Data being forwarded by Industry leaders, including Millennial Media at the Smarter Mobile Marketing (SM2) conference held last week in New York, are reinforcing the value of initiatives taken by TagLikeMe Corp.'s management. The Company is investing heavily in mobile development and adoption of its social search and share technology.

The data, which emerged from original reporting by Gartner in 2011, shows projected global growth as follows:

Mobile Advertising Revenue by Region, Worldwide, 2008-2015 (Millions of Dollars)




North America




Western Europe




Asia/Pacific and Japan




Rest of the World








Source: Gartner    *Projected

TagLikeMe Corp. President and CEO, Richard Elliot-Square states, "The numbers are proving up our contention that digital ad spending is moving rapidly into the mobile space. That's why we began focusing our efforts on this area right from the start. We see the mobile space as the real future for our social search and share technology. There are nearly unlimited possibilities for us to expand and monetize our technology in the mobile sector. We expect to be available on all platforms by this year's end – a goal we're well on our way to achieving with our first app release into the itunes app store last week."

Elliot-Square also says important trends discovered in the data play in the Company's favor.

"From what the metrics are demonstrating, not all types of mobile advertising will generate the same opportunity. According to Gartner, 'Search and maps will deliver the highest revenue, while video/audio ads will see the fastest growth through 2015.' That plays perfectly into our next-generation search and share offering that is attracting an early loyal following," Elliot-Square says. launched in 2012 and expects to release a mobile app version for iOS, iPhone, Android and Windows 8 mobile during Q4 2012.

About TagLikeMe Corp.

TagLikeMe Corp. owns and operates, an Internet services platform that combines the most commonly used functions of search and social media interaction in one destination. allows individuals to search the Internet by using the top three search engines of Yahoo™, Bing™ and Google™, in addition to viewing related activities from popular social media based sites such as Facebook™, YouTube™, Twitter™ and Wikipedia ™ in a single search inquiry. It also gives searchers the opportunity to connect, chat and share with others worldwide that might be searching similar topics. This adds a much-needed human element to search and online social interaction.

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