Troika Media Group - der Highflyer in 2023?!

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391 Postings, 262 Tage Stockmarker$Troika

30.03.23 10:28
Vorbörse geht schon mal zurück.

132 Postings, 182 Tage MichaelKlimmDas Ding ist durch

31.03.23 15:47
Bei Leoni wird gerade gezockt ... highest risk ever :D  

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingone ne der Hype kommt erst noch

31.03.23 18:42
mit der Übernahme bzw. dem Übernahmeangebot!
Dann kommt der Shortsueeze und ich bin dabei...

Unter 1 USD geb auch hier nix ab!  

132 Postings, 182 Tage MichaelKlimmWelche Übernahme?

03.04.23 08:16
Die man auf Twitter ankündigt? Ausgerechnet vom CEO selbst? Wie hoch war denn das Angebot?  0,10 ??
Das wird dann abgelehnt und er hat mal wieder am Gerücht verdient. Den an seinen Tweet-Tag ging der Kurs um über 40% hoch. Alles verarsche ... wer trotzdem daran glaubt ist zieml. naiv  

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoIch glaub dran und am

03.04.23 18:13
Schluss wird abgerechnet! Jefferies ist auch an Bord!  

128 Postings, 2077 Tage SKAMARgibt es wieder ein gerücht?

05.04.23 18:35

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoHabe heute zu 0,21€ Auf 500.000

20.04.23 20:01
Stück hier aufgestockt!
Verdoppler locker möglich und nach unten bei 0,20 Euro gut abgesichert!  

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoso heute noch mal 100.000 Stücke zu

21.04.23 15:26
0,202 Euro nachgelegt!
Sehe und erwarte hier kurzfristig mind. einen Verdoppler!
Hohe Shortquote und Übernahmephantasie................  

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoAktuell plus 15%

27.04.23 20:22
Verdreifachter möglich!!!  

2 Postings, 964 Tage Thor1234Troika

12.05.23 18:07
Qmingo, scheint Dein Glückstag zu sein. Hast Du noch mehr von solch genialen Anlageideen?  

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoJep, hab noch 80.000 Stück TUI-Aktien im

13.05.23 15:37
Depot, Kurs völlig ausgebombt nach der KE!  

707 Postings, 142 Tage Terminator9Hat noch Zeit

14.05.23 11:41
Nächste Bekanntgabe
23. Mai 2023  

2262 Postings, 2271 Tage Nervousbin mir noch unsicher

15.05.23 10:06
wo wir mit anstehenden News und Jeffries hier landen könnten...
vorsichtiges Ziel 1$ bei anderen News oder BO evtl. 3-4$  

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoSo Nachbörslich schon plus 8%

15.05.23 23:32

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoJetzt schon plus 13%

15.05.23 23:34

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoAktuell plus 30%

15.05.23 23:56

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoSiehe hier

15.05.23 23:57
0.1978-0.0007 (-0.35%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
0.2588 +0.06 (+30.84%)
After hours: 05:56PM EDT

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoQuartalsergebnisse

16.05.23 00:14
NEW YORK, May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Troika Media Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRKA) ("TMG"), a consumer engagement and customer acquisition group, today announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2023. TMG is a professional services company that architects and builds enterprise value in consumer brands to generate scalable, performance-driven revenue growth. The Company delivers three solutions pillars: TMG CREATES brands and experiences and CONNECTS consumers through emerging technology products and ecosystems to deliver PERFORMANCE based measurable business outcomes.

(PRNewsfoto/Troika Media Group)
(PRNewsfoto/Troika Media Group)
The fiscal quarter highlights include:

Revenue of approximately $59.0 million

Fifth Consecutive Record Revenue Quarter (based on quarter over quarter)

Revenue increase of 276% over the comparative prior year period

Gross Profit of $8.8 million

Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $1.5 million

Strong Revenue growth in Performance Solutions within Home Services and Professional Services Sectors

"We have now delivered the fifth consecutive (quarter over quarter) record revenue quarter and continue to execute on the multi-phase optimization of our legacy balance sheet. Our quarter ended March 31, 2023, came in line with our expectations despite headwinds in the broader economy and uncertainty around the strength of the consumer. The Company's expertise in resilient sectors such as home services, impactful revenue generating solutions and diverse revenue streams continues to help us build upon what is an extremely efficient operating platform. We continue to curate our business efforts to take advantage of sustainably higher margin business opportunities to meaningfully enhance strategic and financial results." said Sid Toama, TMG's Chief Executive Officer. "We are excited at the prospect of incremental customer acquisition programs that we are rolling out for prospective new clients across both managed services and performance solutions revenue streams, as we get into our strongest operating periods of the year. We see a great demand for our solutions in the home services and legal sectors." added Toama.

"The revenue in our quarter ended March 31, 2023, is reflective of the seasonality in the business which is driven by our sector and revenue stream mix where we see lower customer acquisition investments (in relative terms) by our clients in Q1 and Q4. We are well positioned to take advantage of the work that has been done over the past year as we enter into our strongest revenue generating quarters which are the key drivers for our business. We have made great strides forward in addressing our complicated legacy capital structure. More specifically, we have negotiated forbearance with our senior secured debt provider to allow us time to put alternative financing in place; Series E Preferred securities and their related liabilities have largely been extinguished; we have restructured Troika's pre-acquisition legacy businesses to eliminate operations that were dilutive to performance; and we are working on accretive strategic opportunities to contribute greater revenue diversity and margin." said Erica Naidrich, TMG'S Chief Financial Officer.

Results for the three months ended March 31, 2023 compared to the three months ended March 31, 2022:

Three months ended

March 31,



Change ($)

Change (%)

(in thousands)
$            59,038

$            15,685

$            43,353

276 %
Gross profit
$              8,755

$              3,947

$              4,808

122 %
Net loss
$            (7,901)

$          (14,388)

$              6,487

45 %
$            (2,361)

$          (13,859)

$            11,498

83 %
Adjusted EBITDA
$              1,471

$            (1,156)

$              2,627

(227) %
Financial Results for TMG

The results of operations for the three months ended March 31, 2023, continue to demonstrate the positive contributions to the business operations from the acquisition of Converge Direct, LLC and its affiliates.  The strength of our revenue streams and our customers has continued throughout this quarter and we are poised to continue to deliver steadfast results for our customers. The business has also been focused on finding a strategic path forward to provide increased shareholder value and as a result has incurred significant costs in the process.  From a forecasting perspective, our first calendar quarter can not be straight lined to predict the full year results of the business. The business has a cyclicality that is representative of a certain seasonality in our sectors and behavior of our clients.  We expect to see stronger revenue and margins as the year progresses and then will soften in the fourth quarter.

Revenues for the three months ended March 31, 2023, increased approximately $43.4 million, or 276% to $59.0 million, as compared to the same quarter in the previous year. Gross profit for the three months ended March 31, 2023, increased $4.8 million, or 122%, to $8.8 million, as compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

The increases were attributable to a full quarter performance in the current year of the Converge subsidiaries as the acquisition closed on March 21, 2022, in the prior year comparable period.  The revenue contributed by these new revenue streams totaled well over $300 million since its acquisition in March 2022, a period of 375 days.

Selling, general, and administrative costs decreased during the period by $6.0 million, or 35%, to $11.2 million when compared to the prior year period. The decrease in selling, general, and administrative expenses was primarily driven by a decrease of $7.0 million in employee salaries and other employee-related costs (inclusive of stock-based compensation) and a decrease in travel and entertainment costs of approximately $0.1 million, partially offset by an increase in facilities costs of approximately $0.3 million, an increase in professional fees of approximately $0.2 million, an increase in restructuring and other related charges of approximately $0.2 million, an increase in $0.2 million related to various tax expenses, and an increase in board of directors fees of approximately $0.2 million.

TMG's Adjusted EBITDA for the three months ended March 31, 2023, increased by approximately $2.6 million, or 227%, to $1.5 million, as compared with the prior period. The increase of $2.6 million is primarily due to improved EBITDA of $11.5 million offset by decreases in non-cash stock-based compensation expense of $9.4 million and business acquisition costs of $2.7 million in the prior year comparable period, partially offset by several non-recurring costs during the current period including $2.3 million of non-recurring Blue Torch financing related matters, $0.7 million of restructuring charges, and $0.3 million of non-recurring Series E equity related costs incurred during the period. These non-recurring costs are expected to continue throughout the remainder of the year until the Company finalizes a strategic plan.  

2262 Postings, 2271 Tage Nervousnun ist mein Kommentar

16.05.23 07:50
hier wieder sehr real!

2262 Postings, 2271 Tage NervousZiel

16.05.23 13:20
für mich, auf kurze dauer 4-5$
Meine Meinung!  

2262 Postings, 2271 Tage Nervousweil die Amis

16.05.23 13:21
ja grundsätzlich mit Reddit und Twitter ausflippen  

2262 Postings, 2271 Tage Nervousrichtig

16.05.23 13:39
deswegen ist mir egal wann wir bei diesem Ziel sind.
wie gesagt, Zeilbereich 4-5$  

707 Postings, 142 Tage Terminator9Tenbagggger

16.05.23 16:53
bin hier raus bei 0,25€ und beobachte gleich

2561 Postings, 1696 Tage qmingoecht jetzt T9, hier fängt der Spass

16.05.23 18:02
doch erst richtig an...
Ein gute Nachricht wie Übernahme etc. und hier fliegt der Deckel und es geht tatsächlich schnell Richtung 1Euro!

Wo gibt e sonst so gute Chancen...???  

707 Postings, 142 Tage Terminator9alles schön und gut

16.05.23 18:09
sehe aktuell bei $MCOM mehr Chancen auf den kurzfristigen

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