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17.09.21 11:13
Zhongchao Inc. (NASDAQ: ZCMD) (“Zhongchao” or the “Company”), an internet technology company offering healthcare professionals the online healthcare information, professional training and educational services platform and patients the patient management platform, today announced its subsidiary Shanghai Zhongxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zhongxin”) launches Hematological Tumor Patient Care Center (the “Care Center”), continuing to improve its business ecology in tumor patient management and further expanding to out-of-hospital market. The out-of-hospital market includes extensive online and onsite retail pharmacies and private institutions such as private hospitals and private clinics.

The Care Center provides all-time, all-scenario, and comprehensive out-of-hospital disease management services for hematologic tumor patients, including 1) education and expert lectures to strengthen patients’ self-management ability, 2) establishment of disease files, patient follow-up, periodic health and quality-of-life assessment, medication and subsequent visit reminder and the others to enhance patients’ adherence to and confidence in treatment, and 3) consultation hotline for immediate information request from patients.  In addition, the Care Center provides drug assistance, pathological examination, residual lesion examination, and genetic testing for qualified patients, forming a service ecosystem for out-of-hospital patient management.

As of August 2021, Care Center has cumulatively served nearly 10,000 patients with disease like common hematological tumors (such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma), and rare hematological diseases (such as myelodysplastic syndrome, myelofibrosis, Walden’s macroglobulinemia, and POEMS syndrome). More than 3,000 of physicians have provided services for patients through the digital follow-up system on Zhongxin’s platform. Physicians can view each patient’s medication records, adverse reactions, subsequent visits, and examination results to monitor patient’s conditions and medication use and make personalized recommendations to improve patient’s mental and physical status, patient’s confidence in treatment, and treatment effectiveness and safety.

According to Zhong Jin Qi Xin International Consulting, the number of new cases of hematologic tumors in China is expected to reach 222,000 by 2024, and 247,000 by 2030. Zhongchao’s Care Center will be able to assist hematological tumor patients in solving issues during treatment and improving physical recovery. Zhongchao aims to tap the potentially huge hematological tumor market and is always unwavering in its commitment to improving rare disease patients’ treatment experience through its patient management services.

About Zhongchao Inc.

Incorporated in 2012 with headquarter offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China, Zhongchao Inc. is a platform-based internet technology company.  It provides online healthcare information, professional training and educational services to healthcare professionals under its "MDMOOC" platform  and to the public under its "Sunshine Health Forums" platform  in China. Through its subsidiaries, the Company also operates a platform offering patient management services.

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