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22.01.10 15:27
Winteam Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. is listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code HK00570). Its major subsidiaries include Guangdong Medi-World Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Foshan Dezhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Foshan Feng Liao Xing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shandong Luya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Engaged in scientific research, manufacture and sales of Chinese traditional patent medicines, chemical medicines and biological medicines, the Winteam Group has built up a comprehensive industry chain with the ability to manufacture all dose forms of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) and modern medicines. All the group’s subsidiaries have passed China’s GMP/GSPCertification.

Winteam Group is also dedicated to the secondary development of TCMs and the development of modern Chinese medicine preparations, special antibiotics, sustained-release and controlled-released preparations and anti-tumor medicine. It has established competitive advantages in the recruitment of talents, the development of skills, the manufacture of quality products and the opening up of major markets. Today, the group owns more than 200 products, many of which have been ranked among the State’s protected TCM varieties, Patent-protected varieties, high-quality varieties at reasonable prices, and varieties of the National List of Essential Drugs. The sales of the group’s products span the nation as well as overseas markets.

At Winteam, we pledge to continue our inherit mission of “Caring for people’s health, Improving the quality of life and Creating happiness”. We have  actively implemented our brand strategies, and fostered a number of well-known brands, including Dezhong (China’s Famous Trademark), Feng Liao Xing (China’s Time-Honoured Brand), Shengtongping (Guangdong’s Famous Trademark) and Gaode, winning trust and respect from doctors and patients alike.

While focusing on brand building, the group is committed to follow its own creative development directions. Over the years, the group has established a market-oriented and innovative system that integrates industry, academic and research institutes, centering around the group as the core centre and products as its main focus. Each year, Winteam Group allocates 5% of its annual sales to invest in technological and product innovation, building up its core competitiveness with the support of its Technical Center and Post-Doctorate Work Station and cooperative research institutes.

Looking ahead, Winteam Group will continue to integrate the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture with modern pharmaceutical technology.  Counting on scientific innovation, the group will continue to develop products that cater for the needs of our society, thus realizing its important mission of “Caring for people’s health,, Improving the quality of life and Creating happiness.”  

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22.01.10 15:29
Winteam Pharmaceutical Group Limited said it is in preliminary talks in relation to a potential acquisition of the remaining equity interests in a non-wholly owned subsidiary; and a fund raising exercise which involves the issue of new shares. These preliminary discussions are still in progress, and may or may not lead to an agreement.


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24.11.19 19:31
ist "BUY":  
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1634 Postings, 1854 Tage MrTrillionDie Entwicklung schaut kontinuierlich aus:

24.11.19 19:31
Leider blieb der Kurs es dennoch nicht.

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5750 Postings, 1929 Tage GonzoderersteAh Trillion jetzt überall

24.11.19 19:35
Und immer hat er die Welt begriffen, nur er alle anderen......  

1634 Postings, 1854 Tage MrTrillionUm es abzuschliessen:

24.11.19 19:36
Habe diesen Wert mal auf meine Watchlist genommen. Aber so richtig überzeugt bin ich derzeit noch nicht.

Leider findet man auch kaum Nachrichten dazu irgendwo, jedenfalls nicht auf die Schnelle. Und die Webseite von denen macht ehrlich gesagt keinen allzu professionellen Eindruck:

Aufhorchen liess mich allerdings ein wenig, dass auch die Vanguard Group hier mitinvestiert ist:  
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1634 Postings, 1854 Tage MrTrillionDie Webseite von China Traditional Medicine...

24.11.19 20:12
... braucht ewig zum Laden heute. Sinnig auch nicht gerade, das "ENG" unter einem chinesischen Symbol (oben rechts) zu verstecken...

Hier der Direktlink, damit andere sich die Suche sparen können: http://www.china-tcm.com.cn/en/index.aspx  

1634 Postings, 1854 Tage MrTrillionHK0000056256 Liest hier noch jemand mit?

11.01.20 18:26
Interessant ist, dass auch institutionelle Anleger diese Aktie in ihren Depots mit drin haben:  
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11.01.20 18:28
Auf meiner Watchlist ist sie weiterhin drauf. Scheint, als bilde sich da gerade ein Boden. Aber so 100%ig überzeugt bin ich derzeit immer noch nicht.

Hat jemand eine konkrete Idee dazu?  

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13.03.20 15:14
Langsam wird's spannend, im Chart jedenfalls:  
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