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01.03.19 10:11
WEED gets into Pet Food & Market Cap goes up $600M Amazin! WEED gets Martha Stewart (not a real Doctor) to help them out with Pet Food, that are still in clinical trials and stock goes up over $2 bucks. Adds $600 million to their market cap. My Mamma said "If you been in the dog house a few years, you should know a thing or two about Dog Food." Amazin! Dixi Brands seems to be on leading the pack! Always DYODD, all IMO! GLTA !! Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#GBEx9IfL6rzd7VPr.99  

182 Postings, 4188 Tage Josef149noch was

01.03.19 14:25
Dixi hat alles hoffe das bald andere tage kommen.

RE:RE:RE:WEED gets into Pet Food & Market Cap goes up $600M Amazin!
Thanks BeeInveSTING :) , Take a look at the news that came out today from Village Farms (i do own some shares of VFF), and you tell me how you are going to farm all this CBD, without any products to put the CBD into? You need CBD branding  and CBD products for all that HEMP farmed production to go into! and WHO has the products Dixie Brands :D  
Mamma said "It won't be long before they put two and two together"
Always DYODD, great day to everyone! all IMO!

Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#x5fkJcHmoHheZE5X.99  

391 Postings, 4464 Tage PadawanDixie

04.03.19 15:23

391 Postings, 4464 Tage PadawanDixie Brands

05.03.19 13:23

391 Postings, 4464 Tage PadawanDixie Brands

14.03.19 09:37
Gute News
Siehe Nachbarn Forum  

182 Postings, 4188 Tage Josef149Info

18.03.19 13:49
Dixie Elixirs & Edibles Arrives in Arizona with Initial Launch of Infused Topicals Portfolio

Delivering Developmental Milestone in National Expansion Strategy, Patients Across Arizona will now have Access to Dixie’s Relief Balm, Muscle Relief Lotion & Bath Soaks

DENVER and PHOENIX, March 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dixie Brands, Inc. (Dixie), a leader in emerging cannabinoid extraction and wellness platforms, has launched the first phase of its joint venture with Bloom Dispensaries. The initial products available for sale today, includes the complete line of Dixie branded topical products as well as Dixie Brands’ two new hemp-derived cannabinoid wellness platforms, Aceso a human wellness product line and Therabis, designed to serve pets. Dixie Brands Arizona will begin delivering these products to dispensaries throughout the state on March 21, 2016.

   Dixie is thrilled to deliver our full line of medical topicals, as well as our non-THC cannabinoid therapy products, to the patients in Arizona.

Tripp Keber CEO of Dixie BrandsTripp Keber, President and CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc.

   Developed in Colorado, and powered by local Arizona grown cannabis, our three unique topical products combine THC with natural ingredients and organic oils to soothe and calm aches and pains from the skin, inward. Education about topicals and their benefits is a crucial element of this roll out as this product is ideal for patients who are looking for very effective pain relief without the euphoria or high normally associated with THC.

The initial launch will introduce Dixie’s full topical product line, including their signature Relief Balm, Muscle Relief Lotion and Bath Soak. Developed over five years by Dixie’s innovative science team in Colorado, these diverse topicals are a great way to treat localized skin irritation, joint pain and muscle aches.

“Today’s announcement is the first of many milestones we expect to achieve as we work to bring the complete line of Dixie Elixirs and Edibles products to Arizona patients as quickly as our commercial state of the art manufacturing facility construction will allow,” said Edward Judice, CEO of Bloom. “We view today’s initial product launch as a great win for the Arizona medical marijuana community, who can benefit from the years of research and development that Dixie has invested in their products in order to deliver the product quality and consistency that Arizona patients deserve.”

MSRP for the new products is as follows (but will vary by dispensary):

   Dixie 90MG Relief Balm: $14
   Dixie 90MG Pain Relief Lotion: $14
   Dixie 90MG Bath Soak: $16

Want to learn more about the benefits of topical THC uptake? Visit Dixie’s Uptake System Education Page.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Dixie Brands, Inc., (Dixie) through its affiliates across the country, has been formulating and producing award-winning THC and CBD-infused products since 2009. What began as a single flagship product, the Dixie Elixir (a THC-infused soda), has now expanded to over 30 different products across over 100 SKUs, representing the industry’s finest edibles, tinctures, topicals and connoisseur grade extractions. In addition, Dixie Brands has launched two new cannabinoid product lines: Aceso, is a suite of “hemp 2.0” products designed to provide general wellness and relief from minor aches and pains as well as mild-anxiety. Therabis is a pet supplement formulated by an experienced veterinarian and designed to provide pets, and their owners, with relief from itching and mild-anxiety as well as providing greater joint mobility. To find out more about Dixie’s innovative products, or about how Dixie is building the future of cannabis, please visit us at http://www.dixiebrands.com.

Joe Hodas
Dixie Brands, Chief Marketing Officer

Original press release:  http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2016/03/...s-Portfolio.html  

1755 Postings, 6743 Tage calimeraCEO Chuck Smith on Expanding his House of Brands

27.04.19 10:35

Chuck Smith on Expanding his House of Brands for Infused Cannabis Products 

Industry "OG" and CEO of Dixie Brands, Chuck Smith, recently sat down with Barrington Miller as part of Public Entrepreneur's #WeedWeek podcast series. In this discussion Chuck shares why Dixie decided to focused on infused products and stay away from farming and cultivation (3:15), how the early origins of the company in medical cannabis have been integral to their efforts to build a portfolio of recreational product offerings (7:30) and the recent launch of CBD products for dogs AND cats! Listen until the end to learn about Chuck's pioneering work on the Cannabis Trade Federation, his thoughts on cannabis taxation (ed. more interesting than it sounds), and their "transformative" JV with Khiron Life Sciences in Latin America.


I should have chosen another hobby to take up! This one is alot of work and way too addictive

4196 Postings, 6514 Tage ablasshndlerpotentieller kauf

30.05.19 08:24
The THC-infused products are manufactured and distributed in Colorado by a private state-licensed company controlled by an investor and Board Member of Dixie Brands. With the passage of HB19-1090, Dixie intends to explore a transaction to acquire and operate the licensed manufacturer. Any such transaction would be subject to successfully completing a state licensing application, as well as review by an independent committee of Dixie's Board.

In the event a transaction is completed, it would create expanded opportunities for Dixie to invest in its Colorado production operations as the Company continues to grow its business. Ownership of the manufacturing operation would result in increased revenue and gross margin for Dixie.


4196 Postings, 6514 Tage ablasshndlerstrategische partnerschaft im getränkesektor

07.08.19 14:50
Dixie Brands Inc. (CSE: DIXI.U), (OTCQX: DXBRF), (Frankfurt: 0QV),  
a leading cannabis CPG company,
and AriZona, maker of the #1 selling iced tea in America,
signed a binding letter of intent on Friday, August 2nd, 2019,
to partner for the production, distribution and sale of cannabis-infused
products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


8003 Postings, 5679 Tage Alfons1982Erstkauf

28.08.19 14:13
Heute endlich erste Position knapp unter 0,54 Euro Cent aufgemacht. Aktie steht schon länger unter Beobachtung und ich finde, dass die Aktie gut aufgestellt ist. Eine große Produktvielfalt und sinnvolle Kooperationen hat man abgeschlossen. Nach der Sommerpause sollte es langsam aber sicher nachhaltig hochgehen. Unabhängig von der Weltwirtschaft, ist hier Wachstumspotenzial vorhanden.  Sollte es nochmal runter gehen, wird nachgekauft.  

182 Postings, 4188 Tage Josef149News

25.09.19 09:37
Dixie Brands Partners with Mineralife to Take CBD Production to the Next Level
[PR Newswire]
PR NewswireSeptember 24, 2019

Colorado Springs Company to Manufacture Wellness Products for Dixie's Aceso Brand

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dixie Brands Inc., one of the cannabis industry's leading consumer packaged goods ("CPG") companies, today announced it is partnering with Colorado Springs nutraceutical producer Mineralife to manufacture millions of broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD products for its Aceso product line over the next three years.

"Mineralife's mission has always been to ethically create quality products that deliver hope," said Mineralife President and Founder Neil Butterfield. "We're excited to partner with a company whose values and mission so closely match our own. We look forward to delivering high-quality wellness products that provide real benefits to consumers."

Founded in 2010, Colorado-based Dixie Brands is now the 18th CBD provider to select Mineralife to manufacture their CBD products this year. Mineralife will assume ingredient procurement, formulation and manufacturing for Aceso's "Calm," "Soothe" and "Wellness" vitamin and mineral blends.

Mineralife has been in the nutraceutical industry since 2005, creating its own line of ionic mineral-based supplements and pioneering the incorporation of CHD-FA® fulvic acid into its blends to improve the body's absorption of beneficial nutrients.

Aceso General Manager Kurt Forstmann said the partnership is a natural fit given Mineralife's expertise creating and blending effective dietary supplements, and its ability to scale and grow alongside Aceso and Dixie Brands, which held its initial public offering (IPO) last year.

"We were one of the first companies in the country to work in the field and we have a deep understanding of the science and regulations involved with making quality broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD supplements," Forstmann said. "Mineralife's commitment to making pure, safe and industry-compliant nutraceuticals demonstrates that they're the best company we could have chosen to manufacture our wellness products."

About Mineralife

Established in 2005 by Neil Butterfield soon after his immigration from South Africa, Colorado Springs' Mineralife delivers effective, affordable wellness products of superior quality to create a community that enjoys maximum health. After testing several brands of CBD products from manufacturers around Colorado and finding widely disparate levels of purity, Butterfield began white labeling CBD products in Mineralife's labs to ensure consistency, quality and integrity. To learn more about Mineralife, go to mylabelcbd.com.

About Dixie Brands, Inc.

Dixie Brands Inc. is leading the CPG cannabis industry by championing freedom of choice for consumers around the world. Through its licensed partners, Dixie has been perfecting the art and science of creating award-winning THC and CBD-infused products for nearly a decade. Dixie's relentless commitment to product innovation from fun to functional has earned the brand a place as one of the industry's most recognized consumer brands. Dixie's portfolio features over 100 products across more than 15 different product categories and 5 distinct consumer brands representing the industry's finest edibles, beverages, tinctures, topicals and connoisseur-grade  extractions, as well as world-class hemp-derived CBD-infused wellness products and pet supplements. To find out more about Dixie's innovative products, visit https://dixieelixirs.com.

Erich Kirshner
Evolution Communications Agency


182 Postings, 4188 Tage Josef149News

27.09.19 14:07

Dixie, AriZona extend deadline for def. deal to Nov. 14

2019-09-27 07:48 ET - News Release

Ms. Desiree Rosa reports


Dixie Brands Inc. and Herbal Enterprises LLC, an affiliate of the AriZona brand, have amended the letter of intent to extend the deadline by which the parties plan to reach a definitive agreement until Nov. 14, 2019.

© 2019 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.  

8003 Postings, 5679 Tage Alfons1982Legalisierungen

25.11.19 08:52
Jetzt ging es ja Schlag auf Schlag was das o.g. Thema angeht. Wir haben erst die Zulassungen für die Getränke in Kanada erhalten, dann kam die Legalisierung in den USA und hat unser Partner Khiron die Genehmigung für Kolumbien erhalten.  

182 Postings, 4188 Tage Josef149News

25.11.19 13:31

Dixie manufacturer gets Clean Green Certification

2019-11-25 07:23 ET - News Release

Mr. Andrew Floor reports


Dixie Brands Inc.'s licensed manufacturer in Colorado has received Clean Green Certification for its Denver production facility, making it the first Clean Green Certified cannabis facility in Colorado.

Dixie Brands has been a pioneer and leader in the infused-cannabis industry for nearly a decade. The company continued that heritage of leadership earlier this year with the launch of its Go Green initiative, a commitment to transition the company towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Clean Green certification of the company's licensed manufacturer's facility in Colorado is another demonstrable step towards that goal.

Clean Green Certification is a program dedicated to promoting environmentally clean and sustainable methods. In order for a facility to become Clean Green Certified, they must follow responsible business practices and act in accordance with Clean Green standards, which incorporate Federal and State food handling guidelines.

"Clean Green has made an enormous impact on the cannabis industry and helped set the standard for sustainable business practices," said Andrew Floor, VP of Marketing for Dixie Brands. "Our Go Green initiative was designed to ignite conversation in the category in order to drive research, innovation, legislative change and a broader industry commitment to a greener future. As a pioneer and leader in CPG cannabis, we must do better to protect the environment, and we're proud to be making substantial strides to do just that with our receipt of Clean Green Certification."

In addition to obtaining Clean Green Certification, Dixie Brands began purposefully reviewing and revising packaging earlier this year to ensure at least class 1 recyclability for products within the confines of the industry, and recently announced a strategic partnership with Sana Packaging , manufacturer of sustainable and compliant cannabis packaging, to audit Dixie Brands' product portfolio and provide viable alternative packaging options for each product.

"The cannabis industry is infamous for creating a tremendous amount of packaging waste, which is intensified by the ever-changing packaging regulations across the country," said Ron Basak-Smith, CEO of Sana Packaging. "Taking a stand for sustainability remains a top priority for Sana and through our partnership with an industry leader like Dixie Brands, we're excited to continue to help pave the way towards a more sustainable future for the industry."  

182 Postings, 4188 Tage Josef149News

10.12.19 13:42
ORIGINAL: Dixie Brands' Extends Multi Award-Winning Gummie Portfolio with New Consumer Driven Offerings

2019-12-10 06:00 ET - News Release

Dixie Brands' Extends Multi Award-Winning Gummie Portfolio with New Consumer Driven Offerings

Canada NewsWire

DENVER, Dec. 10, 2019

Dixie Brands' blends consumer & category insights to create
3 new gummie SKU's purposefully crafted to address evolving consumer needs.

DENVER, Dec. 10, 2019 /CNW/ - Dixie Brands Inc. ("Dixie" or "the Company") (CSE: DIXI.U), (OTCQX: DXBRF), (Frankfurt: 0QV), one of the cannabis industry's leading consumer packaged goods ("CPG") companies, today announced that it is extending its award-winning gummie portfolio with the addition of 3 new variants available in January 2020. The new SKU's include a micro-dosed THC-infused Spicy Mango and two CBD:THC ratio offerings, Sour Strawberry 2:1 and Mellow Berry 10:1.

Dixie Brands has crafted one of the cannabis industry's most extensive branded portfolios via an unparalleled production and R&D heritage built over nearly a decade. The rising star of Dixie's portfolio of over 100 products across more than 15 different product categories is the Company's multi award-winning gummies; sales of which have grown by more than 150% in 2019 to become one of the leading gummie brands in the country thanks to an exceptional, consistent and delicious consumption experience.

As one of the industry's leading CPG companies, Dixie has embraced the consumer as the driver of its innovation pipeline with the new gummie SKU's purposefully created in response to real consumer insights. On a macro level for example, 70% of U.S. consumers enjoy eating sweet and  spicy combinations (Source: Spicing Up the Food Industry: Hot & spicy trends & insights, Kalsec, 2017) driving the development of Dixie's new micro-dosed Spicy Mango product, which incorporates a proprietary blend of chipotle and habanero spices.

"Product innovation in the infused-cannabis category has been prolific but has been historically based on what the industry can do not necessarily what the canna-curious consumer is looking for." said Andrew Floor, Vice President of Marketing at Dixie Brands.  "Dixie Brands has flipped that approach, putting the consumer at the center of everything we do and purposefully crafting products that address the evolving needs of the contemporary cannabis consumer."

Since the launch of the Dixie gummie portfolio in 2017, the brand has become one of the most awarded and fastest growing in the country. Available in 4 markets, Dixie had 3 of the top 5 gummie SKU's in Colorado in October (Source: Headset Sales Report, October 2019) demonstrating incredibly strong brand equity in this mature market. In the critical California market, Dixie gummie sales have grown over 400% since January 2019, establishing Dixie as a top 13 brand in the highly competitive gummie segment. While in the evolving Michigan market, sales of Dixie's gummies continue to grow at more than 30% month over month as the company focuses efforts on increasing production capacity in order to keep up with accelerating consumer demand.  

8003 Postings, 5679 Tage Alfons1982Das Schreiben habe ich denen zukommen lassen,

10.03.20 15:02
Dear Sirs and Madames,
bin mal gespannt ob ich eine Antwort bekomme. Bin sauer wegen dem Resplitt von 1:10

They are typically Canadian nothing. You are an incredible rip-off. You belong sued everything together. At first the rate was over 50 Canadian cents. Now that the price is at an all-time low and we retail investors have lost almost all of the money, you are merging with a company that nobody knows and is not listed on the stock exchange. But before that comes a 1:10 grit so that they can be completely expropriated. So far I have 8000 parts of your junkyard. Because of growth. Everything kidding you. In the future I will have 80 shares. What should I do with ridiculous 80 parts that won't be worth anything? Can you explain that to me? I am a German shareholder of the company. I'm pissed off.

Sincerely yours


1 Posting, 2276 Tage beerangerich bin auch ganz schön frustriert, aber ...

18.03.21 09:19
ich glaub nicht dass die Firma überhaupt auf irgend eine Weise reagiert. Entweder ist das ganze eine Rießen Verarsche, oder es dauert einfach, bis die wieder Fuß fassen und ihre Produkt verkaufen. Ich lass die Position einfach liegen und versuch sie zu vergessen...
So long, bye bye  

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23.04.21 06:12

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