verkauf im august , sonst kommt der Verlust !

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wenn die fed heute abend
entsprechend negative schlagzeilen bringt
haste günstich
wenn sie abba in ansätzen optimistisch
is - haste ungünstich

WASHINGTON -- With the end of the U.S. recession finally in sight, top policy makers at the Federal Reserve will be breathing easier during their closed-door meetings Tuesday and Wednesday.

The official statement from the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday will probably include a clear nod to the improved economic outlook, but few observers think the FOMC will raise interest rates or abandon the easy-money policies that may have prevented a second depression.

The economy may be recovering, but there are still dangers lurking. Bank lending is still impaired and the recovery is expected to be tepid, especially for workers and consumers.

The policy statement is expected to be released by the Fed on Wednesday at about 2:15 p.m. Eastern time.

With the FOMC having already promised to keep interest rates very low for "an extended period," no one is forecasting a rate hike this week, or even this year.

The big question for this month's monetary-policy meeting will be the fate of the Fed's program to buy long-term Treasurys, which will soon hit the limit of $300 billion.

Most observers are in the camp that the U.S. central bank won't move beyond the $300 billion mark for such purchases.

"Our overriding belief is that the Treasury buying program will not be expanded meaningfully," wrote Stephen Stanley, chief U.S. economist for RBS Securities.

"The Fed is likely to reinforce that they are not going to be in the market after the $300 billion is up," said Ajay Rajadhyaksha, head of U.S. fixed-income strategy at Barclays Capital, one of the 18 primary U.S. government security dealers that trade with the Fe  

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noch ein -
"reichlich semmelbrösel in den socken
halten selbst in der größten krise
traders angstschweißfüße trocken!"  

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