Ventro - heute in USA -17% !!!

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2395 Postings, 8881 Tage auf geht´sVentro - heute in USA -17% !!!

27.09.00 22:37
Wie weit geht der Fall noch?  Gab es schlechte News?



2395 Postings, 8881 Tage auf geht´sSchade - offensichtlich schon alle in der Heia ;-) o.T.

27.09.00 22:54

558 Postings, 8863 Tage ramazottiVielleicht eine Neuigkeit...

27.09.00 23:15
Hi, ich kann kaum englisch - vielleicht Du..  

558 Postings, 8863 Tage ramazottiKatastrophe.. hier nochmal

27.09.00 23:16
der Text von yahoo-finance...Ventro Supports UDDI Project to Accelerate Adoption of B2B E-Commerce
Leading Provider of Marketplace Services Joins Initiative to Establish New E-Commerce Standards
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Ventro(TM) Corporation (Nasdaq: VNTR - news), a leading builder of and service provider to business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce marketplaces, today announced that it has joined the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) project, a cross-industry initiative designed to accelerate and broaden B2B integration and commerce on the Internet. Ventro will work closely with UDDI partners to develop a global standard for business representation and registration on the Internet. Ventro's support of this initiative is part of the company's ongoing mission to provide the most advanced services and technology to its marketplaces and accelerate the adoption of B2B e-commerce.

``Ventro is a strong believer in supporting open standards to foster the growth of marketplace-driven e-commerce,'' said Pierre Samec, chief technology strategist at Ventro. ``The UDDI initiative parallels our own efforts, and we expect that the project will foster further innovation among B2B e-commerce leaders. The development of open, accessible standards enhances the value of our complete marketplace solution to all marketplace constituents.''

As companies move their operations online, it is becoming increasingly important that they have a common standard to integrate and communicate with customers and partners. With the UDDI Project, companies across the full spectrum of industries will benefit from the development of a common language that promotes both the creation of new marketplaces and the evolution of existing marketplaces with value-added services.

About UDDI

The UDDI project is the first cross-industry effort driven by platform and software providers, marketplace operators and e-business leaders. The participating technology and business pioneers are acting as the initial catalysts to quickly develop the platform-neutral UDDI standard by which businesses can describe themselves and indicate their preferred means of conducting e-commerce transactions. UDDI also includes the shared operation of a globally distributed UDDI Business Registry. For more information, visit UDDI at

About Ventro

Ventro is a leading builder of and service provider to B2B marketplaces. Ventro offers a variety of products and services through its complete marketplace solution that lead online B2B marketplaces from concept to liquidity. Ventro marketplaces include Chemdex, Promedix, Broadlane, Industria Solutions, Amphire Solutions, MarketMile, and Ventro Life Sciences Europe. For more information about Ventro, please visit

SOURCE: Ventro Corporation


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