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825 Postings, 6066 Tage el bundyschieeeeeeeeeeeben o. T.

22.11.05 21:18

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiWerden heute mal die 3cent in Angriff nehmen(NEWS)

23.11.05 15:12
GameZnFlix begann, Xbox360 Titel auf November15.
Mittwochsnovember23, 9:00 a.m. ET

Freisassen, KY - (Marktleitung) 23. Nov 2005 auszuliefern, -gameZnFlix, Inc. (OTC 2B: GZFX.OB - Nachrichten), ein Online-Ernährer von Videospielen und DVDs zu Miete oder Kauf, die heute angekündigt ist, daß es begann, Xbox360 Spiele auszuliefern, wie auf November15, 2005,

festgesetzt, "unsere Mitglieder begannen, die neuen Spiele so früh wie Mittwoch zu erhalten. Wir machen weiter, um neue Titel jeden Tag hinzuzufügen, da 18 Titel freigegeben sind, während des November, "besagter John Flamen, Vorsitzenden/Vorstandsvorsitzenden von GameZnFlix, Inc.", wir beobachten die Forderung jeden Morgen und aktualisieren unsere bestellenden Systeme, um vor zu behalten. Unsere Lieferanten arbeiten eng mit uns in diesem Prozeß ".

Die Xbox360 Konsole ist jetzt auf Geschäftsregalen, wie von Mitternacht. GameZnFlix begann, die in Erwartung der Freigabe verfügbaren Titel zu machen, so daß ihre Mitglieder die Spiele in Hand haben können, die bereit zu spielen war, wenn sie die neue Konsole erhalten.

GameZnFlix ist eine Gesellschaft, die Videospiele/DVDs für Miete oder Kauf auf dem Internet mit Zugang anbietet, zu über 30.000 Titeln. Mit vier können verschiedene Mitgliedschaftsebenen, die einen Monat zu $ 8,99 zu jährlicher Mitgliedschaft mit einem Durchschnittspreis von $ 20,75 pro Monatsunterzeichner beginnen, eine Kombination beider Videospiele mieten und/oder DVD Filme mit keinen späten Gebühren oder Fälligkeitsdaten oder Mitgliedern können Videospiele und/oder DVD Filmtitel an einem Mitgliedschaftsrabatt kaufen.


3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfi0,022 Vorbörslich

23.11.05 15:15
bin mal gespannt wie GZFX abgeht  

96 Postings, 6025 Tage ollinbgOf Interest Part One!

25.11.05 12:56

= Consider GZFX recent events =
by: xlivelife (39/M/CA) 11/24/05 02:02 pm
Msg: 73590 of 73592

Repost from Raging Bull/Market Millionaires/3SOF MBs:

Part 1

There are many " right" things converging for GameZnFlix right now:

- Partnership with Circuit City (revenue is shared for CC linked new subscriptions, but this legitamizes GameZnFlix as a solid company soon on " national" basis with 600+ Circuit City stores and website)

- Launch of XBOX 360 - This is the " ultimate" for console gaming and as we have already seen, the demand and following is tremendous, the likes of Star Wars! I mean, people were " camped" out in front of stores to get their XBOX!!! These same gamers will drive the subcription with GameZnFlix to " fuel" their desire to play on the new XBOX (BTW, I posted on 3SOF the comparison chart of various game renting services and GameZnFlix has the " LOWEST" price!!!)

- Holiday Season and historical " bullish" market of Nov - January! What timing!!! Circuit City will be open at 5AM on " Black" Friday!!! All the kids and gamers are " SCREAMING" at their parents and grandparents for the new XBOX 360 for Christmas!!! And instead of spending $50 - $60 for each new game ($500 - $600 for just 10 games!!! Wow), parents/grandparents will see CC flyer advertising GameZnFlix that will allow their kids (and probably themselves like me) to play all the games they want for low monthly subscription price!!! What a deal!!!

- 50 MA is crossing 200 MA, the " Golden Cross" - With GZFX moving 400-500 million shares daily (I know, some of the volume is repeated daytrading buys/sells, but still very impressive). This crossing of 200 MA will trigger many new buyers to GZFX on Friday and next week. Many hedge/private fund managers are looking at the same market data about DVD/XBOX 360/Holiday Season/Bullish Market trends as we (individual " retail" investors/traders) are and thinking the same thing. With such a " huge" gain potential and " tiny" share price of sub-2 penny, many fund managers/investors will buy to not " miss out" on GameZnFlix potential.

- Many have fresh memory of Netflix going against the " brick and mortar" DVD/VHS movie rental houses and winning BIG. The buzz on Netflix (NFLX) MB is that GameZnFlix is doing the same thing to Netflix it did to Blockbusters, Warehouse, Hollywood Video, etc. Netflix only offers DVDs and movies. GameZnFlix offers DVDs AND Games, and soon books and music!!! Yes, GameZnFlix last year and early this year wasn't the " perfect" startup company (but who was? even Yahoo had very " humble" begining) and they have made some " significant" strides this summer and fall (I have posted October conference call link at 3SOF MB). Things are definately looking up for GameZnFlix right now, and this potential for growth is what we (money managers) should be looking at.

Continued on Part 2

96 Postings, 6025 Tage ollinbgOf Interest Part Two

25.11.05 12:56

Re: = Consider GZFX recent events =
by: xlivelife (39/M/CA) 11/24/05 02:02 pm
Msg: 73591 of 73592

Repost from Raging Bull/Market Millionaires/3SOF MBs:

Part 2

- Low share price. I mean sub-2 penny is CHEAP!!! Would things be different if GZFX was $1? or $5? If the share price was higher, I believe things would be even better because there are many Institutional/Money Managers that have $1-$5 restrictions. If GZFX was at $1-$5, we would see the Inst/MM jumping in big time!!! BTW, GZFX already have some Inst/MM/hedge/private fund ownership (I will post the chart at 3SOF after Thanksgiving dinner - getting ready to drive off to wife's uncle's) and this will only increase as days/weeks to come.

- Effective Management - I posted the GameZnFlix management line up at 3SOF MB, and as we already have seen, the CEO was successful in arranging the deal with Circuit City!!! Think about it, how was this small " online company" beat out other DVD/Game renter services to get Circuit City partnership??? Think about what GameZnFlix CEO presented to CEO of Circuit City. What did the CEO of Circuit City see that made him " CHOOSE" GameZnFlix over other more " established" DVD/Game renter services like Gamefly (which was probably the best, but costs more than GameZnFlix). Was it just subcription price? I don't think so. Gamefly and other services have not been able to " fully" service their customers.

Perhaps, with Circuit City backing, the two CEOs are planning to joint-venture a new " comprehensive" online DVD/Game/book/music rental service that will run away from the pack and give Best Buy/Netflix (with DVD only) a " one up" Who knows, but I am really pondering why Circuit City CEO/board would approve GameZnFlix over other companies, unless they saw something very positive and promising.

Well, I need to drive the family to Thanksgiving dinner now. Take care and have a nice Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I will post back this evening (I will be thinking about the Circuit City thing all afternoon) LOL


96 Postings, 6025 Tage ollinbgGolden Cross

25.11.05 13:15
Hier mal noch eine Meinung zum " golden cross" . Darauf scheinen so einige in den USA Wert zu legen.
GoldenCross: MA(50) schneidet MA(200)
Wie unten beschrieben bedeutet das, dass die Aktie einen Boden gefunden hat und der Rebound beginnt...

Hier der Chart:

und ein posting von marketmillionaires.com:

As to previous post questioning $0.13 - $0.17 " flashing" is due to buyers " accidently" forgeting the 0 before 1. A costly mistake that made them pay 10 times the share price. So, be careful and verify your price before you push the " buy" button.

As to Institutional/Money Managers waiting to buy for the 50 MA crossing 200 MA (Golden Cross). Many mutual funds managers have restrictions on buying anthing under $1 - $5. But many hedge/private fund managers don't have this restrictions.

And yes, 50 MA crossing 200 MA is a very significant " signal" that often triggers fund managers buying a stock. It is an indicator that represent that a stock has truly " bottomed" and is on the rebound. I am a short-term swing trader/day trader, so I look for 10 MA crossing 50 MA (or just before to time the stock entry). GZFX is about to cross the 200 MA and that's why I bought over 1 million shares of GZFX.

I have posted a Technical Analysis chart of GZFX on 3SOF MB:

BTW, Thanks forabuck for your posts!!!

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiDas ist die Beste Aktie des

25.11.05 18:39
Jahres 2006

Plus 15%

Denke heute noch über 0,022  

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiSuper Woche Sk.0,0218

25.11.05 19:25

Berlin 0,019

und die nächste wird besser,Jep




292 Postings, 6781 Tage Zocker24Das wars für heute

25.11.05 19:26
In den USA ist heute um 19.00 Uhr Feierabend. Die Jungs machen langes Wochenende. Na allen eine schöne nächste Woche.  

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiAlle noch dabei vor dem großen Ausbruch?

28.11.05 20:03
Plus 7%

SK. wird 10% höher sein
na dann los,jep  

96 Postings, 6025 Tage ollinbgIst das die Zündung? ;)

30.11.05 09:37
Es läuft super!

Gestern gab es ein Interview:


Q: Whe do you expect to show an uptake in subscription revs…

A: This will be detailed in the annual report early Jan …. But weup 25% in membership since Nov. 1st… huge!!


“Our company is very well capitalized… no longer a start up business… in absolute growth and acquisition mode… and we are well positioned to capitalized on that.”

“Acquisition targets: We looking for companies wanting to grow, but need money. We can do it for them. We also look for companies which are strategic fits, value fits, have decent demographic base.

“We are aggressively looking for acquisitions now, and over the next twelve months you will see us more active in this department.”

“We are looking for additional people to help us grow, to take us to the next level.”

Milestones to watch for in 2006:

No.1 - Acquisitions

No.2 - Revised website in 1st quarter, after the holidays.

No.3 - Scientific assessment and deployment of marketing and advertising, sales channels.

No.4 – Physical expansion and DC’s- part of the whole thinking and plan

No.5 Staying on top of the evolution of the online rental business, including electronic delivery methods. We are aggressively looking at this, keeping in mind the acceptance and use of such technology

No.6 - European expansion

No. 7 – Being ready for new technologies and platforms, ahead of time.

Closing Remarks:

“GZFX is no longer a start up business.” Infrastructure, both Delivery and IT, are in place and growing, CC and new marketing partner relationships are now fully rolled out or being worked on. Everything is in place to take off. Growth rates are great. Churn rate is reflected in customer retainment. Now we will focus on strategic growth, measured.
“We are in growth mode.”

96 Postings, 6025 Tage ollinbgdas komplette Interview

30.11.05 10:54
Here`s the transcript of the call:

Today we would like to welcome Chip Gallent, president of GameZnFlix Inc., ticker symbol GZFX, on the over the counter bulletin board.

Welcome Mr. Gallent.

Thanks for having me.

Can you give us a brief overview of GameZnFlix, what you do and markets you serve?

GameZnFlix is in the on-line rental business of both games and DVDs, we are one of very few that do that, and what it allows us to do is really to serve the home in a way that no one else can in the on-line rental business. Our goal is to provide the family with a broad variety of rental choices, taking into account of the game market as well as the movie market and provide that value for the home entertainment dollar.

What do you think is the value proposition for your customers? What do you think separates GameZnFlix from its competitors?

The main thing for us is, like I said, we are the only major company in this market who offers both games and movies. And it really is helping us to establish its own category because traditionally, you had to go in either direction, either to on-line renter of movies or on-line renter of games to get the same thing that you get from us. For example, one of our competitors in the game space, offers two titles out at a time program for \\$21.95. On the DVD side, you can get three titles out at a time program for \\$17.99, that`s \\$39.94 in combined rental expense to the home to get the same thing we offer for \\$16.99, now that`s our three out program.

If you want to look at purely apples to apple, you have to spend almost \\$30 to get with game provider that offer one out plan with a movie provider to get the same thing of \\$16.99 that we offer. The fact that who we serve and who our customers are, the majority of people that we deal with are males. Our age demographic is 24-39, half of them are married. So we are really penetrating the home entertainment value for that home, and it`s allowing us to serve, maybe their son or daughter who`s a gamer, dad might be a gamer, mom might be a gamer. But then again, mom and dad might want to watch movies on the weekend, or kids might want to watch a particular movie. We are giving a lot more choice for their investment in the on-line subscription.

Tell us about the company`s relationship with Circuit City.

We are in a program with Circuit City where by we are testing in stores the sale of our service through a box that we have designed that`s sitting on their shelves and they are selling for us. The pilot program we are running with them right now, and we are hoping that that will lead to further expansion into the rest of their stores, which is going very well right now for us. All we can say at this point is that it`s going well, and we are hoping that it will lead to us being in more of their stores.

When can investors expect the company to see uptake of subscriptions and revenue?

We are, for example, we have historically reported information, we are coming out of fourth quarter, you will be able to see those results in our annual report that will be filed some point in the first quarter. The most encouraging news today is that, just looking at the month of November, we are already up 25% in our membership from where we began on November 1st, and so that`s very encouraging for us right now. A lot of things we`ve been working towards over the last couple of quarters are really beginning to work for us. Our new mailer is working very well for us.

We are striving to have as many titles on release day is as possible. That`s one of the things we, through some of the research, we have identified that our members really like about us. Most of people in this business do not have the inventory from on day one. They wait until the titles are available on the used market, and they bring those titles in 2, 3, 4 weeks after release date.

What our research tells us is that the primary drivers in this industry are new releases, specifically on the DVD side. On the game side, it is very much with the new releases very much in line with genre specific titles be that shooter, role-play any number of genres that the gamer has. Having the day one stock is very critical for us and a key advantage that we have over a lot of people in the industry.

We have seen what happened when we launched our XBOX 360 program in the fact that we had titles on the shelf on day one, shipping to our members, and what that did to the demand for the titles and what that has done for us in helping us increase our membership, by having more variety for people to choose from.

Is the company currently capitalized to achieve strategic objectives through the next 12 months?

Absolutely, through our investment partners, we are very well capitalized and GameZnFlix is now at the point where we are no longer a startup business. We are absolutely in the growth and expansion mode and we are well capitalized to take on that state of the business.

How much growth through acquisitions can the investors expect in the next 12 months?

I think more than anything you will see that this industry is at a point in time where consolidation makes a lot of sense. There has been a lot of people who have been in the business for a number of years. A lot of companies that are privately funded who are not public, and are really at the point, in order to take the next step, they need access to capital and/or partners. What we look for in a company is for any type of acquisition target, is someone who is just that. In order to get to the next step, they need money. They`ve done a good job getting it where it is, but they just haven`t been able to break through ceiling of some sort, whether it be marketing expense, inventory expense, growth expense, infrastructure, so on and so forth.

Another thing that we look for in a company is that is the company on-line rentals of movies or on-line rentals of games? Do they make good fit for us strategically? Are we like minded in the way we approach the business philosophy around the business do they have sound membership base? Do they have good inventory on hand that we can bring into our fold and help us expand the inventory that we have? You are going to see from us, that we are very aggressively looking for acquisitions right now in over the next 12 months, you are going to see us very aggressive in that side of the business.

Tell us about the company`s management team.

Number one, we got a great management team. We got a core group of five individuals that cover the gamut when you are looking at the business, obviously finance, operatins, marketing, technology, human resources and the core people we have, Mr. Flemming, myself, Chris who runs the web operations side of the business, Arthur, CFO everybody has unique experience in and around the on-line business. We obviously been working to get to this point now for two or three years. Mr. Flemming has laid the ground work for us. So, our management team is really one where we got the right people to help us grow. We are looking for additional people to help us grow in other parts of the business. As we keep continuing to grow in member, We are looking for other parts of the business continue to grow in membership, the number of title, the number of distribution centers we have to continue to bring in good people to take us to the next level. We are obviously not done, and we will be adding others as we grow as we see fit and as the need arise. But as far as the core, we are very sound and have a great team to work with to get us where we are looking to go.

What are some milestones over the next 12-18 months the investors should watch for?

Number one, we already hit on, which is acquisition, in finding companies that are good fit companies to help us grow, can bring subscriber number to us as well as inventory as well as good people Probably in the first quarter is going to be the revised website. We were looking to get that out sooner, but we were counseled that releasing a new website during the holiday season was not a good thing for us to do at this point in time because of all the issues that surround releasing new technology out into the market.

The other thing is expanding our advertising and marketing. And really getting to the point where marketing and advertising is more science. And we understand exactly how people come to us, what drives them to us and what drives people to stay with us, for as long we can serve them, as long as they have a need for on-line subscription. We are looking at things like sponsorship and endorsement programs at different levels. Different sales channels we can look at for offering our service. We are looking at things like, is there potential for us to offer a way for groups and organizations to sell our service as a fund raiser, and are those kinds of things possible?

Obviously the other thing is expansion. Where do we go with distribution centers? How do we expand the business in a smart way in line with membership growth so that we are closer to pockets of members; therefore, so that our turn around time is better Another thing that is very strong for us is what is the evolution of rental business?

We are aggressively looking at a download model or paper view model, one that would allow us to offer to our members a title that is electronically delivered, you know that is the next stage of this business. And whether that be through a computer, to a media center PC that is attached to the television, or satellite system of some sort, or an IP based television, that is something we are aggressively looking at because the technology and more importantly, the market for that may not be here right now, we know that some of the things that has happened in and around the business, that it is absolutely coming, and we want to be ready for it in anticipation of what that is.

Another strong thing for us is expansion into Europe and what that may entail, either through organic expansion or through acquisitions. And really the next things that are internal to the business is you got two new game platforms coming on-line in the spring, Playstation 3 [and Revolution]. You also have, probably in the summer or fall time frame, HD DVD, which is whole new world for us in respect to DVD and its technology. So, those products as we see them are going to be strong for us going into, which they are released and we will want to stay on top of those. So, that`s kinda of a laundry list of things we are working on and we are striving for the next 12-18 months.

Do you have any closing comments?

I think the biggest thing is to reiterate that GameZnFlix is no longer a startup business. Everything is in place for us to grow. We are adequately funded. Our internal infrastructure, both from capacity to shipping and receive is in great working order. Our IT infrastructure is at a point in time where we have more bandwidth and more capability especially with things we will be viewing at the website, from que one, is better than we have been with respect to web operatons. Marketing is qued up and ready to go. Our relationship with Circuit City and other relationships we are working on with marketing partners. Website sponsorships and other programs that we are looking at to help grow members, we are very excited about. Everything in essence, is ready for us to take off. We are retaining members better than ever before. We are growing at a rate better than we have ever before.

And it is now time to just " sit back," not necessarily sit back, that`s the wrong term, but to manage the growth of the business. And we have to be very strategic The growth is managed in line with everything. the demand doesn`t get ahead of supply we don`t bring in an exsorbant amount of members that we can serve. Everything has to be done in line so we don`t overextend ourselves. One thing about this business is that you have to be very very careful is we are constantly watching the demand. We are reordering customers are satisfied, our ship time to and from the customer are better than it has ever been. Our day one stock is better than we have ever been. We are serving the customer better than we have been because we are watching those things on a daily basis. And so if there is anything I am completely encouraged with the state of the business is just that, we are in growth mode.

And finally, is there a website where investors can go to find more information?

You can go to our website, in the about section of gameznflix.com.  

96 Postings, 6025 Tage ollinbgmögliche Kursziele

30.11.05 12:12
Hier mal ein mögliches Szenario aus dem ihub-forum an dem man sieht, dass bei einem roll-out auf alle CC-Stores derzeitige Kurse immer noch ein Witz sind:

Check this Out!! Just throwing some WORST CASE SCENARIO numbers around here (LOVE doing this math:

we get the CC rollout and within a year we have gzfx in 600 stores. Each store sells on avg ONLY 5 subs a week which is NOTHING - i expect MUCH higher numbers. But just say 5. that's roughly 250 subs a year from each store. Thats 150k subscribers assuming all keep the service. But lets say 30k aren't happy and end the service. So we have 120k subs. That's not including word of mouth or ANY other form of advertisement.. JUST From CC sales alone. 120k x $12 (avg sub cost) = 1.44mm x 12 months = $17.28mm with 3.6mm going to CC as commission which leaves 13.68mm. Assume we spend a whopping 50% of that on acquisitions/inventory/mkting/overhead . That's 6.84MM Net Income which puts us at earnings of $.0057/shr. At that time with an excellent P/E of 15 (and i hope i dont have to tell you that NFLX's, SIRI's, XMSR p/e is MUCH MUCH higher, if they even have one) Our share price would be $.0855/shr. That's a quadruple from here!!!! And these numbers are REDICULOUSLY conservative!! that price would make us a true VALUE stock with such a low p/e and such high growth. I would think a fairer p/e would be closer to 30-50 which would put the price of the stock in the .17-.30 range. Not even taking into consideration here the valid hype that will be surrounding us the whole ride up.

Would love some comments or thoughts on this number crunch.. which i find to be EASILY OBTAINABLE.

Livin it and lovin it

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiSuper Einstiegs Möglichkeit bei 0,0117

01.12.05 21:02

tiefer gehts nimmer

und der nächste Hype wird kommen!

Alles meine Meinung und was ihr daraus macht ist euere Entscheidung!ariva.de


45554 Postings, 6601 Tage joker67Einstieg war bei 0,0108;-)) o. T.

01.12.05 21:05

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiGeht schon wieder über 0,012

01.12.05 21:07
aber immer noch guter Einstieg

nach 50% Kurssturz  

14778 Postings, 6071 Tage P.ZockerMöchte nicht Angeben

01.12.05 21:53
aber ich denke mein Ausstieg bei 2 Cent
war wohl fast Perfekt.

Zum Glück wurde ich nicht zu gierig
nach 1000 % Anstieg.

Ja nun ist bis zur 2 Cent wieder viel

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiSchlußkurs 0,0131

01.12.05 22:14

möchte auch nicht angeben mein Ausstieg
war bei 0,024x

habe aber bei 0,017 wieder gekauft
und heute bei 0,0108 Nachgekauft , mehr als ich vorher hatte

und mein Kursziel bis Jänner bleibt bei 0,078

und vor Jannuar verkaufe ich nichts mehr

Alles meine Meinung und was ihr daraus macht ist euere Entscheidung!ariva.de

allen viel Glück
und verzockt euch nicht-hier geht es genauso schnell wieder hoch


14778 Postings, 6071 Tage P.ZockerRP

01.12.05 22:46
Hast du die zu 0,024 verkauften aber auch
zu 0,002 und zu 0,003 gekauft? GRINS  

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiNöööööööööööööööööööö

01.12.05 23:38

1 Posting, 5716 Tage ihp59gzfx Volumen

03.12.05 17:42
Hat jemand eine Idee warum diese Mega- Volumen von über 130 Millionen???


D. i.V.,


607 Postings, 6417 Tage azelKann mihr einer helfen!

05.12.05 15:46
Wo kriege ich vor+nachbörsliche Kurse her für OTCC - Werte (kostenlos).Danke im voraus!!  

607 Postings, 6417 Tage azelWo ist den hier der Boden gefunden?

07.12.05 10:27
Noch viel tiefer kann die doch nicht fallen,oder?  

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiUnterstützung super gehalten

07.12.05 20:31
jetzt gehts wieder zügig an die
0,0155 - 0,017x zu,als erste Station

Denke heute schon  

3002 Postings, 6660 Tage RoulettProfiHat gedauert die 0,015 aber

12.12.05 20:14
jetzt wirds zügig weiter hoch gehen
diese Woch noch Hundert

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