Strategie für die nächsten 5 Jahre BMW vs. Daimler

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16.03.13 08:38

If you look into the balance sheet you'll not find much difference between the BMW & Daimler, both companies are financially sound, have about same market cap only Daimler is bigger in sales by EUR 40,000,000,000, even their cash & LT Debt  are the same. KGV for BMW is slightly higher. There is no reason for the BMW aktie to continue outperforming Daimler by such a wide margin in the future. That's why selling short BMW & buying long Daimler for the same amount might be a good idea for the next few years. Once markets will stop at the top and fall, the BMW which is flying higher will fall by more in % than Daimler so this equity arbitrage trade will work as Mercedes SL 65 AMG :-) motor.
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