WKN A1W2Y5 Wann kommt der Durchbruch?

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812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayWKN A1W2Y5 Wann kommt der Durchbruch?

05.08.13 11:59
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812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayShort Quoten wurden im Mai erhöht

15.06.15 16:30
Armco Metals Holdings, Inc. (NYSEMKT:AMCO) has shown a rise of 48.8% or 89,885 shares in the short positions. The bets have increased to 274,060 shares on May 29,2015 from 184,175 shares on May 15,2015. With respect to the floated shares, the shorts are 5.3%. The counters days to cover are calculated to be 1, using the standard per day volume of 214,385 shares. The information was released by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc (FINRA) on June 9th.


812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayForm 8-K for ARMCO METALS HOLDINGS

17.06.15 09:36

Unregistered Sale of Equity Securities, Financial Statements and Exhi

Item 3.02 Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities.

From time to time Mr. Kexuan Yao, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Armco Metals Holdings, Inc., has lent us funds for working capital purposes. These advances, which totaled $976,366 at June 9, 2015, were unsecured, non-interest bearing and due on demand. On June 9, 2015 we entered into a Loan Agreement with Mr. Yao memorializing this obligation and the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors approved the conversion of this obligation into shares of our common stock at a conversion price of $1.50 per share. We expect that Mr. Yao will convert the entire amount of the obligation into an aggregate of 650,910 shares of our common stock in full satisfaction of this obligation immediately following the approval of the Listing of Additional Shares by NYSE Regulation, Inc. The issuance to Mr. Yao, an accredited investor, will be exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, in reliance on an exemption provided by Section 3(a)(9) of that act. Following this expected issuance, Mr. Yao will own approximately 24.69% of our outstanding common stock.


812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwaynews - Scrap Recyclers Receive 30% VAT Rebate

30.06.15 16:48

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwaynews von heute morgen

01.07.15 13:20

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwaynew Platform

21.07.15 11:44

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayChina ferrous scrap prices rise for first time

11.08.15 16:46

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayschlechte Q2 Zahlen

18.08.15 09:09

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayChinas scrap metal

03.09.15 13:09
China’s scrap metal poses major problem for iron ore miners

The world’s biggest producers of iron ore have a problem, and it lies in the steel that has already gone into China’s cars, bridges and skyscrapers.

Over the past decade, China has accumulated more steel than any other economy in the world. And because steel can be endlessly recycled, the country’s steelmakers are likely to turn increasingly to scrap instead of the iron ore mined by the likes of BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American.

BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest miner, yesterday lowered its long-run forecast for peak China steel demand to between 935 million and 985 million tonnes from one billion to 1.1 billion tonnes. China’s annual production is currently at about 800 million tonnes.

This historic glut of Chinese steel, and concerns over the country’s economic prospects, have hurt prices for iron ore, the biggest ingredient in steelmaking. The commodity has fallen to roughly $US50 a tonne from $US190 a tonne in 2011, squeezing the profits — and share prices — of the world’s biggest mining companies. The S&P mining index has declined to 18.33 from above 70 over that stretch.

China accumulated so much steel so rapidly that the total amount of steel in the economy and available for recycling now stands far beyond the level that would be typical for an economy its size, at around five tonnes per capita, according to analysis by Morningstar.

In adjusted gross domestic product per capita, China now matches Japan’s level of development in 1968. At that time, the Japanese economy had 2.9 tonnes of steel per capita. A comparison with the US, which was at China’s current level in the 1940s, isn’t relevant because American cities are more horizontal and have more wood-based homes.

China’s appetite for iron ore led global mining companies to invest billions in new mines during the last decade, which are now contributing to the oversupply as demand slows. From Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton’s massive open-pit facilities in Australia to Anglo American’s 500 kilometre slurry pipeline in the Brazilian jungle, companies bet big on massive mines, railroads and ports.

Global capital spending by miners surged from around $US35 billion in 2000 to over $US200 billion in 2012, before slipping back to around $US150 billion, according to SNL Metals.

On Tuesday, after BHP reported an 86 per cent dive in profit for the year ended in June, chief executive Andrew Mackenzie said the mining company expected China’s broader economy to pick up in the second half, meeting its 7 per cent overall growth for 2015.

Interest-rate cuts, along with moves to support the property market and infrastructure spending, should buttress growth for the rest of the year, he said. Despite the reduced outlook for peak steel demand, Mr Mackenzie said China’s leaders had a clearly articulated strategy, and that his company had adapted accordingly.

But as construction cools in China, the country is starting to export more of the steel it makes: its exports increased 27 per cent during the first seven months of the year, to 62.1 million tonnes, and are expected to top 100 million tonnes this year, up from 53 million tonnes in 2013, according to Global Trade Information Services.

At some point next year, Chinese steel exports will surpass the total production of the world’s second-biggest steelmaker, Japan.

And in the next decade, as the country’s consumers and businesses start recycling their first generation of containers, cars and appliances, the steel glut will be compounded.

China’s scrap production currently amounts to around 10 per cent of its total steel output, compared with two-thirds for the US. Analysts expect its scrap production to start taking off toward the start of next decade.

Surging Chinese exports have contributed to global oversupply, diluting steel prices around the world. In the US, steelmakers have filed three requests for protective import tariffs on steel from China and other countries. US Steel Corp and ArcelorMittal, two of the biggest steelmakers in the US, have closed plants and laid off thousands of workers.

“China is moving from commodity importer to exporter,” Ugur Dalbeler, CEO of Turkish steelmaker Colakoglu Metalurji, said in an interview. “And it’s a problem every steelmaker outside of China now has to cope with.”

Link: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/...ry-e6frg9df-1227499103671

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayNeues Form 8-K for ARMCO METALS HOLDINGS

10.09.15 16:42

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayComeback der Rohstoffe?

21.10.15 08:30

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayQ3 Zahlen

12.11.15 13:42
stehen vor der Tür.
Ergebnis des Shareholder Meeting vom 6. November steht ebenfalls noch aus.
Pleite? oder geht es weiter? Können sie die kurzfristigen Verbindlichkeiten tragen?
Bin gespannt.  

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayQ3 und Halbjahreszahlen sind raus

16.11.15 17:29

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwaynews

24.11.15 13:47

23601 Postings, 6187 Tage Chalifmann3hi galway !

24.11.15 14:37
Also vor 10 Jahren stand das Dingens hier mal bei knapp 100 Dollar,also was ist schiefgelaufen und läuft offenbar bis zum heutigen Tage hier schief ???


812 Postings, 5107 Tage galway@ Chali

25.11.15 14:27
leider hast Du recht. Alles läuft schief - bis auf die Umsatzsteigerung. Leider hat der CEO von Anfang an immer wieder die Dinge schön geredet. Tolle Aufträge gute Coorperationen - Minen wurden gefunden und darin investiert und und und. Nur der Ertrag ging Jahr für Jahr runter. Bis auf letztes Jahr. Da dachte mann wirklich, sie hätten sich schon selber aus dem Sumpf gezogen. Das ging jetzt aber richtig in die Hose. Bin seit Börsen Start 2009 drinn. Leider ist seit dem der Eisenerz Preis von 150 auf nun 47 USD Dollar Jahr für Jahr in den Keller gegangen, wie auch die Anderen Rohstoffpreise. Das hatt sich wohl jede Firma in den Branche auch anders vorgestellt. Nun müssen die kurzfristigen Verbindlichkeiten natürlich gedeckt werden. Wenn sie das schaffen sollten, bin ich nach wie vor von der Sache hier überzeugt. Ob sie es schaffen - wer weiß ?  
Es bleibt spannend -  

6 Postings, 3383 Tage vb77svenniNew 2016!?!

16.01.16 16:32
Hallo galway,
hast Du irgendwelche Neuigkeiten für 2016???  

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galway@ vb77svenni

26.01.16 11:36
leider nein - Ich rechne mit einem positiven 4 Quartal - Aber es wird das Gesamt Ebit für 2015 nicht rausreißen können. Ein erhebliches Umsatzplus und womöglich ein Rekord ./. im Ebit. Falls sie die Kosten in den Griff bekommen und die Rohstoffpreise sich nun gefestigt haben, glaube ich an einen langsamen Anstieg...................   es wird spannend  

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayArmco Metals Update on OTO Platform

16.03.16 15:26

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayOTO Platform new e-Payment System

04.04.16 14:06

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galway10 K Report kommt in der 1. Mai Woche

12.04.16 10:01

812 Postings, 5107 Tage galwayVideo Chart Analyse

29.06.16 11:29

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