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It's possible you've never heard of Ultra Clean Holdings ( UCTT 3.82% ) or MKS Instruments ( MKSI 3.60% ), but they're fast-growing and highly profitable, and those aren't the only reasons to add them to your portfolio right now.
A production worker in full protective clothing holding a computer chip with tweezers.

Ultra Clean is based in California, and has been in business for over 30 years. The company is conscious of the rapid growth in demand for semiconductors triggered by the onset of advanced technologies like electric vehicles, smart homes, and the 5G network. It provides a range of products and services to make the chip manufacturing process more efficient, which is increasingly important as semiconductors become more complex.

For example, the company's ChemTrace solution identifies contamination risks in fabrication clean rooms, to help chipmakers maintain a high yield with less waste. And its QuantumClean processes prolong the life of production equipment, with fast service turnarounds to reduce potential downtime.
Ultra Clean's mechatronics segment also focuses on unlocking precision in the manufacturing process, carefully testing robots, assemblies, and systems to ensure requirements are being met for the given purpose. Automated production processes need to operate at high speeds while maintaining pinpoint accuracy, so this analysis can prevent costly issues once manufacturing goes live.

The company is on an impressive growth streak at the moment, on both the sales side and profitability side, recovering from a loss in 2019 to deliver positive earnings per share.

It implies Ultra Clean stock would need to almost double just to trade in line with the broader sector, and if it continues this run of performance, it just might.




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