EK leitet den Turnaround durch Patentverkauf ein

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2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckvieeeele meinungen, hier eine weitere

30.12.11 15:47

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckbei überwinden des widerstandes ...pls read

30.12.11 15:58

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyNächster Halt

30.12.11 16:17
Nächster Halt $0.75 aktuell $0.68  

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady lucknice hod $ .68

30.12.11 16:18

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckwow, schöne blöcke die da wandern!

30.12.11 16:21
volumen kommt zurück. so dünn bei den 70ties (watch level3 montage)  

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeycomputer trading

30.12.11 18:52
Das Computer trading programm scheint EK heute nicht laufen lassen zu wollen.
Unter geringen Umsätzen wurde der Kurs mal wieder unter $0.66 gebracht.  

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckpatience is the key :-)

30.12.11 19:38

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckNeutral

30.12.11 21:27
	Kodak Stays Neutral - Analyst Blog - NASDAQ.com
We reiterate our Neutral recommendation on  Eastman Kodak Company  (  EK  ).   The company continues to emphasize its growth through
We reiterate our Neutral recommendation on Eastman Kodak Company

Read more: http://community.nasdaq.com/News/2011-12/...ryid=111709#ixzz1i3GXddq7  

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckdauert noch ein wenig bis zur buy recommendation

30.12.11 21:33
Kodak Stays Neutral - Zacks.com
Kodak Stays Neutral-We reiterate our Neutral recommendation on Eastman Kodak Company

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckAH Trading dzt. -3% mit geringstem volumen

30.12.11 23:25
Eastman Kodak Company (EK) After Hours Chart - NASDAQ.com
View after hours stock charts for Eastman Kodak Company(EK) and all the stocks you follow on NASDAQ.com

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckLaura Tyson zurückgetreten...

30.12.11 23:39
 Third Kodak director resigns in a week| Reuters
(Reuters) - The third director in a week has resigned from Kodak Co as the former film giant struggles to cope with the dominance of digital photography.Laura Tyson, a professor and former White House

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckdas offiziell 8-K dazu

30.12.11 23:45

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyLaura Tyson

31.12.11 00:54
Laura Tyson war nicht von KKR  

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady lucknatürlich nicht, waren ja nur "die zwei" von KKR

31.12.11 01:04
sehe das nicht negativ, wenn das mächtige board of executives reduziert wird - siehe link im wsj
People at EK - Executives, Board & Key Employees at Eastman Kodak Co. - WSJ.com

2682 Postings, 4632 Tage lady luckzw. 23.01. und anfang feber wird Q4 veröffentlicht

31.12.11 01:29
spätestens dann wird man auch erkennen können, wie erfolgreich 2012 wird und ob die aussagen vom "Red Sofa Interview" von Antonio Perez zutreffend sind.
das letzte quartal aber war i.d. vergangenheit fast immer das stärkste.
was ev. davor noch mit div. trials bzgl.  patentrechte sowie monetisierung von anderen intellectual properities passieren wird, bleibt spekulation.

hier kann man sich die vergangenen Q-berichte ansehen:

ein gutes 2012 allen!  

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyKodak: The Plot Thickens

31.12.11 01:29
Jane is a member of The Motley Fool Blog Network -- entries represent the personal opinions of our bloggers and are not formally edited.

More out of distressed company Kodak.  And what it might mean is wide open for speculation.

Iconic Kodak (NYSE: EK) has been closly watched since last September when it hired powerhouse law firm Jones Day, which specializes in Chapter 11, along with other options for insolvency.  Eyes popped when that firm was assigned to other duties and law firm Sullivan & Cromwell hired. Hunches included the possibility that Jones Day advised Chapter 11, Kodak balked.  But we don't know that.  The less we know the more rumors fly.

Since then, the rumor mill has not been disappointed.  The next big development was news that Kodak was trying to sell 1100 digital patents and obtain about $900 million from funds Cerberus Capital Management LP and Highbridge Capital Hedge Fund.  Likely, it was reported, the funding would fall short of the $900 million.

Last week, two Kodak board members, who represent private equity fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (NYSE: KKR), resigned without explanation, not from them, not from Kodak.  They are Herald Chen and Adam Clammer who joined the board in 2009.  About the possible reasons why, Reuters interviewed Bill Brandt, chief executive officer of turnaround firm Development Specialists and chair of Illinois Finance Authority.  Brandt posits there could be either of two explanations.  One is that Kodak might be filing Chapter 11.  These two members want to be out before it does and also there is the danger of lawsuits about liability.  Board members are increasingly sued.  That's why it's increasingly difficult to recruit them.  The second reason could be that KKR is trying to bid on the digital patents and having employees on the board might represent a conflict of interest.

Kodak stock is at .66.  The 52-week range has been .54 to $5.85.


4877 Postings, 6900 Tage krauty77Die Ratten verlassen das sinkende Schiff?

01.01.12 09:00

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyEastman Kodak: Past The Point Of A Turnaround

02.01.12 13:25
Eastman Kodak: Past The Point Of A Turnaround

Recently, we’ve taken a dim view of Eastman Kodak’s (EK) prospects. As we wrote here and here, we believe the company is most likely past the point where a turnaround outside of bankruptcy is possible. A commenter assuming various names, most recently “Truthseeker”, has expressed his criticism in a most disdainful and discourteous manner. While we object strenuously to his lack of civility, and may delete future comments that do not take a civil tone (though we will never delete comments that merely disagree with us), we thought we would pull up his comment and respond to it. We encourage dissenting opinions and we all benefit from civil debate.

Truthseeker wrote:

Are you aware:

Kodak has received $1B offer in rescue financing from bondholders
Kodak has $2B+ in NOLs to offset income derived from patent sales
Kodak still has billions in non-core assets to sell if necessary to raise additional cash
Kodak has mentioned it can slow its global digital expansion if necessary to minimize cash burn

Didn’t think so..do some research before jumping on the bandwagon bashing a 70 cent stock ..where were you when Kodak was trading $80 and when you could actually add some value? Pathetic.

Unlike his previous comments, this time, Truthseeker actually stated some facts together with his offensive and discourteous tone. Where I was when Kodak was at $80 is irrelevant; I wasn’t publicly advocating either buying or selling. I write infrequently and on topics that resonate with me at the moment. There’s still $.70 more for this to go down, and my initial post was reacting to an unwarranted jump in the share price. Where were you at $80?

As to his claims:

$1B offer in rescue financing from bondholders: Bondholders have no reason to preserve value for equityholders, especially since it means keeping pension liabilities. Any bondholder bailout is likely to be part of a restructuring that wipes out equityholders.
$2B in NOLs- You need to profit to take advantage of these and the company’s liabilities are greater than $2B.
Billions in non-core assets to sell: What are these magical assets that are worth billions, which are not core to the business and losing money right now? The patents, again?
Slow global digital expansion to minimize cash burn: Kodak missed digital. Period. Expansion isn’t happening. What would it mean to slow it?
This company has a bloated legacy cost structure it can’t get out from under. Like other legacy manufacturing industries (auto, steel, etc.), it will require restructuring in bankruptcy to rationalize and create a sustainable business.

Disclosure: The author has no position in any stock mentioned


4877 Postings, 6900 Tage krauty77Das klingt nicht wirklich gut

02.01.12 17:05

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyVION Food Group takes over Eastman Gel

02.01.12 19:49
VION Food Group takes over Eastman Gel from Eastman Kodak Company
2 | Jan | 2012

On December 30 2011, VION has acquired Eastman Gel from the Eastman Kodak Company. Eastman Gel is based in Peabody (Mass. USA).

Eastman Gel will be part of VION Ingredients activity Rousselot. It is considered as an opportunity to strengthen Rousselots’ position in both growing pharma-markets and its current position in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The acquisition contributes to Rousselots’ strategy of worldwide presence in gelatine and proximity to customers and will add to their leading position in gelatine manufacturing worldwide.

Eastman Gel manufactures gelatine for the photographic, pharmaceutical, edible protein and food/confectionery market sectors. Eastman Gel employs 95 people and produces 5500 tonnes of gelatine, yearly.

VION N.V. is an internationally operating food company with two core activities Food and Ingredients. The company produces high-quality foods and ingredients for humans and animals. VION has an annual turnover of € 8.9 billion and employs 26.500 staff worldwide. VION is a non-listed company and has a single agricultural shareholder: the Zuidelijke Land- en tuinbouworganisatie ZLTO [Dutch Southern Farmers and Market Gardeners Union] which has 18,000 members. VION’s head office is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


Note for the editors
For more information:
Marc van der Lee, Director Communications
Telephone: +31 88 995 3731, E-mail: marc.van.der.lee@vionfood.com

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyKodak: Board Members Beware

03.01.12 15:17
Kodak: Board Members Beware
By Jane Genova - January 1, 2012 | Tickers: EK, GGP, KKR | 0 Comments

Jane is a member of The Motley Fool Blog Network -- entries represent the personal opinions of our bloggers and are not formally edited.

If a public company is approaching or is in the "zone of insolvency," the game changes - big time - for board members.  Recently, three members of the board have left Kodak (NYSE: EK) without explanation from them or the company. Given that development, we have to wonder if Kodak will be entering a zone of insolvency.  That's the phrase used to indicate that either a company's liabilities outweigh assets (balance sheet insolvency) or its cash position is inadequate to pay the bills (cash flow insolvency).  The three who exited were Laura Tyson, professor at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Business, and Adam Clammer and Herald Chen of private equity fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (NYSE: KKR).

When the corporation is in or near insolvency, board members become a whole lot more vulnerable to lawsuits and actions by regulatory bodies such as the SEC. That's because their job is expanded from watching out for shareholder interests to responsibility to creditors, secured and unsecured.  Examples range from shareholder lawsuit against all General Growth Properties (NYSE: GGP) board members for not accepting a buyout offer to the SEC action against several Syntax-Brillian Corp (NASDAQ: BRLC.DL) board members for alleged fraud.  The suits happened years after troubles began and Chapter 11 was filed.  So, parachuting out provides no overall legal protection. What X board member decided three months before departing could be an item in the complaint. Exiting might only prevent additional items from being listed in the lawsuit. Also in insolvency board members can be sued not only collectively but as individuals.  Obviously, negative publicity is inevitable and that can deliver a hit to a board member's professional brandname and credibility.

As many know, even among companies not distressed, the number of lawsuits keeps increasing for breach of fiduciary duty.  In "Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litigation," the Delaware court found board members inattentive, including terms of employment, termination, and severance for Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz.  That's exactly why it's difficult to recruit board members.

Sure, companies try to make it financially worth their while to serve and do provide Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance. However, both in the worst and best of times being a director entails  - or should entail - continually doing a kind of due diligence on proposals, how systems such as accounting and executive compensation operate, performance, and emerging threats.  Accepting management statements at face value can be construed as violating the so-called "business judgment rule," which presumes directors perform their duties in good faith.  In a lawsuit, plaintiffs have the burden of proof to show that wasn't so.

Way before Kodak might become insolvent, board members should have consulted with their private lawyers about what they shoud be doing or discontinue doing.

4877 Postings, 6900 Tage krauty77Mal ganz im Ernst..

03.01.12 15:29
im Prinzip kann doch da nur noch die negative Bombe platzen oder?  

2824 Postings, 8887 Tage thekeyCan Eastman Kodak Come Back in 2012?

03.01.12 16:00

4877 Postings, 6900 Tage krauty77Noch 48 Eurocent dann sind wir bei 0..

03.01.12 17:12
dann kann ich den 5 stelligen Betrag wird die Abgeltungsteuer "ablegen".  

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