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2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlwieviel

17.04.09 17:06
müsst Ihr abdrücken???  

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindjunge aktien

17.04.09 17:09
von beginn an steuerfrei

ansonsten haltezeit mindestens ein jahr, dann auch steuerfrei

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlhört

17.04.09 17:16
sich gut an..........

bei ca.0.50 Eurocent verabschiede ich mich sowieso wieder aus dem Wert. Ist für mich nur ein Zock.
Wenn Sie wirklich dahin läuft wie ich meine, habe ich einen glatten Verdoppler auf ein paar Tage und das finde ich absolut in Ordnung.  

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlgeiler Chart..

17.04.09 20:30
gehts den 0,50 heute noch an den Kragen???  
Angehängte Grafik:

746 Postings, 5413 Tage Stockiiiiiiich kann nicht hingucken

17.04.09 20:36
vorgestern raus - mit 10% plus... daaaaaaaaam

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkind@stockiiiii

17.04.09 20:40
das ist bitter

10991 Postings, 8169 Tage andyyAbgang wird kommen

17.04.09 20:45
das ist derzeit reines zocken

gut Stop setzen - nicht vergessen  !!!  

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindja aber fallen in einem die

17.04.09 20:47
0,50 us dann wäre der weg offen bis 1 us frei

das wär mein absolut übergeordnetes ziel

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindliberty media

17.04.09 20:56
zieht wohl die siri einfach mit hoch

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage ChristkindlSirius: Technical Analysis Shows Room to Maneuver

17.04.09 21:14
Technical analysis has proponents and opponents, but in the end, a lot of what happens in technical analysis boils down to a lesson in human nature. I have seen system after system. Each has its flaws, but typically human nature has enough constants to make technical analysis work.

Personally I am a fan of watching volume and comparing it to the given price. In addition, recent and historical activity should also get due consideration. With regard to Sirius XM, I have believe that if the equity can hold above 40 cents, that it would have a good chance of making a run to 60 cents. My reasoning is simple.

On its way down to the lows of 5 cents, Sirius XM Radio spent very little time in the range between 40 cents and 50 cents. Because there was not much activity in this range, it gives the equity freedom to run through it quickly again. Simply stated, there are not people eager to sell at these levels because they likely bought at a higher range. Equally as important is that in recent days, the equity has shown some strength, and those holding the stock typically will not want to sell if something looks to have promise. It is simply human nature.

Stock sites that offer technical analysis such as are giving Sirius XM Radio some very bullish indicators across a range of technical metrics for investors to consider. Even if you do not believe that technicals work, you should at least make it a point of learning about them. The reason is that there are many who trade on technicals, and because of that, technicals will indeed play a role in the market.

Another popular technical site is American Bulls. For their part, the last recommendation on Sirius XM was a sell on April 7th. Their system is calling for investors to wait at this point, noting that the bulls seem to be gaining steam, but that indicators are not quite right to buy. Investors who have followed American Bulls on Sirius XM over the past two years would have turned every $100 invested into $316. Not a bad return. While I have not used American Bulls for any trades in Sirius XM, I have tested the waters with other equities, and must admit that when I followed the system, I performed better than had I relied on my own instinct. I am not endorsing American Bulls as a be all and end all system, but am saying that it is a great tool that simplifies technical analysis and should be considered as one source (among many) of information regarding trading.

In the end, it is my belief that Sirius XM has potential to carry a nice upward trend to the 60-cent level. In my mind the downside risk is 35 cents, and the upward reward is far greater. To be clear, I am not recommending that investors buy, sell, or hold at these levels. Each investor has a responsibility to conduct their own research, and each has their own unique circumstances to weigh into the mix.

Position: Long Sirius XM Radio (No affiliation with Stock TA or American Bulls)  

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlda wird der Sonntag noch schöner.......

19.04.09 16:37

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlund noch was.....

19.04.09 16:38
Stock Shock: Documentary on Sirius XM Radio Manipulation Coming Soon

A powerful and riveting movie documentary will be launched to DVD on the stock manipulation of Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) on June 10, 2009. The Stock Shock movie interviews industry experts, journalists, stockholders, market managers, business professionals, and many more, telling the story of the stock manipulation and the individuals affected. Some that were interviewed for the documentary include Tyler Savery and Brandon Matthews of Sirius Buzz, Martin Rothblatt, Relmor, Michael Hartleib, and other shareholders of Sirius XM Radio.

The documentary will discuss the story of a stock that was manipulated down to .5 cents a share. When Sirius and XM Radio announced the merger of the two satellite radio giants in February of 2007 the press release read a "$13 Billion Merger of Equals". When Sirius XM Radio recently traded at .5 cents a share the company had an approximate market cap of 500 million dollars. 500 million dollars is a far cry from $13 billion dollars merger announcement in February of 2007. Today the company trades at a market cap of 1.9 billion dollars. The current company market cap is still far away from 13 billion dollars. A lot has happened since but the question we have to ask ourselves is will Sirius XM Radio become the 13 billion dollar company that was announced on February 19, 2007? We believe the answer to be optimistic.  

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage ChristkindlHeavy Call Options Action for Sirius

19.04.09 16:43
Now that Sirius (SIRI) is off the S&P detention list the price action seems to making some sort of a statement. Looking at the chart Friday, it blasted through the bear flag resistance level, and seems to be on its way to completing the pattern, around .65-ish. Typically, nobody should take penny stock charts too seriously but in this case the pattern and volume cannot be ignored.

What I find the most interesting is that the options action is jumping like crazy. Just on Friday there were over 11,000 September $1.00 calls traded, and over 6,000 January calls at the $2.5 strike. The open interest in the January calls is over 100k. That is large for any stock, and astronomical for this stock. All I can say is with this kind of put to call ratio, someone out there is getting awfully giddy.

But don't get crazy.

If you are a long haul investor and own SIRI because you believe in the technology that it provides, then don't get too caught up in all of the emotions going on around you. Use simple rules of engagement. Never bet the farm, always think about a good time to take some profits off the table, and stop staring at the ticker all the time! It will only make you crazy. That's right, I see you staring at it with a crazed look in your eye.

What the average investor should be concentrating on right now is this: The farther north SIRI goes and stays there, the farther away it will be from any more talk about a reverse stock split. We don't need the grim reaper knocking on the door once again. So far it seems to look good for the immediate future. So leave the major dollar trading to the people who have the grapes to put that kind of green on the line and swing for the fence. I know I ain't one of them and neither should you be.

Disclosure: Long SIRI.  

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkind@christkindl

20.04.09 14:46
mit etwas glück erreichst heut noch dein ziel;)

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindl@sonnenkind

21.04.09 07:48
nahe dran war ich schon........wird wohl noch ein paar Tage dauern.  

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkind@christkindl

21.04.09 12:45
chart frankfurt zeigte schon kurz mal über 0,50 an, dachte du könntest dich eventuell verabschiedet haben...
hätts dir gegönnt, aber alleine will ich auch nicht hier übrig bleiben D)

erwarte korrektur, ich hoffe sie geht nicht wesentlich unter 0,45 und sollte allenfalls bei 0,40 stoppen, sonst  müsste ich mich ärgern, dass ich keinen zwischenstopp eingelegt habe

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindl@sonnenkind

21.04.09 14:01
hab den Ausstieg leider verpasst......
bis ca.0,42$ könnte es wirklich nochmal gehen, denke aber, wenn überhaupt, dann nur Intraday zum Gapclose, ansonsten denke ich dürfte nichts passieren. Halte inzwischen 1$ kurzfristig für möglich.
verschiebe meinen Ausstiegszeitpunkt auf ca. 0,90-0,95$....

Schau mer mal......  

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindein starker

21.04.09 15:48
abverkauf hat sich an den europäischen märkten schon abgezeichnet, jetzt bin ich gespannt seeking alpha meinte boden würde wenigstens 0,35 sein

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindzock zock

21.04.09 15:54
:) geil diese aktie, die wird gezockt, einfach geil auch wenns noch mehr gen süden geht einfach zock:)

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindfrankfurt

21.04.09 15:59

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlwas sehen

21.04.09 17:16
meine heuverschnupften Äuglein da?????
Gap ist zu........juhuu....;-))
dann kanns aufwärts gehen.  

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage Christkindlheute auf

22.04.09 07:49
Tiefstkurs geschlossen...:-(
Hätte ich nicht damit gerechnet.
Wenn keine negativen Nachrichten erscheinen, dürfte es heute wieder weiter aufwärts gehen, da der Aufwärtstrend voll intakt ist.
0,30€ - 0,32€ ist heute ein super Kaufkurs....  

2507 Postings, 5428 Tage ChristkindlAufwärtstrend ungebrochen

23.04.09 14:13

462 Postings, 5370 Tage sonnenkindkönntest

23.04.09 17:10
deinen chart kurz kommentieren


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