EK leitet den Turnaround durch Patentverkauf ein

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2074 Postings, 6184 Tage Joschi307Eigenkapitalentwicklung der letzten Quartale

05.01.12 15:15
Q4/2009:        20 Mio. $
Q1/2010:  -     50 Mio. $
Q2/2010:  -   210 Mio. $
Q3/2010:  -   210 Mio. $
Q4/2010:  -   500 Mio. $
Q1/2011:  - 1280 Mio. $
Q2/2011:  - 1420 Mio. $
Q3/2011:  - 1650 Mio. $

Wem fällt was auf? ;)

Stichwort: negatives Eigenkapital  

4877 Postings, 6936 Tage krauty77ja.. das ist schon ein problem

05.01.12 15:19
negative equity.
Deshalb ist Kodak eventuell auch kein Übernahmekandidat.
Zwar bekommt man Zugang zu tollen Patenten, aber hat immense Pensionsverpflichtungen und negatives Eigenkapital in den Büchernn  

2682 Postings, 4668 Tage lady luckwas bedeutet BK for EK? read here:

05.01.12 15:23

1282 Postings, 4849 Tage dachdecker72jetzt gehts abwärts

05.01.12 15:29

4877 Postings, 6936 Tage krauty77Autsch.. nochmal so ein Drop..

05.01.12 15:32

4877 Postings, 6936 Tage krauty77Mensch .. kann Kodak endlich mal die

05.01.12 15:33
Fresse aufmachen?  

1282 Postings, 4849 Tage dachdecker720,31 krass

05.01.12 15:35

4877 Postings, 6936 Tage krauty77Schon lächerlich...

05.01.12 15:36
immer wieder neue Artikel, die sich auf die WSJ Story beziehen.
May file bankruptcy... according to ppl familiar with the matter... bla bla  

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyWhy Kodak Needs to Declare Bankruptcy

05.01.12 16:47

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeySpencerLab White Paper Recognizes KODAK NEXPRESS P

05.01.12 16:58
SpencerLab White Paper Recognizes KODAK NEXPRESS Press for Highest Quality Photographic Printing

wired by noodls on 05/01/2012 15:38

A new white paper from the SpencerLabDigital Color Laboratory explains the methodology, image samples and measurement results of an independent comparative Photographic Image Quality study. The study's key findings, announced in September 2011, reveal that the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press achieved the highest overall rating in photographic print quality, demonstrating the best all-around performance across the majority of attributes evaluated. The white paper, showing complete details of this study, is now available atwww.kodak.com/go/nexpress and www.spencerlab.com.

The technical paper shows that the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Press has best-in-class realism for sky, water, and foliage, combined with high realism for skin tones, which is paramount in photographic printing. It also has best-in-class sharpness and high smoothness, and the best monochrome/neutral gray output. Other devices evaluated in the study included the HP INDIGO 7500 Digital Press, XEROX iGen4 Press, and XEROX Color 1000 Press.

According to the report, the experienced team at SpencerLabevaluated glossy and matte prints produced by each press manufacturer at their in-house facilities, choosing the optimum print settings intended for best photographic quality. The study was commissioned by Kodak, and print runs were supervised on-site by SpencerLabpersonnel.

"Known for its expertise in the testing and analysis of digital color output, SpencerLabconducted a thorough, unbiased, third-party test of the printing devices from Kodak, HP and Xerox. To see the KODAK NEXPRESS SX Platform confirmed as the leader in photo image quality is an accomplishment that we are extremely proud of," said Steve Fletcher, General Manager, Digital Printers and Presses, Kodak.

Meeting the needs of commercial printers, photo product printers, direct mail houses, in-plant printers, and data centers, the NEXPRESS SX Digital Production Color Platformwith Print Genius offers exceptional quality and productivity.New features include speeds up to 131 ppm, a longer sheet size (26″/660 mm), smaller ink particle size with the new KODAK NEXPRESS HD Dry Ink, new Fifth Imaging Unit Solution Light Black HD Dry Ink, and a new matte printing effect option.

Printing on more than 700 standard offset substrates, the smaller ink particle size of the KODAK NEXPRESS HD Dry Ink reduces grain and provides smoother continuous tones for photo-quality output. The KODAK Light Black HD Dry Ink Solution uses proprietary algorithms to substitute the light black for specific colors, resulting in smoother skin tones while maintaining superb detail for high-end photo applications.The NEXPRESS SX Platform now includes a new matte fuser roller that allows you to expand your array of finishes ranging from matte to satin to high gloss. The matte effect, completed inline, produces a matte look for printed pages or photos.Enabling the matte finish is a simple, fifteen-minute component change. The result is a rich aesthetic effect that rivals offset.

The KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutionenables a number of unique features for photo professionals, from watermarking and protection coating to glossing and inline dimensional printing, which is unique in the industry. The Fifth Imaging Unit helps customers differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

Detailed product information can be found at www.kodak.com/go/nexpress , and a video on the NEXPRESS SX Platform can be viewed athttp://bit.ly/NexPressSXPlatform .

Kodak is a global advisor and provider of integrated services to help companies transform and optimize their businesses. Through a network of service professionals in more than 120 countries, Kodak provides technical, professional, consulting and managed services to enable customers to focus on growing their businesses,maximizing productivity,and more effectively managingrisks. All KODAK Products and Software are backed by KODAK Service and Support. To learn more, please visitwww.graphics.kodak.com .

About SpencerLabDigital Color Laboratory

Celebrating over 20 years of service, SpencerLabDigital Color Laboratory, an independent test division of Spencer & Associates Publishing, Ltd., has earned international recognition for its expertise in Color Print Quality and its evaluation of key performance metrics of digital printing systems. SpencerLabis broadly respected as a leader in unbiased, third-party benchmarking of digital imaging and printing systems.

Leading vendors and firms for whom printing is mission-critical have relied upon SpencerLabto provide Print Quality, Ink/Toner Yield and Cost-per-Print, Throughput Speed, Usability, Reliability and Availability analyses for a variety of printing technologies-ink-based, toner-based, and many others. SpencerLabprovides leadership in quantitative and qualitative comparisons-test and evaluation services, benchmark test software/hardware, and focus group management.

For more information, visit www.spencerlab.com.

About Kodak

As the world's foremost imaging innovator, Kodak helps consumers, businesses, and creative professionals unleash the power of images, information, and printing to enrich their lives.

In the graphic communications industry, Kodak serves customers in the printing, publishing, packaging and enterprise markets with intelligent solutions for competitive advantage and greater return on investment.

Kodak helps customers adapt, transform and grow their businesses. Through a comprehensive product and solutions portfolio that integrates revolutionary technologies, smart automation and specialized services, Kodak supplies customers operating in traditional, hybrid and digital graphic environments the broadest choice of software, production products and services for creating and managing high-value variable output efficiently and cost effectively.

For more information, visitgraphics.kodak.com . Follow us on Twitter attwitter.com/kodakidigprint and visit our blog atgrowyourbiz.kodak.com
(Kodak and NexPress are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.)

5662 Postings, 6081 Tage _bbb_heise.de

05.01.12 18:45

Die Insolvenz könne aber noch abgewendet werden, wenn es Kodak schließlich gelingen sollte, ein Portfolio aus rund 1100 Patenten zu verkaufen, hieß es unter Berufung auf informierte Personen.  

2074 Postings, 6184 Tage Joschi307Eastman Kodak 0,4412 $

05.01.12 19:50
Tageshoch: 0,480 $
Tagestief: 0,362 $


auch in Frankfurt mit über 200.000 Stück, ein guter Handel.

Noch 3 Wochen bis zu dem Q4 Zahlen.

Die Spannung steigt.  

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyMoody's lowers ratings on Eastman Kodak ( $EK )

05.01.12 20:29
Moody's lowers ratings on Eastman Kodak ( $EK )


2074 Postings, 6184 Tage Joschi307Prepare To Buy Kodak

05.01.12 20:37
Quelle: http://seekingalpha.com/article/...3-prepare-to-buy-kodak?source=feed

This will sound strange, but if you are a courageous trader, you need to start preparing to buy Kodak (EK) - just don't do it yet. You probably saw the press coverage saying Kodak is readying a bankruptcy filing, and you don't want to buy before they go bankrupt!

But you will want to buy it as soon as they do go bankrupt! I mean in the first 30 minutes - 1 hour after they file bankruptcy, actually!

This is where you are probably thinking "why do I read this?" Stay with me for a while, though. There is a reason. There is a phenomenon that strikes well-known, well anticipated, large bankruptcies that had large volume and short interest before they file. This phenomenon simply consists of these stocks going up strongly after taking the initial bankruptcy hit. I've already written on this regarding American Airlines (AMR) in my article "Surprised By AMR Going Up?", but it's never too late to remind people of the approaching opportunity.  

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyAnalyst says hold $EK Price target: $2.75

05.01.12 21:26
[b]Analyst says hold $EK Price target: $2.75
Analyst Actually Thinks Kodak's Stock Will Rise Over 400%

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyHow Kodak might emerge from bankruptcy

05.01.12 21:58

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyKodak Bankruptcy: Cash from Patent Sale

05.01.12 21:59

7019 Postings, 5616 Tage butzerleDer Turnaround bei Kodak

05.01.12 22:28
... ist offenbar genauso erfolgreich wie diese Empfehlung....


Auch hier ein Turnaround in vollem Gange. Gratuliere zu -55% seit Threaderöffnung....  

584 Postings, 5349 Tage mbu01... und so Posts wie #173...

05.01.12 23:13
... sind auch ganz schön befremdlich.
Kann mir aber immer noch nicht vorstellen, dass man mit 'nem kleinen Thread Kurse beeinflussen kann, die weltweit mehrere hunderttausend $ Volumen am Tag haben. Das ist doch dann vergebene Liebesmühe und treibt evtl. nur gutgläubige Kleinanleger in einen Verlust.  

5662 Postings, 6081 Tage _bbb_@butzerle

05.01.12 23:58
thekey aka Frankiy macht hier nen sehr guten Job und davon kannst du Dir ne Scheibe abschneiden, hier nur rummosern bringt nix, trage lieber was konstruktives bei...
EK ist heiss das weiss jeder hier sozusagen Hot oder Flop...wobei ich persönlich eine heftige gegenreaktion erwarte wenn sich diese WSJ Sch*** mal wieder als pures gebashe herausstellt...
Butzerle lass es einfach die threateröffner bloszustellen...sie weisen nur auf SEHR gute Tradingchancen hin...und thekey..erm Frankiy macht den Job SEHR GUT !!!!  

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyDer Überraschungseffekt

06.01.12 00:38
Welcher Insider würde Aktien von EK kaufen , wenn er wüßte das EK Pleite geht?
Ich jedenfalls nicht! Deshalb bin ich im Moment super bullisch bei EK!
Schlußkurs heute $0.42!

Wer morgen noch in Deutschland ein paar günstige Aktien unter Euro 0.33 bekommt sollte meiner Meinung nach zugreifen!

Der Überraschungseffekt einer Nichtpleite wird hier viele Shorties zum Covern zwingen!  

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekeyRuder zurück!

06.01.12 00:50
Ruder zurück! Die Form 4 weisen Optionen aus und keine Aktien!  

2824 Postings, 8923 Tage thekey@butzerle

06.01.12 00:52

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