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19.06.24 08:24

99 Postings, 1107 Tage Fuchs_ReinickeCanconex 2024

19.06.24 10:26

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21.06.24 18:01

Der ideale Zeitpunkt den Aktienübertrag bekannt zu geben  

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24.06.24 16:21
Damit zeigt Ishmael Toroama, dass er diese Lizenzen respektiert. Über eine EL 06 und EL 07 habe ich keine Details gefunden. Fragt sich nur noch, ob James Marape auch zu seinen Worten steht.

67 Postings, 257 Tage Fuchsbau24Denkanstösse: zur Wiedereröffnung der Panguna M.

25.06.24 14:48

Reopening the Panguna mine in Bougainville is a complex issue with both potential benefits and drawbacks. Here are some points to consider:

1. Economic Development:
The reopening of the Panguna mine could provide a significant economic boost to Bougainville, creating jobs and revenue that could support the region's development.
2. Resource Revenues:
Mining operations could generate revenue that could potentially support Bougainville's path to independence and self-sufficiency.
3. Infrastructure Development:
The mining industry could lead to improvements in infrastructure such as roads, schools, and healthcare facilities.

1. Environmental Concerns:
Mining activities can have significant environmental impacts, such as deforestation, pollution of water sources, and damage to ecosystems.
2. Social Impacts:
The reopening of the mine could lead to social disruptions, conflicts over land rights, and changes to local cultures and ways of life.
3. Political Implications:
The decision to reopen the mine could have political consequences, including disputes over resource ownership and distribution.

In determining whether the Panguna mine should be reopened to assist Bougainville in becoming independent-ready, it is crucial to consider these factors carefully and involve relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process. Environmental assessments, community consultations, and thorough planning are essential to mitigate potential negative impacts and maximize the benefits for the region.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to reopen the Panguna mine should be made based on a comprehensive understanding of the potential impacts and benefits, taking into account the long-term interests of the people of Bougainville.
"Wanem tingting blo yu? "

67 Postings, 257 Tage Fuchsbau24Anchoring Bougainville Economy

26.06.24 14:46

99 Postings, 1107 Tage Fuchs_ReinickeFünfjahresplan

30.06.24 03:38
Ishmael Toroama steht immer noch in Kontakt mit Marape und lobt ihn für sein Engagement für Bougainville......  

140 Postings, 6220 Tage p2205Bville scars are timeless

02.07.24 14:41

450 Postings, 6272 Tage LongwilliBCL lebt und ist sehr agil

03.07.24 08:07
Facebook: Bougainville Copper Limited


Our Chairman Sir Mel Togolo yesterday told the CANCONEX forum, as part of PNG Resources Week, that the redevelopment of Panguna can be a ‘game-changing’ investment for Bougainville with benefits cascading through the community. The new employment and training opportunities for local people will be significant along with business development opportunities.
Sir Mel said BCL shares a common goal with the ABG, landowners and others to make Bougainville stronger at all levels. Importantly, mutual respect and understanding will underpin progress. Compared to the past, BCL today operates as a truly local company with the ABG and people of Bougainville set to own a 76.8% share in the company. The board reflects our local identity with five of seven directors being Bougainvilleans.
Sir Mel also had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion about Panguna with Bougainville's President, Ishmael Toroama; Minister for Community Government and Member for Ioro Constituency, Theonila Roka Matbob and community leader, Theresa Jaintong.
See the other themes explored by Sir Mel in his speech here:  

140 Postings, 6220 Tage p2205Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) Advances Panguna

03.07.24 16:39
Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) Advances Panguna Mine Redevelopment Plans


815 Postings, 6266 Tage loghofür mich fühlt es sich an...

04.07.24 08:33
als wäre die brennende Zündschnur kurz vor ihrem Ziel ;-)  

67 Postings, 257 Tage Fuchsbau24Lunte scheint zu brennen # LOGHO

04.07.24 09:09
Hoffen wir mal, dass sie überall trocken ist und die erste Ladung findet :-)  

140 Postings, 6220 Tage p2205Panguna prioritised

05.07.24 11:02
'[...] the highlight for Sydney Conference in December could be the resumption of Panguna and at least a way forward for the reopening of Panguna'  

67 Postings, 257 Tage Fuchsbau24What a message ....

05.07.24 16:06

The Government has transferred 36.47 per cent of State equity in Bougainville Copper Ltd to the ABG free of charge.......!!
The sharing of GST revenue was increased to 70/30 in favour of Bougainville  

67 Postings, 257 Tage Fuchsbau24Sorry old information, what a message....

05.07.24 16:10
Sorry old information ..... from June 14, 2023  

188 Postings, 1784 Tage SprenglisandurMoralische Verpflichtung zur Übertragung der Aktie

06.07.24 11:24
anbei ein Filmbeitrag aus Bougainville von 1996.
Aus meiner Sicht besteht geradezu eine moralische Verpflichtung bei der Übertragung der BCL Aktien an die Nachfahren der Freiheitskämpfer Bougainvilles seitens PNG/Marape keine weiteren Spielchen mehr zu spielen, sondern dies Übertragung nunmehr endlich - wie mehrfach versprochen - sofort unentgeltlich vorzunehmen.
Die Freiheitskämper haben damit dann ihr Ziel erreicht - den verdienten Wohlstand der Menschen auf der Insel Bougainville durch die dann mehrheitlich im eigenen Besitz befindliche BCL!
Link zum Film:


450 Postings, 6272 Tage LongwilliBCL und die Landbesitzer von Panguna

09.07.24 12:25
Das ich das nochmal erleben darf.
BCL und die Landbesitzer von Panguna besprechen die Lage rund um die Panguna-Wiedereröffnung.  

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