Viaspace es geht los !

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1023 Postings, 4173 Tage tomek201076SAUBER SK 0,012 $ = TH

09.10.12 22:20
10.205.155 Stück haben heute den besitzer gewechselt.  

370 Postings, 3334 Tage Sodbrennerheute geht es weiter

10.10.12 08:11

lt. Yahoo müssten noch 22 M Shares den besitzer wechseln,, wenn dazu noch eine News zb. neuer Contract kommt dann

gibt es unerkannte Höhen !


370 Postings, 3334 Tage Sodbrennerneue Homepage !

10.10.12 08:46

Viaspace hat eine neue Homepage.

Sie fokussieren sich nur noch auf GKG.

keine Brennstoffzellen mehr, keine Bombenfrüherkennung.

Fokus liegt nur noch auf GKG!



370 Postings, 3334 Tage Sodbrennerheute wird es wohl die

10.10.12 11:23

erste Konsi geben !




241 Postings, 3407 Tage Elferkillerkomisch, hab heute morgen

10.10.12 13:15

88888 aktien gekauft, tauchn gei advfn als verkauf im paket von 148888 auf. konsi glaub ich noch nicht, haben gestern auf höchststand in usa aufgehört, heute wird es weiter rauf gehen.


472 Postings, 3345 Tage cadplotschön wärs

10.10.12 13:21

keine Frage, aber nach dem Anstieg bisher...

Spekulieren ist ja erlaubt... und Spass macht es ja auch...

Denke mal es wird in den USA so 20 % hochgehen und dann fallen...

Nur meine spekulative meinung !




241 Postings, 3407 Tage Elferkillerschöne realtime an otc

10.10.12 13:59


0.0120.005 (71.43%)

Real-Time Best Bid & Ask

0.001 / 0.1078 (1 x 1)



leider ohne bedeutung, vorbörslich


6083 Postings, 3459 Tage DA_BUAJetzt gehts los

10.10.12 15:48
plus 37% in Frankfurt  

24 Postings, 4296 Tage ShelbyGut gesehen.... datum fehler!

10.10.12 16:03
war 9.10.2012!  

339 Postings, 5798 Tage schlurpEs geht weiter.....

10.10.12 20:56

1023 Postings, 4173 Tage tomek201076Absturz in den USA

10.10.12 22:09
hey Leute, ist was passiert???
In letzten handelsmin. ist in den Staaten fast alles abgeschmiert.
Eastman Kodak
Stans Energy

472 Postings, 3345 Tage cadplotso ist es mit den Werten

11.10.12 08:39

Nichts neues für Viaspace !

Hat sich nichts geändert. !


172 Postings, 3140 Tage prozentesammlerinHeftige Dilution

11.10.12 09:19
kann durchaus kurzfristig so weitergehen.  

472 Postings, 3345 Tage cadplotKann durchaus

11.10.12 13:09

sein das es heute über 100 % in den usa nach oben geht !

ich erwarte die nächste Super NEWS !

Shorties haben sich wohl gestern verabschiedet !


960 Postings, 4945 Tage Einszweidreiich tippe auf 400 %

11.10.12 13:20

472 Postings, 3345 Tage cadplotSieht wohl nicht so gut aus

11.10.12 15:24

Die NEWS ist auch so nicht berauschend..

Wird wohl so im Level bleiben....



472 Postings, 3345 Tage cadplotheute dürfte sie nicht mehr

11.10.12 16:35

abstürzen sonst kauft die wirklich niemand mehr.

nach oben offen.

Hurra !


370 Postings, 3334 Tage SodbrennerSollte heute gewaltig nach oben gehen !

12.10.12 10:47

Ab die Post !



472 Postings, 3345 Tage cadplotSozusagen ein Vorvertrag !

16.10.12 15:18
VIASPACE Signs Giant King Grass Agreement in Myanmar

WALNUT, Calif., Oct. 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VIASPACE, Inc. (OTCQB:VSPC) today announced that it has signed business development and confidentiality agreements with JUNE Industry Ltd. of Myanmar at a ceremony held at the Chatrium Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar (former name Burma). JUNE Industry Ltd. is a member of the JUNE Group of Companies which cultivates, harvests and markets algae products.

Under the agreement, JUNE will grow Giant King™ Grass in Myanmar for commercial applications being pursed by VIASPACE and JUNE--including clean and renewable electricity generation, and a novel application of Giant King Grass in conjunction with algae. VIASPACE has received a cash payment from JUNE to proceed with the contract.

The agreements were signed by JUNE Managing Director, Dr. Nu Nu Win and VIASPACE CEO, Dr. Carl Kukkonen. The formal signing ceremony was chaired by Mr. U Ohn, Vice Chairman of FREDA (Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association) and the leading environmentalist in Myanmar (see the captioned picture at the link shown below if image not displaying in this press release

Participants in the signing ceremony in Myanmar –

Managing Director of Shin Saw Pu Hotels & Co., Ltd., Dr. Kyaw Win, VIASPACE CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen, U Ohn, Vice Chairman of FREDA, Dr. Min Thein, Project Director, Advisor, founder of Spirulina in Myanmar, and Dr. Nu Nu Win, JUNE Managing Director VIASPACE CEO, Dr. Carl Kukkonen, visited the JUNE production facilities in Myanmar (see the captioned picture at if image not displaying in this press release) and also the site where Giant King Grass will be grown. Suitable land, climate, rainfall and irrigation all make for ideal conditions to grow Giant King Grass (GKG) in Myanmar.

JUNE algae cultivation facility in Myanmar

Dr. Kukkonen reported, "Myanmar has the perfect climate for growing Giant King Grass and there is a great need for electricity. We envision Giant King Grass playing an important role in Myanmar's future, not only for electricity generation, but also for biofuels and other applications that will provide jobs and help alleviate rural poverty. I am happy to be working with JUNE Project Director, Dr. Min Thein, who is very experienced and has a good team. I will work closely with Managing Director, Dr. Nu Nu Win, to develop the business opportunities.

JUNE Managing Director, Dr Nu Nu Win states. "Since the move to democracy and the lifting of sanctions, Myanmar is developing rapidly with the help of foreign technology and foreign investment. We believe that VIASPACE Giant King Grass will be important for bioenergy and other applications. JUNE has the goal to be our country's leading company in green and natural products and technology."

VIASPACE Chairman, Dr. Kevin Schewe, commented, "Myanmar's recent national reconciliation and economic reforms have placed it on the world stage of business development. Prominent international organizations including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Asian Development Bank have welcomed these reforms and have expressed willingness to support economic and infrastructure growth in Myanmar. The military government ran power projects in the past, now the new civilian government is granting permission to local and foreign companies to generate power. We hope to work with our partners to create a viable and vibrant renewable biomass/bioenergy business model to serve the national interests and growth in Myanmar."

Dr. Kukkonen conducted research and presented a paper entitled "Electricity Options for Myanmar's Future" to a government advisory panel, the Renewable Energy Association of Myanmar, and at the American Center of the US Embassy in Yangon.

Giant King Grass 5 1/2 months after first planting

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, formerly named Burma, is the size of Texas with a population of 55 million people compared to 26 million in Texas. Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia on the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal between Bangladesh and Thailand. Myanmar also has borders with India, China and Laos. Myanmar has considerable natural resources including petroleum, natural gas, minerals and precious stones such as jade ruby and sapphire.  Three quarters of the people do not have electricity, and increasing electricity supply is a national priority.

The previous military government instituted significant reforms including an election, and a nominally civilian parliamentary government took power in 2011. In response to the reforms, the US, European and other governments have lifted or suspended sanctions and are supporting development and reconciliation in Myanmar. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Myanmar in 2011, and the US has resumed full the domestic relations with Myanmar and appointed an ambassador. Formerly imprisoned Burmese democracy advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi is now a member of Parliament. She visited the US in September and was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and met with President Obama.  Myanmar President and former general Thein Sein also visited the US in September and gave a speech at the United Nations, met with Secretary of State Clinton, former president Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.


370 Postings, 3334 Tage Sodbrennerscheint wieder loszugehen...

16.10.12 15:43



1023 Postings, 4173 Tage tomek2010760,007 / 0,011 € 0,01 / 0,012 $ Nicht schlecht!

16.10.12 16:35

370 Postings, 3334 Tage SodbrennerGKH jetzt auch in Kalifornien

22.10.12 16:25

Den Amis gefällt es, ihr produkt in den USA zu haben !


370 Postings, 3334 Tage SodbrennerAusbruch nach oben jeden tag möglich

24.10.12 11:46

Dr. S kauf und kauft und bringt einen haufen Kohle in den Betrieb !

Jetzt noch ein paar Cntracts und der Bär ist los !

Chart in den USA sieht nach Ausbruch aus !


370 Postings, 3334 Tage Sodbrennerna also in den USA geht weiter hoch !

25.10.12 08:48

Langsam aber sicher !



69 Postings, 3225 Tage salamandgut - gut

29.10.12 21:18

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