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23.06.14 17:57
in canada!!

143 Postings, 6194 Tage manbidNews

24.06.14 18:50

13134 Postings, 5447 Tage Koch27jetzt werden wir schon wieder übernommen

24.06.14 20:08

2014-06-24 12:36 ET - News Release

See News Release (C-BZA) American Bonanza Gold Corp

Mr. Brian Kirwin of American Bonanza Gold reports


American Bonanza Gold Corp. shareholders have approved the proposed business combination of American Bonanza and Kerr Mines Inc. previously announced on April 14, 2014, along with the debt settlements previously announced on May 2, 2014.

The transaction was approved by American Bonanza's shareholders at the company's annual general and special meeting held on June 20. At the meeting, 66,657,944 votes were cast by ballot in connection with the special resolution approving the transaction, with 65,725,403 votes cast for the motion (98.6 per cent) and 932,541 votes cast against the motion (1.4 per cent). A voting results report has been posted under American Bonanza's SEDAR profile.

Pursuant to the debt settlement, American Bonanza is expected to issue an aggregate of 886,790,228 common shares to settle the indebtedness at a price of 2.5 cents per BZA share.

The transaction is expected to be completed on or about June 27, 2014, upon satisfaction or waiver of all of the conditions set out in the arrangement agreement entered into by American Bonanza, Kerr Mines and a wholly owned subsidiary of Kerr Mines on April 10, 2014, including approval by the Supreme Court of British Columbia at a hearing scheduled for June 25, 2014, and the approval of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Upon completion of the transaction, Kerr Mines, through Kerr Mines Subco, will acquire all the outstanding shares of American Bonanza through the issuance of 0.53 of a Kerr Mines common share in exchange for each American Bonanza common share. Following completion of the transaction, American Bonanza will be delisted from the TSX.

Full details of the terms of the transaction are set out in American Bonanza's management information circular dated May 16, 2014, which is available on SEDAR.

We seek Safe Harbor.

13134 Postings, 5447 Tage Koch27oder ist Kerr weiter

24.06.14 20:11
auf einkaufstour?

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28.06.14 08:31

733 Postings, 4758 Tage EuroCa2014-07-21 08:49 ET - News Release

21.07.14 15:17

143 Postings, 6194 Tage manbidSplit 1:15

26.07.14 07:43

99 Postings, 3015 Tage jamysonja so geht es dann wir klotzen drauf

26.07.14 10:10

99 Postings, 3015 Tage jamysonSplit und die Optionen

26.07.14 19:32
Oky Split 1 Kerr Mines 0,03 Cad mal 15 Cad macht 0,45 Cad dann kann man die Optionen auslösen oder verstehe ich da was falsch ?  

99 Postings, 3015 Tage jamysonDie Optionsscheine werden natürlich auch gesplitet

26.07.14 20:13

13134 Postings, 5447 Tage Koch27jetzt wo die Aktie optisch teuere ist

31.07.14 22:00
kaufen die Canis!  komisch

13134 Postings, 5447 Tage Koch27News!

31.07.14 23:26

Kerr Mines Inc (2)
    Symbol§C : KER
Shares Issued 1,323,580,852
Close 2014-07-30 C$ 0.025
Recent Sedar Documents
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Kerr Mines closes $3-million offering

2014-07-31 16:59 ET - News Release

Mr. Greg Gibson reports


Kerr Mines Inc. has closed a $3-million offering.

Pursuant to the terms of a share purchase agreement dated July 28, 2014, between the company, Pinetree Resource Partnership and Pinetree Capital Inc., Kerr issued 6,666,667 postconsolidation common shares to the partnership at a deemed price of 45 cents per Kerr share in exchange for 6,666,667 common shares of Pinetree at a deemed price of 45 cents per share. The Kerr and Pinetree shares are subject to a four-month hold period.

Kerr paid finders' fees consisting of a cash commission equal to 5 per cent of the gross proceeds of the offering paid through the issuance of 333,333 postconsolidation Kerr shares and issued broker warrants to acquire up to 333,333 Kerr shares at a price of 60 cents per Kerr share until July 31, 2016.

We seek Safe Harbor.

© 2014 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

99 Postings, 3015 Tage jamysonDie möchten Kerr etwas anschieben ich find es gut

01.08.14 04:48
Die Aktie wurde die letzten Monate mit keinen Stücken runter gedrückt ,heute keine solchen Verkäufer ,es könnte jetzt was gehen Richtung 1 Cad ,hoffen wir es, dann könnte man die Optionenscheine  ziehen .  

733 Postings, 4758 Tage EuroCaKerr Mines closes $3-million offering

01.08.14 07:46

13134 Postings, 5447 Tage Koch27News

05.08.14 22:55
Kerr Mines clarifies postconsolidation warrant terms

2014-08-05 16:36 ET - News Release

Mr. Greg Gibson reports


Further to its press release of July 25, 2014, announcing the consolidation of its common shares, Kerr Mines Inc. would like to clarify that its listed warrants to purchase common shares of Kerr began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the new Cusip No. 492405147 effective Aug. 1, 2014. As a result of the consolidation, warrantholders will be able to acquire one Kerr share in exchange for every 15 warrants at an exercise price of $5.25 per Kerr share at any time until Oct. 31, 2014. The adjustment to the exercise price of the warrants reflects the terms of the Kerr warrant indenture.

We seek Safe Harbor.

470 Postings, 4411 Tage evilknifelwasn hier los ...

06.08.14 12:01
bei mir im Depot steht der Kurs bei 0,29€, aber verkaufen kann ich auch net?!  

99 Postings, 3015 Tage jamysonversteht das einer noch ?

06.08.14 15:51
Was soll das jetzt mit diesen Optionsscheinen kann das mir einer erklären 15 für 5,25 Dollar und was ist mit den Optionen vom 26.05 2014 -26.05.2016 1 Optionsschein 0,16 cad gleich eine Aktie ??  

99 Postings, 3015 Tage jamysonder Split du hast dafür auch viel weniger Aktien

06.08.14 19:29
Die haben gesplittet 1 zu 15  

13134 Postings, 5447 Tage Koch27dieser thread wird ab sofort geschlossen!

07.08.14 00:53

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