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2040 Postings, 4434 Tage KaulitoTüdi, noch investiert?

16.12.15 22:40

47 Postings, 2157 Tage cocoberthat jemand einen

16.12.15 23:56

1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Vor drei Stunden hatte John Stefanac

17.12.15 12:12

Some great meetings in New York. Am in Phoenix for an unsheduled stop. Been long but rewarding trip.

Da kocht jetzt bei HC die Gerüchteküche:

Interesting ... who or what is in Phoenix AR?

Worth noting that Phoenix metropolitan area includes Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe & Chandler.

Intel's 2nd biggest manufacturing plant in the US with 11,000 employees is in Chandler which is in Phoenix.


Maybe just a coincidence - or maybe a pretty big clue.


The Phoenix / Chandler Intel fab site is described as follows:

Since 1996, Intel has invested more than $20 billion to build high-tech manufacturing capacity in Arizona. The Ocotillo site has the distinction of manufacturing Intel’s latest technology. Each year, Intel spends more than $500 million to support research and development in Chandler. In 2012, Intel invested more than $300 million to build a new R&D facility at its Chandler Boulevard site. Nationally, Intel is ranked as the No. 1 investor in R&D among publicly traded U.S. companies.

The bold is my addition .... would new IoT chips be considered "Intel's latest Technology?"

I think they would.



Wenn da wirklich Intel als Chip-Partner im Spiel wäre...WOW !!!  

1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005@kaulito

17.12.15 14:20
Na klar bin ich hier noch investiert...bei DEN guten Aussichten.
Das geht halt nie von heute auf morgen, aber ich glaube an ADRC und würde eher nach- als verkaufen.
Hänge aber grad noch bei GIGA bös im Minus rum...da heißt es jetzt erstmal abwarten, was da passiert.  

361 Postings, 2200 Tage GhoultownDie Vermutung

17.12.15 14:43
das Intel, in Rahmen der Spring-Förderung der Partner sein könnte, kam ja schon mal vor ein paar Wochen. Das wäre ja der Oberknaller. Aber das sind ja alles nur Spekulationen. Ich hoffe wir erfahren es noch dieses Jahr.  

361 Postings, 2200 Tage GhoultownWeihnachten?

20.12.15 10:59
Mit Dev-Kit ist angekommen..... Juhu!


Kuststoffgehäuse Hub
Platine Hub
ADRC Antenne Hub
ADRC Shield
USB/mini USB Kabel
RJ45 Patchkabel

Da bin ich mal gespannt.....  
Angehängte Grafik:
img_1957.jpg (verkleinert auf 70%) vergrößern

1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005@Ghoultown: Ja is denn heut schon Weihnachten ?

20.12.15 11:07

1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Wow, dann leg mal los !

20.12.15 11:09
Bin schon brutal gespannt auf Deinen Erfahrungsbericht.
Wir reden hier ja längst nicht mehr über irgendeine spinnerte Idee, sondern über greifbare Hardware, die man einsetzten kann...und die (hoffentlich) funktioniert.  

1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Hier noch toller Lesestoff zum Sonntag:

20.12.15 11:12

Xped in Forbes 18th Dec 2015

DEC 18, 2015 @ 09:00 AM
5 IoT Trends That Will Change How We Experience Home Life

Steve Olenski
I write about advertising, marketing, media & all subgroups therein.

   Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Most of us look forward to that moment when we can head home and turn on the sound system to take a much-deserved breather after a long day at the office. Like it or not, this is all slowly becoming obsolete, not only with respect to longer working hours, but in terms of how people today experience home life.
What has led to this change?
The presence of IoT gadgets, services and technologies have drastically impacted the way in which we lead our lives – from the office, to lunch breaks, and of course, to our home lives. Today, we don’t need to be physically present to carry out daily home tasks and chores. . Whether you need to activate a home alarm system or provide your international guest with access to your private garage due to a long and seemingly endless boardroom meeting, you can be in full control of your devices from afar.
In other words, these and similar types of advancements have positioned efficiency as a top-level priority for all of us in possession of home devices.
So what lies ahead?
The household experience today has undergone fundamental developments over the past few years, from an initial intriguing concept to a niche topic in the tech world. In this post, we look at 5 trends that will change how we experience home-life:

1. Increase in tools and services that encourage and/or directly support DIY solutions.
Just a quick Google search will lead you to immediately concur – DIY solutions have exploded onto the tech scene. Today, people are eager to be in control of their outcomes. From DIY websites to tiny home installation hacks, Patrick Moorhead, of Moor Insight & Strategy, claims that he frequently encounters messages and displays regarding DIY home automation services and products.
2. Multi-device support will be prioritized
According to Deloitte, one of the principal challenges of IoT systems rests on the notion that they fail to deliver a complete turnaround system for users. More specifically, in order to truly succeed in this dynamic marketplace, IoT companies and service providers need to develop appropriate measures to gather data and monitor home devices remotely, regardless of the type of physical device.
Without complete, turnkey solutions, such companies will be faced with deep challenges related to user onboarding. Thankfully, companies such as Adelaide-based Xped are offering IoT solutions that ease new consumers into adopting automated home systems with simple integration options that will operate across multiple devices. For instance, Xped’a ARDC capability enables new users to quickly enter the IoT world at home by effortlessly tapping their smartphones to their desired physical home device. Such functions reduce adoption barriers and encourage faster IoT adoption rates. See the screenshot below for a simple demonstration.
Scott Amyx of Amyx McKinsey says “the market is addressing the interoperability through industry standards and protocols for interoperability. Consortiums and alliances such as the AllSeen Alliance, Eclipse Foundation, OSHA, OIC, and others are addressing this very issue. That means across profiles or product categories, from refrigerators, ovens, vacuums, stereos, lights, door locks to cameras, they can find, communicate and share data seamlessly.”

Moreover, Amyx indicates that new home automation hubs, OS and app abstraction players are unifying the separate app or device experience with a single HCI user experience that can control all connected home things. Proprietary home automation platforms include Apple’s HomeKit, Google’s Nest, Brillo and Weave, and Samsung’s Smart Home. OORT Technology is looking to become the one unified app for all smart home things.

3. Many new emerging players operating in the IoT space
The numbers don’t lie. According to CB Insights, there are over 140 companies operating in the IoT space and this figure is likely to grow exponentially. While this list coverts IoT players across multiple industries and not only home systems, the growth is difficult to ignore. In monetary terms, this space is projected to “…grow to $300 billion dollars by 2020.”

But how does this growth impact our home-life? Well, for starters, potential adopters will have increasingly more IoT providers to choose from. This will likely make this space more competitive and even potentially drive down prices. Hopefully, in this way, IoT won’t just be a luxurious item reserved for the few tech enthusiasts and upper echelons, but rather, something that all of us can enjoy.

Amyx cautions that this diversification and downward price pressure will not occur rapidly through proprietary home automation platforms but rather through open standards and protocols that will enable any manufacturers to comply with industry standards to make the consumer experience easy to use and adopt.
4. Fast-paced lifestyles demand immediate, digital control
As was stated earlier, our work week no longer follows the generic 9 to 5 schedule. In fact, during our busy daily schedule, we are often running from place to place, dropping off kids at swim practice or flying to a business conference. As such, our home-based chores must be expedited. This evolution in lifestyle thus requires complete, turnkey tech solutions that can easily get new users onboard and allow them to quickly and remotely connect to their home devices.
According to Accenture, business tech trends have extended to the home sphere. Their 2015 Technology Vision reported stated that companies have started to understand the potential of IoT solutions to benefit the home experience: “…companies are using these connections to offer new services, reshape experiences, and enter new markets by creating digital ecosystems. Home Depot, for example, is looking to shape the way people live through an emerging connected home market. The company is working with manufacturers to ensure all of the connected home products it sells are compatible with the Wink connected home system. In doing so, Home Depot is creating its own connected home ecosystem, with a wide range of services that are easy to install.”

5. Safety and security have been prioritized
“It’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?” Unfortunately, this fear has evolved into even more frightening scenarios. There is no doubt that we are living in an age known for chaos, terror, and the occasional hypochondriac neighbor we all try to avoid. While the world is currently facing large security issues, experts such as SafeWise have also witnessed a trend towards home security automation and safety systems. Canary and Piper are two great examples of a handful of up-and-coming startups taking advantage of this trend.
“People Power found that it wasn’t the utility savings and efficiency that was the number one driver of connected home adoption but rather the ‘peace of mind’ factor,” says Amyx. “Hence they and others such as iControl Networkshave doubled down on home security, independent living for elderly and personal security of children and family members as they their top priorities.”
Summing Up
Our home-life is now more dynamic than ever. Various trends have pointed out that we are always on the move and need to be constantly in control of our physical devices while not being present at the source. Thankfully, the emergence of multiple IoT-connected players and solutions have allowed us to become highly digitalized, in control of our own security, as well as increasingly interconnected at the same time.
Given how dynamic the world of IoT is, it will be exciting to see how these and additional trends will continue to change our home-life experiences.


1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Und noch das:

20.12.15 11:15


How Entrepreneurs Can Ride 'The Internet of Things' to Success

Smart cities seem inevitable at this point, but entrepreneurs should keep some things in mind if they want to build a business on the "Internet of Things."

Today, more people live in cities than in rural areas. This is of course a change from the 1800s and even the early part of the 20th century, when more people lived in the country. There are no signs of a slow-down in urbanization; in fact it's only speeding up. By 2050 total urban population is expected to reach a whopping 70 percent.

Humans are becoming increasingly connected wherever they live. CISCO claims explosive growth rates for IoT devices, saying that 25 billion of them are now connected to the Internet, with this figure rising to 50 billion in just 5 years. This is an ongoing trend that isn't all that surprising given our increasingly interconnected society.

How interconnected? Well, it starts with a pressing need. Experts say that in order to sustainably prosper while taking into account population growth and competing resources, cities will have to become smarter. This means that they will be increasingly reliant on IoT and digital systems to effectively meet citizen demand, reduce energy and other resource costs, as well as bridge the gap between citizens and governments.
A Snapshot of the IoT Ecosystem

There are hundreds of firms worldwide developing technologies and solutions to meet the needs of smart cities. For instance, dozens of companies are working to provide more efficient lighting and traffic planning to help pedestrians and drivers by computerizing those systems.

Enevo is an interesting IoT solution that is looking to turn waste collection into an internet and data-based process. It optimizes the logistics of collecting waste from trash containers.
Urban homes can directly benefit from IoT solutions that improve the connectivity of physical devices, making the whole more efficient than the sum of its parts. For instance, there are products that activate security alarms from a distance.

Nest is a famous example of a home heating system that turns itself off at certain times in order to use less energy.

Singaporean-Australian IoT company Xped has introduced a smartphone-enabled IoT solution called ARDC that can be applied to physical home devices. Using an app on their smartphone, consumers can tap a chosen device and immediately control and operate it. The phone automatically discovers connected devices, finds a wireless network, and displays it on the user's interface. The company is currently in the process of listing on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Other IoT startups and established household names also work to provide solutions for cities both on macro and micro-level. Phillips, for instance, launched Lumimotion, a sensor-based lighting systems that is activated based on data collected from street activity.
The Path to IoT Success

Based on my research into IoT companies, if founders want to achieve success in the realm of smart cities, they will will need to keep a few things in mind. It all comes down to ease of use.
1. Seamless Onboarding Experience:
Devices will need to speak to each other so simply that connection must be an afterthought. Finding a new connected device should theoretically be as easy as tapping on a device that appears on a smartphone interface. Keeping such integrations as simple as possible will ease new users into the experience.
2. Support for Multiple Devices:
IoT solutions should be optimized to function across different devices. Since people will have an array of them, it's important for solutions to work across different types of items for simplicity sake.
3. User-friendly Systems:

Although we're talking about complex systems here, effective IoT tech should probably be managed by just one user-friendly control center.
Despite the hype, both established companies and emerging IoT startups must take into account security measures when looking to market their products in urban communities. Some experts are still skeptical of IoT because of this issue, saying a system so complex may be more trouble than it's worth. It will be up to IoT providers to convince users, both citizens and city governments, that their solutions are not only exciting, but also safe enough to satisfy user concerns about data privacy.

Disruptive IoT technologies have the power to be applied to seemingly unlimited devices and appliances. This will also have a huge impact on cities, especially given the presence of outdated systems that are in need of a major makeover.

Moreover, to truly meet the demands of a growing urban population competing for limited city resources, IoT has a huge role to play in transforming the way people experience urban living, from their homes, to the office, to everywhere in between. It will be interesting to see how this technology evolves to provide sustainable answers to pressing urban issues.
The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

Published on: Dec 14, 2015


1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Was mir richtig gut gefällt, ist die Art und Weise

20.12.15 11:18
mit der sie auf Hotcoppper Informationen austauschen und diskutieren.
Da sind hoch-erfahrene Anlage an Bord, z. B. Exberliner, der aktuell folgendes Statement gepostet hat:

Great find Minusten Forbes has a huge readership among the moneyed classes.

Whenever I find a good IoT article in the mainstream press that doesn't mention Xped I send the author a short email congratulating him on an excellent piece of work and giving him a heads up on Xped by sending the latest preso.

I have so far emailed tech journos at most major publications in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany (RYG is also quoted on the Frankfurt SE), Singapore and Hong Kong.

Maybe some HC members could join me on this crusade.

At this early stage of IoT infrastructure development all publicity for Xped's technology is good publicity.



1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Inzwischen haben sie die Fragen und Antworten

20.12.15 11:19
von Ghoultown und John Stefanac auch entdeckt und auf HC gepostet.
Gut so, dass es dann auch mal in die andere Richtung mit den Infos gehen kann !  

361 Postings, 2200 Tage GhoultownBitte

21.12.15 13:48

einmal für Xped abstimmen: https://www.producthunt.com/tech/xped

viele Grüße


1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005Heute mal wieder super News von Raya:

22.12.15 07:50


Xped and UniSA make energy research study possible
· Researchers discover Xped’s ADRC following global search for energy monitoring solution
· Field trials of the ADRC enabled equipment to begin in January 2016
· Multi-year study will lead to understanding of electricity usage patterns in households
Raya Group Ltd (ASX: RYG) (“Raya” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that Xped Holdings
Limited (Xped) and the University of South Australia (UniSA) are working together to build an energy
monitoring system that will encompass the “revolutionary” and “patented” ADRC (Auto Discovery
Remote Control) IOT technology developed by Xped.
The Barbara Hardy Institute at the University of South Australia is undertaking a multi-year study of homes in the Adelaide metro area to understand the electricity usage patterns of various types of households.
Funded by a number of national competitive grants (The Australian Greenhouse Office, The CSIRO Intelligent Grid Cluster, the CRC for Low Carbon Living) the study requires the collection of data on the electricity used across the whole home and by various major appliances including fridges, washing machines and others.
Specialist in renewable energy technologies from UniSA Dr David Whaley says the search for an energy monitoring system for the project hasn’t been easy.
“We searched the world for a suitable energy monitoring system but were unable to find a fully integrated system that completely met our criteria,” Dr Whaley says.
“I was delighted to find that the solution we need can be produced in our own backyard.
“Originally an Adelaide company pioneering next-generation internet connection and control technologies, Xped is now working with us on an end to end energy monitoring system that collects
data from individual appliances and makes it available via download from the cloud.”
The equipment based on Xped’s ADRC technology makes it very easy to install and configure as well as providing a very high level of data security.
Appliances are connected to Smart Plugs that accurately measure the real power consumed as well as usage patterns. Data is collected via a secure hub, compressed and then uploaded to the cloud form where it can be conveniently accessed for detailed analysis. It is expected that field trials of the
new energy monitoring system will begin in January 2016.
Level 6, 412 Collins Street
Ph (03) 9642 0655 Fax (03) 9642 5177
ABN: 89 122 203 196
The UniSA research will provide valuable insights into Australian energy usage patterns and can be used by governments for planning purposes as well as to assist with their climate change strategies.

About University of South Australia
The University of South Australia is Australia’s University of Enterprise – globally focused, locally engaged, and committed to the principles of excellence and equity.
With more than 34,000 students, it is South Australia’s largest university.
It was the youngest Australian institution to be named in the top 50 of 2014 100 global universities aged under 50 by the Times Higher Education and in 2015 was ranked by Quacarelli Symondes at number 25 globally in the young universities grouping.
UniSA’s enterprising approach is underpinned by deep engagement with industry and the professions with more than 2000 collaborations and partnerships across industry, government and business worldwide.
About Xped
Xped has developed revolutionary and patent protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical capability, to connect, monitor and control devices and appliances found in our everyday environment. It’s as simple as two people shaking hands. By enabling the Internet of Things, Xped’s Auto Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) platform will bring benefit to Manufacturers,
Retailers, Service Providers and Consumers.
Under a conditionally accepted Heads of Agreement signed on 25th October, 2015, Raya Group Ltd are in the process of acquiring Xped Holdings Ltd, including its subsidiaries and assets.
At Xped, we’re Making Technology Human Again.
For further details please contact:
Raya Group Inquiries:
Company Secretary
T 03 9642 0655
E info@rayagroup.com.au


361 Postings, 2200 Tage GhoultownWahnsinn

22.12.15 09:40

was die ständig für News raushauen:

We searched the world for a suitable energy monitoring system but were unable to find a fully integrated system that completely met our criteria,? Dr Whaley says.
?I was delighted to find that the solution we need can be produced in our own backyard.
?Originally an Adelaide company pioneering next-generation internet connection and control technologies, Xped is now working with us on an end to end energy monitoring system that collects
data from individual appliances and makes it available via download from the cloud.?

Und trotzdem ist der Kurs wie festgewachsen...... Unglaublich!


49 Postings, 2360 Tage BlueMotionEingepreist

22.12.15 11:49

das der Kurs etwas zurückhaltend reagiert ist völlig normal. Viele der letzten tollen News waren vorher im Kurs eingepreist. Wie es so schön an der Börse heißt.
Bekanntlich kauft man ja die Zukunft eines Unternehmens. Daher wird der Kurs erst reagieren, wenn Raya die Katze aus dem Sack lässt, wer der starke Partner sein wird. Ich denke, das es gerade tolle Nachkaufgelegenheiten gibt !

VERTRAUEN-GEDULD-FREUDE---------FROHES FEST-------------------  

2040 Postings, 4434 Tage Kaulito@blue

22.12.15 14:41
Lese deine Beiträge sehr gerne da du hier keine pushversuche startest sondern alles sachlich erklärst und dich auf vielen Diskussionen raus hältst! Danke!

Hast du dir ein Kursziel
Gesteckt? Bist du selber auch bei Norwood investiert? Sorry für off topic  

361 Postings, 2200 Tage Ghoultown@Kaulito

22.12.15 15:14
hast du das Gefühl, dass hier gepushed wird? Würde mich echt interessieren. Das wäre nämlich nicht meine Intention.

viele Grüße  

21419 Postings, 5254 Tage Chalifmann3natürlöich wird hier nicht gepusht,Kaulito,dennoch

22.12.15 15:22
könnte Ende nächsten Jahres dann plötzlich irgendwann mal die Frage aufkommen: "Wie oft muss sich der Kurs eigentlich verdoppeln,bis er wieder da steht wo Bluemotion das erste mal Nachkaufgelegenkeit! rausposaunt hat?"

Alles klar ...??  

1577 Postings, 4070 Tage Tuedi2005@kaulito

22.12.15 15:29
Das Einstellen von Unternehmensnachrichten oder Artikeln halte ich nicht für Pushversuche.
Wäre hier in D auch ziemlich blöd, denn der Kurs wird nun weder bei uns gemacht noch irgendwie beeinflusst.  

361 Postings, 2200 Tage GhoultownAch, ich glaube

22.12.15 15:48
Ende nächsten Jahres wird sich Chalif ärgern nicht eingestiegen zu sein. Und überhaupt Chalif.... lass doch mal den Blue in ruhe. Ich glaube ja fast schon der tiggert dich. Immer wenn Blue postet kommt kurz danach das übliche "schlechtreden" von dir.

Hier wird bestimmt nicht absichtlich gepushed.... aber einen Basher haben wir schon. Glaub ich.  

49 Postings, 2360 Tage BlueMotionKaulito

22.12.15 16:02

ich werde bei 0,10 Aus Gewinne realisieren. Freue mich schon drauf...
Langfristig kann ich mir, ähnlich wie bei Ziptel 1.00 AusD vorstellen.
Bei Norwood bin ich bei 0,12 Aus rausgegangen.  

49 Postings, 2360 Tage BlueMotionChalifmann

22.12.15 16:09

ich denke, das ich noch nie Nachkaufkurse "rausposaunt" habe.
Das habe ich nicht nötig ! Ich bin einfach nur glücklich über Raya und einige andere Aussie-Tech Firmen, in denen ich investiert bin, bzw. viele deutsche Anleger investieren können.
Mein Einstieg bei RYG lag bei 0,024 Aus....  

49 Postings, 2360 Tage BlueMotionGhoultown

22.12.15 16:11

gute Beiträge von Dir dabei.

49 Postings, 2360 Tage BlueMotionFrohes Fest

22.12.15 16:22

ich wünsche Euch ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest mit ganz vielen RYG-Aktien unter dem Tannenbaum:-)  

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