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8584 Postings, 8413 Tage RheumaxDen Kurs hier

06.05.10 17:18
kannste eh vergessen. In Toronto, wo die Musik spielt, stehen wir immerhin auch aktuell  bei umgerechneten 10,3 Eurocent.
Wenn hier trotzdem irgend jemand seine Anteile unbedingt 17 % unter pari verscherbelt, ist das sein Problem.
Ich gehe davon aus, dass der Käufer von vorgestern in Toronto sich die 13,5 Mio. Aktien zu je 0,15 C$ nicht nur wegen seiner guten Laune gekauft hat..

Die PP im Dezember war zu 0,08 C$, inzwischen haben wir die Scoping Study und aktuell ein PP zu 0,15 C$.
Hat sich also wirklich nichts getan?  

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0TSX kurse

06.05.10 18:44

ja du hast recht, im Vergleich zu Dezember ist das schon ganz ok  

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Woulfe Mining Stake in Sangdong Grows to 70%

11.05.10 01:03
Woulfe Mining Corp. (TSX-V: WOF) ("Woulfe" or, the "Company") is pleased to announce the Scoping Study for the Company's Sangdong Project in South Korea has been submitted to the property vendor, Se Woo Mining.  As a result, Woulfe's percent ownership increases by 19% to from 51% to 70%.

The Company has the right to secure 100% ownership on completion of a full feasibility study. At that time, the Company's remaining obligation to Se Woo Mining is a 2% net smelter royalty once production restarts.  It should be noted that South Korea has no government royalties.

"I am very pleased with the team's progress on site in Korea.  Wardrop Engineers in the UK and Canada both, have put in many hours over the last five months since the change of management and the Company's restructuring. Our ownership of Sangdong increased to 51% in December 2009 and by subsequently submitting the scoping study by Wardrop our stake has increased to 70%. We have no further payments until the 2% NSR on production. On the submission of a feasibility study, which is scheduled next year, we move to 100% ownership," stated Brian Wesson, President, CEO and Director of Woulfe.  

8584 Postings, 8413 Tage RheumaxHab´s auch gerade gelesen

11.05.10 07:27
Andere wohl auch:  Toronto = + 12 %  

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0toronto

11.05.10 19:45
jetzt -10% ...  

8584 Postings, 8413 Tage Rheumaxund mit gewaltigem Volumen

11.05.10 19:52
500 Stück..   :-)  

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Volumen

11.05.10 21:53

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250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Woulfe Mining closes $4,407,500 brokered private p

13.05.10 18:35
Woulfe Mining closes $4,407,500 brokered private placement  

Woulfe Mining Corp announced today that it has completed a partially non-brokered private placement of 29,383,333 shares (each a "Share") at a price of $0.15 per share generating gross proceeds of $4,407,500 (the "Placement"). The Placement was brokered by GMP Securities Europe LLP which shall receive a cash commission of 6% of the proceeds directly placed and 3% of the proceeds placed by the Company and 1,763,000 compensation warrants representing 6% of the shares placed. Each whole compensation warrant will entitle GMP to acquire an additional common share of the Company at a price of $0.22 per Share for a period of 24 months

Proceeds of the Placement will be used to complete a feasibility study on the Sangdong property.

All securities issued pursuant to the Placement will be subject to a four month hold period expiring on September 14, 2010.

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0In Toronto +9,09%

25.05.10 20:38
Last:         Change:         Volume:         2:10 PM ET
0.120 +0.010 (9.09%) 42,300 May 25, 2010

und news:

Work Schedule for 2010


8584 Postings, 8413 Tage RheumaxInteressante Informationen

25.05.10 23:33
auch über Muguk.. aber ob das hier jemanden interessiert??
In Kanada trotz des schwierigen Umfelds heute angekommen..

Tz.. in Müchen wollte jemand wenigstens 0,08 € zahlen, in Frankfurt hat man da zu 0,071 hingeschmissen..  

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Woulfe Applies to Reopen Underground Mining at San

04.06.10 15:54
Woulfe Applies to Reopen Underground Mining at Sangdong Tungsten Moly Project

Woulfe Mining Corp, (TSX-V: WOF) ("Woulfe" or, the "Company") has lodged its Sangdong mine development plan for approval by the provincial government in South Korea. If successful, the Company will receive a development license which will allow the Company to redevelop, mine and process ore to win Tungsten and Molybdenum with by products of bismuth and gold.

The company holds a 25 year mining licence and the development plan is required before the mine development can proceed, the company requires the licence to move to feasibility as underground access will allow the company to move forward on a number of fronts including:

   * Assess condition of existing access and ore zone.
   * Geotechnical analysis;
   * trial mining to test bulk mining methods;
   * win bulk samples for metallurgical testing, and;
   * verification drilling and face sampling.

"This application is a significant milestone for the Company as if approved it provides the company with the permission to mine and treat ore, de-risking the project prior to feasibility," said Brian Wesson, CEO and President of Woulfe. "Our staff has put in many hours working with a very professional provincial government to lodge the mine development plan" Korea an ideal investment location with business conscious, friendly people who demand high standards and get the job done.

Woulfe is pleased to announce that it has granted in the aggregate 1,750,000 options at a price of $0.11 per share to certain Officers and/or Directors of the Company.  The options are exercisable for a five year period from the date of grant.

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Wolfe Mining Corp. Receives Mining License

08.06.10 10:03
Wolfe Mining Corp. Receives Mining License for Sangdong Tungsten and Molybdenum Project

Woulfe Mining Corp., (TSX-V: WOF) ("Woulfe" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that on the 7th June 2010 Woulfe has been advised by the Gangwon Province in South Korea that they have approved the mine development license for Sangdong tungsten-molybdenum project. The Company will lodge an environmental bond in the coming week and proceed to open the underground mine in conjunction with the mine safety authority.

"This is a significant milestone for the Company in our aggressive mine development plan," stated Brian Wesson, CEO and President of Woulfe. "The speed with which the application was processed, we believe, is an indication of South Korea and Gangwon Province's positive desire to see hard rock mining resume in a manner that compliments the needs of the local community and environment."

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Präsentation Juni

08.06.10 13:20

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Analyse von Objective Capital

14.06.10 12:17

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Woulfe Mining Corp. Commences Bankable Feasibility

14.06.10 15:52
Woulfe Mining Corp. Commences Bankable Feasibility Study at Sangdong Tungsten and Molybdenum Project

Woulfe Mining Corp, (TSX-V: WOF) ("Woulfe" or, the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has commissioned Wardrop, a Tetra Tech Company to complete an NI 43-101 compliant Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) on its Sangdong Tungsten - Molybdenum deposit in South Korea. An NI-43-101 compliant Scoping Study was recently completed by Wardrop which demonstrated positive economics and the potential feasibility of reopening the Sangdong mine. The BFS is expected to be completed in the first half of 2011.

The BFS will evaluate a 1.25 million tonne per annum (Mtpa) underground mining scenario to include ore treatment by gravity concentration and flotation for the production of a tungsten concentrate.  The BFS will also consider an onsite refinery to produce an ammonium paratungstate ("ATP") product for direct sale. A molybdenum concentrate by-product will also be produced. Additionally, the study will consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of the mining operation on local stakeholders and the broader community. The potential for doubling capacity to 2.5 Mtpa will also be taken into consideration.

"The initiation of the feasibility study represents a significant commitment to the future of Sangdong, and South Korea," stated Brian Wesson, CEO and President of Woulfe.  "We look forward to a positive outcome helping to unlock shareholder value in Sangdong."

Colin Lutherborrow MAusIMM a geologist with 30 years experience in underground mines and the delineation of resources and reserves is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument standards has read and approved this release.

748 Postings, 5649 Tage Flocke77Was ist denn mit Woulfe Mining los

26.06.10 11:13
.........im 3/4 Jahr -soll- die finale Studie veröffentlicht und ab 2013 -soll- bereits produziert werden!
Und wo steht WOF? An der TSX bei 9 Cent.......genau da, wo man vor der Namensumwidmung von OTL in WOF auch stand. Merkwürdig..........auch wenn die Umsätze die zu den 9 Cent geführt haben nicht erwähnenswert sind. Um den Kurs niedrig zu halten, wandern die gehandelten Anteile vielleicht nur von der linken Tasche in die rechte Tasche. Dann gibt es noch Leute die sich von diesem Kurs beeindrucken lassen und zu diesem Kurs ihre Anteile verschleudern........Die großen Investoren verkaufen mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht. Diese werden mit anderen Information versorgt, so, dass sie den wahren Wert von WOF kennen.

Wer kann Interesse an einem 9 Cent Kurs haben? WOF selber um sich für eine Übernahme förmlich anzubieten?


250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0WOF

28.06.10 00:36
Es ist wirklich merkwürdig, es gibt nur optimistische news und der kurs fällt... naja kann mir nur recht sein, da kann ich noch aufstocken

748 Postings, 5649 Tage Flocke77Trotz positiver News heute

29.06.10 22:29
......8 Cent an der TSX...............unglaublich!


250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Vielleicht hat da jemand mehr informationen als wi

30.06.10 12:24

1346 Postings, 6370 Tage uli68der

30.06.10 15:47
uranpreis ist im keller. das wirkt sich hier zusätzlich aus.  

748 Postings, 5649 Tage Flocke77Gutes Volumen heute

12.07.10 22:38
......beachtliche 900.000 Anteile wurden umgesetzt.....hatten wir schon lange nicht mehr....Kurs schließt mit +/- Null bei 0,08 CAN-Dollar....  

65 Postings, 6208 Tage maczockJa Ja

13.07.10 12:24
Ich sag dazu nur GÄÄHHHHHNNNN!!!!

Wie zu der gesamten Rohstoffbranche .........  

748 Postings, 5649 Tage Flocke77Heute wurden 3,2 Mio Aktien

13.07.10 23:53

Würde mich brennend interessieren wer da billig WOF-Anteile einsammelt (!)  

250 Postings, 5351 Tage k0k0k0Volumen

14.07.10 01:07
..also ich würde es zu dem Preis tun, wenn ich liquider wäre...ich meine die Ankündigungen sind sehr vielversprechend

748 Postings, 5649 Tage Flocke77Und wieder 3,2 Mio Aktien

14.07.10 22:19
umgesetzt! Schlusskurs 0,095 CAN-Dollar...........  

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