Intellabridge, Chance auf einen tenbagger?!

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21.07.21 12:29
Intellabridge Completes CAD$10 Million Private Placement with Institutional Investors.
Menlo Park, California; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Boulder, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - July 20, 2021) - Intellabridge Technology Corporation (CSE: INTL) (OTC Pink: CRBTF) (FSE: 98AA), a blockchain technology company, is pleased to announce that it has closed its previously announced private placement of its common shares ("Common Shares") and warrants to purchase Common Shares ("Warrants") with institutional investors for gross proceeds of approximately CAD$10 million (the "Private Placement"). Pursuant to the Private Placement, the Company issued 8,064,517 Common Shares and Warrants to purchase up to an aggregate of 8,064,517 Common Shares at a purchase price of CAD$1.24 per Common Share and associated Warrant. Each Warrant entitles the holder to purchase one Common Share at an exercise price of CAD$1.55 per Common Share for a period of three years following the issuance date.

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21.07.21 13:43

How To Invest In The Stock Market Without Geographical Constraints: Tokenized Stocks
The world is currently undergoing a digital transformation, in every aspect of our daily lives and most especially in the industries that revolve around our lives. As is the case with the financial sector there have been leaps of improvement in how technology can improve in our daily lives yet so little adoption from the “main players” in the financial sector, and more than ever is beginning to fall short of the expectations and needs of the public. Stock market is one of these financial services with many shortcomings like geographical constraints, minimum investment requirements, extra fees, extra steps, memberships and needed qualifications on different platforms etc.. Stock market has not yet been a widely used, easy to use investment option for the average person. It was not a no-minimum, one-click, internationally available, do it digitally through your bank type of easy investment. Until now…

As we discussed in an earlier article on DeFi, decentralized finance makes financial services accessible and more affordable for the masses. One key feature is accessibility to invest in the stock market via Tokenized Stocks.

What are tokenized stocks?

To understand the basic concept of what a tokenized stock is, we have to recall that another blockchain born product is stable coin. If you recall from previous articles, a stable coin is a type of cryptocurrency that has its value pegged to a real world asset like a fiat currency, mirroring the pegged asset 1-to-1. That is the same underlying concept of a tokenized stock. We can define it as a stock that has been digitized to be able to be moved, traded and stored on the blockchain, while mirroring its real world parent.

When you buy a tokenized stock, you are not buying the original stock of that certain company but it gives you the same opportunity to experience the very same financial returns. You can trade tokenized stocks by removing the middleman (brokers) between your money and the profits you make.

What benefits do tokenized stocks provide that traditional stocks couldn’t?

Better Geographical Accessibility

One of the many benefits of tokenized stocks is its accessibility. Since these assets are tokenized on the blockchain they are visible and purchasable by anyone with a phone or computer on the blockchain network from anywhere in the world. Kash’s availability to a worldwide user base also permits users from anywhere on the globe to purchase these assets with one click, through the Kash app. Due to traditional investment houses making it strenuous for retail investors to buy a stock due to paper hurdles, geographic location restrictions and a minimum cost to participate in the global stock market, this type of opportunity was not always presented to all.

In fact, after tokenized stocks, we can only now see how bad things were in the traditional investing method. For instance, imagine Ali (who lives in Turkey) wants to invest in foreign stocks by using a locally available FinTech company. Ali has to invest at least $1000 for a single stock -because it is the minimum amount he has to invest, and has to pay a $25 fee for each transaction (buying and selling). Also, the FinTech company Ali uses, asks him to pay $5 per month to hold the stock he invested because the FinTech company keeps the stocks in a bank, in Denmark.. You already got the idea, right? It should not be that hard to reach financial services in this day and age but unfortunately for some people it still is hard in today’s financial ecosystem.

However, by using the KASH app that is powered by Mirror Protocol, Ali can buy the foreign stocks as tokenized stocks in his country. Ali doesn’t have to have a minimum amount for investing; he only needs a couple dollars to cover the transaction fee and can buy as much as he wants.

Fractional Ownership

Don’t have enough money to buy a whole stock? No worries. Kash allows users to own fractional shares of an asset. For example, as of the time of writing this article, one share of Amazon (AMZN) costs $3494.21 or 3494.21UST (UST is a stable coin pegged to the value of USD). In most traditional investment houses an investor will be required to have enough money to buy 1 share or a higher amount to buy a set quota of share but not everyone has 3 grand sleeping in an account. If all an investor’s got is $50 or 50UST to invest in Amazon, Kash allows that investor to purchase fractional shares of mAmazon (tokenized Amazon share) at $50/50UST.

Thanks to the tokenized stocks, people can trade without any minimum balance, also without any regulation and paper work as well as without any broker and high commissions. Therefore, it gives everyone a chance to benefit from such advantages of finance equally.

Below we show you how to use the KASH investing account, and how you can easily access the tokenized foreign stocks with an easy-to-use interface.

Always Open for Business

The stock market opens between 9:30 and 17:00 in most markets. Most of the majorly traded stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange which is also in a different time zone from the rest of the world. Time is of the essence in the financial market and when major stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange closes for the day, not much can be done for investors who might live in a different time zone.

However, tokenized stocks are not limited by time constraints for trading, since they are decentralized and on the blockchain they can be traded 24/7. This gives traders in all the different time zones the chance to trade from anywhere in the world at their own time even when the traditional market is closed whether it’s for public holidays or in the wake of a major political event.

Wide Open Space

Tokenization comes with many added benefits. Like stocks, other assets can also be tokenized. On the Kash platform you can also trade with tokenized commodities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Commodities are tradable assets such as raw materials and agricultural products like gold, beef and oil. ETFs are indexes of a certain market and people instead of choosing trading a single stock, they can invest in the whole market via ETFs.

For instance, by using KASH, instead of investing single stocks and diversifying your portfolio, you can invest in an S&P 500 ETF which gives you a chance to invest in 500 American companies. Therefore, you can speculate on the success of 500 companies instead of a single company. ETFs help investors to lower their investment risks.

No Lending

As tokenized stocks are available through decentralized platforms, this means you can have the same financial gains while still keeping your money in your wallet in stable coins like UST. Mirror Protocol makes this possible by mirroring the stock prices as mentioned above.

Click here to create your Kash neo-bank account by using your Gmail, Discord, Twitch or Facebook in seconds. Start enjoying the benefits of DeFi and trade tokenized stocks 24/7!

Disclaimer: Please note that tokenized assets do not give dividends as they do not confer the rights of the underlying real-world asset.

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11.08.21 07:12

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21.08.21 03:50

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07.09.21 09:22
Briefkurs über 10% über Kanada.  Da wart ich mal lieber auf heute Nachmlttag mit dem Kauf  

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24.09.21 10:59
Ich hoffe euch ist hier aber schon klar, von wo die Aktie her kommt? (0,01!!)

Zukünftige Wertsteigerungen sind aus meiner Sicht nur noch an den Bitcoinkurs gekoppelt. Kann man ja jetzt schon gut erkennen.

Das meiste hier ist wohl schon abgegrast

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11.10.21 17:05
KASH Twitter:
Monday without a syndrome because we are celebrating 31,000 #KASH users with @intellabridge.

Aktuell 31.000 Nutzer, stark!  

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17.10.21 23:16

44 Postings, 1055 Tage BuildYourDreams1Kash

18.10.21 18:05
Aktuell 35.000 Kash Nutzer

Quelle : Telegram Gruppe  

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19.10.21 16:55
Neues Interessantes Video über KASH  

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20.10.21 04:27
Intellabridge Technology Corporation engagiert Hybrid Financial Ltd.

Intellabridge freut sich bekannt zu geben, dass es Hybrid Financial Ltd. ("Hybrid") mit der Erbringung von Marketingdienstleistungen für das Unternehmen beauftragt hat. Hybrid wurde beauftragt, die Markt- und Markenbekanntheit von Intellabridge zu erhöhen und die Reichweite des Unternehmens innerhalb der Investorengemeinschaft zu vergrößern.


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25.10.21 08:39
Intellabridge Technology Corporation kündigt Kash NFT-Partnerschaften mit LunaBulls und Terra Cards an


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25.10.21 16:09
Aktuell 43600 Kash Nutzer

Quelle: Telegram Gruppe  

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25.10.21 17:07
FAQ ist auch jetzt Online auf dem Kash Account.  

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27.10.21 14:06
Intellabridge Technology Corporation gibt die Änderung des Börsenkürzels in Kanada bekannt.


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28.10.21 19:11
Aktuell 50.000 Kash Nutzer

Quelle: Telegram Gruppe  

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28.10.21 19:17

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28.10.21 22:07
Kash 50.000 Nutzer hier auch nochmal der Twitter Link  

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28.10.21 22:18
Hier nochmal die Nutzerzahlen zusammengefasst:

Am 11.10.21 31k Nutzer, 16.10.21 35k Nutzer, 25.10.21 43,6k Nutzer und heute am  28.10.21 50k Nutzer. Also das finde ich kann sich sehen lassen :-)  

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01.11.21 21:33
Aktuell 55.000 Kash Nutzer.

Quelle: Telegram Gruppe  

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02.11.21 09:24
Kash sollte sollte immer als Gesamtprodukt gesehen werden und hierdurch wird das Konzept für mich auch richtig interessant

Kash ist  eine einfache Möglichkeit die ersten Schritte im Kryptobereich zu machen ohne große Vorkenntnisse zu besitzen.
Sobald die Iban-Funktion  zur Verfügung gestellt wird, gibt es hier die Möglichkeit von Fiat auf Krypto ganz einfach hin und her zu springen.
Mit der Iban-Funktion soll auch die Debit/Kreditkarte von Kash kommen, sodass das Konto auch im Alltag, Urlaub etc. genutzt werden kann. (Kosten wahrscheinlich ca. 5 Dollar im Monat).
Man kann das Geld einfach in die „Savings“ stecken und als Sparkonto verwenden (Muss zuvor aber das Fiat-Geld in UST- Umwandeln was aber nicht kompliziert ist) . Die relativ hohen Zinsen von 10-15 Prozent sprechen für sich. Die Zinsen werden aber nicht ,wie bei einer klassischen Fiat – Bank von der Bank selber zur Verfügung gestellt, sondern aus dem Terra Netzwerk generiert. Es gibt Videos die das ganz gut beschreiben.
Zurzeit gibt es eine Brücke zwischen Terra und Ethereum. In Zukunft sollen noch mehr Brücken zwischen den einzelnen Blockchains geschaffen werden, sodass man dies auch als Sprungbrett nutzen kann.
Es gibt Kash zurzeit leider nur für ein paar ausgewählte Sprachen, zu denen aber Deutsch nicht gehört. Englisch – Kenntnisse sollten daher vorhanden sein.

@BuildYourDrea einfach ergänzen wenn etwas fehlt oder nicht ganz richtig formuliert ist

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02.11.21 11:03
Danke für die Zusammenfassung :-). Website wurde aktualisiert wir sind jetzt bei 57.000 Nutzern. Es geht in die richtige Richtung.  

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05.11.21 09:50
Neue Nachricht in Telegram:

60.000 Nutzer


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05.11.21 11:54
Hier auch der Twitter Link:

Wahnsinn jeden Tag ca 750-1000 neue Nutzer.  

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09.11.21 08:54
Gestern in der AMA wurde gesagt das es bereits 69.300 Nutzer waren.
Ordentliche Steigerung in den letzten 3 Tage.
Anscheinend sind bei den Anmeldungen 50 % Nordamerikaner und Europäer und 50 % Prozent aus Schwellenländer.

Iban soll für Europa im November noch kommen. Die wollen an ihrer Roadmap festhalten
Über den "Bank-Parnter" wurde noch nichts gesagt - da kann man gespannt drauf sein


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