40 cent!

500 Postings, 4507 Tage LuisdeFunesGanswindt

14.10.09 12:29
Bin da ganz deiner Meinung, wobei ich denke deine Alternative trifft nicht zu!
Der Verlauf der letzten 4 Wochen war ja eigentlich sehr gut und irgendwann knallt hier auch der Korken!  

1 Posting, 4361 Tage enkakorken knallen

14.10.09 16:19

wann ? wohin ? weiß Karina was?




10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariNEWs +++

10.11.09 09:51
Press releases 10 /11 /2009 Antisoma AGM update and Interim Management Statement London, UK, and Cambridge, MA: 10  November 2009  – Antisoma plc (LSE: ASM; USOTC: ATSMY) holds  its AGM today and provides an update, which also serves as the Company's Interim Management  Statement for the period from 1  July 2009  to 9  November 2009. Antisoma's CEO Glyn Edwards, said: "We are finishing 2009  in a strong position, with two drugs well  into pivotal phase III trials and significant cash resources. We are focused on completing key studies  of our late-stage drugs and preparing for their commercialisation, while also continuing to explore  opportunities to add new assets to our business." ASA404  – a potential blockbuster ASA404 , our Tumour-Vascular Disrupting Agent, continues to make good progress in the capable hands of our partner, Novartis. In September, we announced that the ATTRACT-1  phase III trial had  completed patient enrolment. This 1200- patient study is evaluating ASA404  in combination with  standard chemotherapy as a first-line treatment for non-small cell lung cancer. We expect data from  the trial in late 2010  or early 2011 , with applications for marketing to follow during 2011  if the data  are positive. Novartis is also conducting ATTRACT-2 , a 900- patient phase III trial testing ASA404  as a second-line  treatment for non-small cell lung cancer. Testing the drug in both the first- and second-line settings will ensure that a broad spectrum of lung cancer patients could be eligible for treatment with the  drug. Novartis also intends to develop ASA404  in another major indication, HER2- negative metastatic breast cancer. More details of the plans for this indication will be available in the near future. Antisoma has the option to co-commercialise ASA404  with Novartis in the US, which fits with  Antisoma's plans to become directly involved in the commercialisation of its products. The deal with  Novartis could yield substantial milestone payments based on the progress of ASA404  as well as  royalties on all sales of the drug worldwide. AS1413  – second key phase III product AS1413  is a novel chemotherapy drug with promising potential as a treatment for blood cancers. A  key property of AS1413  is its ability to evade a variety of multi-drug resistance mechanisms, such as  Pgp, MRP-1  and BCRP. These are molecular pumps used by cancer cells to expel drugs, including some of the major chemotherapies in use today. By evading these mechanisms, AS1413
has the potential  to work in settings where other treatments provide limited benefit. We are developing AS1413  initially as a treatment for secondary acute myeloid leukaemia (secondary  AML), a form of AML that evolves from prior bone marrow disease or develops following radiotherapy  or chemotherapy for other cancers. Patients with secondary AML often have multi-drug resistant  disease and there are no drugs approved specifically for this condition. We are enrolling patients into a pivotal, randomised phase III trial of AS1413  in secondary AML. This  trial, called ACCEDE, compares AS1413  plus cytarabine with daunorubicin plus cytarabine, the most  common initial treatment for AML. The ACCEDE study builds on positive data from previous studies:  from a phase I trial, just published in  Leukemia Research , which highlighted the drug's potential in this setting, and from a phase II trial that evaluated the drug in 88  patients with secondary AML. Final  follow-up data from the phase II trial will be presented at this year's ASH meeting in December. Results from the ACCEDE trial are expected to be available in late 2010  or early 2011.  Should these  be positive, we plan to market the drug ourselves in the US while seeking partners for marketing in  other territories. We believe that AS1413  could achieve worldwide sales running into hundreds of  millions of dollars as a treatment for secondary AML, and that there is also a wider opportunity for  the drug in other blood cancer settings. AS1411  – significant developments ahead Earlier this year we presented positive data from a phase II trial of our aptamer drug, AS1411 , in AML.  The addition of 10  or 40
mg/kg/day AS1411  to cytarabine chemotherapy increased the response rate  without significantly increasing side-effects. We now plan to build on these findings by conducting a  phase IIb trial, which is expected to begin early next year. The new trial will include around 90  patients in three treatment groups: a control group will get  chemotherapy alone while two combination groups receive AS1411  together with chemotherapy.  AS1411  will be given at 40  or 80  mg/kg/day, so the highest dose tested will be twice that used in  the previous trial. The dose of cytarabine chemotherapy will also be slightly higher than that used  previously. In addition, the patient population will be refined: the prior trial included patients who had proved unresponsive (refractory) to previous therapy or who had suffered up to three relapses,  whereas the new trial will only include patients in first relapse or refractory to one previous  treatment. The phase IIb trial will capture the initial response to treatment, how long patients  remain disease-free and how long they survive following treatment. The goal is to provide a data-set  that allows us to make optimal plans for a registration study. In parallel with the programme in AML, we have been running a single-arm phase II trial in renal  cancer. This completed patient enrolment in May, and is expected to report initial data before the  end of 2009. As with AS1413 , Antisoma currently retains all marketing and commercialisation rights to AS1411.  We  plan to continue development through late-stage trials and to commercialise the product ourselves  in the US while seeking partners for other territories. Strong financial position We reported in our year-end financial results that we had GBP 67.0
million at the end of June 2009 ,  and indicated that these funds were sufficient to support all our priority programmes until mid-2011 ,  beyond the time when data are expected from the key phase III studies of ASA404  and AS1413. Outlook Before the end of this year, we expect the first data from our phase II trial of AS1411  in renal cancer  and additional details of Novartis' plans for developing ASA404  in breast cancer. We are moving  forward with our plans to transition from a company focused on developing cancer drugs into one  that can also successfully commercialise them. While our principal focus is the completion of phase  III trials on ASA404  and AS1413 , we also continue to advance the earlier stage products in our  portfolio and to explore opportunities to add new drugs to the pipeline. Enquiries : Antisoma plc + 44 (0)203 249 2100 / +  44 (0) 7909  915068 Glyn Edwards, Chief Executive Officer     Daniel Elger, VP, Marketing & Communications     Alison Saville, Senior Marketing & Communications  Executive        

10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariAus Good mornig asia

10.11.09 09:59
China ist das Autoland Nummer eins Gerade bestätigten neue Zahlen einmal mehr diese Entwicklung: Während die  Autokonzerne in den vergangenen Jahren in Europa und in Amerika mit heftigen  Einbußen kämpfen mussten, kann der Markt in der Volksrepublik China vor Kraft  kaum laufen. So haben die Autoverkäufe im Reich der Mitte im Oktober um mehr  als 70  Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat zugelegt und damit auch  ausländischen Herstellern zu einem ordentlichen Absatzschub verholfen.  Sagenhafte 1 ,2  Millionen neue Autos fanden im Oktober in der Volksrepublik  einen neuen Besitzer, wie der chinesische Herstellerverband mitteilte. In den  ersten zehn Monaten des Jahres wurden damit in China fast 10 ,9  Millionen Autos  verkauft – das ist ein Plus von fast 40 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr. Der  Herstellerverband rechnet mit insgesamt zwölf Millionen verkauften Pkw in  diesem Jahr.  Damit verfestigt sich ein Trend, der mit dem großen chinesischen  Konjunkturprogramm zum Jahresende 2008  begonnen hatte: Im Januar hatte China die USA als größter Autoabsatzmarkt abgelöst. Von der hohen Nachfrage nach  Autos profitieren auch die ausländischen Hersteller, die in China in  Gemeinschaftsunternehmen mit chinesischen Firmen produzieren. Die Opel- Mutter General Motors (GM) etwa verkaufte im Oktober rund  167.000  Autos und  damit doppelt so viele wie im Oktober vorigen Jahres, wie das Unternehmen in  Shanghai mitteilte. China hat also einmal mehr seine Vitalität unter Beweis  gestellt.  

700 Postings, 5033 Tage karina1000???

16.11.09 11:22
und was hat das mit antisoma zu tun....  

10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kallearikarina1000

16.11.09 20:56
Nix ! Hab ich an falsche Stelle kopiert, bin auch bei noch bei andern Werten. Wenn man mehrere Dinge gleichzeitig macht, kopiert man schon mal falsch.


10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariAntisoma gibt Ueberblick

25.11.09 19:04
Press releases 25 /11 /2009 Antisoma to present at Piper Jaffray Health Care Conference 25  November 2009 , London, UK, and Cambridge, MA:  Antisoma plc (LSE: ASM; USOTC: ATSMY)  announces that its Chief Executive Officer, Glyn Edwards, will present an overview of the Company's  strategy, programmes and prospects at the Piper Jaffray 21 st Annual Health Care Conference in New  York City, on Tuesday, December 1 st at 14 :30  EST/19 :30  GMT. A webcast of the presentation will be available on Antisoma's website at asm/media/webcast/ For live viewing of the webcast, it is recommended that viewers log on 15  minutes early in order to  register and download any necessary software. Enquiries Daniel Elger VP, Marketing and Communications Antisoma plc + 44 (0) 20 3249 2100 Background on Antisoma Antisoma is a London Stock Exchange-listed biopharmaceutical company that develops novel  products for the treatment of cancer. The Company has operations in the UK and the US. Please visit  for further information about Antisoma.  

342 Postings, 4550 Tage Realist45Also

25.11.09 19:32
ich konnte es nicht lassen, habe meine Frau angepummt und nochmal 1000 Stück nachgekauft.F.G.Realist  

179 Postings, 4234 Tage SunkistAntisoma first-half loss widens

18.02.10 12:30
Scraps AS1411 study for renal cancer, to focus on AML


* Has no revenue in H1

* Shares down 1.4 pct (Adds details)

Feb 18 (Reuters) - British cancer specialist Antisoma's (ASM.L) first-half pretax loss tripled as the company had no revenue during the period and operating costs increased 6.8 percent.

Antisoma said it would not pursue further development of its mid-stage drug candidate, AS1411, for renal cancer because of the "highly competitive nature of the renal cancer market."

The company said it would focus on developing the drug for the acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) indication instead.

AS1411 has already received an orphan drug status in the United States and the European Union for the AML indication.  

10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariKaufen aber Kursziel reduziert

06.03.10 12:36
Antisoma "buy" 10 : 00 22.02.10 Rating-Update: Amsterdam ( AG) - Luke Poloniecki, Analyst von ING, stuft die  Aktie von Antisoma ( Profil ) unverändert mit "buy" ein. Das Kursziel werde  von 62  auf 48  GBp gesenkt. ( 22.02.2010 /ac/a/u)  

10342 Postings, 4756 Tage kalleariAS1411 in Phase 2b gegen leukaemie

18.03.10 11:05
18 /03 /2010 Antisoma initiates phase IIb trial of AS1411  in acute myeloid leukaemia London, UK, and Cambridge, MA: 18  March 2010  - Antisoma plc (LSE: ASM; USOTC: ATSMY) announces  that it has started a randomised, controlled, multi-territory, phase IIb trial of AS1411  in patients with  acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). Dr Ursula Ney, Chief Operating Officer of Antisoma, said: "AML is a devastating disease for which new  treatment options are desperately needed. This phase IIb trial builds on earlier positive phase II  findings, and is designed to pave the way for a registration trial of AS1411  in AML." The phase IIb trial is enrolling patients with AML in first relapse or refractory to one prior treatment.  Around 90  patients are being randomised to three treatment groups. A control group is receiving  high-dose cytarabine, a standard chemotherapy treatment for this patient population. The other two  groups are receiving high-dose cytarabine combined with AS1411  at 40  or 80  mg/kg/day. The trial will  compare the three treatment groups with respect to safety, response rates, period free of leukaemia  and survival. Data are expected next year. The phase IIb trial follows a randomised phase II trial in AML, which reported positive results at the  2009  Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Enquiries: Antisoma plc +  44 (0) 7909 915068 Glyn Edwards,  Chief Executive Officer   Daniel Elger,  VP, Marketing & Communications        

18637 Postings, 7089 Tage jungchen-70%

29.03.10 10:39
Antisoma shares down 71% after halting trial
3:21 a.m. Today 3:21 a.m. March 29, 2010

Antisoma halts lung cancer treatment trial
2:27 a.m. Today 2:27 a.m. March 29, 2010

Biopharmaceutical firm Antisoma (UK:ASM 9.90, -22.10, -69.06%) said Monday that interim analysis of data from the ATTRACT-1 phase III trial of ASA404 in previously untreated non-small cell lung cancer has shown that continuation of the trial would be futile. The firm said that the trial showed there is little or no prospect of demonstrating a survival benefit with ASA404 in this setting. The ATTRACT-1 trial will therefore be halted

451 Postings, 6515 Tage sertralin19was solls...

29.03.10 11:09
guter Tag zum Nachkauf.
Hab meine Position verdoppelt.
Kann in Nachhinein Blödsinn
gewesen sein, aber vielleicht
auch mutig und weise.

Fortes fortuna adjuvat.



500 Postings, 4507 Tage LuisdeFunesgewaltiger Abschlag

29.03.10 11:13
ist dieser Gerechtfertigt?
Es sind doch noch mehrere erfolgsversprechende Kanditaten in der Pipeline!
vermutlich wird die Tage eine Gegegbewegung kommen!  

700 Postings, 5033 Tage karina1000a

29.03.10 12:21
antisoma  wird bald der vergangenheit angehö kursverfall sieht man das vertrauen der anleger.....  

500 Postings, 4507 Tage LuisdeFunesFundamental besser als Genta

29.03.10 12:27
also ich denke das sich der Kurs wieder erholt!  

451 Postings, 6515 Tage sertralin19Antisoma wird bald der Vergangenheit angehören?

29.03.10 12:58
Glaub ich nicht.

Cash ist da, Projekte auch.
Und mit Novartis ein starker Partner,
der selbst Anteile an Antisoma hält.

Antisoma hat schon so viele
Krisen ausgestanden, da seh
ich nicht gleich den Weltuntergang
wegen einer weiteren Pleitestudie.

Irgendwann wird ein Kandidat
den Markt erreichen.
Steter Tropfen hölt den Stein.
Das kann natürlich dauern.
Und der Kurs war immer für
extreme Schwankungen gut.
Aber wer ernsthaft in solche
Werte investiert, bringt für
gewöhnlich ja Zeit mit.

Sonst würde ich auch die
Finger davon lassen.



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