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248 Postings, 4779 Tage MaibrausePNG und Bougainville

08.03.24 10:07

248 Postings, 4779 Tage MaibrauseSchon etwas älter

08.03.24 11:52

Sir Puka macht auf mich einen sehr besonnenen Eindruck.  

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroAlles im grünen Bereich

08.03.24 14:23

248 Postings, 4779 Tage MaibrauseVon 2007 etwas seiner Zeit voraus ;-)

09.03.24 09:26
und hier bestimmt schon häufiger gepostet, man möge es mir nachsehen

Wahrscheinlich aktueller den je, die Preise und Aktionärsstruktur haben sich verändert.  

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroin 1992

09.03.24 13:58

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroSir Puka tells Marape

11.03.24 01:37

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroto bring Panguna back to operation.

11.03.24 03:19

46 Postings, 746 Tage Yeti72BCL mit gestärktem lokalen Footprint

11.03.24 06:17
Hier der Text - ein noch stärkeres Votum, künftig einzig auf BCL zu setzen zu sollen...!

We are delighted to announce the appointments of David Osikore as BCL's new Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer and Johnny Patterson Auna as Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary.

This follows the significant progress made over the past five months in preparing to transition from a caretaker mode into a more operational exploration phase.

In late October 2023, BCL and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) agreed on terms for a Deed of Settlement to end the Judicial Review proceedings relating to the Company’s EL01 exploration licence in the Panguna project area.

Then, in early February 2024 we confirmed that the ABG had granted a five-year extension of BCL’s EL01 exploration licence for the Panguna project in Central Bougainville.

At this time President Toroama described Panguna was a “high impact project for Bougainville” and that issuance of the licence would pave the way for redevelopment. This will commence with advanced stage pre-feasibility activities under EL01 over the coming years.

The company therefore confirms the appointments of David and Johnny as it actions plans to strengthen capacity in readiness for more intensified exploration activities.

David has served on the BCL board as an independent director since 2019, and brings more than 30 years’ experience in the exploration and mining industries in both Papua New Guinea and Australia to his new leadership roles. Previously for example he served as Managing Director of Pacific Niugini Minerals with a particular focus on mineral exploration in PNG.

Johnny likewise has more than 30 years’ experience in various senior executive roles and industries across finance, accounting and corporate operations in PNG and Australia. He is an associate member of the Certified Practicing Accountants and the Papua New Guinea Institute of Directors.

BCL Chairman Sir Melchior Togolo said that with these appointments, the company was well prepared to successfully transition from the caretaker mode it was in while tenure issues were being resolved, to now actively drive the development works necessary to bring Panguna back to operation. BCL will do this with a strong Bougainvillean identity and focus.

“The PNG national government is committed to the imminent transfer of its 36.4 per cent share in BCL, free of any charges, to the ABG and people of Bougainville. This will mean, that for the first time in BCL’s 55-year history, the company will be majority owned by the government and people of Bougainville, who will hold a 72.8 per cent share,” Sir Melchior said.

“This, along with the appointment of two experienced Bougainvilleans to senior management roles, and five of the seven directors being Bougainvillean, ensures that the objective of resuming operations for the benefit of all shareholders, including the ABG and people of Bougainville, remains central,” he said.  

133 Postings, 6166 Tage p2205Monsters of Rock: This disastrous copper stock...

11.03.24 09:17

Monsters of Rock: This disastrous copper stock is up 100% in 2024


15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroJetzt

11.03.24 13:39

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroChart ab 1989

11.03.24 14:36

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroTop Copper Stocks

13.03.24 13:44

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroABC-net

14.03.24 13:23

57 Postings, 203 Tage Fuchsbau24Australian Minenbewertungsstandard JORC Code

15.03.24 12:55
aktueller Value, mit 75 Mia. Kupfer u. 65 Mia. Gold bewertet  

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroBougainvilles Independence Struggle Won Against th

17.03.24 01:12

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroConcerning the reopening of the panguna mine

17.03.24 03:15

He outlined his priorities, which include advancing the independence agenda through economic reforms, legislative development, and managing legacy issues, particularly concerning the reopening of the Panguna Mine.

“We will establish key committees within the Panguna redevelopment in terms of mapping out various legacy issues, consulting with our people and how the administration deploys itself in engaging meaningfully with landowners, with ex combatants, with every stakeholder in Panguna so that the government’s decision of issuing the exploration license to BCL can come into realization.”  

“Government has given the exploration license; however, it is the administration that will provide that social license. We have to go down and deal with the legacy issues, get our people together, get our ex-combatants to go out and say that as responsible people we shut down the mine and now we are coming back to open it and there is no better person than the President himself at the forefront to renegotiate a new deal for the people of Bougainville,” Nanei said.

Mr Nanei thanked outgoing Chief Secretary Mr. Shadrach Himata for his leadership over the last four years which saw notable milestones achieved for the administration.

Following Mr Nanei’s elevated role, Ms Julianne Sapaka has been appointed as Acting Secretary for the Department of Justice and was also sworn in today in the presence of the ABG President, Ministers and Heads of Departments.  

Nanei sworn in as Acting Chief Secretary of ABG, vows to meet challenges head-on
MARCH 15, 2024

Presidential Speech on the Acting Chief Secretary Kearneth Nanei, Swearing-In
MARCH 15, 2024

46 Postings, 746 Tage Yeti72Vielen Dank Nekro

17.03.24 07:38
Der erste Artikel stellt den historischen Kontext/Tragödie nochmals sehr gut dar.

Umso mehr muss uns Aktionären nach all dem Leid und bewiesenen Mut der Freiheitskämpfer, eine nachhaltige Wiedereröffnung zum Wohle der lokalen Bevölkerung am Herzen liegen…!!!  

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroHigh Commisioner visit Arob

18.03.24 15:44

…..u. danach PNG

Soll da auf ABG Betreiben etwas Druck ausgeübt  werden?  

15618 Postings, 6222 Tage nekroTo make bougainville independence ready

18.03.24 16:35

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