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216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemitethat boost solar power

27.10.09 21:05
"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed several bills Sunday that will tweak the way California's electricity market works, encouraging solar power".....................

wieder ein wichtiger schritt, der auch SOEN gut tun wird...  

216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemitelink

27.10.09 21:09

163 Postings, 6764 Tage Ju.juSET- Solar / SOEN

29.10.09 19:56
Hallo an Alle.

SET-Solar (SOEN) CSI Listing:

SET-Solar (SOEN) panels with UL certification:

List of Eligible SB1 Guidelines Compliant
Photovoltaic Modules

Updated as of October 21, 2009

Updated as manufacturer's provide laboratory-tested data per Appendix I of the Guidelines for California's Solar Electric Incentive Programs (Senate Bill 1), Second Edition.

Beginning July 1, 2009, only modules which are on the SB1 Guidelines compliant module list will be eligible for incentive in California.

Please note that PTC values on this module list are calculated using laboratory-tested parameter values. After July 1, 2009, if a California solar electric incentive program uses PTC values, the SB1 Guidelines compliant PTC values must be used for new reservation applications.

SET-Solar   SETA-125-150W-72M   150W Monocrystalline Module   N   132  
SET-Solar SETA-125-155W-72M 155W Monocrystalline Module N 136.5
SET-Solar SETA-125-160W-72M 160W Monocrystalline Module N 141
SET-Solar SDM-170/(165)-72M 165W Monocrystalline Module N 145.3
SET-Solar SETA-125-165W-72M 165W Monocrystalline Module N 145.5
SET-Solar SDM-170/(170)-72M 170W Monocrystalline Module N 149.8
SET-Solar SETA-125-170W-72M 170W Monocrystalline Module N 150.1
SET-Solar SDM-170/(175)-72M 175W Monocrystalline Module N 154.3
SET-Solar SETA-125-175W-72M 175W Monocrystalline Module N 154.6
SET-Solar SDM-170/(180)-72M 180W Monocrystalline Module N 158.9
SET-Solar SETA-125-180W-72M 180W Monocrystalline Module N 159.2
SET-Solar SDM-170/(185)-72M 185W Monocrystalline Module N 163.4
SET-Solar SETA-125-185W-72M 185W Monocrystalline Module N 163.7

Archive of the Prior List of Photovoltaic Modules Expired July 1, 2009. (Adobe PDF, 64 pages, 384 kilobytes)

* BIPV = Building Integrated Photovoltaics

** In the New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP), the incentive is based on expected kWh generation with a time dependent weighting, via the CECPV Calculator. The CECPV Calculator shall be used to determine the incentive under NSHP as the PTC rating is not used in the NSHP incentive calculation.

PTC refers to PVUSA Test Conditions, which were developed to test and compare PV systems as part of the PVUSA (Photovoltaics for Utility Scale Applications) project. PTC are 1,000 Watts per square meter solar irradiance, 20 degrees C air temperature, and wind speed of 1 meter per second at 10 meters above ground level. PV manufacturers use Standard Test Conditions, or STC, to rate their PV products. STC are 1,000 Watts per square meter solar irradiance, 25 degrees C cell temperature, air mass equal to 1.5, and ASTM G173-03 standard spectrum. The PTC rating, which is lower than the STC rating, is generally recognized as a more realistic measure of PV output because the test conditions better reflect "real-world" solar and climatic conditions, compared to the STC rating. All ratings in the list are DC (direct current) watts.

Neither PTC nor STC account for all "real-world" losses. Actual solar systems will produce lower outputs due to soiling, shading, module mismatch, wire losses, inverter and transformer losses, shortfalls in actual nameplate ratings, panel degradation over time, and high-temperature losses for arrays mounted close to or integrated within a roofline. These loss factors can vary by season, geographic location, mounting technique, azimuth, and array tilt. Examples of estimated losses from varying factors can be found at:


216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemiteSET-Solar Announces Turnkey Solutions for Solar En

29.10.09 22:54
SET-Solar Announces Turnkey Solutions for Solar Energy
Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:55pm EDT  Email | Print | Share| Reprints | Single Page[-] Text [+]

Featured Broker sponsored link
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- SET-Solar Corp., a U.S.
provider of high-quality, mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar modules,
announced today it offers turnkey solutions for installers and integrators of
solar energy projects. The company, which has been in a rapid growth phase
since its opening in May of this year, has expanded its services beyond just
supplying solar panels to include financing and accessory products. By using
SET-Solar financing, installers can complete their projects with a minimum of
up front cash. In addition, buying everything from one supplier means they
place only one purchase order, greatly simplifying the process. With
SET-Solar's turnkey solution, installers can do more projects, more quickly,
with less capital.

"We're very pleased with the growth of SET-Solar in the five short months
we've been in business. We realized early on that customers wanted a full
service solution, so we've added inverters and other accessories to our
offering, as well as financing and leasing options," stated Roland Chu, Chief
Executive Officer at SET-Solar Corporation. "The full-service solution has
allowed us to grow rapidly. To date, we've secured multiple-year purchase
agreements of 1 to 5 megawatts each from five major customers. Because of
these purchase orders, we will exceed our original revenue estimate for what
was already projected to be a profitable first year."

SET-Solar has two product lines, standard and premium, with 13 different
models, all listed in the California Solar Initiative (CSI) directory and UL
certified. SET-Solar will showcase its products at the Solar Power
International 2009 Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California, Oct.
26-29, 2009 in Booth #1285. The company will have specialists available to
discuss solar solutions, including financing plans.

About SET-Solar

SET-Solar Corporation is based in Mountain View, California. The Company
markets and sells high-quality, mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar modules to
integrators, installers and distributors  in the U.S. SET-Solar is partnered
with several of the largest manufacturers of high-grade polysilicon and
silicon wafers in China, and Solar Enertech, Inc., a U.S.-based company
producing advanced solar cell technology.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements contained in this press release, which are not historical facts,
are forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are
based largely on current expectations and are subject to a number of known and
unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors beyond our control that could
cause actual events and results to differ materially from these statements.
These statements are not guarantees of future performance, and readers are
cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements,
which are relevant as of the date of the given press release and should not be
relied upon as of any subsequent date. SET-Solar undertakes no obligation to
update publicly any forward-looking statements.

   For More Information

   Media Contact:
   Ignatius Ding
   Tel: (877) 786-8649 ext. 106

   Investor Contact:
   Roland Chu
   Tel: (877) 786-8649 ext. 109

This release was issued through eReleases(TM).  For more information, visit

SOURCE  SET-Solar Corporation

Media, Ignatius Ding, +1-877-786-8649 ext. 106, or Investors, Roland Chu,
+1-877-786-8649 ext. 109, both of SET-Solar  

216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemite2010 China´s solarbranche + 100 %

30.11.09 17:12

216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemite12 pm

05.12.09 23:17

demnach muessten wir morgen gegen mitternacht die zahlen sehen.  

216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemitepacific time

05.12.09 23:27
mag sein, dass mit deren 12:00 pm time die pacific time gemeint ist; dann werden weitere 9 stunden vergehen (california liegt 9 stunden zurueck)
dann also am 07.12. um 09:00 mez. oder kommt doch alles anders oder doch nicht oder alles viel spaeter oder auch nich.......lolololololol...  

216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemiteSET

07.12.09 20:47

163 Postings, 6764 Tage Ju.juBörse

10.12.09 10:09
Hallo an alle.

Trotz des Kursanstiegs seit März leben wir hier noch in einer sehr pessimistischen Welt, die mich sehr stark an 2003 erinnert. Damals hieß es überall, dass die Unternehmen nicht ewig Menschen entlassen könnten und die steigende Arbeitslosigkeit die Wirtschaft zum Erliegen bringen werde. Was folgte, waren vier Jahre, die zu den besten der Geschichte gehörten?
Der Anleger reagiert auf Gefahr an der Börse immer noch wie der Steinzeitmensch, der von einem wilden Tier gejagt wird: Es kommt zu Adrenalinausstoß und der Blutdruck steigt. Der Körper wird in Alarmbereitschaft versetzt; er gaukelt einem vor, man sei in Lebensgefahr. Wenn wir dann bei 50 Prozent Minus verkaufen, signalisiert uns der Körper: "Gut gemacht!". Der Verstand müsste jedoch aufschreien. Kein Mensch würde sein Haus verkaufen, nur weil sein Wert um zehn Prozent gesunken ist. Bei Aktien ist es anders: Wenn man sich die großen Kapitalströme an den Börsen anschaut, fällt auf, dass ein Großteil des Geldes zum Hochpunkt des Marktes in Aktien reinfließt und am Tiefpunkt rausgezogen wird. Wenn ich mir dessen bewusst bin, kann ich an der Börse erfolgreicher sein.
95 Prozent der Anleger tappen immer wieder in die gleiche Falle: Wenn es gut läuft, sagen alle, dass es weiterläuft. Wenn am Markt Depression herrscht, verlieren sich dagegen alle in Weltuntergangs-Szenarien. Dabei ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass der Trend dreht, wesentlich höher als die, dass es weiter in eine Richtung läuft. An Hinweisen, dass eine Wende bevorsteht, fehlt es meist auch nicht. Die meisten Anleger übersehen aber die einfachen Zusammenhänge, weil sie zu sehr durch die emotionale Brille schauen.
Ich habe 3-5 Jahre Zeit.

163 Postings, 6764 Tage Ju.ju2010

10.12.09 11:43
An alle.

Renewable-energy investment may climb to a record $200 billion worldwide next year as companies from Hong Kong’s CLP Holdings Ltd. to American Electric Power Co. start projects that don’t depend on a new climate-change treaty.

Private and public spending on technology such as solar panels and wind turbines will rise about 50 percent from $130 billion this year and top the previous high of $155 billion in 2008, according to Michael Liebreich, chairman of London-based New Energy Finance, a consulting firm whose data is used by the United Nations and Deutsche Bank AG.

World leaders who meet in Copenhagen starting next week have said they’ll miss their goal of completing a treaty to limit carbon-dioxide emissions and foster clean-energy production. Companies and investment funds are increasing spending anyway in anticipation of an eventual accord and in response to government funding, regulations and public support.

“Most of us are moving in that direction and it really isn’t dependent on Copenhagen,” Michael Morris, chief executive officer of American Electric, the biggest U.S. producer of electricity from coal, said in an interview.

Government spending on green energy will more than double from this year to about $60 billion in 2010, Liebreich said. The U.S., China and 10 other nations have approved a total of $177 billion in stimulus funding for green energy over several years, he said.

‘Renaissance Time’

“It’s been a convergence of a number of drivers that are creating what we consider to be the renaissance time in the clean-tech sector,” said Ira Ehrenpreis, general partner with Technology Partners, a Palo Alto, California-based clean energy investment fund with about $700 million under management. “A clean-tech company has the world as its customer base.”

CLP, Hong Kong’s biggest electricity supplier, is aiming to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by about 75 percent by 2050. The company is building a $903 million offshore wind farm.

“Regardless of the outcome at Copenhagen, we’re moving ahead to meet our intermediate target of having 20 percent of our generating capacity coming from non-carbon emitting sources by 2020,” CLP’s CEO Andrew Brandler said in an e-mail.

Columbus, Ohio-based American Electric said this year it will buy 2,000 megawatts of wind power by the end of 2011, double its original goal, to meet state renewable-energy requirements and company targets, according to Bruce Braine, a vice president with the utility. One megawatt is enough to power about 800 U.S. homes.

Paying a Premium

“You’re paying a premium relative to alternatives like coal or gas, but once you get them in place, particularly for wind or solar, the nice thing is that the energy is almost free,” Braine said.

European and U.K. requirements are shaping decisions by London-based National Grid Plc, manager of Britain’s power- transmission network, according to Nick Winser, the company’s executive director for transmission.

“That work will go on, whatever happens in Copenhagen, but all of that worthy leadership that has been shown on this topic sooner or later has to be underpinned by global targets,” Winser said.

About 190 nations will meet in Copenhagen from Dec. 7 to 18 to set a framework for a treaty to curb emissions of global- warming gases. Completion of an accord at the meeting is out of reach, U.S. President Barack Obama and other leaders said at a conference in Singapore last month. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said the sessions may lead to a completed treaty next year.

Regulation Flurry

“Country by country, state by state, regulations will continue to spur demand independent of what might happen in Copenhagen,” said Joe Muscat, director of clean technology at New York-based Ernst & Young LLP.

Worldwide, 250 climate-change regulations were enacted from July 2008 to February, including 54 in the U.S. and 25 in China, Ernst & Young said in a Nov. 17 report. More than 30 U.S. states require utilities to include renewable energy in their power portfolios.

Government policies alone won’t stimulate enough investment to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, such as higher sea levels and more severe droughts, the International Energy Agency said in a November report. Additional spending must reach $430 billion a year by 2020 to reach a 50 percent chance of keeping the increase in global temperatures within 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) of pre-industrial times, the Paris- based agency said.

NRG’s Wind Power

Completion of a treaty would boost spending because companies and investors would gain certainty about penalties on polluting and incentives for alternative energy, said Christian Kjaer, CEO of the Brussels-based European Wind Energy Association.

“You’re already seeing a shift, and with an international agreement that change in investors’ behavior will come faster,” Kjaer said.

NRG Energy Inc., the second-largest power producer in Texas, plans to spend $2 billion on renewable power over the next six years, according to CEO David Crane. Princeton, N.J.- based NRG, which has invested $400 million on wind power in Texas, will take advantage of government spending, he said.

“The stimulus is just an enormous boost,” Crane said.

Technology is lowering the cost of solar cells and wind turbines, said Jeffrey McDermott, the former co-head of investment banking at UBS AG who in 2008 started Greentech Capital Advisors LLC to advise and raise money for alternative- energy companies.

A treaty “would certainly be helpful, but it is not going to stop capital from being put to work,” McDermott, managing partner of New York-based Greentech said. “Technological progress and the ability to scale and lower costs are surprising everybody in the industry.”

China Tops U.S.

Clean-energy development isn’t flowing to all countries equally, according to an October report from Deutsche Bank. Investment risks are lower in countries such as China and France that offer stronger incentives.

Investors spent $16.7 billion on clean energy in China in 2008, excluding stimulus funds, topping the U.S. total of $15.2 billion for the first time, said Jesse Jenkins, director of energy and climate policy at the Breakthrough Institute, an Oakland, California-based consulting firm.

Wind-energy producers in China get a premium for the electricity they supply to help make it competitive with cheaper power from burning coal or natural gas, he said.

U.S. companies are falling behind in clean technology because the country lacks a binding limit on carbon emissions, as would be required under a global treaty, said Ralph Izzo, CEO of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc., the owner of New Jersey’s largest utility.

“We are in conversations about a range of carbon-friendly technologies,” Izzo said. “And the suppliers we talk to are from China, Japan and France.”

To contact the reporter on this story: Jim Efstathiou Jr. in New York at

15 Postings, 5326 Tage SternensingerWann das wohl etwas wird ?

16.12.09 09:39

Nun träumen wir schon seit über einem Jahr von tollen Gewinnsprüngen. Der Solarmarkt wächst und, was ja viel wichtiger ist, bietet enormes Potential. Das reicht an den Börsen normalerweise schon für Kursaufschwünge aus.

Nicht so bei Solar Enetech. Den Crash haben wir, gemeinsam mit der Finanzkrise, voll mitgemacht. Die seitdem wieder in Gang gekommene Aufholrallye an den Börsen ist spurlos an dem Papier vorbeigegangen.

In Kalifornien boomt derzeit das Geschäft. Und obwohl das Unternehmen ja einen kalifornischen Firmensitz hat, kauft das Zeug anscheinend niemand. In diesem Forum werden zeitweise Artikel gepostet, die von einer Konsolidierung und Aufschwung des chinesischen Solarmarktes sprechen. Ist Solar Enertech hier eher das Opfer, als der Gewinner ?

Wer kann sagen, ob die Solarpanele unseres Unternehmens auch auf dem neuesten technischen Stand sind ? Angeblich hat sich da ja etwas in Sachen Effiziensverbesserung ergeben. Ist Solar Enertech dort dabei, oder stellen die alte Technik her ?

Bin gespannt auf Ju.Ju


216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemiteSET Solar

16.12.09 17:10

wir sollten SET Solar als DEN!!! Vertriebskanal nicht vergessen; Solar Enertech pflegt mittlerweile 2 Adressen; auf der neueren HP haben sie , wie SET, ihren Firmensitz ebenfall mit Mountain View angegeben. die aeltere HP firmiert nach wie vor unter Menl.Park. das wird schon werden....


216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemiteMountain View

16.12.09 17:18

U.S. Office
Solar Enertech Corp.
444 Castro Street, Suite 707
Mountain View, CA 94041-2017
Tel: +1.650.688.5800


163 Postings, 6764 Tage Ju.juHoffnung

21.12.09 10:01
Hallo an alle.

Mein Freund,es gibt auch noch ein 2010 das garnicht soweit entfernt ist und bis dahin werden wir uns mal von dem Stress nur auf Zahlen zu schauen die im Schnee erstart sind erholen.

Viel haben  investiert,immer in der Hoffnung dass das Zahlenwerk sich auch armotisieren  und mit der Zeit wenn mal die Bilanzen sich erholen werden unsere Hoffnungen mit feuerflammen sich erregen und ein Flächenbrand die Krise vernichten und dann werden alle Zahlenwerke eine eigene Dynamik entwickeln die unser Depot mit Freuden erfassen wird und im Rückblick können wir sagen der Einsatz hat sich immer gelohnt,denn die Werte die wir gekauft haben werden eine Eigendynamik entwickeln weil sie von Anfang des Kaufes wertvoll waren.


216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemitetransfer

21.12.09 12:37
Hallo Ju.ju:
ist das eine pauschale "alte chinesische weisheit" oder gibt deine philosophische betrachtung anlass zur freude wegen kuenftiger guter zahlenwerke von Solar Enertech? wenn nun aber beides zutrifft, wuerden hier chinesische weisheiten in die moderne transferiert und Konfuzius waere somit auch zufrieden.
na dann kann nix mehr schiefgehen...  

163 Postings, 6764 Tage Ju.juTUV Rheinland

22.12.09 15:59
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 22 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- Solar EnerTech Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: SOEN) (the "Company") today announced that TUV Rheinland ("TUV") has issued its important Safety Class II Certification to the Company's PV modules, which enables the Company to sell its products to a wider spectrum of customers primarily based in Europe.

   The TUV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide.  Founded in 1872 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany, the Group's mission and guiding principle is to achieve sustained development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between man, technology and the environment.  Product certifications are issued to manufacturers whose products meet TUV's safety and quality tests.  TUV employees also monitor the manufacturer's production facilities at regular intervals and check whether manufactured products correspond with samples tested by TUV to ensure that certified products continue to meet their certification requirements.

   "We are pleased that our PV products have received the certificate of compliance with TUV's specific standards," commented Leo Young, Chief Executive Officer of Solar EnerTech.  "This certification offers our current and potential buyers with increased confidence during their purchasing process, as it provides an independent validation of the quality and safety of our module products.  The TUV certification will allow us to increase our market share in Europe as we continue to deliver state-of-the-art, high quality products."

   Solar Enertech's TUV certificate is available via TUV's official website at: .  Solar Enertech's certification number is: 0000025709.

Eine gute nachricht weitere werden kommen.


15 Postings, 5326 Tage SternensingerTüv

22.12.09 19:14

Nicht jedes Auto, welches durch den TÜV kommt, erreicht die 200km/h  :-)

Die brauchen wir so langsam.


216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemitezugang-zum-europaeischen-markt

23.12.09 20:19

163 Postings, 6764 Tage Ju.jufrohes Weihnachtsfest

26.12.09 11:35
Moin an alle,

Tannen, Lebkuchen, Kerzenschein,
Bratäpfelduft und frohe erwartungsvolle Gesichter,
Freude am Schenken, es ist wieder so weit
und deshalb wünschen wir eine Schöne beglückende Weihnachtszeit!
und alle guten Wünsche für ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2010.


216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemitenewsflow

30.12.09 20:51
es knistert vor spannung.
durch die 14 taegige verspaetete vorlage der jahresbilanz rueckt der erste quartalsbercht, der nun wiederum bis zum 15.02. vorliegen muss, in den focus. das bedeutet, SOEN startet den ultimativen NEWSFLOW.
es folgen also schlag auf schlag zahlen und hoffentlich werden sie uns gefallen ...

yosemite aus der High Sierra  

216 Postings, 6096 Tage yosemiteBroadstreet Energy

04.01.10 22:36

es waere interessant zu erfahren, welches volumen Broadstreet Energy bei SET
abgenommen hat. leider werden sie diesen anteil am gesamtergebnis wohl nicht in ihrer bilanz fuer uns einsehbar darstellen.
es interessiert mich, um erkennen zu koennen, ob dieser vertriebsweg wirklich eine marktluecke ausfuellt.


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